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Don’t Be Fooled—Rex Tillerson Hasn’t Separated From ExxonMobil

Rex Tillerson 2b LLLL

It looks like the company has left a back door open for Tillerson’s return. By George Zornick The Nation Rex Tillerson’s nomination to be secretary of state in December raised an immediate and clear conflict of interest: As the… Don’t Be Fooled… Read More »

Sorry, But The Republican Party Isn’t ‘Extremist’

Republican - The Federalist

Liberals have been making the same argument for 35 years (at least). It’s still not true. David Harsanyi The Federalist In Slate, Jamelle Bouie asserts that the “Republican Party in 2017 isn’t an ordinary political party. It is an ideological outlier… Sorry, But The Republican… Read More »

Obama farewell warns of threats to American democracy

Obama - The Star

The man whose election had once seemed to herald a new American era of inclusion and harmony spent much of his farewell address warning the country about threats to its very democratic fabric. Daniel Dale The Star WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama called for the same things he has been calling for this whole time: unity, decency, hope. But when Obama stood at… Obama farewell warns of… Read More »

Putin Lucked Into The Only GOP Nominee Who Would’ve Wanted His Help

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WASHINGTON ― In an alternate universe, the Republican nominee for president holds a news conference to denounce Russian interference in the coming election. S.V. Date  The Huffington Post He calls out the long-known links between Russian spy agencies and WikiLeaks, and… Putin Lucked Into… Read More »

Reaction To Trump’s Team Proves Climate Alarmists Are The Real Deniers

Climate - The Federalist

After the election, there were reports of EPA employees breaking down in tears and Energy Department staffers needing counseling. It’s not because they care about the environment. Julie Kelly The Federalist Today is the Day Against Denial, where climate change activists around the country are protesting President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. Activists will supposedly… Reaction To Trump’s Team… Read More »

How Exxon, under Rex Tillerson, won Iraqi oil fields and nearly lost Iraq

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When Ashti Hawrami, the oil minister from Iraq’s largely autonomous Kurdistan region, unfurled a map of untapped oil fields for a team of ExxonMobil officials in the spring of 2011, they saw possibility and profit. By Missy Ryan and Steven Mufson The Washington Post The minister pointed to the blocks that had already been taken by other foreign firms as… How Exxon, under… Read More »

Jeremy Cresswell: A matter of reputation and disgust in Big Oil

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Make no mistake, the public do not like Big Oil. It is in the eyes of most, a rapacious machine that will trample over anyone and anything to get what it… Jeremy Cresswell Energy Voice And with good reason given what happened in the US in the early 20th… Jeremy Cresswell: A… Read More »

Cut To The (Russian) Chase

Rus - The Daily Caller

“Russian hacking” is the Left/Never-Trumpers’ explanation for Donald Trump’s election. Diana West The Daily Caller In their furrowed-brow telling, they have just discovered something called “Russian interference” and “Russian influence.” Don’t ask where so many… Cut To The (Russian) Chase Read More »

Small hands big missiles: Trump’s dangerous adolescence


What happens when two teenage leaders get access to nuclear weapons? Marwan Bishara The Guardian When people, notably women, say “men are boys with more expensive toys”, they mean cars, boats or golf clubs. Not a university, a foundation or… Small hands big missiles… Read More »

Another Popular Media Narrative Died Over The Holidays, And Hardly Anyone Noticed

Elections - The Daily Caller

Another false news narrative was put to rest over the holidays after President-elect Donald Trump was easily elected by the electoral college. Rachel Stoltzfood The Daily Caller For weeks after Trump won the election Nov. 8, the media churned out dozens and dozens of stories regarding the completely unrealistic possibility the electoral college would stage a revolt and put Democratic nominee Hillary… Another Popular Media… Read More »

America was a ‘stan’ long before Trump

Politics - Al Jazeera

Paul Krugman et al conveniently forget that corruption, cronyism and contempt for the rule of law long predated Trump. Andrew Mitrovica Al Jazeera News Apparently, for a host of “progressive” writers, American history began on November 8, 2016. People and events before… America was a ‘stan’ long… Read More »

The Sea Where The Sun Rises

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How Japan plans to keep its seas open and free­, with more than just American help Sheila A. Smith Outlook As an island nation, the sea defines Japanese identity. For centuries, the sea separated those who lived on the main four islands from those who lived in the thousands of smaller islands that make up the… The Sea Where… Read More »

Vietnam: The War That Killed Trust

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The legacy of the war still shapes America, even if most of us are too young to remember it. Karl Marlantes The New York Times In the early spring of 1967, I was in the middle of a heated 2 a.m. hallway discussion with fellow students at Yale about the Vietnam War. I was from a… Vietnam: The War… Read More »

Ethics office: Trump nominees’ hearings schedule ‘of great concern’

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Not all of the Cabinet choices have undergone the ethics review that helps secretaries avoid conflicts of interest. By BURGESS EVERETT  Politico Senate Republicans’ confirmation hearings schedule for President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet choices is of “great concern” to the… Ethics office: Trump… Read More »

Namechecked by Obama, gay ex-Navy officer joins race to revive Democrats

Peter Buttigieg 1a Photo by Robert Franklin LLLL

Washington; The gay, 34-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana – namechecked recently by President Obama – has entered the contest for chairman of the Democratic party, presenting himself as an alternative to the two leading candidates. Jonathan Martin Warning that beleaguered Democrats can ill afford a… Namechecked by Obama… New York Times Read More »

On the Trump Russia intel Twitter hysteria

Trump - AEI

Do please relax a bit. Yes, though I no longer have a security clearance, it seems abundantly clear Russia did all it could to help Donald Trump win the US election. Danielle Pletka AEI But even the intel community doesn’t say it won it for him. He won it, and… On the Trump Russia… Read More »