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How the U.S. came to abstain on a U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements

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On Dec. 21, amid his morning workout, an afternoon round of golf and a family dinner with friends, President Obama interrupted his Hawaii vacation to consult by phone with his top national security team in Washington. By Karen DeYoung The Washington Post Egypt had introduced a resolution at the U.N. Security Council condemning Israeli settlements as illegal, and… How the U.S… Read More »

Refugees Welcome

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Ordinary Canadians, trying to intervene in one of the worst problems on earth. Desperate Syrians, shocked that strangers were adopting them for a year. We spent a year asking: How will this work out? A series by Jodi Kantor and Catrin Einhorn The New York Times Refugees Welcome… Read More »

The trouble with democracy

Democracy - Al Jazeera

The year 2016 does not have the best track record in nascent and mature democracies across the world. Al Jazeera Larry Beinhart It’s panic time in Punditville. Democracy itself is… The trouble with… Read More »

Next US envoy to UN: Quiet on resolution tumult and letting Trump take the lead

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While Nikki Haley has sparred with Trump on a host of issues, the two seem to be in line on how Israel should be treated at the United Nations. By MICHAEL WILNER JPost  New York – When Us president Barack Obama first tapped Samantha Power as ambassador to the UN in… Next US envoy to… Read More »

The lingering shadows of Pearl Harbor

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On a peaceful Sunday morning seventy-five years ago, Captain Mervyn Bennion stood on the flag bridge of his ship, the USS West Virginia, amidst the afterglow of a Hawaiian sunrise. Asia Times Kent E. Calder Within minutes he had bled to death on the deck, commanding his battleship to the last, his stomach pierced by shrapnel from a bomb fragment as one of the first casualties of the United States in World War II. The Congressional Medal of… The lingering ... Read More »

Daily Bread Food Bank behind on food donations by large margin

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It may be because more people are choosing to donate money over food, according to executive director. By FAKIHA BAIG Staff Reporter The Star The Daily Bread Food Bank is behind on its food collection goal for the holidays by about 900,000 pounds as… Daily Bread Food… Read More »

Doctor’s sex abuse acquittal highlights ‘problematic’ Ontario law

Canada - The Star

Policy that keeps doctors’ names secret should be changed, college says The Star Jacques Gallant A doctor was acquitted in December of sexually abusing a patient in a split decision by a discipline panel of Ontario’s medical regulator. But the College of… Doctor’s sex abuse… Read More »

‘Duck Dynasty’ vs. ‘Modern Family’: 50 Maps of the U.S. Cultural Divide

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Americans have been clustering themselves into cultural bubbles just as they have clustered in political bubbles. Their TV preferences confirm that. By JOSH KATZ The New York Times If you had to guess how strongly a place supported Donald J. Trump in the election, would you rather know how popular ‘Duck Dynasty’ is there, or… ‘Duck Dynasty’ vs… Read More »

World’s first emojis on display at New York’s MoMA

Al Jazeera

New York art museum displays 176 original emojis seen as way of “bridging communication gaps” between different communities. Al Jazeera News Pavni Mittal New York City – You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to appreciate New York’s Museum of Modern Art. A must-do on every… World’s first emojis on… Read More »

The rise of fascism is not inevitable – just look at Bridges Not Walls

Fascism - The Guardian

‘How can we fight the rise of the far right?’ people say. Try Bridges Not Walls, the movement spawned after Trump’s election to reject hate The Guardian Ellie Mae O’Hagan When your friends and family regard you as The Political One, seismic news events are a bittersweet experience. For every political… The rise of fascism is… Read More »

How Dr. Strangelove Learned to Love Trump

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PARIS – At first glance, former United States National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and President-elect Donald Trump would seem to have nothing in common. Dominique Moisi Project Syndicate In one corner stands the… How Dr. Strangelove… Read More »

What went wrong? A withering West

Wrong West - Al Jazeera

How the West is wobbling under the pressures of its neoliberal and geopolitical overreach. Al Jazeera News Marwan Bishara Twenty-five years ago, the United States emerged victorious at end of the Cold War. The Soviet Union… What went wrong… Read More »

Refugee praised as ‘inspirational’ by BBC deemed inadmissible to Canada

Refugee - The Star

An activist praised for her “campaigns for independence for Balochistan” from Pakistan has had her asylum hearing suspended by Canadian border-enforcement authorities. The Star Nicholas Keung A refugee named by the BBC as one of the world’s 100 most “inspirational and influential” women in 2016 has had her asylum claim suspended by Ottawa because of her activism. Karima Mehrab was recognized by… Refugee praised as ‘inspirational’ by… Read More »

How Donald Trump Should Transform America’s Middle East Policy

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Disentanglement will require both farsightedness and political courage. Paul R. Pillar The National Interest THE OBAMA administration’s intended “pivot” to Asia was a valid statement not only about the importance of developments in… How Donald Trump… Read More »

The Time for ‘Strategic Patience’ Is Over. Donald Trump Must Confront North Korea.

N Korea - The National Interesr

Pyongyang is on the verge of being an actual, rather than potential, threat to the United States. The National Interest Geoff Dyer EACH OF the last three presidents has arrived in the White House to find a terrifying file on his desk entitled “North Korea,” full of grim warnings about an isolated hermit kingdom bent on developing nuclear weapons that could… The Time for ‘Strategic… Read More »

America’s flawed democracy

Democracy - Al Jazeera

There is nothing in the constitution that grants American voters the right to choose their president. Al Jazeera News C J Polychroniou One of the basic principles of democracy is “one person, one vote”. Other criteria for an… America’s flawed… Read More »