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Woman’s death first from measles in US since 2003

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Seattle: A woman in Washington state died from measles in the northern hemisphere spring, the first measles death in the US since 2003 and the first in the state since 1990, health officials said. The woman lacked some of measles’ common symptoms, such as a rash, so the infection was not discovered until an autopsy, Washington state Department of Health spokesman ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal

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Lobbying activities of Clintons and Blairs under scrutiny after emails show wife of former British PM sought ‘women to women’ meeting for US secretary of state The Guardian – Dan Roberts in Washington and Owen Gibson in London Cherie Blair repeatedly pressured Hillary Clinton to meet a leading Qatari royal when Clinton was US secretary of state, according to newly ... Read More »

A Hard Day’s Work Deserves a Fair Day’s Pay

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It’s been a good few days for America. The Huffington Post - Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States On Thursday, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the Affordable Care Act. It is here to stay. And, Democrats and Republicans in Congress paved the way for the United States to rewrite the rules of global trade to benefit American workers and ... Read More »

US Supreme Court backs use of contentious execution drug

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BBC – The US Supreme Court has upheld the use of a contentious drug used in executions, saying it does not violate a ban on cruel and unusual punishment. The ruling is a setback to opponents of the death penalty, who say midazolam is not suitable for lethal injections. The drug raised concerns after it was used in executions in ... Read More »

How Hypersonic Missiles Push America and China towards War

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“Hypersonic weapons add to the complexity and elusiveness of the escalatory dynamics and this is something both sides will need to plan for.” The National Interest - Eleni G. Ekmektsioglou * Hypersonic weapons can achieve speeds over five times faster than the speed of sound (Mach 5) and they are the latest version of precision guided munitions (PGM) that make up ... Read More »

US Ambassador John Berry welcomes same-sex marriage Supreme Court decision

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US Supreme Court enshrines same-sex marriage An elated US Ambassador to Australia John Berry declared it a proud day to be an American and lauded Australia’s leadership on equality after the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage was legal in all 50 states. The Canberra Times - Matthew Raggatt, Reporter at The Canberra Times The first openly gay US Ambassador ... Read More »

Should ‘Killer Robots’ Be Banned?

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Autonomous weapons could be a military game changer that many want banned. Before considering such a move, we need to refine the debate—and America must demonstrate leadership. The National Interest – Paul ScharreMichael Horowitz Autonomous weapons that select and engage targets on their own might sound far-fetched, but 90 countries and over 50 NGOs are taking their possible development seriously. ... Read More »

Univision dumps Donald Trump over Mexico remarks

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BBC – US television network Univision says it is cutting ties with businessman Donald Trump and ending coverage of the Miss USA beauty pageant, which he co-owns. The network, one of the largest US Spanish-language broadcasters, said it follows the hotel tycoon’s disparaging remarks made about Mexicans. Mr Trump said Mexicans brought drugs and crime to the US, during his ... Read More »

Now the Real Obamacare Fight Begins

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Three things we need right now if the Affordable Care Act is going to create a functioning and equitable healthcare system. The Nation – Kai Wright We’ve come a long way over the six years since Congress began crafting the Affordable Care Act. We’ve traveled from death panels to death spirals, passing through nearly 60 House votes on ways to ... Read More »

US ‘spied on French presidents’

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The United States National Security Agency spied on French presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, according to files released by WikiLeaks. SBS - By Reuters The United States National Security Agency spied on French presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, WikiLeaks said in a press statement published on Tuesday, citing top secret intelligence reports and technical ... Read More »