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Mr. Oren’s Planet: A Bogus Account from Israel’s Man in Washington

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Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador to the United States, displays a lamentable penchant for hyperbole in his new memoir, Ally. The National Interest - Dov S. Zakheim * Michael B. Oren, Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide (New York: Random House, 2015), 432 pp., $30.00. MICHAEL OREN’S Ally, which offers his account of his four years as Israeli ambassador ... Read More »

A TNI Symposium: What Should Be the Purpose of American Power?

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The National Interest has gathered an all-star cast to answer a timeless question. The National Interest - Jacob Heilbrunn Editor’s Note: The following is a TNI special 30th anniversary symposium. We asked twenty-five of the world’s leading experts: What is the purpose of American power? Each day we will post multiple responses to this important question. Please check back daily. ... Read More »

The Interview: Henry Kissinger

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As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, TNI Editor Jacob Heilbrunn sits down with the former Secretary of State. The National Interest - Henry Kissinger The National Interest’s editor, Jacob Heilbrunn, spoke with Henry Kissinger in early July in New York. Jacob Heilbrunn: Why is realism today an embattled approach to foreign affairs, or perhaps not as significant as it was when ... Read More »

Tony Abbott is a climate change ‘villain’, says Canadian author Naomi Klein

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The writer, who is coming to Australia on a speaking tour, says she cannot tell where the coal industry ends and the federal government begins The Guardian – Oliver Milman @olliemilman Tony Abbott is a climate change “villain” who is repeating the slogans used by the coal industry in the US, according to bestselling author and social activist Naomi Klein. Klein, ... Read More »

US launches secret bid to stop release of hunger-striking Guantánamo detainee

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Objection to freeing Tariq Ba Odah, who is 56% of his ideal body weight, comes as Obama administration fights to stop detainees seeking freedom in federal courts The Guardian – Spencer Ackerman in New York @attackerman In an extremely rare legal manoeuvre, the Obama administration has challenged a legal request to free a hunger-striking Guantánamo Bay detainee entirely in secret. ... Read More »

Zen and the Art of Dying Well

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Fixes *- What is the “right” way to die? We’re experiencing a zeitgeist moment about that. “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” by Atul Gawande, is a best-selling book. The New York Times – By Courtney E. Martin Videos by Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old who wanted to die in a way of her own choosing, went viral ... Read More »

US Elections 2016: Joe Biden, Al Gore both possible contenders

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Washington: US Vice-President Joe Biden called one of his most outspoken political supporters and wrestled with the question looming over his future: Should he run for president? The Sydney Morning Herald – In the hour-long conversation with Richard A. Harpootlian, the former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Mr Biden did not reveal which way he was leaning, according ... Read More »

Clinton bashes Walker; offers condolences for those who made it through the entire GOP debate

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CLAREMONT, N.H. – Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Republican opponent Gov. Scott Walker of gutting public education programs in Wisconsin and challenged Republicans on Tuesday to confront what she calls a crisis of rising college tuition and rising debt for students. The Washington Post – By Anne Gearan Speaking to supporters and undecided voters at a community college here, Clinton also mocked the Republican field and ... Read More »

A “No” to Iran Means No Forever

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There is a notion cultivated by opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement, attractive to members of Congress under intense pressure to vote no, that congressional rejection of the agreement will enable U.S. negotiators to reach a better deal. Politico – By Samuel R. Berger The expectation is, that with a further turn of the screws, we can pressure the Iranians ... Read More »