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Asia-Pacific women dismayed at US presidential campaign

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Politicians, commentators express disbelief that Donald Trump has made it this far, compare US unfavorably with their own countries on gender issues By REUTERS Women in the Asia-Pacific region have expressed dismay about the US presidential campaign’s focus on the emotional topic of sexual harassment, saying it shows Asia-Pacific women… Read More »

China May Be Rising, But America Is Not in Retreat

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Cold War–era Asia was a dangerous and often bloody place. Rajan Menon But its alignments were predictable and its problems readily identifiable. No longer. SEEN IN historical perspective, a… China May Be… Read More »

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: How Trump Exposed Americans’ Divisions

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Trump is a seriously flawed candidate who has one great virtue: he has forced American politics to look itself in the face Daniel McCarthy What new outrage would Donald Trump serve up at the final presidential debate? For over a… Donald Trump vs… Read More »

Amy Goodman showed us the perils of standing up to the fossil fuel industry

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The rights of activists and journalists are under threat wherever communities challenge Big Oil – in North Dakota and beyond May Boeve For far too long, the world had been ignoring the North Dakota anti-pipelines protests. Then the… Amy Goodman showed… Read More »

When truth is the first casualty of politics and journalism

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Donald Trump’s conduct throughout his campaign for president of the United States has brought into renewed focus a question made famous by Pontius Pilate: what is truth? Denis Muller Trump has exploited the 24/7 symbiotic news cyclone in which social media and the professional journalism of traditional media are both… When truth is the… Read More »

Belgium split over EU-Canada trade deal Ceta

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Belgium’s Foreign Minister Didier Reynders says EU leaders may agree on a landmark EU-Canada trade deal this week – but only if objections from his country’s Wallonia region can be met. EU trade ministers are discussing the Ceta deal in Luxembourg, and Wallonia’s concerns cannot be ignored. Belgium’s national government backs the… Belgium split over… Read More »

Why the Gun-Control Movement Fails

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Its emphasis on “innocent” victims leaves out the people who need it most: low-income communities of color. By Gary Younge On the evening of November 22, 2013, as the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination drew to a… Why the Gun-… Read More »

WikiLeaks releases Clinton speeches for Goldman Sachs

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Three of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs were released Saturday by WikiLeaks, casting an awkward spotlight on the Democrat’s ties to the biggest players on Wall Street in the final stretch of the White House race. Source: AFP Clinton’s campaign did not contest the authenticity of the remarks, which were part of a huge trove of documents hacked from the emails of campaign chairman John Podesta by… WikiLeaks releases Clinton… Read More »

Michelle Obama has dragged this US election out of the gutter

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Donald Trump has sunk US politics in a grotesque mire of populism. Anne Perkins But the first lady’s speech on respect for women captured the best of her country Michelle Obama may have done the… Michelle Obama has… Read More »

US election: New president to face chilly relations with Cold War rivals Russia

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For all the bluster and bravado, accusations and denials over tapes and emails, there was a quiet but deadly serious issue raised in the second US presidential debate: what to do about Syria and, more broadly, how to counter Russia in that blighted nation and other places. Analysis By chief foreign correspondent Philip Williams In the past few weeks there has been a steady deterioration in relations between the West and… US election: New… Read More »

‘I Have the Impression That France Copies and Pastes US Foreign Policy’

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Relations between Paris and Moscow have hit a new low because President Francois Hollande has embraced Washington’s foreign policy, French politicians Valérie Boyer and Thierry Mariani told RT. This is the reason why the French leader has been reluctant to… ‘I Have the Impression That… Read More »

Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch argue over Trump’s ‘sexual predator’ scandal

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Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch argue over Trump’s ‘sexual predator’ scandal Gareth Hutchens Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch have publicly clashed over the recording of US Republican candidate Donald Trump bragging about using his fame to grope women without their consent. Their argument began in a… Pauline Hanson and… Read More »

Guantanamo torture victims should be allowed UN visit

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Why does the US think it is acceptable to deny ‘high-value detainees’ at Guantanamo medical and psychological help? by Andy Worthington From Guantanamo, Ammar al-Baluchi, one of 15 “high-value detainee”, known as HVDs, has written to Professor Juan Mendez, the… Guantanamo torture… Read More »

Donald and Billy on the Bus

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It’s Billy Bush’s snickering that really gets to me. In the video from 2005, published Friday by The Washington Post, you can hear Mr. Bush (first cousin to George W.) wheezing ecstatically as Donald J. Trump brags, inadvertently into a hot mic, about sexually harassing and… Donald and Billy on… Read More »

This is the point of no return for Donald Trump

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Disgusting comments about groping women, and a non-apology, have sealed his fate. Richard Wolffe The only question now is what the GOP can rescue of its own reputation It’s going to get worse for Donald Trump and his Republican… This is the point of no… Read More »

Obama says Colombia president ‘right pick’ for Nobel Prize

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Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the 52-year war with rebels, an accord Colombians then rejected in a referendum. By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE and REUTERS Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama on Friday hailed the courage of this year’s laureate, Colombian President Juan… Obama says Colombia president… Read More »