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America’s Greatest President: Abraham Lincoln

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As we prepare to observe Memorial Day, it might be a fitting time to ponder just what constituted Lincoln’s greatness. The National Interest – Robert W. Merry Whenever academics and scholars tickle their fancy by putting forth yet another poll of historians on presidential rankings, there is little doubt about which president will top the list—Abraham Lincoln. In the numerous such ... Read More »

US arrests Chinese professor, indicts five others, for stealing secrets from Silicon Valley

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Washington: The Obama administration has announced the arrest of a Chinese professor and the indictment of five other Chinese citizens in what it contended was a decade-long scheme to steal microelectronics designs from Silicon Valley companies. The Age * – David E. Sanger The indictment was the broadest since five members of the People’s Liberation Army were indicted last year by the ... Read More »

Tech giants don’t want Obama to give police access to encrypted phone data

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Tech behemoths including Apple and Google and leading cryptologists are urging President Obama to reject any government proposal that alters the security of smartphones and other communications devices so that law enforcement can view decrypted data. The Washington Post - By Ellen Nakashima * In a letter to be sent Tuesday and obtained by The Washington Post, a coalition of tech firms, ... Read More »

Bernie Sanders Has a Plan: Tax Wall Street and Make College Free

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders keeps bending the rules of Senate service and presidential campaigning by offering up proposals that imagine America as the fair, functional, and prosperous country it could be. Instead of playing politics within the narrow lines prescribed by the partisans and pundits who police the political process in America, the recently announced contender for the Democratic presidential ... Read More »

“I wanted a discharge before I ended up dead”: Military victims of sexual violence fear for their lives while rapists walk free

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A new report from Human Rights Watch finds that victims are more likely than rapists to face punishment Salon – KATIE MCDONOUGH * Service members who report a sexual assault are 12 times more likely to experience some kind of retaliation than they are to see an attacker convicted, according to a report released Monday by Human Rights Watch. The report also ... Read More »

We must oppose execution of Boston bomber: Bali Nine lawyer

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Australia must vocally oppose the “barbaric and inhumane” execution of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, says a lawyer who represented Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. The Australian – Jared Owens, Reporter, Canberra A US jury on Friday sentenced Tsarnaev to death for the deadly attack, sweeping aside pleas that he was just a “kid” who fell under the influence of his fanatical older ... Read More »

U.S. carrier George Washington leaves Yokosuka after seven years

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YOKOSUKA, KANAGAWA PREF. – The aircraft carrier USS George Washington left the U.S. Navy’s Yokosuka base in Kanagawa Prefecture on Monday, ending a seven-year deployment. The Japan Times – KYODO, AP The carrier, which was sent to Yokosuka Naval Base as the U.S. Navy’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be stationed overseas, is expected to undergo a fuel exchange and large-scale ... Read More »