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Russia must revive Soviet Union to beat the West

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What is the main problem of the Russian authorities? How should Russia resist to the ongoing pressure from the West? What future can Russia expect? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these and other questions to deputy of the State Duma, coordinator of the National Liberation Movement, Yevgeny Fyodorov. “Our country was betrayed in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet ... Read More »

Europe and US divided on Turkish airstrikes

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Differences over mission likely to dominate NATO meeting set for Tuesday. Politico - By Antoine Sander Europe and the United States have staked out different positions on Turkey’s airstrikes on ISIL in Syria and Kurdish forces in Iraq, setting the stage for tense divisions at an emergency NATO meeting Tuesday. Turkey called the meeting to discuss its recent involvement in the war ... Read More »

Revealed: How China and Russia Could Destroy America’s F-35 in Battle


After the leaking of a report about the recent failure of an F-35 to win in a dogfight against an F-16D, debate has intensified about the future nature of air to air combat. In a recent Strategist post, Andrew Davies identifies the importance of combining long-range air-to-air engagement using ‘Beyond-Visual Range Air to Air Missiles’ (BVRAAMs), with the advantage bestowed by ... Read More »

Coast Guard intercepts illegal fishing boats

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Coast Guard cutter crews caught four Mexican nationals illegally fishing in U.S. Waters off Texas Wednesday. Lone Star Outdoor News – Written by US Coast Guard – By Conor Harrison Tuesday at 10:53 p.m., the Coast Guard Cutter Amberjack’s crew sighted a potential lancha, or Mexican fishing boat, approximately 15 nautical miles north of the U.S./Mexican maritime border. The lancha ... Read More »

Barack offers David some assistance to keep Britain in the EU

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Barack Obama has given his perennial reminder that Britain should stay in the European Union. The Spectator – Sebastian Payne  In an interview with the BBC, the President of the United States has said it is important for both Britain’s prosperity and influence around the world to remain ‘In’: ‘Having the United Kingdom in the European Union gives us much greater ... Read More »

Remembering EL Doctorow, the conscience of the USA

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Novelist EL Doctorow has died in a Manhattan hospital from complications of lung cancer. He was 84. The Conversation - Michael Wutz * He was the recipient of many distinguished literary prizes, among them the National Book Award, two National Books Critics Circle Awards, the PEN/Faulkner Award, the William Dean Howells Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, ... Read More »

How Hedge and Vulture Funds Have Exploited Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

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For this island teetering on bankruptcy, debt renegotiation is imminent—but on whose terms? The Nation – By Ed Morales New York–born Puerto Rican activist David Galarza spent a recent sultry summer Monday picketing a meeting of bondholders by day and meeting with professionals, students, and working people in the evening concerned about the increasingly scary crisis over the island’s $72 billion ... Read More »

Menendez lawyers accuse Justice Department of misconduct

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Lawyers for Sen. Robert Menendez accused federal prosecutors and FBI agents Monday of lying to win a corruption indictment against him this spring, saying the Justice Department would “stop at nothing” to try to convict the powerful lawmaker. The Washington Post - By Carol D. Leonnig The allegations are included in more than 400 pages of legal arguments filed to ... Read More »

No, Puerto Rico is not our Greece

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We’re told that Puerto Rico is our Greece, and sometimes it seems so. The U.S. territory (its residents have been American citizens since 1917) has a heap of economic problems. The Washington Post – By Robert J. Samuelson Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla recently told the New York Times that its $72 billion debt is “not payable.” To buttress the point, ... Read More »

The Real Reasons For the Iran Agreement — Paul Craig Roberts

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Obama is being praised as a man of peace for the nuclear agreement with Iran. Some are asking if Obama will take the next step and repair US-Russian relations and bring the Ukrainian imbroglio to an end? Paul Craig Roberts If so he hasn’t told Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland or his nominee as Vice Chairman of the Joint ... Read More »