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US invites Brazil president to visit after spying row

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Brasília (AFP) – The United States has again invited Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to visit the United States, seeking to restore ties rattled by revelations of American spying against her and her country. The West Australian – AFP – US Vice President Joe Biden extended the invitation by telephone last week, said a spokesman for the Brazilian presidency on Tuesday. ... Read More »

Hillary has decided advantage as more women will vote in 2016 elections

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WASHINGTON — The likely 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s status as the only female contender in the race for the White House gives her a decided advantage over other candidates, as more women than men are expected to vote, US experts said. (Xinhua) – The former first lady, secretary of state and senator carries much weight with American women, being seen ... Read More »

Obama agrees to slow U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

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President Obama on Tuesday met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and agreed to keep about 9,800 troops in the country through the end of this year, slowing the planned American drawdown. The Washington Post – By David Nakamura and Greg Jaffe * But Obama said that he would stick to the current plan to close the remaining U.S. bases and consolidate U.S. ... Read More »

Tokyo’s plans to build new US base possibly scuppered

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TOKYO – The local government in Japan’s southernmost prefecture of Okinawa on Monday instructed the Defense Ministry to suspend its underwater reclamation operations for the planned construction of a new US military base in a coastal region of the island. Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga said that if the regional defense bureau refuses to halt its drilling operations off the coast ... Read More »

Why the U.S. wants to destroy Russia

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This is a history lesson you should have learned at school, but didn’t. Australian National Review – In 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder, the first Principal of University Extension College and Director of the London School of Economics, separated the world into a few regions: the “world island,” which included Europe, Asia and Africa [he also called it “heartland” and referred to ... Read More »

US to ‘reassess’ options after Netanyahu win

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Despite Netanyahu’s backtracking over his campaign promise, skeptical American officials said the veteran Israeli leader would have to prove his commitment to negotiations for a two-state solution pt - The White House on Thursday warned it may withdraw crucial diplomatic cover for Israel at the United Nations, even as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backpedalled on a hard-line stance towards the ... Read More »

Obama Strikes Terror Into The Hearts Of Republicans By Supporting Mandatory Voting

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President Obama has sent a wave of terror through the Republican Party by suggesting that the most direct way to get rid of Citizens United is to require mandatory voting by every eligible citizen. PoliticusUsa – By: Jason Easley In response to a question about Citizens United, President Obama said: Now, here’s the problem. Citizens United was a Supreme Court ruling ... Read More »

Conservatives Start to Take the Ferguson DOJ Report Seriousl

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Writers at National Review and Red State look closely at civil rights abuses by law enforcement. The Atlantic – CONOR FRIEDERSDORF Last week, I criticized the conservative movement for its reaction to the DOJ report on Ferguson, Missouri, arguing that for various ideological and political reasons, its organs were failing to recognize civil-rights violations in urgent need of a remedy. Where ... Read More »