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US A Dangerous Ally: Former Australia PM

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January 26, 2015 “ICH” – “China Times” – – In his new book titled “Dangerous Allies,” Malcolm Fraser, the former prime minister of Australia worries that the Canberra’s dependence on the United States will eventually bring the nation into a direct conflict with China. Information Clearing House - By Staff Reporter His words echo those of Georgetown University professor Amitai Etzioni in ... Read More »

India and US seal nuclear deal as Modi hosts Obama

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The US and India have announced a breakthrough on a pact that will allow American companies to supply India with civilian nuclear technology. ( BBC ) It came on the first day of President Barack Obama’s visit to India. The nuclear deal had been held up for six years amid concerns over the liability for any nuclear accident. Indian Prime ... Read More »

US teenage lifers – children sentenced to jail forever

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John Pace spent his last day of freedom at the house in West Philadelphia that he shared with his mum, his six brothers and four sisters. The Age – Andrew Purcell It was September 18, 1985 and summer was coming to an end. In the early evening, he set out for his friend’s place, some grass in his pocket and a ... Read More »

Will RBA follow Canada and cut rates?


ARE interest rate cuts contagious? This time they might be. BY EVAN SCHWARTEN AND BELINDA MERHAB AAP NT News A SHOCK rate cut from the Bank of Canada overnight has added to calls for the Reserve Bank to do the same next month – with one economist calling Australia’s interest rate levels “absurd”. Canada cut its benchmark interest rate a ... Read More »

‘Seedy Business': New Report Digs Beneath Agrichemical Industry’s High-Cost PR Machine

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‘The tremendous amount of money spent speaks to depth of public unease about GMOs,’ says lead author Common Dreams – by Sarah Lazare, staff writer What exactly is the agrichemical industry hiding with its high-cost public relations and lobbying efforts to convince the U.S. public that genetically modified organisms and pesticides are safe? According to a just-released study by the newly-formed nonprofit ... Read More »

Prison Dispatches From The War On Terror: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Speaks

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John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee to go to prison in connection with the agency’s torture program. Not because he tortured anyone, but because he revealed information on torture to a reporter. The Intercept – BY ANDREW JERELL JONES @sluggahjells Kiriakou is the Central Intelligence Agency officer who told ABC News in 2007 that the CIA waterboarded suspected al-Qaeda prisoners after the ... Read More »

The CIA Torture Report: The Elephant In Australia’s Foreign Policy Room

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The recent revelations that the United States – our ally in the ‘War on terror’ – engaged in torture should cause Australians to stop and take stock, writes Jason Andrews. * New Matilda - Jason Andrews  If, in order to defend Australia, we do not believe that members of our defence forces and intelligence agencies should become the facilitators and accomplices ... Read More »

Japan reveals record defence budget as tensions with China grow

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Kurama (R) leads destroyer Hyuga as a Japanese naval flag flutters during a naval fleet review at Sagami Bay, south of Tokyo. Photograph: Yuriko Nakao / Reuters/Reuters

Justin McCurry – The Guardian At US$42bn the budget is another yearly increase but it is still dwarfed by both China and the US Japan has announced its biggest ever defence budget in response to China’s increasing military influence in the region and Beijing’s claims to a group of disputed islands administered by Tokyo. The 4.98 trillion yen (US$ 42bn) ... Read More »

Faith leaders oppose calls for religious freedom bill in Georgia

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Sixty faith leaders have opposed calls for a religious freedom bill to be enacted in the state of Georgia. Christian Today – Lucinda Borkett-Jones The leaders issued a joint letter the same day as religious conservatives attended ‘Standing for our Faith’ rally at the Georgia State Capitol. The rally was a response to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s decision to sack fire chief Kelvin ... Read More »

David Hicks’s lawyer confident former Guantanamo Bay detainee will have conviction overturned in coming weeks

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The lawyer for former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks believes his client’s conviction for supporting terrorism will be overturned. ( ABC ) Mr Hicks spent time in a US military prison after being captured in Afghanistan in 2001. He eventually pleaded guilty to providing material support for terrorism and was transferred to an Adelaide jail in April 2007. He served ... Read More »