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The refugee crisis must not be used as a vehicle for Turkey to assert sovereignty in the Aegean Sea

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“Greece has only de facto, and also temporary, rule over EGAYDAAK and its administration there does not invalidate the fact that those islands are the territory of the Republic of Turkey,” *Turkish Minister of Defence, İsmet Yılmaz, (Statement made in March 2015) “I suggested, and came across with strong reactions, Greeks and Turks to form together a coastguard which will patrol the sea areas between Turkey and the Greek islands. Turks agree, Greeks don’t,…should we fight over for a sea ... Read More »

How are Ukrainian weapons ending up in the hands of ISIS?

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Significant amounts of Ukrainian-manufactured weapons are ending up in the hands of the Islamic State, prompting accusations that Kiev may be arming the militant group in an effort to impair its regional foe Russia. IntelNews – by Joseph Fitsanakis Persisting rumors that Ukraine may be secretly arming the Islamic State —also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS— resurfaced last week, when authorities in Kuwait arrested six men suspected of working for the militant group. Among ... Read More »

The Paris Attacks Reflect Intelligence Failure — Not a Change in ISIS Strategy

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The recent attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamic State have led to widespread speculation about a possible shift in strategy on the part of ISIS. Taken in conjunction with the downing of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai and the bombings in the predominantly Shia Dahiyeh suburbs of Beirut, it is argued that ISIS is lashing out at the “far enemy” as it comes under pressure on the home fronts in Iraq and Syria, such as its ... Read More »

John Martinkus: ‘What my captors wanted to know’

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When armed insurgents kidnapped the author in Iraq, they interrogated him on building a propaganda machine. A decade later, they became Daesh. The Saturday Paper – John Martinkus When I was kidnapped by Muslim insurgents in Iraq in 2004, they wanted one thing. They wanted to know how the Western media worked. It was a carjacking. Just outside my hotel in Baghdad. One car in front, one behind the vehicle in which I was travelling. They waited until we were ... Read More »

House passes bill adding barriers for Syrian and Iraqi refugees entering US

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House of Representatives approves legislation making entry even more difficult for refugees, but Obama has said he will veto and Senate is unlikely to vote on it The Guardian – Ben Jacobs in Washington The House of Representatives has approved legislation that would make it even more difficult for refugees from Syria and Iraq to enter the United States, in a major rebuke to the Obama administration’s refugee policy. With almost unanimous support from Republicans and 47 Democrats voting in ... Read More »

Pollard, spy for Israel, released from prison after 30 years

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Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy analyst turned spy for Israel, walked out of a North Carolina prison before dawn Friday, ending one of the thorniest points of friction between the United States and its close ally. The Washington Post – Carol Morello and Ruth Eglash Pollard, 61, was freed on parole, almost to the day 30 years after he was arrested when he was turned out from the Israeli Embassy, where he and his wife, Anne, had sought asylum ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It

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Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity’s common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The New York Times – By KAMEL DAOUD Lire en français (Read in French) » The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial ... Read More »

Turkey’s informal ISIS support

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The macabre spectacle of world leaders meeting for the G20 in Turkey was another chapter in the ironic dissonance that is all too common place in the war on terror. TorontoSun – By Sara MacIntyre, Postmedia Network Turkey shares a 565-mile border with Syria, ground zero in the ISIS fight to establish a caliphate- a fundamentalist Islamic state, yes, a state for ISIS. Much ink has already been spilled trying to understand, explain and lay blame for the second wave ... Read More »

Turkey is Playing the Worst Part of Syrian Crisis – Assad

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Syrian President Bashar Assad believes that by being passively supporting the al-Nusra Front and Islamic State terrorist groups, Turkey is playing a most destructive role in the Syrian crisis. Sputnik “Turkey is playing a most negative role in our crisis. That’s related directly to [President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan himself and [Prime Minister Ahmet] Davutoglu, because they both reflect the real ideology that they carry in their hearts, which is the Muslim Brotherhood ideology,” Assad said in an interview with the French newsmagazine Valeurs Actuelles ... Read More »

Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

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Western leaders could destroy Islamic State by calling on Erdoğan to end his attacks on Kurdish forces in Syria and Turkey and allow them to fight Isis on the ground The Guardian – David Graeber In the wake of the murderous attacks in Paris, we can expect western heads of state to do what they always do in such circumstances: declare total and unremitting war on those who brought it about. They don’t actually mean it. They’ve had the means ... Read More »

Turkish fans boo moment of silence for victims of Paris attacks

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Turkish supporters attending an international football friendly against Greece on Nov. 17 refused to participate in a minute of silence following the recent jihadist attacks on France, choosing instead to boo the commemoration. Hurriyet – Istanbul A section of the crowd at Fatih Terim Stadium in Istanbul’s Başakşehir district had first whistled during the playing of the Greek national anthem, prompting Turkish star Arda Turan to remonstrate with the crowd. Arda’s intervention, however, failed to stop the booing. During the ... Read More »

Cork hosts photographic exhibition commemorating Armenian genocide

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Exhibition put together by Armenian community in Ireland The Irish Times – Barry Roche It was described by US President Theodore Roosevelt as “the greatest crime of the war” and now the Armenian genocide which began in 1915 has been commemorated with a special exhibition of photographs at Cork City Library. “The Iconic Images of the Armenian Genocide” – officially opened by Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Chris O’Leary – features a series of old photographs which depict the genocide ... Read More »

America “sparing ISIS” says Russian Foreign Minister

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The huge number of peope who have wondered how the mighty USA could bomb Islamic State for a whole year without doing it any apparent damage have had their suspicions backed up by one of the most powerful and best known figures in the Russian government. This Is England – Jordan Stevenson The United States and its coalition appear to be ‘sparing’ the Islamic State organisation so that while it weakens Syrian President Bashar Assad, it can never take power ... Read More »

Kafka in Turkey: Will Tariq Ali and Onur Erem be Prosecuted for Calling Erdogan a “Tinpot Dictator”?

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Tariq, I wanted to inform you that the interview we made with you after the Ankara massacre is under prosecution here in Turkey. The prosecutors office started an investigation claiming that “tin-pot dictator” is an insult against President Erdogan. They’re calling me for my defense within seven days. For now only I am under investigation but in the future they may start an investigation against you, as well. CounterPunch – by Tariq Ali From my experience, I can tell that the ... Read More »

Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian refugee

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The destruction of Syria due to a civil war conflict and the rise of ISIS has led to an impassioned debate as to whether the United States should act as a world leader by allowing Syrian refugees to immigrate into the country. Daily News Bin – By Bill Palmer All the usual arguments are being made by political conservatives against such a move: What if they’re untrustable? What if they’re incompatible with our way of life? What if they take ... Read More »

How to solve Lebanese civil war disappearances

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BEIRUT — In the Shiite neighborhood of Zqaq el-Blat in Beirut lives Fatima Fneish, who has agonized over the disappearance of her brother Hussein Fneish, 16, who went missing in 1976 during Lebanon’s civil war on his way to school. Al-Monitor Author: Ash Gallagher * Summary: The International Committee of the Red Cross has a plan to identify the remains of those who went missing during Lebanon’s civil war, but support from the government is agonizingly slow. Fneish, 60, invited Al-Monitor to her home ... Read More »