Middle East

How the NSA helped Turkey kill Kurdish rebels

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On a December night in 2011, a terrible thing happened on Mount Cudi, near the Turkish-Iraqi border. One side described it as a massacre; the other called it an accident. Several Turkish F-16 fighter jets bombed a caravan of villagers that night, apparently under the belief that they were guerilla fighters with the separatist Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). The group ... Read More »

Paddy Ashdown slams ‘kneejerk’ Tory response to jihadi terror threat

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Intervention comes as Cameron prepares anti-terror message, with prime minister criticised over ‘damaging’ rhetoric  Jump to comments Tensions between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over how to counter the terrorism threat from extremists have been exposed as Paddy Ashdown accuses Tory ministers of “kneejerk” responses and of stoking fear in the minds of the British people. The former Liberal Democrat leader ... Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood figures get life, death sentences over Istiqama mosque violence

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Giza Criminal Court on Saturday sentenced six Muslim Brotherhood figures to life and gave other six fugitive suspects the death sentence pending approval of the mufti over involvement in the killing of 10 and injuring of 20 people during violence at the vicinity of Istiqama mosque. The suspects sentenced to life include Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, group figures Essam ... Read More »

80 art galleries from 24 countries meet in Istanbul

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The second ArtInternational art fair will be held at Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul from Sept. 26 to 28. Art enthusiasts will enjoy artwork from 80 different galleries from 24 countries around the globe, including Finland, the United States, China, and Saudi Arabia. Twelve galleries from Turkey were chosen by the selection committee after considering their past success at international ... Read More »

Michael Jansen: Sail of hope

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On Aug.26, Palestinians and Israelis agreed to halt the carnage and destruction in Gaza and to begin easing Israel’s siege and blockade that was the cause of the 50-day war. This deadly and costly conflict would have never happened if Israel had ended its cruel policy when on Aug.23, 2008, two rickety Greek fishing boats arrived in Gaza after a hazardous ... Read More »

Turkey’s Imperial Fantasy

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Istanbul — In the late 1990s, as Turkey was reeling from various political and economic crises, there was a nationwide debate over European Union membership and whether Turkish accession to the union would solve the country’s problems. Back then, I was a graduate student in International Relations at Marmara University. Among the professors in my department, there was only one who opposed ... Read More »

Recipe for hate: Al-Qaeda publish car bomb ‘shopping list’ and suggest UK targets

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Al-Qaeda this week published an online magazine featuring instructions on how to build homemade car bombs and an appeal to Muslims to attack UK and US targets in the vein of the Boston bombers. The English-language magazine, entitled ‘Palestine: Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem’, urges Muslims in the West to assemble pressure cooker bombs like those used to attack the ... Read More »