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Amal Clooney accuses Turkey of hypocrisy on freedom of speech in Armenian genocide trial

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The human rights lawyer, representing Armenia, criticised Turkey’s double standards on freedom of expression By Bruno Waterfield, Strasbourg and Raziye Akkoc – The Telegraph Amal Clooney, the human rights barrister, has accused Turkey of double standards on freedom of expression for defending a Turkish Leftist who described the Armenian genocide an “international lie”. Mrs Clooney, who is representing Armenia on ... Read More »

Yemen Conflict Alert: Time for Compromise

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Sanaa/Brussels | ICG | Yemen’s UN-backed transition has unravelled and the country has entered a new, highly unstable phase. On 22 January President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the prime minister resigned after Huthi fighters seized the presidential palace and consolidated control of the capital. This has upended the troubled transition and raises the very real prospect of territorial fragmentation, economic ... Read More »

Facebook complies with Turkey page block order

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The BBC has learned that Facebook has complied with a Turkish court order demanding the blocking of a page it said offended the Prophet Muhammad. If the social media platform had refused, the court had threatened to block access to the entire site. The site is believed to have around 40 million members in Turkey. Facebook declined to comment but ... Read More »

Jewish outrage as ship named after SS war criminal arrives in Europe

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As Holocaust day nears, anger erupts at arrival in Rotterdam of the Pieter Schelte, the world’s largest vessel The Observer – Ed Vulliamy Leaders of Jewish communities and Holocaust memorial groups in Britain and the Netherlands have reacted with rage and despair at the arrival in Rotterdam of the world’s biggest ship, the Pieter Schelte, named after a Dutch officer in the Waffen-SS. ... Read More »

If EU opposes Islamophobia, it must accept Turkey as member: Erdoğan

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that theEuropean Union “must admit Turkey” as a member if it opposes Islamophobia. DJIBOUTI Hurriyet AA photo Erdoğan became the first Turkish President who visited Djibouti on Jan. 24, one day after he interrupted his Horn of Africa tour to attend King Abdullah’s funeral in Saudi Arabia. Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh welcomed his Turkish ... Read More »

Swedish envoy to Turkey: Criticizing ISIL does not equal Islamophobia

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Sweden’s ambassador to Ankara urges for a balanced approach in dealing with Islamist terror attacks, saying a distinction should be made between criticizing Islamist extremists and Islamophobia. ANKARA – Hurriyet – Emine Kart Nobody should stigmatize all Muslims for the crimes committed by fundamentalists, yet nobody should label criticism of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its ... Read More »

Yemeni president capitulates to the demands of Houthi rebels

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Abed Mansour Hadi agrees power-sharing role that will dilute his powers, after he was ousted from his palace in Sana’a The Guardian – Hakim Almasmari in Sana’a, and Martin Chulov in Beirut Yemen’s president Abed Mansour Hadi has yielded to the demands of Houthi gunmen who over ran the capital Sana’a, agreeing to a power-sharing role that will dilute his powers ... Read More »

Syria Calling: Radicalisation in Central Asia

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The Islamic State (IS) is attracting Central Asians to Syria and fostering new links among radicals within the region. Unless the five Central Asian governments develop a credible, coordinated counter-action plan, including improved security measures but also social, political and economic reforms, growing radicalism will eventually pose a serious threat to their stability. The fallout from the conflicts in Syria ... Read More »

The Gallipoli centenary is a shameful attempt to hide the Armenian Holocaust

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As world leaders plan to commemorate the First World War battle for Gallipoli, another horrific anniversary risks being overlooked. The Independent – ROBERT FISK When world leaders, including Prince Charles and the Australian and New Zealand prime ministers, gather at Gallipoli to commemorate the First World War battle at the invitation of the Turkish government in April, the ghosts of one ... Read More »

Palestine, the Political Football: Good Enough For Soccer, Not Good Enough For Statehood


Palestine’s participation in the AFC Asian Cup places the Australian government between a rock and hard place, writes Nishadh Rego. New Matilda – Nishadh Rego * Immediately prior to New Years 2015 there were two significant developments in Australia-Palestine relations. On December 30, the Australian government rejected a draft UN Security Council resolution calling for the end of Israel’s occupation in ... Read More »