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How many slave deaths for the Qatar World Cup can Fifa put up with?

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Fifa’s president Sepp Blatter could change lives of World Cup labourers at a stroke by threatening to deprive Qatar of 2022 tournament The Guardian – Marina Hyde @MarinaHyde • Trapped in Qatar: migrants who built tower of football Clearly there must be a magic number of slave deaths in the world’s richest country that would render the Qatar World Cup a moral ... Read More »

Cyprus Editorial: Taner Akcam – “I am a normal Turk”

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Historian and sociologist Taner Akcam, a holocaust and genocide lecturer and researcher at Clark University presented a highly informative, illuminating even, lecture on Monday night on “A hundred years after: new aspects of the Armenian Genocide”. Financial Mirror – It is not so much the information that was revealed at the packed University of Cyprus lecture hall, some for the first time ... Read More »

Der türkische Führer

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Adolf Hitler, when planning the Holocaust, is said to have rationalized his acts by stating: “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Dean Kalimniou While evidence for this quote is scant, it cannot be doubted that the Nazi’s fascination with cleansing ethnic or religious minorities was stimulated in part by the example of Kemal Ataturk with ... Read More »

Is the Egyptian state using sexual torture against women?

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The Arab spring promised freedom and justice to the 2011 protestors in Tahrir Square, but a damning new report claims that women are being brutalised by police, military and security forces at an unprecedented level The Guardian – Shereen El Feki Four years ago, Cairo was a giant billboard for human rights; the words “freedom”, “justice” and “dignity” were graffitied across ... Read More »

Will Pakistan Provide Saudi Arabia With Nuclear Weapons?

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From 2013, we have read headlines from the BBC that say “Saudi nuclear weapons ‘on order’ from Pakistan” and a couple days ago we read the same type of headlines that say “Saudi Arabia has taken the strategic decision to acquire off-the-shelf atomic weapons from Pakistan”. Shoebat Foundation, By Walid Shoebat So for a couple of years, this off the shelf nuke must ... Read More »

Egypt’s mass death sentence ‘could cause Middle East turmoil’

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The United States and United Nations expressed deep concern on Monday about the death sentences handed down in Egypt for President Mohamed Mursi and other Islamists, while Turkey warned of Middle East turmoil if they are carried out. Christian Today Reuters UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he will closely monitor the appeals process for the death sentences and urged actions ... Read More »

Iran won’t be allowed to have nukes, US assures Gulf states

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WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama has pledged America’s “ironclad commitment” to Gulf nations to help protect their security, pointedly mentioning the potential use of military force and offering assurances that a potential nuclear agreement with Iran would not leave them more vulnerable. Arab News - Agencies At the summit-closing news conference, Obama said Gulf leaders hadn’t been asked to “sign on the ... Read More »

Breaking the chains

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In thrall to an ancient religious law, Jewish women face a lifetime in limbo when their husbands refuse to hand over a special divorce certificate. The Sydney Morning Herald - John Safran Hundreds of Jewish women stare down at a rabbi in a school hall. The Victorian chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia has called a meeting tonight to discuss agunot, ... Read More »

Egypt sentences deposed president Mohamed Morsi to death

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CAIRO: An Egyptian court has sentenced deposed president Mohamed Morsi and more than 100 other defendants to death over jailbreaks during a 2011 uprising. Morsi was in the caged dock when the judge read out his verdict on Saturday. Many of those sentenced were tried in absentia, including prominent Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi who resides in Qatar. AFP – Brisbane Times  Read More »

Why Attack Syria?

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Jeb Bush has spent the week debating with himself over whether he would have started the war his brother launched on Iraq. The American Conservative – By PATRICK J. BUCHANAN • When he figures it out, hopefully, our would-be president will focus in on the campaign to drag us into yet another Mideast war—this time to bring down Bashar Assad’s regime ... Read More »