Middle East

Saudi Arabia invests $10 bln into Russian projects

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Saudi Arabia has invested about $10 billion into the Russian projects. The obligation of a foreign investor is the largest for today. Saudi Arabian sovereign Public Investment Fund has invested $10 billion through the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Head of the Fund Kirill Dmitriev claimed that the largest obligation of a foreign investor ever before was estimated at $7 billion. ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal

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Lobbying activities of Clintons and Blairs under scrutiny after emails show wife of former British PM sought ‘women to women’ meeting for US secretary of state The Guardian – Dan Roberts in Washington and Owen Gibson in London Cherie Blair repeatedly pressured Hillary Clinton to meet a leading Qatari royal when Clinton was US secretary of state, according to newly ... Read More »

Egypt’s Sinai rocked by wave of deadly attacks

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BBC – Egypt’s military says at least 10 soldiers have been killed and injured in a wave of attacks in the Sinai peninsula claimed by Islamic State. More than 70 “terrorists” targeted five checkpoints around the town Sheikh Zuweid, a military spokesman said. Thirty-nine attackers were killed and three pick-up trucks armed with anti-aircraft guns were destroyed, he added. Clashes ... Read More »

The Status of the Status Quo at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

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ICG – Middle East Report N°159 – This report is also available in: Hebrew EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan underway and Jewish high holidays soon to follow, tensions have started to rise, if only slightly, at the Holy Esplanade – the Temple Mount (har habayit) to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary (al-haram al-sharif) to Muslims. In mid-2014, ... Read More »

ISIL exists because al-Assad exists: Erdoğan aide

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A senior spokesperson for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s office has indicated the presence of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was linked to the prevalence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. Hurriyet - “No doubt, destroying this terrorist organization is very important for regional countries and their stability. As long ... Read More »

Israel detains ship seeking to break its Gaza blockade

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Israel’s navy boarded and took over an activist vessel seeking to break its Gaza blockade and was escorting it to port on June 29 in an operation that did not use force, the military said. Hurriyet – JERUSALEM – Agence France-Presse A flotilla of four boats carrying pro-Palestinian activists had been seeking to reach Gaza to highlight the Israeli blockade ... Read More »

Why Both Erdoganism and Kemalism May Finally Be Dead in Turkey

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Two years ago, protestors took over the streets of Istanbul, Turkey’s first city. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan beat them down and last year was elected president. His critics feared his plan to invest the largely ceremonial post with Putin-like authority. Three weeks ago, however, Turkish voters revoked his party’s majority. A new government has yet to form. The Huffington ... Read More »

Deutsche Welle’s Bobs award honors online activists

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Raif Badawi, a 31-year-old Saudi blogger and the creator of the website Free Saudi Liberals, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and flogged in public 50 times simply for blogging about free speech. Sevil Erkuş – BONN Hurriyet He has 950 more lashes, which have been postponed due to Badawi’s poor health. The Saudi blogger was arrested in June ... Read More »