US election: New president to face chilly relations with Cold War rivals Russia

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For all the bluster and bravado, accusations and denials over tapes and emails, there was a quiet but deadly serious issue raised in the second US presidential debate: what to do about Syria and, more broadly, how to counter Russia in that blighted nation and other places. Analysis By chief foreign correspondent Philip Williams In the past few weeks there has been a steady deterioration in relations between the West and… US election: New… Read More »

‘I Have the Impression That France Copies and Pastes US Foreign Policy’

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Relations between Paris and Moscow have hit a new low because President Francois Hollande has embraced Washington’s foreign policy, French politicians Valérie Boyer and Thierry Mariani told RT. This is the reason why the French leader has been reluctant to… ‘I Have the Impression That… Read More »

Parents protest refugee children starting school in Greece

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Police in a northern Greek village escorted refugee children to school, as local parents protested the launch of a national programme to educate migrant youngsters. Source: AFP Around 100 police formed a corridor to enable some 40 puzzled-looking children from Syria and Afghanistan to enter the… Parents protest refugee… Read More »

London’s black communities disproportionately exposed to air pollution – study

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Black, African and Caribbean people are exposed to higher illegal nitrogen dioxide levels than the percentage of the population they account for Adam Vaughan Black communities in London are disproportionately more likely to breathe illegal levels of air pollution than white and Asian ones, new research seen exclusively by the… London’s black communities… Read More »

Lithuania readies for new government as ruling party comes third in vote

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Reuters VILNIUS: Lithuania’s ruling Social Democrats sank to a distant third place in the first round of national elections, leaving centre-right parties in pole position to form a new coalition government, surprise results showed Monday. After a campaign fought largely over Lithuania’s sluggish economy, first place went to the… Lithuania readies for new… Read More »

Nicolas Sarkozy ♥ referendums

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If elected president again, he’d ask voters to decide on immigrant family reunification and administrative detention. By NICHOLAS VINOCUR PARIS — Slipping in polls, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy got himself a new mantra when talking about solving his country’s problems: ask the people — they know best. In a primetime… Nicolas Sarkozy… Read More »

EU ‘very concerned’ over Hungary newspaper suspension

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The EU said Oct. 10 it is “very concerned” after Hungary’s main opposition newspaper halted publication, sparking fears of a clampdown on press freedom by the right-wing government. BRUSSELS – Agence France-Presse Left-leaning Nepszabadsag newspaper is to be sold, its editor said on Oct. 9, and while the… EU ‘very concerned’ over… Read More »

Norwegians laugh at new fence on Russian border

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“We don’t want this fence,” says taxi driver Syvonne Tucker. “We want to have this relationship with Russia in the same way we’ve been having for all these years.” By Howard JohnsonBBC News, Kirkenes, Norway Heading on the E105 highway towards the Norwegian border, she says she many other residents in her town of Kirkenes in the… Norwegians laugh at new fence… Read More »

Polish parliament rejects near-total abortion ban after protests

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Following protests by tens of thousands of women, Polish lawmakers on Oct. 6 rejected plans for a near-total ban on abortion, in a hastily arranged vote that marks the first major domestic setback for the conservative government. WARSAW – Reuters The ruling Law and Justice party (PIS) unexpectedly withdrew its support for draft… Polish parliament rejects near-total… Read More »

Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to list foreign workers

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Scottish firms which ignore new UK rules on revealing how many foreign workers they hire have been told they will have the backing of Nicola Sturgeon. By SCOTT MACNAB The First Minister says she will stand “full square behind” any Scots company which snubs the… Sturgeon: I’ll back firms who refuse to… Read More »

Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped refugees – in pictures

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Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Daniel Etter, whose images from Kos touched the hearts of millions last year, returned to Greece this September to photograph the islanders who feature in the new documentary short Ode to Lesvos, created by Johnnie Walker® to shine a light on the inspirational acts of compassion shown in response to the refugee crisis. Daniel Etter Ode to Lesbos, the villagers who helped… Read More »

Alan Shatter: Difficulties of Brexit for Ireland can’t be underestimated

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Many unanticipated and unintended consequences will shortly become visible Alan Shatter We now know that the British government will trigger its article 50 notification of its intention to exit the EU before the end of… Alan Shatter: Difficulties of Brexit for Ireland can’t… Read More »

Paris climate deal: EU backs landmark agreement

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The European Parliament has backed the ratification of the Paris climate deal, paving the way for the world’s first global agreement. The deal aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions and keep global temperature increases “well below” 2C. Paris climate deal: EU backs landmark agreement… Read More »

Una Mullally: If we can cut road deaths, we can tackle suicide

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Political will and ‘joined-up thinking’ saved lives before, and could do so again Una Mullally Back in the early 2000s, reducing fatalities on Irish roads seemed to be an insurmountable task… Una Mullally: If we can cut road deaths, we can tackle suicide… Read More »

Pound falls after Brexit Article 50 date announced

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Sterling took another knock on Monday after Theresa May’s announcement that the Government will trigger Article 50 by March 2017. The pound fell 0.5% against the US dollar in morning trading to stand at 1.28 dollars. Against the euro, sterling was also… Pound falls after Brexit Article 50 date announced… Read More »

Hungary holds referendum on EU mandatory migrant plan

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Polls have closed in Hungary in a referendum on whether to accept mandatory EU quotas for relocating migrants. Early indications show most who voted overwhelmingly rejected the quota system but turnout could be less than 50% which would make the vote invalid. Right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban opposes plans to… Hungary holds referendum on EU mandatory migrant plan… Read More »