‘If we do nothing, then we become the abusers’

Scandal - Irish examiner

On Tuesday night, two whistleblowers at the heart of the Grace scandal arrived at the front gates of Leinster House for the Dáil debate on the scandal. Daniel McConnell Irish Examiner Neither of the two women, who have risked everything to speak out and get justice, could have imagined how dramatic the night would be. As the debate… ‘If we do nothing… Read More »

Juncker: No to nationalism, yes to industry

PORT TALBOT, WALES - AUGUST 8:  Residential housing rests near the Corus steelworks on August 8, 2006 in Port Talbot, Wales.  Corus, formerly known as British Steel is Europe's second biggest steelmaker. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Commission president outlines his vision for Europe as EU leaders gather in Brussels. Jean-Claude Juncker Politico As EU leaders gather in Brussels Thursday, they will take stock of Europe’s efforts to create jobs, generate growth and improve competitiveness. European industry has Juncker: No to… Read More »

Theresa May’s Brexit poker face

May - Politico

Everyone at the EU summit had one question on their mind: What’s May’s date for triggering Article 50? Charlie Cooper Politico She didn’t come to talk about Brexit, but in Brussels there’s not much else they want to hear about from Theresa May. The closest anyone… Theresa May’s Brexit… Read More »

Collapse of European Security: Huge Responsibilities of Angela Merkel

ISF 2b Leventis LLLL

The article below is very informative and eloquent in analyzing Europe’s fundamental security concerns. Dr Yiorghos Leventis * It appeared in the Greek website on 7 January 2017. The author is Ioannis Michaletos. It is an excellent piece of analysis. Michaletos makes very valid points. The article deserves reaching international audience. I took the effort to render it in English: Throughout the so-called Arab Spring, all reliable organizations, state as well as NGOs issued a worldwide warning for serious risks emanating from ... Read More »

‘But what about the railways …?’ ​​The myth of Britain’s gifts to India

Duri 3c

Apologists for empire like to claim that the British brought democracy, the rule of law and trains to India. Shashi Tharoor The Guardian Isn’t it a bit rich to oppress, torture and imprison a people for 200 years, then take credit for benefits that were entirely accidental? Many modern apologists for British colonial rule in India no… ‘But what about… Read More »

Humanity’s problem with Germany

Daily Sabah

Germany is behind the EU’s indecisiveness in an unpredictable economic and political crisis today. Celim Ertem Daily Sabah Germany’s direct and indirect intervention in Turkey’s political process nowadays is undoubtedly a result of the policy of indirect annexation it initiated in the early 1990s. The year 1989… Humanity’s problem with… Read More »

EU citizens have a right to live in the UK – let’s keep it that way

EU - The Guardian

The 3 million EU citizens living in this country make an important contribution. Harriet Harman The Guardian I urge Theresa May not to try to overturn their right to remain During the debate… EU citizens have… Read More »

Europe’s future: Small steps rather than big dreams?

Europe - BBC

How do you celebrate in a time of acute anxiety, how do you party in the midst of a family divorce and how do you mark an anniversary when allies predict your demise? Gavin Hewitt BBC News Europe does not know but less than three weeks’ time, on 25 March, its leaders will gather in the Piazza del Campidoglio, the square designed by Michelangelo to try to answer those questions. They will be… Europe’s future: Small… Read More »

A Polish plan runs into economic reality

Poland - AEI

Since he joined the Polish government in November 2015, first as minister of development and later also as minister of finance, Mateusz Morawiecki has been extremely critical of the legacy left by his predecessors. Dalibor Rohac and Martin Miszerak AEI His criticisms are not unfounded. Yet his own… A Polish plan… Read More »

Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War: a 2400-year-old text that explains Trump

Thucydides and Trump 1a LLLL

Forget modern dystopian novels. Greek history offers a far better guide to today’s US… Mark Thomas The Age Donald Trump has provoked an unlikely boom in a few market niches: for the makers of red baseball caps, among late-night comedians, and for those who own the royalties to dystopian… George Orwell’s 1984 has… Thucydides’ History of… Read More »

Why the French elections will change the face of Europe

Elections - Al Jazeera

The result of the upcoming French election will either force the EU to take a giant step backwards or rejuvenate it. Remi Piet Al Jazeera News In less than two months, French people will elect their new president. This vote will… Why the French… Read More »

Europe’s Silicon Valley problem

Tech - AEI

Why doesn’t Europe have its own Silicon Valley? Dalibor Rohac AEI After all, the old world has plenty going for it: good universities, a large talent pool and lots of startups. Many important innovations… Europe’s Silicon Valley… Read More »

Will China and the EU team up against Trump?

Asia Times

Regardless of their many disagreements, China and the European Union appear willing to team up against anti-globalist and anti-systemic forces that, they argue, threaten world stability. Emanuele Scimia Asia Times Exchanging views with French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Beijing on February 21, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed that Europe was an important pole in the multipolar world that China was committed to building. He then added… Will China and… Read More »

The New Media World Order

World - Voltaire

In only a few months, the content of the Western national and international medias has undergone profound change. Thierry Meyssan Voltaire We are witnessing the birth of an Entente about which we know almost nothing – neither the real initiators, nor the real objectives – but whose direct anti-democratic consequences can be noticed immediately. The West is… The New Media… Read More »

Anti-democratic practices in EU

Daily Sabah

Lately, some EU countries have been engaging in a flurry of ugly practices. Ozan Ceyhun Daily Sabah Some EU countries that accuse Turkey of being anti-democratic are now displaying various anti-democratic practices. By resorting to… Anti-democratic practices in… Read More »

What Europe’s New Nationalists Want Is Not To Be Ashamed Of Their Heritage

Le Pen - The Federalist

The new nationalism sweeping Europe is driven by a desire for something more concrete than the illusory promises of globalism. John Daniel Davidson The Federalist Europeans want a narrative. Politicians for Germany’s… What Europe’s New… Read More »