Is math discovered or invented? – Jeff Dekofsky


Published on 27 Oct 2014 View full lesson:… Would mathematics exist if people didn’t? Did we create mathematical concepts to help us understand the world around us, or is math the native language of the universe itself? Jeff Dekofsky traces some famous arguments in this ancient and hotly debated question. Lesson by Jeff Dekofsky, animation by The Tremendousness Collective. Read More »

Cultural Workers in Turkey Prepare for Hunger Strike over Underemployment


Cultural workers in Turkey are set to go on hunger strike in protest of their unemployment and its endangerment of the country’s vulnerable cultural resources. In reaction to the government’s broken promise to hire 50 workers among the thousands of unemployed cultural heritage professionals, the Association of Culture and Art Workers (Kültür Sanat Emekçileri Derneği, or KSED) is taking desperate measures. If ... Read More »

OXI Revisited

Fountain pen black & blue & crossed with kapaki 1a LLL

There are a number of reasons why OXI, an event that took place some seventy four years ago, still resonates with the Greek people, quite apart from the obvious fact that it is an event that is still within living memory. OXI is one of those events that fits neatly within the national mythology of the small, plucky, fiercely independent ... Read More »

Australia is Selling Uranium to India Without Safety Nets


On May 18, 1974, India detonated an eight kiloton nuclear bomb named Smiling Buddha. The international reaction was swift, abject condemnation. This was the first bomb to be built from uranium sold as nuclear fuel, and it was the first bomb detonated by a country other than the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – Russia, China, England, ... Read More »

9 Year-Old Spanish Boy Becomes Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Since 1964, the National History Museum in London has been organizing their annual Wildlife Photographer Of The Year contest. This year, the Grand title winner in Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which includes photographers up to 17 years of age, was Carlos Perez Naval – a 9-year-old boy from Spain. Carlos’ parents are tireless travelers, and they always take ... Read More »

Foreign Affairs: Turkey’s elusive promised land and the war on Islamic State

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As the war on Islamic State reaches Turkey’s border, its victims include Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s vision of a Turkish-led Sunni world. By sheer coincidence, the Syrian town of Kobani – where Kurdish and Islamic State fighters have been squaring off in recent weeks – happens to be tucked just west of Haran, the Turkish spot from which Abraham disembarked ... Read More »

Turkey: The “Great Muslim Democracy”

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Where Turkey stands today is a perfect example of how, when Islamists — mild or otherwise — rule a county, even the most basic liberties are systematically suppressed. “A climate of fear has emerged in Turkey.” — Hasam Kilic, President, Turkey’s Constitutional Court. The prosecutor demanded a heavier penalty for the victim than for her torturers. The European Commission identified ... Read More »