EU court rules UK government must clean up dangerous air pollution

London air pollution 1a LLLLL

UK government must urgently improve air quality in British cities following a landmark case that could see more vehicles restricted from city centres The government will be forced to urgently clean up illegal air pollution in British cities following a ruling on Wednesday in the European court of justice. It is likely to see many diesel cars and heavy goods ... Read More »

Atul Gawande: The Smiling Angel of a Happy Death


It is said that victorious Roman generals, on city parades following battlefield triumphs, would be followed by a servant. “Memento Mori,” the servant would say over and over. “Remember that you have to die.” Later, still-life paintings were punctuated by symbols of the finite – rotting fruit, wilting flowers, bubbles – as reminders of life’s transience. Early self-help books, with ... Read More »

Quarter of Britons say ‘all immigrants should leave’

A quarter of all new EU citizens were in Britain Photo: REX

A quarter of Britons believe all immigrants should be returned to their home countries, according to a new poll by a think-tank. A survey conducted for British Future found 25 per cent of people agreed that the government should “insist that all immigrants should return to the countries they came from, whether they’re here legally or illegally”. A small majority ... Read More »

The Twelve Greek Apostoles

12 Apostoles AU 1a LLL

My octogenarian great aunt, my grandmother’s sister, is a most formidable woman. Possessed of a steely brow, piercing eyes and thick hair, carefully restrained within a plait the thickness of a handspan, that reaches all the way to her knees, she is renowned within the family and beyond for her practical, no nonsense approach to life, an approach that can ... Read More »

Erdoğan vows to teach Turkish children Muslim discovery of Americas

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has instructed Turkey’s educational institutions to adopt a policy of highlighting the contribution of Islam to global science and arts, including the discovery of the American continent by Muslim sailors some 300 years before Columbus. “I have to be clear that there is an important responsibility falling on the shoulders of our Education Ministry and YÖK ... Read More »

Athens Biennale Won the ECF Princess Margriet Award 2015

Athens Biennale 1a LLL

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) has announced that the Athens Biennale is one of two winners of the ECF Princess Margriet Award for 2015, along with Kiev’s Visual Culture Research Center. According to the ECF, the jury met in October 2014 “and agreed unanimously to give the 2015 edition of the Award to these two courageous cultural initiatives”. The Award, which ... Read More »

Syrian rebels abandon Aleppo, leader flees to Turkey

Free Syrian Army fighters 1a LLLLLLLL

Some 14,000 militants of the Syrian rebel group have abandoned Aleppo, while its commander has fled to Turkey, according to Turkish security sources. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), the recognized armed opposition group against the Bashar al-Assad in Syria, has ceased its resistance in Aleppo, Syria’s second biggest city, withdrawing its 14,000 militia from the city, a ranking Turkish security ... Read More »

A million crimes reported by public left out of police figures

UK Police arresting 1a LLLLL

Watchdog warns that police are failing to record one in five crimes because of the ‘target culture’ in forces. Comments Almost a million crimes a year are disappearing from official figures as chief constables attempt to meet targets, a study by the police watchdog has disclosed. Its report exposed “indefensible” failures by forces to record crime accurately, and said that in ... Read More »

Poroshenko: Ukraine ready for total war with Russia

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia of non-compliance with Minsk agreements and said that the Ukrainian army was ready for “total war.” Poroshenko said in an interview with German weekly publication Bild that Ukraine was prepared to “worst case scenario”. According to the head of Ukraine, in this scenario, stipulates the participation of Russian troops. The Ukrainian President said that ... Read More »

David Cameron warns that second global crash is looming

David Cameron at G20 in AU 1a LLLL

PM says ‘red warning lights are flashing’ against a backdrop of instability and uncertainty, as G20 summit draws to a close Jump to comments David Cameron: red lights are flashing on the global economy David Cameron has issued a stark message that “red warning lights are flashing on the dashboard of the global economy” in the same way as when ... Read More »