Leave Facebook if you don’t want to be spied on, warns EU

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European Commission admits Safe Harbour framework cannot ensure privacy of EU citizens’ data when sent to the US by American internet firms The Guardian – Samuel Gibbs @SamuelGibbs The European Commission has warned EU citizens that they should close their Facebook accounts if they want to keep information private from US security services, finding that current Safe Harbour legislation does not protect citizen’s ... Read More »

Man who took down Turkish flag jailed for 13 years

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A Turkish man has been sentenced to 13 years and nine months in prison after taking down a Turkish flag during a protest in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on June 2014. ANKARA – Anadolu Agency – Hurriyet A high court in Diyarbakır sentenced the man, identified only by the initials Ö.M., to six years and three months in jail ... Read More »

Sweden will make a gender-neutral pronoun official by adding it to the dictionary

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Sweden has long been progressive on gender egalitarianism, and now its language is officially catching up. SBS – By Meredith Bennett-Smith / Source: Quartz A gender-neutral pronoun, hen wil join its binary counterparts han (he) and hon (she) in the new edition of Sweden’s official dictionary, helping Swedish speakers avoid the sort of linguistic gymnastics common in languages without a gender-neutral alternative. Efficient in a variety of situations, hen, as AFP notes, can be used when you ... Read More »

Italy at risk of deflation: Central bank head Ignazio Visco

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ROME: Bank of Italy head Ignazio Visco said on Friday the country is at risk of deflation. The Economic Times | By Reuters “There is no inflation in Italy any more, rather there are risks of deflation,” Visco said at a commemoration ceremony in Rome for a murdered trade unionist. Visco added Italy’s economic problems had the same causes that have long ... Read More »

Turkish defense minister rejects Greek territorial claims on Aegean islands

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Turkey‘s defense minister has rejected Greek territorial claims over a number of contested islands close to the Turkish coast in the Aegean Sea as invalid, and called the archipelago of islets Turkish islands, injecting a fresh element of friction to the intractable Aegean dispute. Today’sZaman – ABDULLAH AYASUN / ISTANBUL Turkish Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz on Wednesday challenged the international status ... Read More »

Turkey, Armenia and beyond

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In 2003-04, the late Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink wrote a series of articles on the psychology of the Armenian diaspora. Hurriyet – William Armstrong – The series, titled “On Armenian Identity,” caused a stir by suggesting that diaspora Armenians were blinded by such hatred that it had become like “poison in their blood.” Rather than waiting for Turkey to change, ... Read More »

French business morale at highest in nearly three years

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PARIS: French business morale stood at its highest in nearly three years in March, data from statistics office INSEE showed on Wednesday, while morale in the industrial sector alone was close to the long-term average. The Economic Times - The composite indicator of business morale rose from 94 in February to 96, its highest level since April 2012. The more ... Read More »

Turkish cartoonists sentenced to jail for insulting Erdoğan

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Two cartoonists for the popular satirical weekly Penguen have been jailed to 11 months in prison, over a satirical piece on free speech in which they were convicted of including a hidden gesture “insulting” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ayşegül Usta – ISTANBUL – Hurriyet Cartoonists Bahadır Baruter and Özer Aydoğan were sued for the Aug. 21, 2014, cover of ... Read More »

Lithuania backs the shirtfront on Russia

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Melbourne: Tiny Lithuania, with a population 1 million fewer than Melbourne’s, is muscling up to the mighty Russian superpower over the war in Ukraine and is happy for Australia’s support in the “shirtfront”. The Age - Daniel Flitton, Senior Correspondent “We in Lithuania, being a small country, will never make a difference in this conflict and it will not be decisive what ... Read More »

Interpol takes Ukrainian MP Kniazhytskiy off wanted list

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UT – Mykola Kniazhytskiy was wanted by Interpol because of the alleged rape committed in 2011 in Cambodia UNIAN: The Central Bureau of Interpol has removed Ukrainian MP Mykola Kniazhytskiy from its wanted list until all of the circumstances that led to an appeal from Cambodia to find the Ukrainian politician are established, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said at a briefing ... Read More »