Plain cigarette packaging: pro-smoking groups and Ukip condemn move


Nigel Farage says plain packaging plan is ‘appalling intrusion into consumer choice and the operation of the free market’ The Guardian – Matthew Weaver Pro-smoking groups, Ukip and libertarian MPs have all condemned the government’s surprise decision to bring forward a law on plain cigarette packaging before the general election. Health minister Jane Ellison said on Wednesday night that the government ... Read More »

Swedish envoy to Turkey: Criticizing ISIL does not equal Islamophobia

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Sweden’s ambassador to Ankara urges for a balanced approach in dealing with Islamist terror attacks, saying a distinction should be made between criticizing Islamist extremists and Islamophobia. ANKARA – Hurriyet – Emine Kart Nobody should stigmatize all Muslims for the crimes committed by fundamentalists, yet nobody should label criticism of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its ... Read More »

Australia doesn’t have a problem with alcohol. We have a problem with violence

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Tim Gregg’s experience of living in Germany makes him question the relationship between drinking and social mayhem. The Canberra Times - Tim Gregg * There’s a popular theory that Australia’s fragile society is awash with grog. It’s easy to get swept away with the tide of moral panic. But before we do, let’s take a moment to consider some important distinctions. ... Read More »

Young, gifted and Greek: Generation G – the world’s biggest brain drain

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More than 200,000 Greeks have left the country since the financial crisis hit. The Guardian meets some who will be watching this weekend’s elections with great interest The Guardian – Helena Smith in Athens Call them Generation G: young, talented, Greek – and part of the biggest brain drain in an advanced western economy in modern times. As the country lurches ... Read More »

The Gallipoli centenary is a shameful attempt to hide the Armenian Holocaust

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As world leaders plan to commemorate the First World War battle for Gallipoli, another horrific anniversary risks being overlooked. The Independent – ROBERT FISK When world leaders, including Prince Charles and the Australian and New Zealand prime ministers, gather at Gallipoli to commemorate the First World War battle at the invitation of the Turkish government in April, the ghosts of one ... Read More »

OPINION: For once, we should follow UK’s lead on homegrown Islamist extremists

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WHAT does Australia do with homegrown Islamist extremists once they tire of killing infidels overseas? CourierMail - Herald Sun Do we continue to allow these citizens to return home for some taxpayer-funded rest and recuperation? Or should we do what the British Government is proposing and cancel the passports of jihadis to prevent them from bringing their skills in mayhem ... Read More »

Vale Kostas Nikolopoulos

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“Institutions and organizations are not eternal. People are.” Agora Dialogue – Dean Kalimniou It was with these words that the late and much lamented journalist Kostas Nikolopoulos accosted at me at the Greek Film Festival last year, Kostas’ propensity to apparate seemingly out of the ether, flash a smile as enigmatic as that of a Cheshire cat, pose a contentious ... Read More »

Charlie Hebdo: Pakistani Lashkar e Taiba Islamists call for boycott of French products

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A militant group in Pakistan has urged supporters to boycott French products in protest against the magazine Charlie Hebdo’s most recent cover, which featured an image of the Prophet Muhammad. ABC/Reuters - By South Asia correspondent Stephanie March, wires Fresh protests broke out Sunday in Pakistan where thousands gathered in almost all major cities, including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, chanting angry ... Read More »

Russia, Turkey And The Isolationist Trap

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The increasingly authoritative stances of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan are only isolating them inside their own countries and on the global stage. -OpEd- WorldCrunch  PARIS — Have Russia and Turkey become the two sick men on Europe’s outskirts? For centuries, the Russian Empire’s territorial expansion came at the expense of the Ottoman Empire, famously described in the 19th century ... Read More »