Ukraine Has Reached a Debt Deal. Now What?

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The deal has worrying implications for the IMF’s treatment of Russia. The Nation - By James Carden Yesterday, with the announcement that the Ukrainian government had reached an agreement on restructuring its private debt with a consortium of bond holders led by Franklin Templeton, there was much rejoicing. In Kiev, the American-born former State Department official turned Ukrainian finance minister, ... Read More »

Economic deadlock through bizonal vetoes

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No serious government can accept to be run on multiple vetoes and of an ethnic origin to boot. Someone wisely described the vetoes as “a curse the short-sighted and naïve put on their country to make sure it never prospers”. InCyprus - By Dr Aris Petasis The vetoes are designed to paralyse and incapacitate the central Cyprus government with the ... Read More »

Who benefits from Greece’s exit from Eurozone? – ANALYSIS

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Baku – APA. There is a lot to talk about the causes of the economic and political crisis in Greece that had been predicted beforehand. Domestic and political causes are abundant but they do not interest even Greeks themselves. What they are concerned about is the consequences and possible ways out. As for the rest, they – as though it ... Read More »

“Turkey has never given a fig for the Turkish Cypriots”!

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I read the article “Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions” of 23 August 2015 by Mrs Erato Kozakou-Marcoulli, posted on and for a moment I wondered whether there had been a mistake. Whether the article was written by the Refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” and wrongly attributed to Mrs. Marcoulli. Agora Dialogue - Fanoulla Argyrou * Mrs. E.K-Marcoulli refers to the ... Read More »

Ancient Greek palace unearthed near Sparta dates back to 17th century BC

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Archaeologists discover palace with archaic inscriptions built during the Mycenaean period The Guardian -  Agence France-Presse Archaeologists in Greece have discovered the ruins of an ancient palace with important archaic inscriptions dating back to the Mycenaean age, the culture ministry said Tuesday. The palace, likely built around the 17th-16th centuries BC, had around 10 rooms and was discovered near Sparta ... Read More »

How Turkey Plays the War on Terror

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America’s reluctant ally finally offers token assistance against ISIS only as cover for a campaign against the Kurds. The American Conservative – By Philip Giraldi • The United States’s engagement in the Middle East since 2001 would be a comedy of errors but for the fact that it is not funny. It all began with the exploitation of a befuddled ... Read More »

Labour’s Roy Hattersley QUITS the House of Lords as it ‘goes against the idea of equality’

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The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, 18 years after becoming peer Labour big beast Roy Hattersley is quitting the House of Lords and launched a scathing attack on the upper chamber. Mirror - By Ben Glaze The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, ... Read More »

Turkey to issue Interpol Red Notice for 52 PKK leaders

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The Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office has issued an arrest warrant for 52 top leaders of the outlawed PKK. The prosecutor has also written to the Turkish National Police to determine the location of the 52, and will also apply to the Justice Ministry for the issuing of an Interpol Red Notice for the… The Ankara Crimes against the Constitutional Order ... Read More »