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Schrödinger’s cat caught on quantum film


Schrodinger’s cat, the good ole thought experiment that’s been twisting (non-Quantum physicist) brains for decades. Scientists might have just caught it. Or not. Typical. What you see above is a combined image where a stencil was bombarded with cosmic rays photons, but the photons that generated the image actually never interacted with the stencil — stay with us. It was ... Read More »

Third of Mexicans would migrate to U.S., survey finds

US borders & fence 1a CNN LLLLLLLL

(CNN) – A new survey about preferences and trends in Mexico concludes that one out of every three Mexicans would migrate to the United States if given the opportunity. The survey published Tuesday by the Washington-based Pew Research Center also says that of the 34% of Mexicans who indicated they would like to move to the U.S., 17% “would do so without authorization,” ... Read More »

Study confirms water quality in glass and plastic bottles

The study indicate that the packaging, whether it be plastic or glass, and the bottled water are completely safe for health. Credit: Taro Taylor

Bottled water sold in Spain is practically free of constituents given off by plastic packaging or glass bottle lids. They are only detected in some cases, albeit in quantities much lower than limits found harmful for health. This was revealed by the analysis of more than 130 types of mineral water by researchers at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and ... Read More »

Why conspiracy theorists won’t give up on MH17 and MH370

Was it the Illuminati? Credit: EPA

A huge criminal investigation is underway in the Netherlands, following the downing of flight MH17. Ten Dutch prosecutors and 200 policemen are involved in collecting evidence to present at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The investigation may take time to find the real perpetrators, but that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from speculating. Human beings are pattern-seeking creatures. We ... Read More »

Can Mexico save the endangered vaquitas?

Vaquita 1a in nets LLLLL

Editor’s note: Omar Vidal is director general of the World Wildlife Fund in Mexico. Robert L. Brownell Jr. has studied marine mammals all over the world since the 1960s. Zhou Kaiya is a professor at Nanjing Normal University and studied the baiji since the mid-1950s until it went extinct. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the authors. ... Read More »

Support our red-haired cousins, the orangutans, before it’s too late

Orphaned orangutans in Borneo. Rickina and Rocky’s mothers were probably killed by poachers. Photograph: Thomas Burns/International Animal Rescue

As orangutans are added to a list of the world’s 25 most endangered primates, we are discovering that these great apes are more like humans than we supposed Tuesday is International Orangutan Day. This year it follows hot on the heels of exciting genetic results from Sumatra made public at the International Primatological Society’s biannual conference on Sunday which suggest ... Read More »