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11 things you didn’t know about marijuana

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1. Australian use of cannabis is three times the global average. UNODC estimates 10.3% of the Australian population aged 14 and above had used cannabis in the last year. This rate is also comparable to the rate in other former British colonies like New Zealand, Nigeria, US and Canada. Source: The Lancet, The Economist and UNODC 2. According to a small survey undertaken in Australia in ... Read More »

VICE News Talks Human Rights with Salil Shetty, the Head of Amnesty International


Terrorism and the threat posed by the Islamic State dominated the first week of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Countries large and small paid lip service to an agenda dictated by the United States and its allies. On Wednesday, as American war planes bombarded Syria without UN authorization, US President Barack Obama oversaw a packed session of ... Read More »

Is Alaska the new Florida? Experts predict where next for America’s ‘climate refugees’

Alaska will be the next Florida by the end of the century, predicts a climate change expert. Photograph: Anchorage Daily News/MCT via Getty Images

Rising temperatures could spark massive population shifts across the United States  A brighter future for Detroit Climate change is already here Alaskans, stay in Alaska. People in the midwest and the Pacific north-west, sit tight. Scientists trying to predict the consequences of climate change say that they see few havens from the storms, floods and droughts that are sure to intensify over the ... Read More »

UN chiefs urged to give up seats for civil society groups at maternal health talks

Advocates will use the UN general assembly to call on leaders to keep their promises to improve maternal healthcare. Photograph: Martin Godwin

Advocates warn that citizen leaders are excluded from high-level talks in New York and urge agency leaders to include them A global network of maternal health advocates are calling on the heads of UN agencies to give up their seats to civil society leaders at next week’s high-level meetings in New York. The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA) ... Read More »

Some inmates should have the right to euthanasia

After decades behind bars, Frank Van Den Bleeken has been granted the right to die under Belgium's euthanasia laws (Image: Virginie Lefour/Belga/Press Association Images)

Should convicted prisoners facing life behind bars get the right to die on the grounds of their tortured existence? Sometimes, says a doctor with experience of treating inmates who have attempted suicide In high-security prisons the world over, small numbers of prisoners are serving lifelong sentences, deprived of all but the minimum of human contact and confined for most of ... Read More »

It’s time to teach climate change in school. Here’s how

Can you teach kids about climate change? A) Yes, or B) yes, and it’s past time to start. Photograph: Image Source/Alamy

We need to give our kids the tools to observe and understand the effects of a changing climate – for their future and ours Why is it so difficult to teach climate change in our classrooms? My kids hear climate change discussed in the news as a very real threat, but it is largely absent from school science curricula. In ... Read More »

Website of the day: BBC iWonder


Imagine a place where you could go with those nagging questions. The ones that keep you awake just a little later than you’d like. The ones that get you and your friends into heated discussions around the water cooler or pub table. Well, you might think that the internet is just the place, right? Yes and no. Some of it ... Read More »

Suicide and the Young Physician


The medical community can help the young doctor to continue saving lives, instead of taking his own. Graduating from medical school and starting residency training should be one of the most exciting times in a physician’s career. Instead, for two newly-minted New York City doctors, who ended their lives within a week of each other this summer, this period marked ... Read More »

Governments hold key to unlocking billions for social good – G8 report

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LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Governments can unleash billions of dollars to tackle social problems more effectively if they take bold steps to reduce barriers to investing for both profit and social good, a task force set up by the world’s richest nations said on Monday. In its first report, the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force calls on governments ... Read More »