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The Dominican Republic Must Stop Expulsions of Haitians

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A HUMAN rights crisis is unfolding on the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The New York Times – By ROXANNA ALTHOLZ and LAUREL E. FLETCHER The Dominican Republic is threatening to drive out hundreds of thousands of Haitians who live and work in the Dominican Republic. Many of them came to work in ... Read More »

Central American migrants escape Mexico kidnapping

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BBC – Dozens of Central American migrants say they have managed to escape from a gang that abducted them in southern Mexico. They migrants told police they had been held for hours by armed men who stopped their bus, but later fought back and broke free from their captors. Kidnappings are common in Mexico with gangs often abducting migrants and ... Read More »

Concentration Camps in the Dominican Republic?

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Regarding the pending expulsion of Dominicans of Haitian descent, which I’ve written about hereand here (based on original reporting by Rachel Nolan, here in Harper’s) and which is scheduled to start later this week: The Dominican Republic is sending mixed messages. The Nation – Greg Grandin Andrés Navarro, the country’s foreign minister, says they will wait until August to start deporting. ... Read More »

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina faces corruption investigation

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(CNN) Guatemala’s President will be investigated in a corruption probe and could be stripped of immunity that protects him from prosecution By Michael Roa and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN. Story highlights Guatemala’s Supreme Court rules that President Otto Perez Molina will be investigated The court asks lawmakers to strip the President of his immunity The ruling comes more than a month ... Read More »

Australian immunologist Ian Frazer wins international award for developing the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine

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Former Australian of the Year Professor Ian Frazer and his late Chinese colleague Jian Zhou have won a prestigious international award for developing the world’s first vaccine against cervical cancer, Gardasil. ABC - By Francis Tapim and Kym Agius The immunologists were awarded the European Inventor Award in the popular prize category at a gala ceremony in Paris on Thursday night, ... Read More »

Che Guevara’s prophesy realized with US’ Cuba decision: Columnist

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If you are among those who are depressed with whatever is going around you and if you wonder how you will overcome all of it, do not feel too down. Hurriyet – SOLİ ÖZEL – sozel@htgazete.com.tr Things that you never expect come true in this life. Recently, an official at the European Commission told me an anecdote. When the relations between ... Read More »

Washington’s “Two Track Policy” to Latin America: Marines to Central America and Diplomats to Cuba

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Everyone, from political pundits in Washington to the Pope in Rome, including most journalists in the mass media and in the alternative press, have focused on the US moves toward ending the economic blockade of Cuba and gradually opening diplomatic relations.  Talk is rife of a ‘major shift’ in US policy toward Latin America with the emphasis on diplomacyand reconciliation.  ... Read More »

Exclusive – Walker: We’d Be Sending In Navy To Stop Illegals If They Were Swarming Our Sea Ports Like They Do Southern Border 

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Republican Party 2016 primary frontrunner Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Breitbart News exclusively that if the invasion of illegal aliens that’s currently swarming across America’s southern border were coming in via America’s sea ports, the government would be sending in the Navy to stop it. Instead, the federal government—despite not having to at all—chooses, he says, to leave the U.S. ... Read More »

As violence spirals, Salvadorans look to Archbishop Romero as example

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (CNS) — If there’s a place in need of salvation at this moment, it’s this country named after Jesus Christ. Even as it gets ready to mark one of the biggest events in its history — the May 23 beatification of slain archbishop Oscar Romero — El Salvador, which in Spanish means “the savior,” is in ... Read More »

Mexico cancels infant vaccine after two babies die and others fall ill

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Mexico’s public health system stopped administering infant vaccines nationwide and launched an investigation into finding why two babies died and 29 were sickened in a poverty-stricken community in southern Mexico. Australian National Review - By: Gabriela Motroc Fifty-two children in the municipality of Simojovel were vaccinated against tuberculosis, hepatitis B and rotavirus on May 8, and 31 of them had adverse ... Read More »