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Retired CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: “I Killed Marilyn Monroe” 

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Norfolk, Virginia| A 78-year old retired officer of the CIA, Normand Hodges, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was admitted at the Sentara General Hospital on Monday. He claims he committed 37 assassinations for the American government between 1959 and 1972, including the actress and model, Marilyn Monroe. World News Daily – by Barbara Johnson Mr. Hodges, who ... Read More »

Sanction-free Cuba reaches out for energy ties

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Sanction-free Cuba is looking to strengthen energy ties with India and cooperation in the oil & gas sector is on cards when its first vice-president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, visits New Delhi starting next week, sources told FE. The Financial Express – By: Huma Siddiqui and Siddhartha P Saikia | New Delhi | In 2014, government-owned explorer ONGC Videsh relinquished stake in two ... Read More »

Fidel Castro’s revolutionary lover dies at the age of 89

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BBC - Natalia Revuelta, a Cuban socialite who emptied her bank account and sold her jewellery to support Fidel Castro when he was planning his insurgency, has died at the age of 89 in Havana. She caught the eye of Fidel Castro when he was a young revolutionary in 1952. He used her home for meetings when he was plotting ... Read More »

I can still hold my head high – but can my torturers?

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Last week, the Guantanamo Military Commissions vacated the bogus conviction that I have lived with for the past seven and a half years since my release from prison. It has been a long and very painful struggle for me and my family to finally clear my name. The Canberra Times – David Hicks Not only was I convicted of an invented crime in ... Read More »

Turkey’s Erdogan wants to build a mosque in Cuba. It’s based on a historical fallacy.

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Last November, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a now-infamous assertion. “Contacts between Latin America and Islam date back to the 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus,” Erdogan said at a summit in Istanbul of Muslim leaders from Latin America. The Washington Post – By Ishaan Tharoor Erdogan went on, citing as evidence the fact that “Columbus mentioned the existence ... Read More »

The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps

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Christina Brown pulled into the refugee camp after an eight-hour drive across the desert. It was late July of last year, and Brown was a 30-year-old immigration lawyer. The New York Times - By WIL S. HYLTON She had spent a few years after college working on political campaigns, but her law degree was barely a year old, and she had ... Read More »

Cuba releases new pictures of ex-leader Fidel Castro

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Cuban state media have published a series of photographs of former President Fidel Castro, the first to be released in nearly six months. BBC The release of the photographs, reportedly taken in January, comes after renewed speculation about the 88-year-old ex-leader’s health. Mr Castro has not been seen in public for more than a year. The photos show him in ... Read More »

Prison Dispatches From The War On Terror: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Speaks

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John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee to go to prison in connection with the agency’s torture program. Not because he tortured anyone, but because he revealed information on torture to a reporter. The Intercept – BY ANDREW JERELL JONES @sluggahjells Kiriakou is the Central Intelligence Agency officer who told ABC News in 2007 that the CIA waterboarded suspected al-Qaeda prisoners after the ... Read More »

David Hicks’s lawyer confident former Guantanamo Bay detainee will have conviction overturned in coming weeks

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The lawyer for former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks believes his client’s conviction for supporting terrorism will be overturned. ( ABC ) Mr Hicks spent time in a US military prison after being captured in Afghanistan in 2001. He eventually pleaded guilty to providing material support for terrorism and was transferred to an Adelaide jail in April 2007. He served ... Read More »

Illegal migration to US by Cubans surges after rapprochement

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WASHINGTON – Agence France-Presse Hurriyet The number of Cubans trying to reach the US illegally by sea surged in December, after Havana and Washington announced a landmark rapprochement, the US Coast Guard said. President Barack Obama and Cuban counterpart Raul Castro announced December 17 that the two countries would revive diplomatic ties severed during the Cold War and move to ... Read More »