Anglican priest undressed, touched boy in South West town, WA court hears

Anglican priest undressed - ABC 1c

A man has told a Perth court he was repeatedly undressed and touched in the groin by an Anglican priest in the late 1970s, while going to church with his mother. ABC Emily Piesse Retired priest Raymond Sydney Cheek, 84, has pleaded not guilty to five charges spanning 30 years, including indecent dealing with a child under 14 years. The first charge related to an alleged offence on… Anglican priest undressed, touched boy in… Read More »

Children in 20-hour lockdown at Barwon prison: lawyers

Teenagers - the age 1b

Teenagers are being kept in 20-hour lock down in cells designed for hardened murderers such as Peter Dupas and Julian Knight, their lawyers say. The Age Bianca Hall The state government has imposed a detention-centre style secrecy on the fate of the young prisoners sent to adult maximum-security prison near Geelong, and Victorians may never know how many children will be sent to Barwon prison. The Department of Health and Human Services says it will not provide “daily discussions” on the… Children ... Read More »

Old public housing to be bulldozed for new homes for family violence victims

State acts as one in five apprehended domestic violence orders breached - SMH 1a

Ageing public housing units will be bulldozed to make way for new homes for family violence victims under a $200 million plan from the Andrews government. The Age Richard Willingham The overhaul is part of the government’s 10-year family violence strategy, to be released on Thursday, in response to the Royal Commission. Service providers briefed on Wednesday heard that long-term targets for… Old public housing to be bulldozed for new homes for… Read More »

How common are delays in Centrelink payments to asylum seekers?

Crickey 1a

The payments of $433 are provided to people who are deemed eligible by the DIPB, in what has been described as a “precarious existence”. Crikey There were reports over the weekend that Nur Islam, the Rohingya asylum seeker accused of walking into a Springvale bank and setting himself alight on Friday, had experienced delays in receiving his Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payment, although Centrelink has denied that this is the case. A tipster tells us that… How common are ... Read More »

Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is over, deal with it

Dear Caroline Overington, the - Crikey 1b

Sadly, ignorance of non-Anglo cultures is the name of the game in both mainstream media and politics in Australia. Crikey Irfan Yusuf I’ve been writing commentary and pious punditry since 2005. Before then, I was a helpless consumer of news. When caught in Sydney traffic driving to work in the morning in the… Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is… Read More »

Foster Care Queensland’s Bryan Smith says need for repeated reviews is concerning

Foster Care - Brisbane 1a

In his 25 years’ experience with the foster care system, Foster Care Queensland’s Bryan Smith has seen a lot of reviews into child safety. Brisbane Times Felicity Caldwell There was Leneen Forde’s inquiry into abuse of children in Queensland institutions in 1998-99, a 2003 CMC inquiry into abuse in abuse in foster care and the 2012 Carmody inquiry into child protection. In 2016, it was the Queensland Family and Child Commission review, which was broadened to… Foster Care Queensland’s Bryan Smith says need ... Read More »

The ‘Other’ Side Of Political Correctness

The ‘Other’ Side Of Political Correctness - new matilda 1a

Donald Trump persuaded Americans to elect him to the White House but was his use of political correctness legitimate, asks Dean Frenkel. New Matilda Dean Frenkel Google ‘political correctness’ with ‘Donald Trump’ and you will get 897,000 hits. Political correctness is a favourite right-wing squeal, but there is… The ‘Other’ Side Of… Read More »

Child abuse royal commission: defrocked Anglican dean denies leading group of paedophile priests

Child abuse royal commission - ABC 1f

A defrocked Anglican dean has vehemently denied at a royal commission hearing that he was the leader of a group of child abusers, but admitted he failed to act when he “suspected” a priest in his charge was having sex with a teenage boy. ABC David Marchese The ex-dean of Newcastle, Graeme Lawrence, has returned to the witness box in Sydney after beginning his evidence last week when he was questioned intensely about the events leading up to his defrocking ... Read More »

NSW Government to give free training for Iraqi and Syrian refugees

NSW Government to give free training for Iraqi and Syrian refugees - ABC 1b

The New South Wales Government is offering free training programs to Iraqi and Syrian refugees resettled in the state, in an effort to help them join the workforce. ABC Raveen Hunjan It has committed $27 million over four years toward programs that assist refugees in finding a job. Last year, the Federal Government promised to accept 12,000 refugees due to… NSW Government to give free training for… Read More »

Victorian Government’s decision to send youth rioters to adult prison to be challenged in court

youth rioters to adult prison - ABC

The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service has launched a Supreme Court challenge to the Andrews Government’s decision to place teenagers involved in the Parkville riot in an adult jail. ABC Jean Edwards Dozens of inmates smashed doors, windows and security cameras, ripped apart ceilings and walls and destroyed equipment at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre earlier this month, leaving a damage bill of up to $1 million. The Government plans to transfer 40 juvinille offenders to a segregated wing of the… ... Read More »

Dutton risks jeopardising the fight against terrorism: Labor

Australia's Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaks during a motion to suspend standing orders in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

Labor has accused Peter Dutton of jeopardising the fight against terrorism, as coalition MPs came to the immigration minister’s defence. SBS Mr Dutton has blamed Fraser government immigration policies for problems such as radicalisation and gang violence 30 years on, pointing to figures showing 22 of the past 33 people charged with terrorism-related offences were from second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds. Responding to a national security speech by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday which… Dutton risks jeopardising the fight against… Read More »

Talking Point: Child sex abuse scheme fails on too many levels

Mercury 1a

LIKE many Tasmanians, I was shocked and appalled by evidence given at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. The Mercury Catryna Bilyk All abuse of children is horrendous, but it is particularly abhorrent for abuse to be committed by people entrusted with the care of those children. I welcome the Turnbull Government’s decision to fund trauma counselling and… Talking Point: Child sex abuse scheme fails on… Read More »

CCC hit with a wet lettuce leaf over its legal powers

CCC - The West Australian

After a long inquiry, a parliamentary committee has found no evidence that the Corruption and Crime Commission was empowered to prosecute the people it investigates. The West Australian Paul Murray The finding is the same as the Court of Appeal’s July decision which cast doubt on the validity of a host of CCC prosecutions. But the report brought down by the joint standing committee on… CCC hit with a wet lettuce leaf over its… Read More »

The War On The Law: Who’s Afraid Of Green Lawfare?

Green Suit 1a LLLL

Government and media are trying to have their environmental vandal cake, and eat it too. By Nicola Silbert  Nicola Silbert explains. As the canon of court cases regarding the Adani Coalmine continue to expand, the… The War On The… Read More »

‘We are living like a dog’: Explosion in Malaysians seeking asylum in Australia

A protester wears a yellow shirt reading "Malaysian" to protest against racism during the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections rally, also known as Bersih, near the Jamek Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015. Malaysian security forces tightened control of Kuala Lumpur, deploying water cannons and riot police as thousands of protesters headed to the historic Independence Square to demand Prime Minister Najib Razak's resignation. Photographer: Sanjit Das/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Australia is experiencing a rapid rise in refugee claims from Malaysian nationals as the country’s ongoing political corruption scandal drags on against a backdrop of ethnic and religious tensions. SBS Robert Burton – Bradley The number of Malaysians seeking asylum in Australia has increased dramatically in the last year due to increasing political instability, ethnic tensions and rising Islamic fundamentalism. They now make up 43 percent of all claims for asylum. ‘We are living like a dog’: Explosion in Malaysians… Read More »

Jan Fran has some words for Peter Dutton

Jan Fran - SBS 1a

Peter Dutton has claimed that ‘mistakes were made’ allowing Lebanese immigrants into the country. SBS Jan Fran Lebanese Australian Jan Fran has some questions for him. Peter Dutton, despite being Minister for Immigration, is a little bit dubious that immigration is a good idea. Jan Fran has some words for… Read More »