Australia to sign up to China Bank

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AUSTRALIA will join the club of more than 30 countries negotiating the set-up of a $100 billion China-led development bank. The Advertiser  BY LISA MARTIN AND COLIN BRINSDEN AAP AFTER holding out for months, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced on Sunday that Australia intends to sign up to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China is promoting the bank as a ... Read More »

Burnside calls for Clooney’s support to make politicians face ICC

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Prominent barrister Julian Burnside QC (pictured) is looking to international lawyers to back his appeal for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Prime Minister Tony Abbott and minister for social services Scott Morrison. Lawyers Weekly – Felicity Nelson Mr Burnside told Lawyers Weekly it was his personal view that Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison, as well as politicians responsible for ... Read More »

David Penberthy: Why some sentences can make the public question our courts

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TWO court cases, two very different defendants, two very different sentences. The Advertiser - David Penberthy One defendant sick with remorse and wishing himself dead, refusing to appeal because he believed he deserved what was coming to him, even though there was no criminal intent behind his actions. The other defendant, exposed for the pig that he is by a mountain ... Read More »

The real villains in Australia’s renewables debacle? Three big energy companies

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Extensive ‘advice’ from AGL, Energy Australia and Origin on the Renewable Energy Target has been a disaster – except for the companies’ profits The Guardian - John Hewson Industry minister Ian Macfarlane would not have believed his luck when the clean energy council (CEC) buckled to a 20% reduction in the renewable energy target (RET), diminishing the target from 41,000 gigawatt ... Read More »

Australian companies failing to report suspected corruption

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Self-reporting to authorities of suspected foreign bribery and corruption by Australian companies is failing to occur, with top accounting firm Deloitte revealing it has investigated at least 100 potentially illegal acts involving local firms in the past two years. The Age – Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker It is understood that only a handful of those companies have reported to police ... Read More »

Triggs returns to defend human rights role

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HUMAN Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs will return to the Senate estimates witness stand on Friday. Herald Sun PAUL OSBORNE, AAP SENIOR POLITICAL WRITER AAP PROFESSOR Triggs, Attorney-General George Brandis and senior officials of his department were grilled for almost six hours last month over her report into children in immigration detention and whether she’d been asked to resign. The ... Read More »

Australia And Climate Change Negotiations: At The Table, Or On The Menu?

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In this Analysis, Howard Bamsey and Kath Rowley argue that any failure to pay proper, high-level attention to the current international climate change negotiations raises several risks to the national interest. Strong, constructive engagement in those negotiations by Australia would serve climate change, economic and other national goals. Lowy Institute for International Policy  |  ANALYSIS  |  BY HOWARD BAMSEY AND KATH ... Read More »