‘I am young, I am gay, I am black’: 13th NT Parliament opens to maiden speeches

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“Madam Speaker, I am young, I am gay, I am black, a true blue Territorian,” were among the stirring words that opened the 13th Parliament of the Northern Territory. By Stephanie Zillman Newly elected member for Namatjira Chansey Paech, told the Parliament he was proud of who he was, and that he wore his various labels with pride. “I am a Centralian man, I am the… ‘I am young, I… Read More »

Pauline Hanson cracks down on dual-citizen terrorists’ entire families: ‘I don’t want them here’

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Pauline Hanson wants laws stripping dual-national terrorists of their citizenship to go further, calling for their families to be deported as well. AAP A dual-national terrorist is set to become the first to be stripped of citizenship after the controversial laws cleared federal parliament last year, but… Pauline Hanson cracks… Read More »

Waleed Aly uses Andrew Olle lecture to call for media to stop pursuing short-term victories

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Writer and media personality Waleed Aly has called for the media to stop pursuing short-term victories at long-term cost to its authority as he delivered the Andrew Olle media lecture. The co-host of current affairs program The Project and writer for Fairfax Media himself confessed to struggling with thoughts of whether he… Waleed Aly uses… Read More »

Radio Maubere: The secret link between occupied East Timor and the outside world

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If someone was to make an Australian version of Forrest Gump, they might look to Brian Manning’s life story for inspiration. RN – By Jack Kerr for Earshot In 1966, he helped the Gurindji strikers in the Wave Hill walk-off. When Cyclone Tracy hit his hometown of Darwin, police commandeered his truck to… Radio Maubere: The… Read More »

Australia is vulnerable to cyber threats, so what can we do about it?

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The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) 2016 Threat Report, released today, has some concerning details about the state of Australia’s cyber security. Jill Slay The report highlights the ubiquitous nature of cyber crime in Australia, the potential of cyber terrorism, and the… Australia is vulnerable to… Read More »

‘How could this happen in Australia?’: Cairns cafe worker responds to customer’s racial slur

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A Queensland cafe worker who was racially vilified by a customer who refused her assistance because of the colour of her skin, says she’s appalled that such an incident could still happen in Australia. By Peter Theodosiou Former refugee Josie Ajak, 20, was on shift last week at the busy Gloria Jeans cafe in central Cairns when a female customer refused her assistance, instead requesting her to ‘get a… * ‘How could this… Read More »

False perceptions: what lies behind our attitudes to Muslim immigration

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This week’s act of political leadership rejecting racist immigration policy is commendable, and an important marker for multiculturalism Peter Lewis This week’s joint commitment by Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to reject One Nation’s call for a discriminatory immigration policy is more than an False perceptions: what… Read More »

Q&A: This Refugee Confronted The Man Behind Sovereign Borders About Suicide Rates

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The questioner said suicides are a ‘direct result’ of prolonged uncertainty. Emily Brooks The co-architect of Operation Sovereign Borders, Jim Molan, spent Monday night’s Q&A program defending the controversial immigration policy he… Q&A: This Refugee… Read More »

Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch argue over Trump’s ‘sexual predator’ scandal

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Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch argue over Trump’s ‘sexual predator’ scandal Gareth Hutchens Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch have publicly clashed over the recording of US Republican candidate Donald Trump bragging about using his fame to grope women without their consent. Their argument began in a… Pauline Hanson and… Read More »

Sanctioned Murder: Australia’s Role In Drone Strikes On Innocent Civilians Is Growing

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Not content with just brutalising Aboriginal people and refugees, Australia is increasing its involvement in a covert program that has killed thousands of innocent people abroad. Michael Brull explains. By Michael Brull  The Australian government takes part in the murder of people overseas. They help… Sanctioned Murder: Australia’s Role In… Read More »

UN Hits Out At Nauru’s Treatment Of Asylum Seeker Children

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Nauru has been slammed over conditions at detention centres on the island. The United Nations has criticised the Nauruan Government’s treatment of asylum seeker and refugee children, urging the Pacific nation to improve its performance on a… UN Hits Out At Nauru’s… Read More »

Not Just For Laughs: How Australian Satirists Are Undermining White Supremacist Patriarchy

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Diverse local comedians are making institutional racism and sexism laughable, writes Liam McLoughlin. By Liam McLoughlin  A thin layer of sludge has settled over the stagnant cesspool of Australian public discourse. This frothing film of conservative white men is granted unfettered access Not Just For Laughs: How Australian… Read More »

PNG villagers teach ancient practices to celebrate culture, protect environment

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Some of Papua New Guinea’s most isolated villagers are being encouraged to celebrate their culture to balance the negative impacts of resource extraction and development. By Papua New Guinea correspondent Eric Tlozek Dancing, costume-making and natural oil harvesting have all been demonstrated at one of PNG’s most remote cultural events — the… PNG villagers teach ancient practices to… Read More »

When race and class collide, the biggest challenge is using your voice

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For a new series from the Australia Indonesia Centre, four writers and thinkers – two Australian (Alice Pung and Susan Carland), two Indonesian (Leila Chudori, Eliza Vitri Handayani – were invited to reflect on key issues facing their societies • Read more about the Australia Indonesia Essay Series Alice Pung When you are seven months pregnant, your husband and… When race and class collide, the… Read More »

Standoff between Brandis and solicitor-general threatens the rule of law

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On Wednesday, a Senate committee took evidence in an inquiry investigating the issue of a direction from Attorney-General George Brandis to the solicitor-general, Justin Gleeson. Gabrielle Appleby By the end of the day, the shadow attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, was… Standoff between Brandis and… Read More »

On National Poetry Day we should be championing the artform’s diversity

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Despite women and people of colour dominating poetry slams, it’s still white men who get most of the paying gigs and festivals Bridget Minamore When it comes to the diverse range of people championing poetry in the UK, we seemingly have a lot to celebrate this National Poetry… On National Poetry Day we should be championing the… Read More »