Pharmaceutical companies accused of profit shifting not being taken to court

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None of the pharmaceutical companies that are accused of profit shifting have been taken to court, the Australian Taxation Office has said in written responses to the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance. The Age - Nassim Khadem, Deputy Editor BusinessDay Earlier in July executives from the largest global pharmaceutical companies operating in Australia were hauled before the inquiry. The ATO needs to make ... Read More »

Political donations: why voters are tuning out

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The demand is real for the resolve to reform electoral funding and lobbying. The Age - John Hewson * On the pub test, many are concerned that we have “the best government money can buy”. Whether it’s the Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings in New South Wales, individual politicians caught with their hands out, dubious council planning decisions, “corrupted” infrastructure projects, big miners being ... Read More »

Greece shows compassion to migrants while Australia stops the boats

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Further evidence is emerging to challenge the view of asylum seekers as a drain on society. The Age – Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek The world has watched as more than 50 million people have become displaced by persecution and war. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that this is the highest number of displaced people ... Read More »

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell characters return for fundraiser

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An upcoming fundraiser could offer some solace to those mourning the loss of Shaun Micallef’s​ Mad as Hell from our screens, as actors Stephen Hall and Roz Hammond resurrect characters Darius Horsham and Dolly Norman on stage. The Sydney Morning Herald – John Bailey They’ll be appearing as part of Operation Gag, a night of music and political satire presented ... Read More »

History hangs heavily in the struggle against evil

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Jan Kozielewski was always tormented by his inability to stop the Holocaust. “I hated humanity,” he blurted after the nightmare ended. “The Lord assigned me a role – to speak and write during the war when, as it seemed, it might help. It did not.” The Sydney Morning Herald – Vic Alhadeff * The extraordinary story of Jan Karski, as ... Read More »

Senators give medical marijuana the green light

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Health Department warns move could conflict with Australian law and an international convention. The Sydney Morning Herald – Adam Gartrell, National Political Correspondent Medical marijuana poised to become boom local industry Bipartisan political support for medicinal cannabis no guarantee for patients Legalising medical marijuana does not increase teen use: study Senators from across the political divide will endorse a bill to ... Read More »

Plibersek ‘proud’ of Labor boat policy

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TANYA Plibersek has sought to show solidarity with Labor’s new position on asylum seeker boat turnbacks, saying the party has struck a “terrific position”. Herald Sun – By Colin Brinsden From: AAP THE deputy Labor leader, from the NSW Left, avoided personally voting on the proposal to allow a future Labor government to adopt the policy at the ALP national ... Read More »

Boat turnbacks: Bill Shorten says he will not shirk hard decisions on asylum

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Labor asylum seeker policy would double humanitarian places, establish an independent child’s advocate and restore the refugee review tribunal The Guardian – Gabrielle Chan @gabriellechan Bill Shorten declared he would not shirk hard decisions as he argued for Labor to use boat turnbacks in an asylum seeker policy which would double humanitarian places, establish an independent child’s advocate and restore the ... Read More »