US A Dangerous Ally: Former Australia PM

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January 26, 2015 “ICH” – “China Times” – – In his new book titled “Dangerous Allies,” Malcolm Fraser, the former prime minister of Australia worries that the Canberra’s dependence on the United States will eventually bring the nation into a direct conflict with China. Information Clearing House - By Staff Reporter His words echo those of Georgetown University professor Amitai Etzioni in ... Read More »

Eight former Australians of the Year call for release of asylum seeker children

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Indefinite detention of children, who are not accused of any crime, is ‘inhumane and unnecessary’, write former winners in an open letter The Guardian – Ben Doherty @bendohertycorro Eight former Australians of the Year have used Australia Day to call for the immediate release of all refugee and asylum seeker children from immigration detention. In an open letter published on Monday morning, ... Read More »

Australia Has A Lot Of Growing Up To Do

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Amy McQuire doesn’t celebrate ‘Australia Day’. She does, however, hope one day for a mature conversation about changing the date. New Matilda – Amy McQuire  Every year on January 26th, Australians are given a license to act like immature children, as if to mirror the illusion that Australia really is a “young country” and not an ancient land with 70,000 years ... Read More »

Attorney-General George Brandis says metadata limits jeopardise criminal investigations

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Australian internet firms are wiping some customer “metadata” immediately or within days, causing problems for law enforcement including an investigation into a potential child rape that had to be abandoned. The Age – David Wroe, National security correspondent As it steps up its contentious push to force internet providers to retain metadata, the federal government has provided examples of how metadata is used ... Read More »

Qld election: bipartisan ethical bankruptcy

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While the approaching Queensland election will be largely fought on financial management, another more disturbing issue is the bankruptcy of the major parties in the field of ethics, integrity and accountability, writes Gary W Crooke QC. TheDRUM - Opinion – Gary Crooke Access to Queensland politicians, like the Ritz Hotel, is open to all who pay. Events over the past months provide ... Read More »

Manus Island: What will it take to shock us?

Asylum seeker sews lips shut in protest 1a LLLLLL

The reports coming out of Manus Island right now should be enough to shock us, but they aren’t. What will it take? Barrister Julian Burnside has some ideas. TheDRUM – By Julian Burnside * Reports about what is happening on Manus Island are mixed. According to inside sources, hundreds of asylum seekers are on a hunger strike, many have sewn their lips ... Read More »

Penalty rates, minimum wage: all bets are off

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Penalty rates, the minimum wage and the workplace flexibility of 11.5 million Australian workers will come under the microscope in a sweeping review of the industrial relations system. Analysis: road to reform littered with landmines The Sydney Morning Herald - James Massola, Political correspondent In an interview to mark the launch of five issues papers that set out the key areas the ... Read More »

Will RBA follow Canada and cut rates?


ARE interest rate cuts contagious? This time they might be. BY EVAN SCHWARTEN AND BELINDA MERHAB AAP NT News A SHOCK rate cut from the Bank of Canada overnight has added to calls for the Reserve Bank to do the same next month – with one economist calling Australia’s interest rate levels “absurd”. Canada cut its benchmark interest rate a ... Read More »

We must look to our humanity to solve the crisis of Indigenous incarceration

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There is no law and order solution to the high rates of Indigenous incarceration in Australia. The solution lies in an examination of our common humanity The Guardian – Chris Sarra The curtains closed bleakly on 2014. The rallying of the nation behind the Cairns community following the murder of eight children, and the #I’llRideWithYou Twitter campaign following the Sydney ... Read More »