Turkey deploys lobbyist army to shut down Gulen

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long accused Washington of siding with his country’s enemies in Syria and harboring them inside the United States. Heady after the failure of a coup he has called a “gift from God,” the Turkish president now seems convinced he can force the United States to rethink its support for the… Source: Turkey deploys lobbyist army to shut down Gulen Read More »

The Philippines’ Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions

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Cooperating on oil won’t work – but fishing might. Former Philippine president Fidel Ramos was in Hong Kong earlier this month to meet his “old friends” in hopes of breaking ice with Beijing. In a statement issued Thursday, Ramos and his interlocutors, including prominent Chinese diplomat Fu Ying, said they discussed the… Source: The Philippines’ Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions | International Crisis Group Read More »

China launches world first quantum satellite

China launched the world s first quantum satellite on Aug. 16, state media reported, in an effort to harness the power of particle physics to build an “unhackable” system of encrypted communications. The launch took place at 1:40 am in the southwestern Gobi Desert, the official Xinhua news service said, and comes as the US, Japan and others also seek to develop applications for the burgeoning technology… Source: China launches world first quantum satellite – ASIA Read More »

Peace, Sex and Violence in Mindanao

Strong women’s participation in the Mindanao peace process in the Philippines has been hailed as an international success story. However, lasting peace requires a greater focus on sexual and reproductive health to overcome the post-conflict marginalisation of vulnerable women and girls. According to a UN Women study, between 1990 and 2011 across 31 peace processes that the UN was involved in, women represented just 2 per cent of chief mediators, 4 per cent of witnesses and signatories, and 9 per ... Read More »

Fractured Lands: How the Arab world came apart

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This is a story unlike any we have previously published It is much longer than the typical New York Times Magazine feature story; in print, it occupies an entire issue. By Scott Anderson Photographs By Paolo Pellegrin The product of some 18 months of reporting, it tells the story of the catastrophe that has fractured the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the… Fractured Lands: How… Read More »

GST: India’s taxing simplification stew

Indian shares,  after ending July ahead 5% on the MSCI Index despite price-earnings ratios above the emerging market average, were further buoyed with the unanimous passage of a national goods and.. The constitutional amendment culminated a decade-long effort under both the previous Congress Party and current BJP governments, and as a… Source: GST: India’s taxing simplification stew – Asia Times Read More »

Can the law come to the rescue of abused asylum seekers and refugees?

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Since the publication of the Nauru files, plenty of legal advice has surfaced on how to redress the abuse of refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention Richard Ackland What can be done to redress the horrible mistreatment of people held in offshore detention? Can Peter Dutton or any of his servants or agents… Source: Can the law come to the rescue of abused asylum seekers and refugees? | Richard Ackland | Opinion | The Guardian Read More »

Thai police say wave of attacks connected, one arrested

A series of bombing and arson attacks in southern Thailand that killed four people and wounded dozens was orchestrated by a single person, Thai police said yesterday, while a man has been arrested in relation to one of the attacks.. Blasts on Aug. 11 and Aug. 12 targeted some of Thailand’s best-known tourist resorts, just days after Thais voted to accept a military-backed constitution that paves the way for an election at the end of 2017… Source: Thai police say ... Read More »

Turkey’s Cyclical Coups

Turkey has faced an unprecedented number of crises in the last year. The spillover from the war in Syria has undermined a peace process between the government and the country’s Kurdish community, with the success of Syrian Kurdish militias on the border with Turkey producing fears of separatism among Turkey’s Kurds and prompting the government to relaunch a counter-insurgency campaign (read: war) in the largely Kurdish southeastern provinces. Nationwide, the… Source: Turkey’s Cyclical Coups | Dissent Magazine Read More »

Bulgaria to extradite all FETÖ suspects at any cost

Bulgarian PM vows to keep good relations with Turkey as he returns pro-FETÖ businessman to Ankara Following the extradition of Abdullah Büyük, one of the largest financiers of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko… Source: Bulgaria to extradite all FETÖ suspects at any cost Read More »

Putin’s Turkish Delight 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recent meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, was ostensibly intended to bury the hatchet after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near its border with Syria last year. by Guy Verhofstadt But, at a time of rising tensions tensions between Turkey and the EU, there may be more to the story… Source: Putin’s Turkish Delight by Guy Verhofstadt – Project Syndicate Read More »

A New Page in Russian-Turkish Relations?

The talks between Erdogan and Putin herald a new era in Russian-Turkish relations, as Turks now see Russia as a true friend and admire Russia’s motion to support the Turkish President in the midst of a coup, Valdai Club expert Huseyin Bagci believes. The talks between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St Petersburg herald a new era in Russian-Turkish relations, as… Source: News Read More »

Towards a new Turkish foreign policy

Ankara’s diplomatic strategy was shifting even before the coup attempt, but now that transformation has been kicked into high gear.. A few days after he took office in May, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim now famously said that his government would pursue a foreign policy aimed at “reducing the number of enemies and increasing the number of friends”… Source: Towards a new Turkish foreign policy | Middle East Eye Read More »

China keeps testing Japan near disputed islands

TOKYO — Beijing appears to be asserting its claim to the disputed Senkaku Islands more actively this week, sending numerous ships into what Tokyo considers its exclusive economic zone. Chinese coast guard ships entered Japanese territorial waters around the East China Sea islands, which Beijing calls the Diaoyu, on three straight days through Tuesday, according to the… Source: China keeps testing Japan near disputed islands- Nikkei Asian Review Read More »

Australia engages second agency for sole refugee in Cambodia

The Australian Government has refused to explain why it has added a second refugee resettlement agency in Cambodia, when only one person has resettled there from Nauru. Under the $55 million Australia-Cambodia deal, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) was contracted to provide services for the Nauru refugees…. Source: Australia engages second agency for sole refugee in Cambodia – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Read More »

Lessons from the Turkish Coup Attempt

PINAR TANK Turkey’s failed coup attempt suggests the military’s political role has reached a nadir, but politicization of the institution continues. The shockwaves that followed the coup attempt in Turkey on July 15 suggest that Turkish society has developed a strong resistance to one of… Source: Lessons from the Turkish Coup Attempt – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Read More »