Nepal: Conflict Alert

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ICG - Kathmandu/Brussels Spiralling protests against a draft constitution have left 23 dead and hundreds injured in Nepal in two weeks. An over-militarised security reaction and inadequate political response from the centre threaten to fuel deep-seated ethnic, caste and regional rivalries less than a decade after the civil war’s end. The major parties should recognise the depth of discontent and ... Read More »

Mr. Erdogan’s War Against the Kurds

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It’s not unusual for political leaders in trouble to use diversionary tactics to turn their fortunes around. Hollywood capitalized on this theme in a popular 1997 film called “Wag the Dog” in which, right before an election, a political spin doctor distracts voters from a presidential sex scandal by engaging a film producer to create a fake war with Albania. ... Read More »

Politics of farce in Turkey

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When I expressed my concerns about the signs of a move from authoritarian rule to fascist political discourse in Turkey (in daily Cumhuriyet last week), I only wanted to underline the danger of ever increasing militarization and “statization” of politics and party in the country. Hurriyet – NURAY MERT The state model, the quest for a homogenous “nation/community,” imperial nostalgia, ... Read More »

“Turkey has never given a fig for the Turkish Cypriots”!

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I read the article “Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions” of 23 August 2015 by Mrs Erato Kozakou-Marcoulli, posted on and for a moment I wondered whether there had been a mistake. Whether the article was written by the Refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” and wrongly attributed to Mrs. Marcoulli. Agora Dialogue - Fanoulla Argyrou * Mrs. E.K-Marcoulli refers to the ... Read More »

Thailand destroys ivory stockpile amid junta crackdown

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Thailand destroyed more than two tons of ivory on Aug. 26 – a victory for animal rights groups fighting against the trade in a country renowned for being a hub for illegal tusks. Hurriyet - BANGKOK – Agence France-Presse The ceremony, in which 2,155 kilograms of raw tusks and carved trinkets were fed into an industrial rock crusher before being ... Read More »

Middle Eastern leaders flood to Moscow for Syrian talks, aerospace salon

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is to host the Jordanian King and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Moscow on Aug. 25 to discuss the Syrian crisis and take part in a showcase of Russia’s military industry. Hurriyet - MOSCOW – Agence France-Presse Jordanian King Abdullah II and the strongman of the United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin ... Read More »

How Turkey Plays the War on Terror

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America’s reluctant ally finally offers token assistance against ISIS only as cover for a campaign against the Kurds. The American Conservative – By Philip Giraldi • The United States’s engagement in the Middle East since 2001 would be a comedy of errors but for the fact that it is not funny. It all began with the exploitation of a befuddled ... Read More »

China’s economy is in big trouble. But it is not collapsing.

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BEIJING — Two days of steep stocks slides in China are stoking global panic about the state of the world’s second largest economy, with commentators ranging from Chinese state media to Donald Trump taking a doomsday view. The Washington Post – By Emily Rauhala It has indeed been a brutal day in Chinese markets — and a very, very bad ... Read More »

Iraq: Conflict Alert

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A wave of protests has brought Iraq to the edge of yet more serious conflict. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has introduced sweeping reforms to halt the deterioration but in a manner that may make things worse. An important course correction is needed if he is to survive politically and Iraq is to avoid what could become in effect a military ... Read More »