How Bosnia is helping identify Cypriots murdered 50 years ago


In the 1960s and 1970s, hundreds of Cypriots disappeared. Now, there is a renewed effort to find out what happened to them – mass graves are being dug up and a laboratory in Sarajevo is helping to identify the bodies. Forty years ago, Maria Georgiadis (above in the white dress), lost her whole family – her mother, her father, her ... Read More »

A Warning in China: Beware the ‘Blue Fatty’ Cat


As Hong Kongers rally for the right to choose their own chief executive over Beijing’s pick, tens of thousands of mainland Chinese are participating in a one person, one vote online opinion poll that asks whether China should boycott a blue Japanese cat. Nothing seems more harmless than the plump-faced Japanese cartoon robot cat, Doraemon, who does not even have claws. ... Read More »

Will Afghanistan Rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan?


There is a movement to rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan, destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, in order to promote tourism in Afghanistan, reports Roads and Kingdoms. One local man, Mohammad Reza Ibrahim, is leading the efforts to entice foreigners back, and show them that his country has much to offer in areas removed from conflict. “Bamiyan has a great potential for tourism,” ... Read More »

Taiwan rebuffs Chinese leader’s new pitch for unification

Xi 1a

Taiwan has sharply rejected Chinese President Xi Jinping’s suggestion that the two sides end more than six decades of hostile separation by adopting a “one country, two systems” model like the one employed to achieve the return of the former British territory Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty. Dashing hopes in Beijing for reunification in the immediate future, the Taiwan government’s ... Read More »

Scott Morrison champagne toast in Phnom Penh ‘crass, sickening’: Greens

Morrison drinking with Cambodian leaders 1a LLLL

Immigration minister and Cambodian interior minister raise their glasses to celebrate refugee deal  Jump to comments Toasting his Cambodian “dirty deal” with champagne was a crass and sickening move by the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, the Australian Greens have said. Morrison signed a memorandum of understanding with Cambodia’s interior minister, Sar Kheng, in Phnom Penh on Friday to allow refugees ... Read More »

Ai Weiwei explores human rights and freedom of expression in exhibition at Alcatraz


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Featuring seven new sculpture, sound, and mixed-media works by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz explores human rights and freedom of expression in the context of this iconic historic site. Installed across four locations on Alcatraz and on view from September 27, 2014, through April 26, 2015, the exhibition is inspired by the island’s ... Read More »

Sharemarket in the red as China cools

People's Bank of China 1a LLLLLL

The sharemarket is back in negative territory for the first time since February as the reality of higher interest rates in the United States sends traders scrambling for cover and out of popular defensive trades. Dismal week wipes $36b off shares An uptick in volatility in the past week has also delivered a sharp decline in the Australian dollar and ... Read More »

The Real Threat from China’s Military: Going “Rogue”

Ch 1a

Chinese leader Xi Jinping was humiliated during his just-completed meeting with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, turning the long-awaited summit into a “fiasco,” according to one observer. Sino-Indian relations, which were supposed to be propelled to new heights last week, now look troubled, at least in the short term. In mid-September, Chinese troops crossed the Line of Actual Control, the ... Read More »