The Central Sahel: A Perfect Sandstorm

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Dakar/Brussels – Africa Report N°227 – ICG EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The huge, sparsely populated, impoverished Sahel is affected by growing numbers of jihadi extremists and illicit activities, including arms, drugs and human trafficking, estimated to generate $3.8 billion annually. Borders are porous, government reach limited. Populations and unemployment are soaring. Within this perfect storm of actual and potential instability, criminal networks increasingly ... Read More »

Rwandan intelligence chief arrested in London

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Karenzi Karake held at the request of Spain over alleged war crimes The Telegraph – By Reuters British police arrested Rwandan intelligence chief Karenzi Karake at the request of Spain, where he is wanted in connection with war crimes. Mr Karake, director general of the African country’s National Intelligence and Security Services, was arrested at London Heathrow Airport on Saturday, ... Read More »

China: Africa’s New Power Broker

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In South Sudan, China has established itself as a regional player. The National Interest – Alex Fielding * When South Sudan achieved its independence from Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s brutal rule in 2011, hopes were high as U.S.-led foreign investment and aid flooded into the world’s newest country. Yet, since a civil war broke out in December 2013, over 50,000 people ... Read More »

South Africa’s long walk to decline

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The end of apartheid was signalled 25 years ago today – but South Africa’s dreams lie in tatters The Telegraph – By David Blair The Separate Amenities Act might sound like an innocuous measure covering the remit of an obscure local council. It was, in fact, one of the most pernicious laws ever devised by the old South Africa, allowing the ... Read More »

Why visa rejections do not halt Nigerian migrants

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BBC - In our series of letters from African journalists, novelist and writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani considers why Nigerians put their lives at risk and opt for dangerous routes to Europe when they fail to get visas. Even the official route for Africans wishing to visit the West is paved with indignity. I still have vivid memories of my first visit ... Read More »

Italy threatens to give Schengen visas to migrants as EU dispute deepens

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Frustrated at infighting over sharing the migrant burden, Rome says it will issue temporary visas allowing travel beyond Italy if an equitable deal is not reached The Guardian – Ian Traynor in Brussels Europe is embroiled in a worsening feud over how to cope with mass migration across the Mediterranean from Libya, with Italy threatening to issue migrants with temporary visas ... Read More »

International court calls for S.Africa to arrest Sudan president

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The International Criminal Court has called for South Africa to arrest Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who is reported to have arrived in Johannesburg for a summit of the African Union that starts June 14. JOHANNESBURG – Agence France-Presse / Hurriyet Bashir is wanted by the ICC, of which South Africa is a signatory, over alleged war crimes and crimes against ... Read More »

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta urges Africa to give up aid

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BBC - Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged fellow African leaders to stop receiving foreign aid, saying it is not an acceptable basis for prosperity. “Dependency on giving that only appears to be charitable must end,” he said in atweet ahead of this weekend’s African Union summit in South Africa. The BBC’s Robert Kiptoo in Kenya says it is not a ... Read More »

Ghana says locals used as ‘guinea pigs’ in Ebola trial

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Government suspends trial by Western pharmaceutical firms, which paid volunteers a mobile phone and about $5 each. Al Jazeera – Ghana has suspended a trial for an Ebola vaccine after complaints that locals were being needlessly used as “guinea pigs” in a country currently free of the deadly disease. A spokesman for the West African nation’s health minister told a local ... Read More »