Hong Kong protest leaders threaten to occupy government buildings

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Demonstrations continue into sixth day as protesters demand resignation of region’s chief executive, Leung Chun-ying • Live blog – Wednesday’s developments in Hong Kong protests Jump to comments  Student leaders of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have threatened to occupy government buildings if the region’s chief executive does not resign by the end of Thursday, amid growing uncertainty about where ... Read More »

Asylum seekers say they were raped and tortured after Australia sent them back to Sri Lanka

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Asylum seekers returned from Australia to Sri Lanka say they have since been raped and tortured in their homeland. A number of asylum seekers spoke to SBS reporter Dr David Corlett about their experiences since the Australian government rejected their refugee claims and sent them back to Sri Lanka. They said they were asked whether they were members of the Tamil Tigers, ... Read More »

Australia passes security law, raising fears for press freedom


SYDNEY (Reuters) – The first of a series of security powers requested by Australia’s government to combat Islamist militants passed through parliament on Wednesday, despite criticism that they could land journalists in jail for reporting on national security. Australia is increasingly concerned over the number of its citizens heading to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside radical Islamists, and police ... Read More »

Germany scraps tuition fees for all universities

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Politicians say charging young people for education is ‘socially unjust’ – hear that, UK? Less than a year after the British government realised that the hike in tuition fees accomplished absolutely nothing besides landing students in more debt, Germany has decided to abolish fees for all universities. What’s the German word for “deep regret at choosing the wrong place of study, tinged with envy and ... Read More »

One Controversial Art Exhibit — And Its Cancellation — Sends an Unsettling Message About Race


On its fall calendar, London’s Barbican performing arts center had slated a controversial production called “Exhibit B – The Human Zoo.” The performance featured black actors shackled, bound and gagged, chained and caged in 12 tableaux vivants all to make a point about the history of colonial powers in Africa. The performance’s ambition was to reflect upon, raise awareness about and ultimately skewer the racist model villages (or human ... Read More »

Lawyers Say New Immigration Law Targets 10-month Old Oz-Born Asylum Seeker Baby

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The Abbott Government – with the help of Palmer United – have introduced legislation targeting asylum seeker babies. Max Chalmers reports. Lawyers representing a 10-month-old asylum seeker have blasted a Bill that would prevent children born in Australian detention centres from applying for protection visas. Katie Robertson, an Associate in law firm Maurice Blackburn’s social justice department, told New Matilda ... Read More »

Congress’s sorry dereliction of duty

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In a Washington paralyzed by partisan division, there is apparently one area of bipartisan agreement: Congress should ignore its constitutional mandate to vote on war with the Islamic State, a conflict that President Obama admits will take years. The president says he’d “welcome” congressional support but doesn’t need it. Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.) agree. Republican House ... Read More »

Detention centre child sex abuse claims number in dozens

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Allegations of 33 cases of sexual abuse involving children in detention centres in Australia have emerged. Immigration department figures obtained by Fairfax Media show that there were 33 cases of alleged sexual assault involving children in Australian detention centres and Christmas Island between January 2013 and March 2014. The figures do not extend to Nauru or Manus. The figures follow allegations ... Read More »