A brief history of psychedelic psychiatry

Hallucinogenic Liberty Cap mushrooms, picked near Pulborough, West Sussex. Psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in these and other ‘magic’ mushrooms, has therapeutic potential. Photograph: Martin Bond/Alamy

In the 1950s a group of pioneering psychiatrists showed that hallucinogenic drugs had therapeutic potential, but the research was halted as part of the backlash against the hippy counterculture. This article appears in the September 2014 issue of The Psychologist magazine and has been republished here with permission from the editors. The whole issue is devoted to the use of ... Read More »

Local train maker cut out of the loop in Napthine government’s multibillion-dollar rail boost

Metro X Trapolis 1a LLLLLL

Scores of manufacturing jobs in Ballarat – which covers two of Victoria’s most marginal seats – are under threat after a local train builder was quietly culled from the shortlist to make 25 new trains for Melbourne. Two Asian rail giants remain in the bidding to build the trains, putting about 70 jobs in Ballarat under threat. Labor and transport ... Read More »

How the NSA helped Turkey kill Kurdish rebels

Tr flag as tent etc 1a LLL

On a December night in 2011, a terrible thing happened on Mount Cudi, near the Turkish-Iraqi border. One side described it as a massacre; the other called it an accident. Several Turkish F-16 fighter jets bombed a caravan of villagers that night, apparently under the belief that they were guerilla fighters with the separatist Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). The group ... Read More »

Australia still at America’s beck and call

Abbott & Obama 1a happy LLLLL

Having learnt little from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Australia is ready to do Washington’s bidding – again. It seems it doesn’t matter which party is in power in Canberra or in Washington, when that call comes from the White House, Australian prime ministers are too eager to wade in. The word “coalition” is being avoided this time around – ... Read More »

SAMOA: On eve of major conference, UN chief spurs green investment in small islands

Renewable Energy Solar Panels in Tokelau. UN Photo/Ariane Rummery (file photo)

31 August 2014 – Encouraging partnerships between the private sector and small developing island nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday urged corporate leaders to invest in renewable energy and make historic strides in sustainability. “Oceans isolate small islands – but when they are managed well they become a constant source of wealth,” Mr. Ban told the high-level dialogue of the private sector forum. The ... Read More »

Paddy Ashdown slams ‘kneejerk’ Tory response to jihadi terror threat

Paddy Ashdown 1a LLLL

Intervention comes as Cameron prepares anti-terror message, with prime minister criticised over ‘damaging’ rhetoric  Jump to comments Tensions between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over how to counter the terrorism threat from extremists have been exposed as Paddy Ashdown accuses Tory ministers of “kneejerk” responses and of stoking fear in the minds of the British people. The former Liberal Democrat leader ... Read More »

National Corvette Museum Sinkhole Won’t Be The Lucrative Attraction Officials Had Hoped For

1969 Corvette Stingray 1a blue LLLLLL

A Kentucky sports-car museum whose floor collapsed into a sinkhole in February will be filled in, despite initial plans to keep a portion of the hole open as an attraction, the Associated Press reported. National Corvette Museum board members voted Saturday to repair the sinkhole that swallowed eight of the cars. The Bowling Green museum’s massive abyss — measuring 60 feet long, ... Read More »