Yarl’s Wood guard suspended over alleged assault on women

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Inspectors say footage of incident at Serco-run immigration detention centre has ‘caused considerable concern’ The Guardian - Mark Townsend A guard has been suspended following an alleged “revenge” assault on two women inside Yarl’s Wood in what is the latest in a series of incidents at the Bedfordshire immigration detention centre. The guard is understood to have been the subject of ... Read More »

More calculated cruelty to asylum seekers: is this really us?

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Here is a report from Pamela Curr of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Βy Julian Burnside | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 1 comment Read it and ask: is this really what Australia has come to?  Is this really how we should behave?  Are we really this uncivilized? And for those who read this who disagree fundamentally with my stand on ... Read More »

Tensions flare as Mediterranean migrant crisis knocks on the door of Germany’s small towns

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Italian judge orders migrant boat accused capitan and crew to remain in custody ​Captain slammed boat with 850 migrants into a rescue ship Vorra,​ Germany: Even as European officials struggle with an unrelenting tide of migrants trying to enter the Continent, tranquil villages like Vorra in a picture-book valley in northern Bavaria are coping with the legions who have already arrived. Alison ... Read More »

Refugee resettlement adds $40m to struggling Victorian town’s economy

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A study has found refugee resettlement added $40 million to a struggling rural Victorian town’s economy. By SBS, AAP Refugee resettlement has created 70 full-time jobs and added $40 million to a struggling rural Victorian town’s economy, a new study shows. Since early 2010, about 170 Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) have resettled at Nhill in western Victoria’s wheatbelt, with the ... Read More »

Two arrested over drowning of up to 900 migrants off Libya

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EU emergency summit to discuss plans to tackle crisis The Irish Times – Paddy Agnew Mohammed Ali Malek (centre, rear), one of two survivors of Saturday’s migrant boat disaster, later arrested on suspicion of trafficking, watching the bodies being disembarked, at Senglea in Valletta. Photograph: Darrin Zammit Lupi /Reuters Two men have been arrested over last weekend’s boat disaster off the ... Read More »

Judge blocks deportation flight for rejected Afghan asylum-seekers

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Charter flight due to depart on Tuesday night cancelled after warning by Afghan minister for refugees and repatriation that 80% of country is not safe to return to The Guardian – Alan Travis Home affairs editor A charter flight which was due to depart on Tuesday night with dozens of Afghan asylum-seekers facing removal from Britain has been cancelled on the ... Read More »

Tony Abbott declares only the Coalition strong enough to stop the boats

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The prime minister says other governments ‘would succumb to the cries of the human rights lawyers’ over asylum seekers The Guardian - Shalailah Medhora andMichael Safi Link to video: PM says only his government is effective in stopping the loss of life at sea. Tony Abbott has said that only the Coalition could stem the flow of asylum seeker boats because ... Read More »

How we’ve failed as a nation on arbitrary detention

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The United Nations is not lecturing us, but doing its job, responding to complaints and defending human rights. The Sydney Morning Herald – Olivia Ball * The Abbott government has submitted a tardy and disappointing response to the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s ruling that 46 refugees subject to secret ASIO assessments are being arbitrarily detained. The refugees’ lawyer, Professor Ben ... Read More »

Bulgaria Puts Up a New Wall, but This One Keeps People Out

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LESOVO, Bulgaria — Less than two decades after the painstaking removal of a massive border fence designed to keep people in, Bulgarian authorities are just as painstakingly building a new fence along the rugged Turkish border, this time to keep people out. The New York Times - Faced with a surge of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa ... Read More »

Christmas Island guard says of ill asylum-seeker ‘let him suffer’

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A longtime guard at Christmas Island’s immigration detention centre has responded to the case of a gravely-ill asylum seeker in hospital with a Facebook post that reads: “let him suffer”. The Australian – Paige Taylor, WA Bureau Chief, Perth Tim Haye, a Christmas Island resident who migrated to Australia from Holland as a child, made the remark as doctors fight to save ... Read More »