Why won’t we share our lucky country with asylum seekers?

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Only the most courageous and vulnerable people get on rickety boats in search of safety, yet we treat them like criminals. The Sydney Morning Herald - Julian Burnside There is something indecent about the idea that, in order to prevent asylum seekers from drowning at sea in their attempt to reach safety, you punish the ones who don’t drown. Yet, ... Read More »

Government knew of abuse on Nauru months before it acted, staff to allege

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Current and former workers at asylum seeker detention centre are prepared to tell Senate inquiry that the government was aware of abuse before Moss report The Guardian – Ben Doherty @bendohertycorro Current and former workers on Nauru are preparing to tell a Senate inquiry that the government knew of allegations of sexual abuse and assault of asylum seekers in the island’s detention ... Read More »

Myanmar’s Kokang refugees caught between army, aged warlord and a pipeline to China

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Nansan, China: When news of the military’s rapid advance filtered through to the sugarcane plantations in the remote reaches of northern Myanmar, Ying Onn and her family made the decision to run. Brisbane Times – Philip Wen, China correspondent for Fairfax Media Gathering a few blankets and clothes, they joined a crowd of thousands fleeing by car, motorcycle and foot, all heading ... Read More »

Burnside calls for Clooney’s support to make politicians face ICC

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Prominent barrister Julian Burnside QC (pictured) is looking to international lawyers to back his appeal for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Prime Minister Tony Abbott and minister for social services Scott Morrison. Lawyers Weekly – Felicity Nelson Mr Burnside told Lawyers Weekly it was his personal view that Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison, as well as politicians responsible for ... Read More »

Highest number of asylum applications submitted from Pakistan in 2014: report

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GENEVA: Over 26,000 applications were submitted for asylum from Pakistan in 2014, the highest-ever number of such applications on record from the country, making it the sixth largest source of asylum seekers. The Express Tribune – By Ismail Sheikh / Reuters According to a report published by the UNHCR titled “Asylum Trends 2014”, as many as 26,300 applications were submitted by asylum ... Read More »

New Senate inquiry to probe sexual abuse in Nauru detention centre

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Rapes, sexual assault, drugs for favours: review finds The full Moss Review report Analysis: Taking out the trash but too clever by half Someone owes someone an apology The Senate is set to launch an inquiry into abuse of women and children inside the Nauru detention centre after an independent report detailed allegations of rape, sexual assaults and intimidation. The ... Read More »

Refugee lawyer’s Clooney call

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One of the nation’s senior barristers, Julian Burnside, has started a campaign to convince the International Criminal Court to investigate Prime Minister Tony Abbott and former immigration minister Scott Morrison for crimes against humanity committed on refugees in offshore detention centres. Helen Shield Mr Burnside, a Melbourne QC, told a Perth audience at the weekend he was trying to recruit ... Read More »