Papua New Guinea’s supreme court halts asylum seeker deportations

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Exclusive: immigration department will defy highest court in the land if it continues forcing men held on Manus to return to their countries of origin The Guardian – Ben Doherty, @bendohertycorro Papua New Guinea’s supreme court has stepped in to halt all deportations of asylum seekers back to their home countries, ordering an interim injunction late on Tuesday to stop ... Read More »

Refugee crisis: Millions of people fleeing war and poverty

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How many more lives must be lost before nations everywhere, including Australia, recognise their universal duty to assist in what has become the greatest crisis of refugees and mass migration since World War II? The Age – Editorial Many hundreds of thousands of people have crossed into Europe this year, most carrying nothing more than their children. This huge wave ... Read More »

High Court sets date for case challenging offshore detention

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The High Court will sit in Canberra on 7-8 October to consider the lawfulness of the Australian Government’s role in offshore detention on Nauru, in a case brought by a group of people seeking asylum. HRLC – The case, filed by the Human Rights Law Centre, raises important and untested questions about the Australian Government’s power to facilitate, fund and ... Read More »

Some German universities will educate refugees for free

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Migrant crisis: full coverage From Syria to Turkey: a migrant’s story While affordable tuition for undocumented immigrants is a remote prospect in some parts of the world, about 60 German universities are employing a radical strategy. The Sydney Morning Herald – Rick Noack They are offering refugees the chance to attend courses as guest students, without charging tuition fees. In ... Read More »


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THREE WARNINGS I am from Afghanistan, but when I was seven or eight I moved to Pakistan, because the situation was not good for my family. Behind The Wire – My dad was working with the American Army and he used to supply goods to them in the airport and the Taliban knew about it. They warned my dad to ... Read More »

Transfield in the heart of hot debate on ethical investment

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Two of Australia’s biggest superannuation funds have dumped shares in Transfield Services citing concerns about human rights inside the offshore asylum seeker camps the company runs for the Australian government, while at least half a dozen other industry funds are conducting a review. The Sydney Morning Herald – Sally Rose, Reporter Against a backdrop of lower forecast investment returns during the next decade, and increased ... Read More »

Asylum seeker on Manus forcibly returned to Iran amid court challenge

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The 27-year-old man, repatriated while a case challenging detention is under way in PNG’s supreme court, had been held on Manus Island for more than two years The Guardian - Ben Doherty and Calla Wahlquist Papua New Guinea has forcibly returned an asylum seeker to Iran, even as a court case was under way to stop his removal. The 27-year-old ... Read More »

Why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean ‘migrants’

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The word migrant has become a largely inaccurate umbrella term for this complex story. Source: Al Jazeera – About the Author: Barry Malone Imagine waking your children in the morning. Imagine feeding and dressing them. Imagine pulling a little girl’s hair into a ponytail, arguing with a little boy about which pair of shoes he wants to wear. ””” There is no ... Read More »

Doctors debate ethics of detention centre boycott

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Responsibility for the health care of asylum seekers in detention should be stripped from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to steer off the prospect of a doctor boycott, according to a former chief psychiatrist of detention centres. The Sydney Morning Herald – Harriet Alexander Doctors are actively discussing a boycott of immigration detention centres, and the ethics of ... Read More »