This Day in Jewish History / Poet who wrote about Armenian genocide (and wed an anti-Semite) is born

Franz 1a

Franz Werfel’s work ‘The Forty Days of Musa Dagh’ was widely seen as a warning about the Nazi rise to power. September 10, 1890 is the birthdate of Franz Werfel, the Prague-born Jewish poet, dramatist and novelist, whose most acclaimed work, the 1933 “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh,” about the Armenian genocide, was widely read as a warning about ... Read More »

Loss of empire halts Turkish marking of WWI: Historian

Orhan Karoglu interview 1a LLLLLL

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire might have ushered in the birth of the republic, but the disappearance of the former is nothing to be commemorated, according to historian Orhan Koroğlu. We need to accept that the Ottoman Empire had come to an end but there is nothing to be proud of in it, historian says. Countries around the world ... Read More »

‘Darfur: The Genocide the World Got Tired of’

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On August 5, 2014 the displaced persons of El Salam camp in South Darfur were brutally assaulted by military and security forces of the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum. Tens of thousands of civilians, mainly women and children, were terrorized during this ferocious operation; a great many were beaten, humiliated, and robbed. Dozens were arrested, only to ... Read More »

First Turkish film to show Armenian genocide wins harsh reception

Fatih Akin 1a LLLLL

German-Turkish director Fatih Akin and the bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos have been receiving death threats from nationalist Turks since Agos interviewed the director about his new film last month. The content of the messages, the outpouring of support for the threateners and the authorities’ inaction come as a grim illustration of the current atmosphere in Turkey. The death threats are an omen for the coming ... Read More »

Is ‘Armenian’ an insult? Turkey’s prime minister seems to think so.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses his supporters in Istanbul. (Kayhan Ozer/Turkish Prime Minister's Press Office via Associated Press)

In a television interview Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister and presidential hopeful Recep Tayyip Erdogan complained that people had questioned his family background. “I was called a Georgian. I apologize for this, but they even said [something] worse: They called me an Armenian,” Erdogan said during an interview with NTV, according to a translation from Today’s Zaman newspaper. “But I’m a Turk.” The comment ... Read More »

Israel-Gaza conflict: Right-wing Israeli politician calls for Gazans to be ’concentrated in camps’ – and then all resistance ‘exterminated’

Moshe Feiglin leaves a polling station after casting his vote on November 25, 2012 in Jerusalem
AFP/Getty Images

Moshe Feglin wants Gaza ‘shelled with maximum firepower’ and rebuilt as an Israeli city A senior Israeli politician has called for the “conquest of the entire Gaza Strip” and the deportation of Palestinians to make way for Jewish settlers. Moshe Feiglin, the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and a member of the governing Likud party, outlined his plans in an ... Read More »

Australian FM: Armenian Case Not Genocide

Julie Bishop 2b LLLLL

WASHINGTON, DC – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop informed the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATA-Australia) that it was Australian foreign policy not to define the Armenian case as genocide, and that it was unconstitutional for Australian territories to promulgate their own foreign policy. The Foreign Minister’s policy affirmation was in response to the inquiry of Barrister and ATA-Australia Sydney President Ertunc ... Read More »

Baydzar and Galya: Legacies of Defiance from Diyarbakir to Stepanakert

Baydzar 1a LL

‘Special for the Armenian Weekly Two remarkable women passed away in June—one in Diyarbakir, the other in Karabagh. One symbolized resilience in the face of continued anti-Armenian policies of Ankara, the other defiance against the policies of Baku. Baydzar Eken and Galya Arustamyan embodied the Armenian struggle for survival on two hostile fronts. Baydzar greeted us in May, a bright ... Read More »