Genocide goes on globally despite international efforts


There are many actions the international community can take to prevent or stop genocide but many of these are difficult, controversial or costly International communities have been focusing on preventing genocide since the second world war where millions of people were systematically killed. However, the ongoing massacres in the Middle East and Africa bring the question of the effectiveness of these international ... Read More »

Russia threatens force in Ukraine


KIEV, Ukraine — Ukrainian police liberated a small town in the east of the country from pro-Russian separatist groups Wednesday, a day after Ukraine’s president revived a military offensive. Police took back Svyatogorsk, a small town close to the city of Slovyansk. Pro-Russian separatists still occupied government buildings in major eastern cities such as Donetsk and Luhansk. President Oleksandr Turchynov ... Read More »

The haunting human face of drug addiction, homelessness and poverty: Photographer captures poignant series to uncover the world of those shunned by society


  Photographer Lee Jeffries has made it his mission to reveal the human face of addiction, poverty and homelessness His latest project took him to Overtown, a district of Miami, Florida where he captured these haunting images He met Margo Stevens, a former porn star living in an abandoned garage with five other homeless women Jeffries said: ‘She is a ... Read More »

Photos That Cross Borders and Challenge Perceptions


Beyond prizes, page views or any other measure of prestige, Janet Jarman has a newfound appreciation for the impact of photojournalism. A project that began 18 years ago in a Mexican dump has taken her on a journey across borders with a family whose lives illustrate the complexities of immigration. But rather than be content that it will reach some ... Read More »

Four Chinese rights lawyers allege torture by police

Tang Jitian

Lawyers were investigating detention centre in Jiansanjiang when they say they were seized and beaten Tang Jitian recalls being taken into a room, his head covered in a black hood, and hearing the sound of a rope being pulled. The handcuffs behind him were jerked upward and soon he was dangling in the air. “I got hoisted with my head ... Read More »

283 missing, 4 dead in South Korea ferry disaster

Photo by: The Associated Press

South Korea coast guard police officers work to rescue passengers from a South Korean passenger ship, at Mokpo Coast Guard in Mokpo, south of Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, April 16, 2014. A government office said the passenger ship carrying about 470 people has sent a distress call off the southern coast after it began leaning to one side. (AP Photo/Cho ... Read More »