Greece shows compassion to migrants while Australia stops the boats

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Further evidence is emerging to challenge the view of asylum seekers as a drain on society. The Age – Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek The world has watched as more than 50 million people have become displaced by persecution and war. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that this is the highest number of displaced people ... Read More »

Turning back the boats: our integrity lost at sea

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Australia has abandoned its principles, along with those seeking asylum here. The Age -Susan Metcalfe * The alleged authorisation of cash payments to people smugglers during a recent boat turn-back operation adds to a growing list of unethical and damaging “by hook or by crook” asylum-seeker strategies adopted by the Australian government since Tony Abbott came to office. Dubious activities ... Read More »

Compassion Helped Fuel Human Evolution

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A new study of early humans has challenged one of the main tenets of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the idea of the survival of the fittest, by suggesting compassion and the ability to accommodate “defective” members of the community actually played a significant role in how humans developed. New Historian – Posted By: Irina Slav The study, by anthropologists Isabelle Winder and ... Read More »

Real care, love and compassion – the alternative to euthanasia

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Euthanasia is dangerous, which is one of the key reasons the Catholic Church has long opposed it. The Canberra Times - Christopher Prowse * In a column in The Canberra Times on Monday (“Let the dying taste freedom”, Times, May 25, p1), Ross Fitzgerald accused the Catholic Church of all sorts of things, but his main concern was our opposition to ... Read More »

Tony Abbott getting it wrong on the Roingya

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Something is very rotten in the state of Myanmar. By any measure and any definition, a tiny ethnic minority of Myanmar is the subject of genocide. This is not something recent, even if it has been largely ignored by Western governments and media. It has been going on for more than a decade. The Canberra Times - Irfan Yusuf Something is also ... Read More »

More calculated cruelty to asylum seekers: is this really us?

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Here is a report from Pamela Curr of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Βy Julian Burnside | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 1 comment Read it and ask: is this really what Australia has come to?  Is this really how we should behave?  Are we really this uncivilized? And for those who read this who disagree fundamentally with my stand on ... Read More »

Why won’t we share our lucky country with asylum seekers?

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Only the most courageous and vulnerable people get on rickety boats in search of safety, yet we treat them like criminals. The Sydney Morning Herald - Julian Burnside There is something indecent about the idea that, in order to prevent asylum seekers from drowning at sea in their attempt to reach safety, you punish the ones who don’t drown. Yet, ... Read More »

Hope Trumps Despair: ASRC, R. E. Ross Trust & Gandel Philanthropy

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Portrait of Indonesian President Joko Widodo painted by Bali Nine member Myuran Sukumaran. Photo: Zul Edoardo Operating “without fear or favour,” the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is partnering with funders to develop innovative solutions that shape positive futures. Generosity by Nicole Richards Take a guess where these stats come from: 90 per cent of the client base this nonprofit helps live ... Read More »