Refugee crisis: Millions of people fleeing war and poverty

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How many more lives must be lost before nations everywhere, including Australia, recognise their universal duty to assist in what has become the greatest crisis of refugees and mass migration since World War II? The Age – Editorial Many hundreds of thousands of people have crossed into Europe this year, most carrying nothing more than their children. This huge wave ... Read More »

Some German universities will educate refugees for free

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Migrant crisis: full coverage From Syria to Turkey: a migrant’s story While affordable tuition for undocumented immigrants is a remote prospect in some parts of the world, about 60 German universities are employing a radical strategy. The Sydney Morning Herald – Rick Noack They are offering refugees the chance to attend courses as guest students, without charging tuition fees. In ... Read More »

Doctors debate ethics of detention centre boycott

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Responsibility for the health care of asylum seekers in detention should be stripped from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to steer off the prospect of a doctor boycott, according to a former chief psychiatrist of detention centres. The Sydney Morning Herald – Harriet Alexander Doctors are actively discussing a boycott of immigration detention centres, and the ethics of ... Read More »

Zen and the Art of Dying Well

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Fixes *- What is the “right” way to die? We’re experiencing a zeitgeist moment about that. “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” by Atul Gawande, is a best-selling book. The New York Times – By Courtney E. Martin Videos by Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old who wanted to die in a way of her own choosing, went viral ... Read More »

The family who built a cafe just for their son

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A cafe in the Philippines is giving disabled people in the area a chance to succeed in life and break down stigma in the process. BBC - By Aurora Almendral Manila, Philippines Jose Canoy was 12 when his family realised that he would no longer do well in school. He has autism, and his family began to understand that, unlike ... Read More »

Soldiering on in Athens and helping refugees

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Web exclusive NewInternationalist – The snowballing humanitarian crisis in Greece is overwhelming the country’s support systems for asylum-seekers, reports Jameela Freitas. Not everyone is anti-migrant. Some see the new arrivals as human beings who have been through hell and deserve compassion and a helping hand. Crippled by the financial crisis, Greece is no heaven, but what it lacks in funds ... Read More »

Relax our borders, reap the benefits – and help millions who want a better life

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Millions of people around the world are seeking a better life elsewhere. Australia should help by relaxing our migration restrictions. The Canberra Times - Mikayla Novak * Debating the intricacies of contemporary policy issues makes us lose sight of the fact that what often shapes disagreement and discord is a fundamental tension between the interests of the individual and of ... Read More »

Greece shows compassion to migrants while Australia stops the boats

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Further evidence is emerging to challenge the view of asylum seekers as a drain on society. The Age – Dimitria Groutsis and Diane van den Broek The world has watched as more than 50 million people have become displaced by persecution and war. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that this is the highest number of displaced people ... Read More »

Turning back the boats: our integrity lost at sea

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Australia has abandoned its principles, along with those seeking asylum here. The Age -Susan Metcalfe * The alleged authorisation of cash payments to people smugglers during a recent boat turn-back operation adds to a growing list of unethical and damaging “by hook or by crook” asylum-seeker strategies adopted by the Australian government since Tony Abbott came to office. Dubious activities ... Read More »

Compassion Helped Fuel Human Evolution

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A new study of early humans has challenged one of the main tenets of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, the idea of the survival of the fittest, by suggesting compassion and the ability to accommodate “defective” members of the community actually played a significant role in how humans developed. New Historian – Posted By: Irina Slav The study, by anthropologists Isabelle Winder and ... Read More »