More calculated cruelty to asylum seekers: is this really us?

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Here is a report from Pamela Curr of the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Βy Julian Burnside | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 1 comment Read it and ask: is this really what Australia has come to?  Is this really how we should behave?  Are we really this uncivilized? And for those who read this who disagree fundamentally with my stand on ... Read More »

Why won’t we share our lucky country with asylum seekers?

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Only the most courageous and vulnerable people get on rickety boats in search of safety, yet we treat them like criminals. The Sydney Morning Herald - Julian Burnside There is something indecent about the idea that, in order to prevent asylum seekers from drowning at sea in their attempt to reach safety, you punish the ones who don’t drown. Yet, ... Read More »

Hope Trumps Despair: ASRC, R. E. Ross Trust & Gandel Philanthropy

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Portrait of Indonesian President Joko Widodo painted by Bali Nine member Myuran Sukumaran. Photo: Zul Edoardo Operating “without fear or favour,” the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is partnering with funders to develop innovative solutions that shape positive futures. Generosity by Nicole Richards Take a guess where these stats come from: 90 per cent of the client base this nonprofit helps live ... Read More »

The Most Important Relationship May Be the One Valentine’s Day Overlooks


“If you don’t have a significant other, you’re missing out on the best parts of life” is pretty much the message sent en masse when Valentine’s Day rolls around. But it’s not just on V-Day — all year long, it’s romantic relationships that get the spotlight. Rachel Grate Mic But what about friendships? From anniversaries and weddings to recognized milestones ... Read More »

The Question of Light: Tilda Swinton’s speech at the Rothko Chapel


Below is the only place to read Tilda Swinton’s moving and radiant speech at theRothko Chapel in Texas. Why do I have it?  A brief explanation. Last year, actress Tilda Swinton was presented with the Rothko Chapel Visionary Award at the The Rothko Chapel, which is home to fourteen of Mark Rothko’s paintings.  It’s also a spiritual and human rights ... Read More »

Tony Abbott’s ‘compassionate parents’ comments irritate and are presumptive

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Not having children doesn’t make you less compassionate The Age - Terry Barnes In his wider than expected ministerial reshuffle, Prime Minister Tony Abbott promoted his tough-as-an-old boot Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, into an expanded portfolio of Social Services. Even before Abbott’s press conference announcing the changes began, Twitter pundits were joking that Morrison’s mantra would change ... Read More »

Scott Morrison’s calculated cruelty is his legacy

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He proved to be a callous Immigration Minister, yet he is given another portfolio that requires compassion. The Canberra Times – Julian Burnside Scott Morrison’s performance as immigration minister will be assessed differently, depending on where you stand. For those who think boat people are criminals who should be locked up, his time in the immigration portfolio has been hailed ... Read More »