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The Morrison Apologia – Children in Detention

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Detaining children in makeshift, harsh facilities has become a feature of global political practice. The grounds are common – inadequate or no documentation; irregular or ‘illegal’ arrivals with their parents.  Despite the high minded rhetoric of child protection that surrounds government and civic group initiatives, the mobile child, the refugee minor, is considered a nuisance of policy. The Global Campaign ... Read More »

Agents on ‘secret’ immigration blacklist have their names published

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A blacklist of registered migration agents and lawyers the Department of Immigration tried to keep secret has been reproduced online, escalating calls for an inquiry and a possible class action against the department. The Law Council of Australia and the Migration Institute of Australia have requested urgent meetings with departmental heads, after one of three such lists was published on a ... Read More »

Private firms ‘are using detained immigrants as cheap labour’

The Yarl's Wood detention centre, Bedfordshire. A detainee who worked as a cleaner said she believed they were a substitute for staff paid the minimum wage. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Ima

G4S and Serco saving millions by paying detainees as little as £1 an hour to cook and clean, claim campaigners Jump to comments Campaigners have criticised private firms for using immigration detainees as cheap labour inside detention centres after research suggested this saves them millions of pounds. Some detainees said they were being paid as little as £1 an hour ... Read More »

Tamil asylum-seeker court case may see UN intervene

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Refugee advocates are challenging the legality of the month-long detention of 157 asylum seekers on a customs vessel in June  Jump to comments The United Nations may become involved in the case of the Tamil asylum seekers who were detained on an Australian customs boat, with a court hearing to take place in Canberra in October. A brief high court ... Read More »

Manus guards charged over death of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati

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Two former G4S employees arrested in PNG and on Manus after the 23-year-old’s death in February, according to reports Two former G4s guards have reportedly been arrested and charged with the murder of 23-year-old Reza Barati, an Iranian asylum seeker beaten to deathduring unrest inside the immigration detention centre on Manus Island. Papua New Guinea’s police commissioner, Jim Andrews, told the ABC a ... Read More »

What’s the difference between immigrant and refugee?

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(CNN) – The Central Americans crossing the U.S. border in massive waves have been described as immigrants or refugees. The distinction is significant and could determine whether the migrants are subject to deportation to their home country or eligible to remain in the United States under asylum. What is an immigrant? An immigrant is someone who chooses to resettle to another ... Read More »

A letter from Lisa Collyer to Scott Morrison MP

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Dear Minister I can only assume that you have never been to Cambodia independently nor have been briefed on the nation’s recent history and current issues. I’d like to begin with Prime Minister Hun Sen whom you are currently negotiating with to send 1000 refugees to Cambodia. Here are some facts quoted from the text ‘Cambodia: Report From a Stricken ... Read More »

‘Water war’ in Brazil as Rio’s supply threatened

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São Paulo and Rio authorities battle over scarce water resources as reservoirs run dry A severe drought affecting Brazil’s biggest city has led to a “water war” that could cause the water supply to collapse in parts of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Authorities in São Paulo have been battling a water crisis for months as reservoirs run dry ... Read More »