Asylum Seekers

Eight former Australians of the Year call for release of asylum seeker children

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Indefinite detention of children, who are not accused of any crime, is ‘inhumane and unnecessary’, write former winners in an open letter The Guardian – Ben Doherty @bendohertycorro Eight former Australians of the Year have used Australia Day to call for the immediate release of all refugee and asylum seeker children from immigration detention. In an open letter published on Monday morning, ... Read More »

Manus Island: What will it take to shock us?

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The reports coming out of Manus Island right now should be enough to shock us, but they aren’t. What will it take? Barrister Julian Burnside has some ideas. TheDRUM – By Julian Burnside * Reports about what is happening on Manus Island are mixed. According to inside sources, hundreds of asylum seekers are on a hunger strike, many have sewn their lips ... Read More »

Organs Without Borders: Manus Island and Bodies in Asylum

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The offer by an asylum seeker jailed on Manus Island to donate his organs to Australia reveals a shared humanity, writes Georgina Ramsay. New Matilda – Georgina Ramsay Reports of asylum seekers undertaking a hunger strike on Manus Island has escalated with the discovery of a letter from one detainee offering to donate his organs to the Australian public if the ... Read More »

Manus stand off halted as guards storm compound

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A stand off between asylum seekers and security guards on Manus Island came to a dramatic halt as Wilson guards stormed one compound on Monday. The Age – Sarah Whyte, Immigration correspondent Peter Dutton accuses asylum seekers of ‘aggressive behaviour’ Delta compound, which had been barricaded by asylum seekers who were refusing to eat or allow security guards inside, was forced open by ... Read More »

More than 100 Manus Island asylum seekers go on hunger strike

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- Hunger-striking asylum seekers on Manus protest over treatment in detention – Fears Iranian asylum seeker on hunger strike in Darwin could die – All children released from detention on Christmas Island but 468 children remain in Australian immigration detention – Cambodian officials arrive on Nauru to promote refugees transfer deal More than 100 asylum seekers on Manus Island have ... Read More »

Tony Abbott calls new Sri Lankan leader to emphasise cooperation on boats


by Calla Wahlquist – The Guardian The Australian prime minister spoke to Maithripala Sirisena two days after his election as president, praising the peaceful transition of power The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, has personally congratulated the Sri Lankan president-elect, Maithripala Sirisena, two days after Sirisena was declared the victor in a surprise election result on Friday that ended the ... Read More »

Unaccompanied children seeking asylum face uncertainty and risk of exploitation

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When Karim (not his real name) was a teenager, he travelled from Myanmar to Indonesia as an asylum seeker. Stranded in Java without money and friends, he slept in a mosque for a number of weeks until an Indonesian man invited him to his family home. The Conversation – Antje Missbach, Lecturer in Anthropology at Monash University * What first seemed like an ... Read More »

Sir James Dyson attacks Theresa May’s plan to expel foreign students

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Inventor says policy is a short-term vote winner and will harm Britain’s economy James Dyson: we need foreign postgraduates The Guardian – Haroon Siddique Sir James Dyson, one of Britain’s most prominent inventors and business leaders, has described Theresa May’s plan to expel international students on graduation as a short-term vote winner that will harm the economy by losing the UK ... Read More »