Asylum Seekers

Record number of asylum seeker deaths at sea in 2014: International Organisation for Migration

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Six migrants floated in the freezing ocean in September, desperately trying not to slip under the thrashing waves. They had just watched 500 people drown in a small, unseaworthy boat captained by people smugglers who had since deserted them. The Age – Sarah Whyte, Immigration correspondent The Palestinians, Syrians and Egyptians were plucked from the ocean by rescue authorities. They later told ... Read More »

Three arrested after raid on ‘slave’ factory in Rochdale

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Police say 20 eastern Europeans were being paid £25 for working an 80-hour week at site in Greater Manchester Press Association – The Guardian Three suspected slave masters are under arrest after a raid on a factory rescued 20 eastern Europeans working 80-hour weeks for £25 pay. The raid on the premises in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, came during an ongoing ... Read More »

Philip Ruddock: Psychological problems part of humanitarian refugee intake

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Former immigration minister Philip Ruddock has said that traumatised refugees with psychological problems are part of any humanitarian refugee program, as attention focused on the background of Man Haron Monis. The Age – David Wroe, National security correspondent Monis, who carried out the Sydney siege that left him and two hostages dead, fled his native Iran and arrived in Australia seeking asylum ... Read More »

Locked in limbo: Australia’s forgotten asylum seeker babies

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They are the forgotten babies – born in Australia, but ignored in the deal done to release asylum seekers into the community. The Sydney Morning Herald – Adam Morton, Society and Science Editor, The Age Instead, they are sentenced to indefinite limbo in a camp overseas. As government ministers Scott Morrison and George Brandis last week trumpeted that all asylum seeker children ... Read More »

Taliban targets Afghan family as Scott Morrison stalls

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As Scott Morrison enlarges his powers, he becomes directly responsible for cases like Shaima’s. The Saturday Paper – MARTIN MCKENZIE-MURRAY She speaks to her mother most weeks. The line isn’t great, but her mother rarely says much anyway. She can only cry. They haven’t seen each other for more than three years, separated by 10,000 kilometres and the obscure firewalls of ... Read More »

Manus Island asylum seekers put in solitary confinement at a rate of three a week

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Human rights advocates describe notorious ‘Chauka’ unit as a secret punishment cell and say the long-term effects of solitary confinement are similar to torture The Guardian – Ben Doherty and Nick Evershed Guards on Manus Island are locking asylum seekers in solitary confinement at a rate of nearly three a week, and holding them without any means of communication for up ... Read More »

‘Hopelessness’ central to deadly Manus Island riots

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DEADLY riots on Manus Island were “eminently foreseeable’’ and the government should compensate the family of asylum-seeker Reza Barati, whom it failed to protect, a Labor/Greens­-­controlled Senate inquiry has found. The Australian - Stefanie Balogh, Canberra Immigration Minister Scott Morrison accused the two parties of a “blatant attempt to whitewash their own failures in government’’ and argued that the Coalition inherited an ... Read More »

Australia Failed to Protect Asylum Seekers, Report Says

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SYDNEY, Australia — The Australian government failed to protect asylum seekers locked up in Papua New Guinea during two days of riots in February that left one man dead and others seriously wounded, a parliamentary inquiry has concluded. The New York Times – Michelle Innis The inquiry’s report, submitted to Australia’s Senate on Thursday, depicts a crowded, hastily built center on ... Read More »

Malcolm Fraser savages Scott Morrison’s new asylum seeker laws and senators who passed them

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Australia is now known around the world as the most inhumane, the most uncaring and the most selfish of all the wealthy countries, former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has declared. Michael Gordon, Political editor, The Age Mr Fraser says migration legislation passed last week has given Immigration Minister Scott Morrison “dictatorial, tyrannical powers” over the lives of asylum seekers and “destroyed ... Read More »

2014 Australian Human Rights Medal winner: school principal Dorothy Hoddinott attacks treatment of asylum-seeking children

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A school principal honoured with the 2014 Australian Human Rights Medal has accused the Federal Government of placing cruel limitations on child asylum seekers and of a “monumental passing of the buck” by offloading would-be refugees to other countries. The Sydney Morning Herald - Rick Feneley For the past 19 years, Dorothy Hoddinott has been the principal of Holroyd High in ... Read More »