Free Tibet exposes fake Twitter accounts by China propagandists

One of the fake Twitter accounts used to spread the Chinese line on Tibet

Images of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and actor Erica Durance among those used in accounts to promote Beijing’s line on Himalayan region What do the late Pink Floyd vocalist Syd Barrett, the Canadian actor Erica Durance, and Brazilian model Felipe Berto have in common? They all suddenly appear to be big supporters of China‘s policies inTibet. Not that they had any ... Read More »

World’s first three-parent baby could soon be born in UK, as Government approves treatment

A scientific researcher works on an IVF treatment in a laboratory

The Government plans to legalise IVF treatment to prevent inherited diseases The world’s first baby with three genetic parents could soon be born in the UK, after the Government announced plans to legalise a controversial technique to help prevent children inheriting diseases. In response to a consultation launched by ministers three months ago, the Department of Health has announced plans ... Read More »

Not All Jews Support Israel


To both Jews and non-Jews the idea of an anti-Zionist Jew can sound like a contradiction in terms—an abuse of Rabbi Hillel’s most famous ethical aphorism, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me.” But for Sam Weinstein, and for around 30 others, me included, tucked together in a small Jewish bloc at Saturday’s Gaza demo in ... Read More »

Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967

Cameron 3c LLLL

OPEN LETTER The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 10, Downing Street London SW1A 2AA                                                  London 21.7.2014 Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Release Files For Flight CY 284 12.10.1967 The recent aircraft tragedy with the crash of Flight  MH17 of Malaysia Airlines and the ruthless – presumably for some political objectives -  loss of almost 300 innocent lives has horrified ... Read More »

Thai government urged to drop libel case against British slavery researcher

Thai prawns sold in UK supermarkets were exposed as coming from companies using slave labour. Photograph: Barbara Walton/EPA

ITF calls trial against human rights defender Andy Hall, who exposed alleged labour abuse, an ‘international embarrassment’ An international workers’ union has declared the Thai government to be “on trial” in an impending defamation case against a British human rights defender who exposed alleged modern-day slavery in its canned fruit and fishing industry. The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has demanded that ... Read More »

Catholic homelessness hostel at 120 per cent of capacity

Catholic Archbishop of Canberra Christopher Prowse serving food for homeless 1a LLLLLL

If St Vincent de Paul’s Samaritan House in Hackett was a luxury hotel, its directors would be laughing all the way to the bank. Every night, 365 days of the year, it is operating at 100 to 120 per cent of its 12-bed capacity. Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse says abuse victims are ‘the new missionaries’ While co-ordinator Rollo Brett says ... Read More »

London protests call for end to Israeli military action in Gaza

Pro Palestinian protest in London 1a 19 07 2014 LLLL

Protests come as David Cameron and Barack Obama reiterate support for Israel’s right to take action to defend itself Thousands of protesters gathered in London on Saturday to call for an end to Israeli military action in Gaza and “justice and freedom” for Palestine. Up to 15,000 people are expected to take part in the march, following a route from Downing Street to the ... Read More »

Assisted dying: the day the House of Lords bared its soul

Say Yes to euthanasia 1a UK LLLLL

Peers set aside politics to grapple with the deepest question of all – life and death – as they seek to make sense of loved-ones facing the end It is known as a “house of experts”, filled with the country’s pre-eminent authorities in fields as diverse as medicine, science, the arts and the law. But this was the day members ... Read More »