Let’s #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain

Obamacare - The Daily Caller

#MakeAmericaSickAgain may have shown up in your Twitter or Facebook news feed during the past few days. Heather Madden The Daily Caller Proponents of the Affordable Care Act are currently pushing that hashtag to drive their argument that, if the law is repealed and replaced, then millions of Americans will lose their health coverage and be put at risk. While it may get headlines… Let’s #MakeAmerica… Read More »

Red Cross warns of humanitarian crisis in UK hospitals

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Charity calls on government to make more funds available as it helps NHS cope with increased demand for health services. Al Jazeera The Red Cross has warned of a “humanitarian crisis” in the British National Health Service (NHS) as it struggles to cope with overcrowding and… Red Cross warns… Read More »

Removing barriers to medical innovation

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Enormous improvements in human health have taken place over the last half-century. Americans live, on average, a decade longer. Thomas Peter Stossel AEI The most prevalent cause of mortality in the United States — cardiovascular disease, which causes heart attacks and strokes — has decreased by over 50%. Cancer, the number-two cause… Removing barriers to… Read More »

The problems with ‘repeal and delay’

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Republican leaders in Congress and the incoming Trump administration have said that they plan to move quickly to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the early weeks of 2017, with a delay in the date of when key aspects of the repeal would become effective until perhaps 2019 or 2020. Joseph Antos and James C. Capretta AEI This is the so-called “repeal and delay” option. They have also… The problems with… Read More »

We dedicated a year to self-improvement: here’s what it taught us

Wellbeing - The Guardian

From brain and body to money and sex, we optimised aspects of our lives to see if self-help culture works Carl Cederström and André Spicer The Guardian On 1 January last year we began a new research project called “Optimised”. We had published… We dedicated a year… Read More »

Pop culture dilemmas for soda makers, sugar producers

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 23:  Fizzy drinks are stocked on a shelf in a shop in Glasgows West End on July 23, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland. Health campaigners have stepped up calls for the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks to be reduced, following new research that has found sugar levels to be what the group Action on Sugar have called shockingly high and unnecessary.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

From next year, drink makers will be allowed to switch from crystal sugar to cheaper syrup. Politico Jakob Hanke Europe’s fizzy drink makers are plotting a quiet revolution over what goes into your cola and lemonade. New rules next year… Pop culture dilemmas… Read More »

Europe is failing to help a generation of traumatised children

Children - The Guardian

Eight million child refugees is a mental health time bomb. The Guardian Joan Smith Ignoring it now would be a terrible mistake Everyone knows there’s an… Europe is failing to help a… Read More »

Doctor’s sex abuse acquittal highlights ‘problematic’ Ontario law

Canada - The Star

Policy that keeps doctors’ names secret should be changed, college says The Star Jacques Gallant A doctor was acquitted in December of sexually abusing a patient in a split decision by a discipline panel of Ontario’s medical regulator. But the College of… Doctor’s sex abuse… Read More »

Hip pain may be ‘hangover from evolution’

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Scientists at the University of Oxford say a hangover from evolution could help explain why humans get so much shoulder, hip and knee pain. BBC Smitha Mundasad And if current trends continue they predict the humans of the future could be at even greater risk. They studied 300 specimens from… Hip pain may be ‘hangover from… Read More »

Japan Is Putting Stickers On The Elderly In Order To Track Them

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The initiative is designed to keep track of those with dementia. Ann Brenoff  The Huffington Post The Japanese city of Iruma is testing a free service intended to help find dementia patients who wander off. A local company there developed a one-inch waterproof QR code sticker that is affixed to a… Japan Is Putting… Read More »

The GOP should provide health insurance for all Americans

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Beginning in January, the Republican-controlled Congress, working with the incoming Trump administration, will have the opportunity to roll back the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with a plan that is less driven by federal control and regulation. AEI James C. Capretta The starting point for this effort ought to be that everyone in the United States should have health insurance, protecting them against major medical expenses. It should be self-evident that… The GOP should provide… Read More »

The real reasons why childbirth is so painful and dangerous

Childbirth - BBC

There is a long-standing idea that it is because we walk upright, but new research suggests that might not be the whole story BBC News Colin Barras Giving birth can be a long and painful process. It can also be deadly. The World Health Organization estimates… The real reasons why childbirth is so… Read More »

Losing sleep over discrimination? ‘Everyday discrimination’ may contribute to sleep problems

Eurek Alert

December 22, 2016 – People who perceive more discrimination in daily life have higher rates of sleep problems, based on both subjective and objective measures, reports a study in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society. Eurek Alert Wolters Kluwer The journal is published by Wolters Kluwer. “Discrimination is an important… Losing sleep over… Read More »

Dear Surgeon General and public health agencies, anti-vaping polices are bad for public health

Vaping - AEI

In 1964, public health experts began an all-out assault on smoking when the Surgeon General released his landmark report on smoking and health. AEI Sally Satel Today, the reported smoking rate among adults is down to 15 percent. Still, cigarette smoking remains the… Dear Surgeon General and public… Read More »

Ottawa and provinces should get back to the table on health: Editorial

Ottawa - The Star

Only from the mess of intergovernmental compromise will a better system emerge. The Star Adrian Wyld In opposition and on the campaign trail, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals often rightly denounced the Harper government’s complete abdication of federal leadership in intergovernmental affairs. But after this week’s failed… Ottawa and provinces should… Read More »

Mobile phones, wifi and power lines

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What is non-ionising radiation? Non-ionising radiation is a specific type of radiation. Cancer Research UK Most non-ionising radiation has less energy than ionising radiation, this means it doesn’t have enough energy to change our cells in the same way as ionising radiation. Non-ionising radiation is used in a wide range of communications, electronic and other devices, including mobile phones, radio and TV. Different types of non-ionising radiation – such as microwaves, radio frequency waves and electromagnetic fields – are linked with ... Read More »