Jacqui Lambie demands pre-emptive pardons for Australians accused of war crimes

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Former soldier-turned-independent senator Jacqui Lambie is demanding a pre-emptive pardon for any defence personnel accused of war crimes against the Taliban or Islamic State. By Defence reporter Andrew Greene Her call comes a week after the ABC revealed a secretive Defence review of Australia’s special forces has begun hearing allegations of… Jacqui Lambie demands… Read More »

EU Dancing to Washington’s Tune in Syria

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The EU’s threat to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to accuse Moscow and Damascus of war crimes is yet another attempt by the US and its European allies to throw a wrench in the Russo-Syrian counter-terrorism operation, experts suggest. On Monday EU foreign ministers strongly criticized Russia for the country’s air operation over Aleppo and hinted at the… EU Dancing to… Read More »

There’s still time to stop the surveillance society

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Revelations that security agencies unlawfully collected information for 17 years are worrying. But worse is a bill that threatens to normalise surveillance Gus Hosein This government’s “neither confirm nor deny” mantra over the extent of its surveillance powers has been replaced with a… There’s still time to… Read More »

India and China to draw up joint road map against terror

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping say no country is immune to the growing global menace By ASIA TIMES STAFF India and China have agreed to draw up a joint road map to combat terror saying no country can remain indifferent to the… India and China… Read More »

NATO head backs stronger European defence

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“Stronger European defence will be good for the European Union, it will be good for Europe and will be good for NATO,” he said at a press conference with Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni in Rome. World Bulletin / News Desk NATO head Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Friday European efforts for a more closely integrated defence policy, boosted since Britain’s vote to leave the… NATO head backs… Read More »

Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The “Street” and Politics in DR Congo

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Angry demonstrations hit Kinshasa in September as President Kabila’s aim to stay in power beyond a 19 December constitutional deadline became clearer. Regional and international actors must use diplomatic and financial levers to bring about credible democratic elections and… Boulevard of Broken… Read More »

US election: New president to face chilly relations with Cold War rivals Russia

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For all the bluster and bravado, accusations and denials over tapes and emails, there was a quiet but deadly serious issue raised in the second US presidential debate: what to do about Syria and, more broadly, how to counter Russia in that blighted nation and other places. Analysis By chief foreign correspondent Philip Williams In the past few weeks there has been a steady deterioration in relations between the West and… US election: New… Read More »

Beijing’s South China Sea island buildup ‘for military purposes’

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America’s satellite spy chief Robert Cardillo rejects China’s claim that the land reclamation projects are commercial or tourist-related By BILL GERTZ, @BillGertz The head of one of America’s secret spy agencies recently disclosed that China is seeking to control the South China Sea through the… Beijing’s South China… Read More »

End the Nuclear Insanity

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This month the United Nations has the opportunity to take a major step toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. José Ramos-Horta  Kailash Satyarthi  Muhammad Yunus  It is an opportunity that must not be lost. More than four decades ago, the nations with nuclear arsenals and the… End the Nuclear… Read More »

Why Russia Fears NATO

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Adam Twardowski takes umbrage at arguments that I and other members of the realism and restraint camp have made that NATO’s behavior over the past two decades has exacerbated tensions with Russia. Ted Galen Carpenter He begins his rebuttal with a drive-by smear that is increasingly in vogue among neoconservatives, dismissing such… Why Russia Fears… Read More »

Afghan Anti-Warlord Campaigner Malalai Joya Blames U.S. for Violence

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Malalai Joya has been described as the “Bravest Woman in Afghanistan” for standing up to the very warlords who are being brought in the cold by her U.S.-backed government. by F. BRINLEY BRUTON American bombs began raining down on Afghanistan 15 years ago Friday, marking the… Afghan Anti-Warlord Campaigner… Read More »

Russia mulls restoring military bases in Vietnam and Cuba

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Russia is considering plans to resume its military presence in Vietnam and Cuba where Moscow earlier had military bases, Russian news agencies quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov as saying on Oct. 7. “We are dealing with this issue,” the agencies quoted Pankov as saying in the State Duma lower house of… Russia mulls restoring military bases in… Read More »

North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to Frozen Frontier

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PANMUNJOM, North Korea — Most roads in rural North Korea are little more than dirt tracks, unpaved and constantly maintained by workers shoveling earth to fill ruts and holes. by BILL NEELY Not this one. Just south of Pyongyang, the paved highway suddenly grows to the… North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to… Read More »

New UN chief warns of ‘huge challenges’ ahead

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The man set to become the next United Nations secretary-general has said he faces “huge challenges” and hopes to see unity and consensus during his term. Antonio Guterres praised the UN Security Council for its swiftness and unity in approving him by acclamation in a… New UN chief warns of ‘huge… Read More »

Why the United States Should Exercise Restraint Before Launching A New War in Syria

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The Russians might not be willing to back down in a confrontation with American forces. Dave Majumdar Tensions between Russia and the United States are coming to a head over the civil war in Syria. Washington has suspended bilateral talkswith Russia to end the… Why the United States Should Exercise Restraint Before… Read More »

Iran showcases new combat drone, copied from US unmanned aircraft

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards unveiled a home-built drone that they said was capable of carrying bombs, state media reported on Oct. 1, in what appeared to be another copy of a reconnaissance U.S. drone that Iran captured five years ago. DUBAI – Reuters The drone, called Saegheh, or lightning, was unveiled at an expo showcasing the latest achievements by the Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace arm. Iran showcases new combat drone, copied from US unmanned aircraft… Read More »