Europe Versus the Islamic State

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PARIS – Ever since the terrorist attacks in January on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, Parisians knew that barbarism lurked around the corner, and that it would strike again. But it is one thing to know something, to anticipate it, and another to be confronted with the grim reality. On Friday night, reality struck us with a vengeance. We are at war. It would be wrong – even dangerous – not to… Source: Europe Versus the ... Read More »

Philippines mulls submarines as China row simmers: Aquino

The Philippines may invest in its first-ever submarine fleet to help protect its territory in the disputed South China Sea, President Benigno Aquino said Wednesday. The impoverished nation, which has never before operated submarines and until now relied largely on US surplus ships, has been ramping… Source: Philippines mulls submarines as China row simmers: Aquino Read More »

Russia’s Artful Exit from Syria

Moscow entered and exited the conflict all within five months. Vladimir Putin’s surprise announcement that he is withdrawing the majority of Russian troops stationed in Syria will lead to much speculation over his true motives for doing so. Has the Russian military, as his announcement claimed, actually achieved its… Source: Russia’s Artful Exit from Syria | The National Interest Read More »

After Brussels, a new challenge for Defence

Our military is unprepared for 21st century threats and shows little sign of changing. The hellish destruction in Brussels strikes at the very heart of our conceit that government can protect us. It can’t. Not any more. The terrorists have learnt to hit, hard, the myriad of vulnerabilities that exist everywhere in modern societies. Each offers the opportunity for… Source: After Brussels, a new challenge for Defence Read More »

Chinese media laud hacker for US spying

Spying on the US is a service to China, state-run media said on March 24, singing the praises of a man who confessed to hacking American defence contractors on Beijing’s behalf. Chinese national Su Bin, 50, pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets from the companies, including plans for transport planes and fighter jets… Source: Chinese media laud hacker for US spying – ASIA Read More »

Turkey must accept responsibility for downed jet to restore relations – top Russian senator

Russian is ready to resume normal relations with Turkey on condition that Ankara takes the blame for the November downing of the Russian combat jet on the anti-terrorist mission in Syria, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko has said. “Russia-Turkey relations currently could be much better, to put it softly,” Matviyenko, whose role chairing Russia’s upper house of parliament makes her one of the country’s most influential officials, told RIA Novosti. “As you know, Russia is not… Source: Turkey must accept ... Read More »

Is Turkey Secretly Working on Nuclear Weapons?

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While the world worries about Iran’s nuclear program, could another nation in the Middle East have atomic desires? Hans Rühle The National Interest Some months ago it became known that the German Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst – BND) was spying on Turkey. Turkey’s political leadership was none too happy. Yet the BND has good reasons to keep a watchful eye on Ankara. It is not only the crises in Iraq and Syria, drug-smuggling, people-trafficking and the activities of the PKK that ... Read More »

SOCOM Develops Dry Submersible Mini-Sub For SEALs

U.S. Special Operations Command and sub-maker Electric Boat have partnered up to develop a dry submersible mini-submarine designed to deliver Navy SEALs into… Source: SOCOM Develops Dry Submersible Mini-Sub For SEALs | Read More »