The Phony War on ISIS

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Downing of Russian war plane shows what side NATO is on © – by Justin Raimondo The downing of a Russian warplane by the Turks raises several questions, which can all be rolled into one big one: In the war against ISIS, which side is Turkey – and NATO – on, anyway? Now let’s list the subordinate issues that cause us to question what’s really going on in Syria: How can the Turks claim they didn’t know it was ... Read More »

Citizens must be able to challenge government power

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Data retention laws: Should we worry? Quentin Dempster shares his murky secrets, in a bid to understand the new data retention laws The Age – Jennifer Robinson * Video will begin in 1 seconds. Governments are conducting unprecedented surveillance, with increased intelligence powers and interceptions of online communications. Recent mandatory data retention laws and revelations released by prominent whistleblowers demonstrate that governments and corporations are now intercepting, retaining and using more of our private information than ever before. Digital technologies, ... Read More »

Why did it take Turkey just 17 seconds to shoot down Russian jet?

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Ankara has delivered an incendiary message to Moscow, and while there may be too much at stake for the conflict to spill out of control it also won’t go away The Guardian – Mark Galeotti Even if Turkey is right that a Russian fighter jet strayed into its airspace, the plane was within Ankara’s borders for just 17 seconds before being attacked – and was making no hostile moves against the Turks. Airspace incursions, granted usually in less politically tense ... Read More »

Why It’s Time For A Free Kurdistan

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Self-Determination It’s spread across several de facto “states,” but Kurdish nationalism has become a reality as the rest of the Middle East crumbles. The Daily Beast – Written by Aliza Marcus  and Andrew Apostolou * It’s time to stop debating whether or not the Kurds deserve an independent state. There are around 40 million Kurds across Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria—the largest ethnic group without self-determination. Kurds have long sought independence, but the states in which they live have always ... Read More »

Could U.S.-Russia Tensions Go Nuclear?

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Believe it or not, hair-trigger launch alerts are still with us—and perhaps even more dangerous than during the Cold War. Politico – By Bruce Blair * The Russian warplane recently shot down inside Turkey’s border with Syria fits a pattern of brinkmanship and inadvertence that is raising tensions and distrust between Russia and U.S.-led NATO. Low-level military encounters between Moscow and Washington are fanning escalatory sparks not witnessed since the Cold War. And there exists a small but steadily growing ... Read More »

Four Ways Russia’s Military is More Advanced Than One Might Think

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There is a popular opinion in the West that Russian military hardware has fallen obsolete. In fact, Russia could be innovative in the field, with the West falling short. Sputnik The US magazine Popular Mechanics named four ways Russia’s military is more advanced than “you might think.” According to the article, many in the West tend to think that Russian hardware is second-rate, and that if the Russians make anything good, they must have copied it from the West. “In reality, Russia can be ... Read More »

Russia is already exacting its revenge on Turkey

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Just more than 24 hours after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on after claiming the jet had violated Turkish airspace, Moscow is already exacting its revenge — albeit subtly. Business Insider – Natasha Bertrand “We’re not going to wage a war against Turkey. … But we will seriously reconsider our agreements with the Turkish government,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a press call on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. “Our attitude to the Turkish people hasn’t ... Read More »

Turkey’s Diplomatic Dogfight

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MADRID – Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane risks opening a new front in the violence engulfing Syria, thereby dashing the hopes for a rapprochement between Russia and the West that had arisen in the wake of the Paris massacre. With Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan now engaged in a war of words, and given the nightmare scenario of something far worse, it is more important than ever that the European Union do all that ... Read More »

An Alarming New Escalation in the Syria War

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Turkish officials say their fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border on Tuesday 24 November after warning it ten times in the space of five minutes that it was violating Turkish airspace. Moscow said that a SU-24 was downed but could prove the aircraft never left Syrian airspace, with President Vladimir Putin himself saying it was 1km inside Syria. ICG – By Crisis Group Drawing on the expertise of its analysts covering Syria, Turkey and Russia, ... Read More »

Putin Tells The World What Kurds Have Been Shouting For A Year: Turkey Supports ISIS

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally told the world what the Kurds have been saying for over a year. Kurdish Question Published in North Kurdistan  That the Turkish state, it’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and AKP government are facilitating, supporting and benefiting from the terror waged by ISIS (Daesh). The downing of a Russian fighter jet this morning by Turkish F16 fighter jets in an area near the Turkey-Syria border has led Russian President Putin to speak bluntly about what ... Read More »

NATO, Turkey, annexation of north Syria like north Cyprus?

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On Tuesday 24 November Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border, and yet again called for another NATO emergency meeting to obtain statements of solidarity with Turkey. The Times of Israel – Christina Lin * Back in July, Turkey also called for an emergency NATO meeting after an ISIS attack in the Kurdish town of Suruc (that Kurds blame on collusion of Turkish police), in order to justify and legitimize its bombing campaign against the PKK ... Read More »

How are Ukrainian weapons ending up in the hands of ISIS?

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Significant amounts of Ukrainian-manufactured weapons are ending up in the hands of the Islamic State, prompting accusations that Kiev may be arming the militant group in an effort to impair its regional foe Russia. IntelNews – by Joseph Fitsanakis Persisting rumors that Ukraine may be secretly arming the Islamic State —also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS— resurfaced last week, when authorities in Kuwait arrested six men suspected of working for the militant group. Among ... Read More »

Redefining AirSea Battle: JAM-GC, China and the Quest for Clarity

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The operational concept formerly known as AirSea Battle created quite a stir. Where does its successor, JAM-GC, go from here? The National Interest – James Holmes * Word has it the Pentagon will soon release a directive outlining its “Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons” (JAM-GC). JAM-GC is the Joint Staff’s manifesto for managing the “anti-access/area-denial” (A2/AD) problem, principally in waters that wash against the Eurasian rimlands. Anti-access is how the Chinas, Irans, or Russias of the ... Read More »

The Paris Attacks Reflect Intelligence Failure — Not a Change in ISIS Strategy

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The recent attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamic State have led to widespread speculation about a possible shift in strategy on the part of ISIS. Taken in conjunction with the downing of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai and the bombings in the predominantly Shia Dahiyeh suburbs of Beirut, it is argued that ISIS is lashing out at the “far enemy” as it comes under pressure on the home fronts in Iraq and Syria, such as its ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It

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Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity’s common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The New York Times – By KAMEL DAOUD Lire en français (Read in French) » The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial ... Read More »

Turkey’s informal ISIS support

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The macabre spectacle of world leaders meeting for the G20 in Turkey was another chapter in the ironic dissonance that is all too common place in the war on terror. TorontoSun – By Sara MacIntyre, Postmedia Network Turkey shares a 565-mile border with Syria, ground zero in the ISIS fight to establish a caliphate- a fundamentalist Islamic state, yes, a state for ISIS. Much ink has already been spilled trying to understand, explain and lay blame for the second wave ... Read More »