Libya: Getting Geneva Right

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ICG – Middle East and North Africa Report N°157 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Libya’s deteriorating internal conflict may be nearing a dramatic turning point. Over six months of fighting between two parliaments, their respective governments and allied militias have led to the brink of all-out war. On the current trajectory, the most likely medium-term prospect is not one side’s triumph, but that rival ... Read More »

Burkina Faso: Nine Months to Complete the Transition

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Three months after Blaise Compaoré’s departure, Burkina Faso’s transition is moving forward in an uncertain context. ICG The provisional government, with the help of its international partners, should initiate urgent reforms and ensure the October 2015 elections allow for peaceful, democratic change. When President Blaise Compaoré was ousted in October 2014, he left the country with weak institutions and under ... Read More »

Yemen Conflict Alert: Time for Compromise

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Sanaa/Brussels | ICG | Yemen’s UN-backed transition has unravelled and the country has entered a new, highly unstable phase. On 22 January President Abed-Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the prime minister resigned after Huthi fighters seized the presidential palace and consolidated control of the capital. This has upended the troubled transition and raises the very real prospect of territorial fragmentation, economic ... Read More »

Yemeni president capitulates to the demands of Houthi rebels

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Abed Mansour Hadi agrees power-sharing role that will dilute his powers, after he was ousted from his palace in Sana’a The Guardian – Hakim Almasmari in Sana’a, and Martin Chulov in Beirut Yemen’s president Abed Mansour Hadi has yielded to the demands of Houthi gunmen who over ran the capital Sana’a, agreeing to a power-sharing role that will dilute his powers ... Read More »

Colombia: The ELN’s Long and Slow March to Peace

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This blog post by Crisis Group’s Analyst for Colombia/Andes, Christian Voelkel, was published with permission from Razón Pública, where a Spanish version of the blog post was published on 18 January.   ICG – By Christian Voelkel | @voelkelchr When the big moment finally came on 7 January, it was hard to avoid the feeling that an opportunity has been lost. Some ... Read More »

UN mediates Libyan talks in Geneva

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Special envoy hopes armed factions on the ground will observe ceasefire to support negotiation process in Swiss city. Talks between rival Libyan factions have started in Geneva with the aim of reaching a peace deal that could lead to the development of a unity government. The UN is hosting the talks in the Swiss city amid warnings they could be ... Read More »

South Sudan and IGAD: Seize the Day

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The upcoming Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to be held on 30 January, is a rare window of opportunity for the regional body, and its partners, to compel South Sudan’s warring parties to make the compromises necessary for peace. ICG – By Casie Copeland | @copelandcasie Pressure is increasing on the parties to sign onto a ... Read More »

Senator Graham threatens to defund UN over Palestine bid

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Netanyahu tells visiting Republican lawmaker that Israel will stand firm against effort to impose statehood terms BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF AND AFP Visiting US Senator Lindsey Graham threatened Saturday to withhold US funding from the UN, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at the Palestinian Authority, a day after a senior Palestinian official said the PA will push for ... Read More »

South Sudan: Jonglei – “We Have Always Been at War

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South Sudan’s Jonglei state is emblematic of the regional, national and local challenges to peace and of the limitations of trying to resolve a conflict by engaging only two of the nearly two-dozen armed groups in the country. ICG Despite eleven months of peace talks mediated by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), South Sudan’s civil war threatens to intensify ... Read More »

Eastern Ukraine: A Dangerous Winter

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Winter in Ukraine is injecting further uncertainty into an already volatile conflict. After well over 5,000 deaths and eight months of war, eastern Ukraine – particularly the separatist-held parts of Donetsk and Luhansk – now runs the risk of a humanitarian crisis. ICG All parties involved in the conflict should refrain from offensive operations, concentrating instead on helping the population ... Read More »