South Sudan: Keeping Faith with the IGAD Peace Process

Iga 1a

Nairobi/Addis Ababa/Brussels, ICG - Africa Report N°228 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For more than eighteen months, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional body mediating peace negotiations to end South Sudan’s civil war, has struggled to secure a deal in the face of deep regional divisions and the parties’ truculence. To overcome these challenges, it announced a revised, expanded mediation – ... Read More »

The Libyan Political Dialogue: An Incomplete Consensus

Morc 1a

The preliminary political agreement that emerged from UN-led talks between Libyan rival factions at a signing ceremony in the Moroccan coastal resort town of Skhirat last week was a critical first step toward ending the Libyan civil war. Tripoli/Brussels  | ICG Yet one side’s refusal to come on board without further amendments to the text potentially makes the agreement stillborn. Under ... Read More »

Can the Macedonia name dispute be resolved?

Valk 2b

With Croatia being the newest member of the European Union, one of the most important items on the E.U. agenda is still further expansion and the inclusion of all of the Western Balkans in the Union. However, there are many issues that must be resolved for some of the countries to be eligible to join. OneEurope – Christos Mouzeviris Many ... Read More »

Northern Ireland peace broker: We should talk to Isis

Gerry Adams & others 1a LLLL

It was a petty gesture, a stubborn mistake he still regrets. In 1997, after years of bickering and violence in Northern Ireland, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, met with leaders of the Irish Republican Army about a possible peace agreement. But when Powell sat down with his counterparts in the IRA – a ... Read More »

S. Korean violinist wants border concert with North Korea

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Violinist Won Hyung Joon wants to bring North and South Korean musicians together next month to perform on each side of the world’s most heavily armed border. Standing in the way is the rivals’ long, frustrating inability to move past their painful shared history. Hurriyet - SEOUL – The Associated Press Won says North Korean diplomats in Berlin have tentatively ... Read More »

On Thinner Ice: The Final Phase of Colombia’s Peace Talks

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Latin America Briefing N°32 – ICG – The Overview is also available in: Spanish  OVERVIEW The peace talks between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) enter their toughest stretch both vulnerable and resilient. The former quality was displayed on 22 May, when the collapse of the guerrillas’ five-month old unilateral ceasefire triggered the worst escalation of ... Read More »

The Status of the Status Quo at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

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ICG – Middle East Report N°159 – This report is also available in: Hebrew EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan underway and Jewish high holidays soon to follow, tensions have started to rise, if only slightly, at the Holy Esplanade – the Temple Mount (har habayit) to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary (al-haram al-sharif) to Muslims. In mid-2014, ... Read More »

Pope in Sarajevo, urges lasting ethnic and religious peace

Pope in Serajevo 1a 2015 LLLL

Pope Francis urged Bosnians on June 6 to seek lasting ethnic and religious harmony to heal the deep, lingering wounds of the 1992-1995 war that devastated the former Yugoslav republic. Hurriyet – SARAJEVO – Reuters “The cry of God’s people goes up once again from this city, the cry of all men and women of good will: war never again,” he ... Read More »

If You Thought Sorry Was The Hardest Word, Try Mentioning Compensation

Aboriginal's flag on a wall 1a

Today is National Sorry Day. And as we continue to dodge justice and repeat the mistakes of our past, we still have plenty to be sorry for, writes Amy McQuire. New Matilda – By Amy McQuire It’s been 18 long years since the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in Parliament. To commemorate this, Aboriginal communities and organisations across the country ... Read More »

Colombia Peace Process: Lurching Backwards

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Bogotá/Brussels  |  ICG Colombia’s peace process faces its most serious crisis yet, after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) suspended a five month old unilateral ceasefire. Instead of more measures to de-escalate the conflict ahead of a final peace agreement, there are now new risks that the confrontation will escalate, causing fresh humanitarian damage, crippling trust between the parties and ... Read More »