Venezuelan opposition demands government release prisoners

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Nicolas Maduro hosts opposition leaders, who lay out demands and blame the president for an economic crisis that spurred protests leading to deadly violence. CARACAS, Venezuela — A marathon meeting between President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leaders that ended early Friday kept alive the possibility of a compromise between the two sides to halt Venezuela’s slide toward anarchy. Maduro hosted ... Read More »

South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other Name

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Addis Ababa/Juba/Nairobi/Brussels | Refocusing international engagement as well as the peace negotiations is essential to stop South Sudan’s raging civil war from claiming ever more lives. South Sudan’s four-month civil war has displaced more than a million and killed over 10,000; an escalating humanitarian crisis threatens many more. In its latest report, South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other ... Read More »

Indian voters kick off world’s biggest election


The nine-phase parliamentary election ends on May 12 and the results should be announced four days later Indians began voting in the world’s biggest election on Monday which is set to sweep the Hindu nationalist opposition to power at a time of low growth, anger about corruption and warnings about religious unrest. India’s 814-million-strong electorate are forecast to inflict a ... Read More »

Women May Get Right To Fight On Frontline


The head of the Army gives his strongest hint yet that women could soon be able to fight on the frontline for Britain. The British Army is “seriously considering” lifting its ban on women serving in combat roles in line with other countries such as the US, the chief of the general staff has said. General Sir Peter Wall told ... Read More »

U.N. chief warns against repeat of Rwanda in Central African Republic

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday warned officials in the embattled Central African Republic not to repeat the mistakes that led to the Rwanda genocide 20 years ago. STORY HIGHLIGHTS UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tells Central African Republic not to repeat Rwandan genocide Christian and Muslim militias have been battling for control in the nation Chad pulls 850 troops from ... Read More »

Debunking the Anzac myth starts with the stories we tell our children


An illustrated book about the battlefield’s real legacy encourages young Australians to contemplate the futility of war John Schumann has turned his anti-war anthem I Was Only Nineteen into an illustrated children’s book. Video: Allen & Unwin As the centenary of the first world war approaches, our children will hear an awful lot of stories about glorious Australian battlefield victories, ... Read More »

Syria artist sets Guinness record for world’s largest mural


Moaffak Makhoul and his team complete mural in Damascus, two months shy of third anniversary of grim conflict in Syria. DAMASCUS – A Syrian artist has set a Guinness record for the world’s largest mural made of recycled materials, aiming to inspire hope and creativity in his war-ravaged country. Guinness World Records announced on its Facebook page that Moaffak Makhoul ... Read More »

The Ambassador’s Response to: Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?

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Sir/Madam, Maybe it is futile to engage in polemics with a “renowned investigative journalist” and an even more prestigious financial magazine. However the provocation is too strong to ignore. May I suggest that Mr. Miniter’s new American Media Institute, whose mission will be to “investigate wrongdoing through investigative journalism,” start by investigating what Turkey did wrong in Cyprus? I think ... Read More »

Obama’s Secret Weapon Against Putin’s Crimea Vote?


In a Soviet-style election, 97% Crimeans voted to join Russia yesterday. Ethnic Russians make up only 58% of Crimea . The lopsided vote is determined by two factors: many ethnic minorities, especially Muslim Tartars and Roman Catholics, stayed home and there was roughly one Russian soldier or sailor for every 20 eligible voters. For many, voting “no” didn’t seem like ... Read More »