There’s great potential in maritime heritage

Leaders recently adopted the African Charter on Maritime Security, Safety and Development. Daily Nation By PAUL ODHIAMBO The charter has been developed at a time when African states are rethinking the potential of the blue economy in their territorial waters and… There’s great potential… Read More »

John Rau’s Senior Counsel application given special consideration, confirms SA Chief Justice

Special consideration was given to an application by Attorney-General and Deputy Premier John Rau to become a Senior Counsel (SC), South Australia’s Chief Justice Chris Kourakis has confirmed, as it would spare any public embarrassment if it had been rejected. ABC Nick Harmsen and Angelique Donnellan The Chief Justice absented himself from considering Mr Rau’s application to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest. Mr. Rau’s ultimately successful application was submitted after a… John Rau’s Senior Counsel application given ... Read More »

Megan Latham resigns just days after Government passed legislation which effectively sacked her

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) commissioner Megan Latham has resigned. ABC Sarah Gerathy Her resignation comes just days after she learnt she would have been forced to reapply for her job under changes to the ICAC’s structure that passed New South Wales Parliament last week. The legislation prompted claims that the State Government was effectively forcing Ms Latham out of her job, as… Megan Latham resigns just days after… Read More »

NT child abuse reports skyrocketing, children’s commissioner report shows

Almost 1,800 children have been abused or neglected in just one year in the Northern Territory, and Territory Families failed to protect almost a quarter of them from more abuse, a new report has revealed. ABC Neda Nanovac and Eleni Roussos The NT children’s commissioner has released her annual report, finding that the number of notifications potential harm to children has more than doubled in the past five years. Last year alone, there was a 20 per cent spike in ... Read More »

President Trump and the Art of the Iran Nuclear Deal

President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy direction remains uncertain, but his campaign rhetoric has cast doubt on the future of the successful multilateral nuclear accord with Iran. ICG The co-signatories with the U.S. – China, France, Germany, Russia and the UK – can take action now to… President Trump and… Read More »

The Electoral College has to go — here’s how we do it

The United States can’t pretend to be a democracy. BY MARK WESTON, CONTRIBUTOR First-place candidates have lost two presidential elections in the last 16 years: Al Gore lost despite beating George W. Bush by 544,000 votes in 2000, and Hillary Clinton was defeated even though she… The Electoral College has… Read More »

Tough general convinces Trump to change tune on torture

US president-elect Donald Trump said Wednesday that advice from a Marine general renowned for his frank talk had convinced him to think again about authorising the torture of detainees. SBS The Republican tycoon had previously made bloodcurdling pledges to restore waterboarding and “far, far worse” in US detention centers, scorning President Barack Obama’s ban on the practice. But last weekend Trump sat down with James Mattis, a retired general respected across Washington and the US military for… Tough general convinces ... Read More »

For EU, Poland is not yet lost

Why Europe better stand up to Warsaw’s illiberal rulers. By Paul Taylor  GDAŃSK, Poland — Poland’s de facto ruler, Jarosław Kaczyński, is betting he can get away with emasculating his country’s constitutional court without For EU, Poland… Read More »

Dutton risks jeopardising the fight against terrorism: Labor

Labor has accused Peter Dutton of jeopardising the fight against terrorism, as coalition MPs came to the immigration minister’s defence. SBS Mr Dutton has blamed Fraser government immigration policies for problems such as radicalisation and gang violence 30 years on, pointing to figures showing 22 of the past 33 people charged with terrorism-related offences were from second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds. Responding to a national security speech by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday which… Dutton risks jeopardising the fight against… Read More »

Trump’s UN pick has a national reputation as healer-in-chief

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Gov. Nikki Haley has developed a national reputation as a racial conciliator who led the charge to bring down the Confederate flag at the Statehouse and guided South Carolina through one of its darkest moments, the massacre at a black church. Associated Press Now the 44-year-old American-born daughter of Indian immigrants is about to take her role as the state’s healer-in… Trump’s UN pick… Read More »

The Standing Rock protests are a taste of things to come

The way opponents of the Dakota Access pipeline have been treated by police is likely to be replicated on a massive scale under Donald Trump. The Guardian Kate Aronoff Horrific scenes have been coming out of North Dakota these last several days, where the battle is ongoing to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. On Sunday night, police turned tear gas and rubber bullets on The Standing Rock protests are a… Read More »

Turkey and the EU: The end of the affair?

The European Parliament will vote this week on whether to suspend Turkey’s talks on joining the EU, and the Turkish government is giving a good impression of looking the other way. By Selin Girit, BBC News, Istanbul “Turkey should feel relaxed about the EU and not be fixated about joining it,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the… Turkey and the… Read More »

Farage ‘flattered’ by Trump suggestion he become ambassador

Nigel Farage, the interim leader of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) and the person playing a key role in Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, said he is “flattered” by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s suggestion that he become Britain’s ambassador to the United States. LONDON – The Associated Press Farage said Nov. 22 he would do anything possible to help relations between the… Farage ‘flattered’ by… Read More »