When the guns go silent who foots the bill? China is ready

Syria - Asia Times

President Vladimir Putin may be hammering out an endgame in Damascus, but Russia has no money to rebuild once the shooting stops, but Beijing does Sami Moubayed Asia Times All signals from the Trump White House indicate that the new US President is seemingly ready and willing to outsource the entire Syrian conflict to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, who will be given a free hand to… When the guns go… Read More »

When a president fights the law, there’s only ever one winner

Judge - The Guardian

Donald Trump’s fury at a federal judge who overturned his immigration order betrays his deep – and dangerous – ignorance of the constitution Richard Wolffe The Guardian There’s no point in judging Donald Trump by the standards of others. He obviously doesn’t care for ethics, the truth, allies, women or minorities. So let’s judge… When a president… Read More »

Much Ado About Russia

Putin - The Daily Caller

Vladimir Putin is looking for an apology from Fox News over Bill O’Reilly’s comment calling the Russian president “a killer.” David Krayden The Daily Caller I don’t know if he wants to sit down with O’Reilly over a few jiggers of Russian vodka or if he is insisting on a statement being read by the management in prime time. The words were… Much Ado About Russia Read More »

Trump and May can do it. The EU? Not so much

EU Council President Donald Tusk leaves after a statement on Brexit at the EU Headquarters in Brussels on June 24, 2016.
Britain has voted to break out of the European Union, striking a thunderous blow against the bloc and spreading panic through world markets on June 24 as sterling collapsed to a 31-year low. / AFP / JOHN THYS        (Photo credit should read JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Brussels can only dream of swift, decisive action. And that’s probably for the best. Tim King Politico While Donald Trump gives a jaw-dropping demonstration of the executive powers of a U.S president and Prime Minister Theresa May shows how little the U.K. parliament constrains her powers, the EU’s ventures into new… Trump and May… Read More »

China: The Real Winner of the 2016 Election

China - The National Interest

Can the U.S.-China relationship survive a Twitter president? Thomas J. Shattuck The National Interest After a president of the United States takes office, he normally enjoys what is called a “honeymoon period,” which is when the public and Congress generally approve of his actions and policies. During this time… China: The Real… Read More »

Big hopes for the New Gambia

Gambia - Al Jazeera

What is next for Africa’s newest democracy? Robin Renee Sanders Al Jazeera News The Gambian political crisis appears to be over with President Adama Barrow having taken the reins of power, successfully and peacefully, with the backing and support of ECOWAS. So, what is next… Big hopes for… Read More »

State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows barred travelers to enter U.S.

Ypol 1a

The Department of Homeland Security complied with a judge’s orders Saturday and stopped enforcing President Trump’s controversial entry ban, and the fast-moving legal dispute over the president’s powers could land at the… By Robert Barnes, Matt Zapotosky and Abby Phillip The Washington Post On Saturday evening, Trump administration lawyers filed a… State Dept. reverses… Read More »

A federal judge just stopped the government from enforcing key parts of Trump’s visa ban

Shef 3c

And the government is complying Updated by Dara Lind On Friday night, Judge James Robart of the Western District of Washington issued a temporary restraining order that forces the federal government to stop enforcing a ban on entries to the… The ruling was issued in a… A federal judge… Read More »

Airlines told to allow banned travelers into US after judge’s order – reports

Daun 3c

Trump travel ban Seattle judge temporarily halts Trump’s travel ban after hearing arguments it unlawfully discriminated against Muslims and caused unreasonable… Alan Yuhas in San Francisco The Guardian Customs officials have reportedly told US airlines that they can board passengers who had been barred from entering the country after a… Airlines told to… Read More »

Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying

Acts 1a Bráulio Amado LLLL

MILWAUKEE — If President Trump’s first tumultuous weeks have done nothing else, at least they have again made us a nation of… Charles J. Sykes The New York Times As Americans grapple with the unreality of the new administration, George Orwell’s “1984” has enjoyed a resurgence of interest, becoming a surprise best seller and… Why Nobody Cares… Read More »

Google Redefines The Word ‘Fascism’ To Smear Conservatives, Protect Liberal Rioters

Fascism - The Daily Caller

Has Google, the world’s most popular search engine, changed the definition of the word “fascism” to protect liberal mobs using violence to silence those who disagree with them politically? Derek Hunter The Daily Caller The evidence suggest they have. You see it on… Google Redefines The… Read More »

Ukraine Flare-Up Lays Bare Fears in Europe’s East

Xion 2b

Renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine is quickly turning into a litmus test of Russia’s intentions in backing Ukrainian separatist rebels, and the real willingness of the West, in particular the… Magdalena Grono ICG Fears over Washington’s wavering may also cause positions to harden in the… Ukraine Flare-Up… Read More »

The Australia government is playing Russian roulette with women’s lives

Despit 2b

The case of a pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia on Nauru is sadly representative of a broader risk women face on the island Katie Robertson The Guardian  While much focus this week has been on whether President Trump will honour the covert deal made by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and… The Australia government… Read More »

Dutch government: ‘British diplomats should stop spreading false Nexit rumours’

Gey 1a

It has been a tumultuous week for the European Union; talks of Grexit, Italy is likely to leave the Eurozone, the Hungarians like Putin more than their own EU-allies, and now rumours of The Netherlands leaving the EU (Nexit) are… By Benjamin de Wolf Gatestone Europe According to a Dutch member of parliament, Michiel… And apparently these… Dutch government: ‘British… Read More »

Death penalty: Australia’s top lawyers urge Government to push for end to capital punishment worldwide

Death Penalty - ABC

Some of the nation’s biggest legal heavy-hitters are pushing the Australian Government to end the death penalty worldwide. David Taylor ABC Today marks the 50th anniversary since the last Australian was executed on home soil, but since then six Australians have died at the hands of other governments. The Law Council is… Death penalty: Australia’s… Read More »

Israel: An inspiration for Trump

Israel - Al Jazeera

Israel has set a great example of racist bans and walls for Trump to follow. Yasmeen Elkhoudary Al Jazeera News The past week has been distressingly sad, following the outrageous news coming from the United States featuring Muslims who are affected by President Donald Trump’s racist Muslim ban. Reading about the… Israel: An inspiration… Read More »