Lady Liberty’s dimming light

A savage stroke of the pen makes America into the country we were told to fear. Roya Hakakian Politico NEW YORK — If a debate, and the sentiments it subsequently evokes, can ever undo a nation’s character, the debate over “the wall,” the banning of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations and the refusal to take in refugees… Lady Liberty’s dimming… Read More »

Can China afford to challenge the United States?

Trump calls China’s bluff on a naval arms race in the South China Sea. Salvatore Babones Al Jazeera News As China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, meets this week in Beijing, one problem is on everyone’s mind: China’s surging levels of government and private sector debt. For the past… Can China afford… Read More »

Germany and post-modern fascism

All German authorities are currently doing with their contradictory decisions is just appeasing post-modern fascists in the EU Mahmut Ovur Daily Sabah Anti-Turkey sentiments have been on the rise among European Union members, including in Germany, the organisation’s economic powerhouse. Islamophobia and xenophobia… Germany and post-modern… Read More »

Trump’s Russophiles under investigation, Europe remains ‘en garde’

Last Friday U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the ongoing FBI probe of the case of the Russian interference in the US Presidential elections favoring Donald Trump. Dennis Kefalakos European Sting He said “I have recused myself in the matters that deal with the Trump campaign.” Last September, the… Trump’s Russophiles under… Read More »

Trump’s ‘Islamic’ headache

The term of “radical Islamic terrorism” has been repeated so often that now it almost has a place in the Western lexicon. Hakki Ocal Daily Sabah Despite the fact that George W Bush, Margeret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Barack Obama and many other Western leaders warned against its use, there is a war of words over “Islamic terrorism.” Muslim leaders and… Trump’s ‘Islamic’… Read More »

TURKEY: Reverse Regime Change, Replacing Secularism with Sultanism

Since 2002, the Republic of Turkey has been ruled by the Justice and Development Party (or AKP), founded Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and… Dr Can Erimtan 21st Century Wire At first, Erdoğan and his henchmen appeared to respect the rule of law and the political traditions established by Mustafa Kemal… The economic boom of the early AKP years and the… TURKEY: Reverse Regime… Read More »

EU citizens ‘should have guarantees after Brexit’

MPs have heaped pressure on ministers to guarantee the right of EU citizens in Britain to remain after Brexit ahead of a crucial vote this… Paris Gourtsoyiannis The Scotsman A report from the Commons Exiting the EU select committee has condemned Home Office processes for considering permanent residence applications as “not fit for purpose” after it… EU citizens ‘should… Read More »

Google si Directing the French Election Campaign

Since February 28, 2017, Google News Lab and the European Journalism Center (EJC) have coordinated French and foreign companies for the duration of the French presidential election campaign. Voltaire Both organizations rely on the experience of ProPublica, which directed the media against Donald Trump during the US election campaign. They not only… Google si Directing… Read More »

Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination Is a Wake-Up Call to the World

“The North Korean regime is not simply a pariah to be ridiculed, but a dangerous threat to the world.” Jose Ramos-Horta and Benedict Rogers The Diplomat The assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Kuala Lumpur airport two weeks ago is a reminder of the depravity and barbarity of his half-brother, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, and the world’s most… Kim Jong-nam’s… Read More »

Updating Cyprus’ money-laundering record

Just over two weeks ago, Transparency International published a report called “Top Secret Countries Keep Financial Crime Fighting Data to… Fiona Mullen in.cyprus Transparency and good preventive practices are important because money-laundering cases are difficult to… The Magnitksy case, for example, has been open in… Updating Cyprus’ money… Read More »

Local Elections: The Coming Test for Nepal’s Constitution

Nepal holds local elections for the first time in two… Stephen Groves The Diplomat KATHMANDU — For the first time in 20 years, Nepalis will go to the ballot box on May 14 to elect local officials, marking a significant step in consummating the Constitution passed in September… But they will do so without the consent of the… Local Elections: The… Read More »