Ukip call for five year ban on unskilled migrants entering Britain

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NO MORE unskilled migrant workers should be allowed into Britain for at least five years, Ukip will say today. Express – By MACER HALL Urgent measures are required to stop the surge of newcomers that has sent annual net migration soaring to record levels, according to the anti-Brussels party. But a new “ethical” visa system that does not discriminate between EU ... Read More »

Why do Russians still support Vladimir Putin?

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Talking to Russians young and old, Jana Bakunina found five main reasons why support for the president has not declined in the face of international pressure. NewStatesman - BY JANA BAKUNINA The news of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician, dominated the news this weekend. It was possible to imagine – just for a day or two – that ... Read More »

Islamophobia is a reasonable reaction to jihadi violence and Islam’s aversion to criticism

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A SPECTRE is haunting Australia – the spectre of Islamophobia. At least that’s what progressive voices in the media have been telling us. Courier Mail - Ted Lapkin * The airwaves and newspapers have lately been filled with dire predictions of a massive grassroots anti-Muslim backlash that’s always just around the corner. Last week, left-wing barrister Julian Burnside accused Prime ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia’s new king is trying to get a firmer grip on the kingdom’s oil

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RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s subtle change of energy policymaker line-up since the accession of new King Salman in late January appears to give the monarch’s inner circle a firmer hand on the kingdom’s oil strategy than previous rulers have enjoyed. BusinessInsider – RANIA EL GAMAL, ANGUS MCDOWALL The most notable change was the promotion of the king’s son Prince Abdulaziz ... Read More »

Senate expresses confidence in Gillian Triggs and Human Rights Commission

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Sarah Hanson-Young says Greens-led motion, which gained cross-party support, was in response to the ‘Abbott government’s hysterical attack on the Human Rights Commission’ The Guardian – Shalailah Medhora The Senate has passed a motion expressing confidence in Gillian Triggs and the Human Rights Commission after the motion gained cross-party support. The Greens-led motion had the backing of Labor, the Palmer United ... Read More »

Tony Abbott expresses confidence in George Brandis after Senate censure

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Labor motion accuses attorney general of being unfit for the office and follows evidence last week suggesting human rights chief Gillian Triggs was pressured to resign The Guardian – Daniel Hurst, political correspondent @danielhurstbne The prime minister, Tony Abbott, has expressed “an abundance of confidence” in George Brandis after the Senate censured the attorney general over his treatment of the president of ... Read More »

It’s time to choose what kind of tax system we want

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Five years ago the Henry Review undertook a detailed examination of Australia’s tax and transfer system. Today, the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at ANU’s Crawford School has revisited the Henry Review, as the Australian government prepares to release its tax white paper. The Conversation - Miranda Stewart * Tax reform should not be piecemeal, but should be considered across the ... Read More »

Mo Ibrahim prize: Namibia President Pohamba gets $5m award

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BBC - The outgoing Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba has won the world’s most valuable individual award, the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership. The $5m (£3.2m) award is given each year to an elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and then left office. But the previous award was the fourth in five years to have gone unclaimed. Mr ... Read More »

Western Australia’s New Sentencing Laws May Increase Indigenous Incarceration Rates


Changes in Western Australia’s “three strikes and you’re out” sentencing laws have drawn concern that they’ll further increase the number of Aboriginal youths incarcerated in the state. The bill expands mandatory jail sentences for those convicted of home burglary for a third time by making it easier for prior records to count as “strikes”. It also doubles the penalty to ... Read More »