No more Cuban-style policies?

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IN MANY respects, the new French government, which was unveiled today, looks a lot like the old one. The reformist Manuel Valls is still prime minister. Laurent Fabius stays on as foreign minister; Michel Sapin continues as finance minister; Jean-Yves Le Drian keeps his job at defence; Ségolène Royal remains in charge of the environment and energy; Bernard Cazeneuve stays ... Read More »

How Australia Perfected Solar Power And Then Went Back To Coal


There was a time in the 1980s when Australia lead the world in solar technology. To begin with, Australia receives more solar radiation per square foot than anywhere on the planet, and that presents an obvious advantage. But the true catalyst was geography: two thirds of the country consists of uninhabited desert. This posed problems for engineers tasked with constructing a national ... Read More »

Agents on ‘secret’ immigration blacklist have their names published

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A blacklist of registered migration agents and lawyers the Department of Immigration tried to keep secret has been reproduced online, escalating calls for an inquiry and a possible class action against the department. The Law Council of Australia and the Migration Institute of Australia have requested urgent meetings with departmental heads, after one of three such lists was published on a ... Read More »

British jihadists ‘should be stripped of citizenship’, says David Davis

Former shadow home secretary David Davis has mocked the Home Office’s latest plans to tackle Islamist extremists in Britain. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

Senior Tory backbencher calls for tougher penalties against people travelling abroad to fight with Isis David Davis, the senior Conservative backbencher, has mocked the Home Office’s latest plans to tackle Islamist extremists in Britain and demanded far tougher penalties for people travelling abroad to fight with Islamic State (Isis). In an article in the Mail on Sunday, he said British ... Read More »

Our boys in the Islamic state: Britain’s export jihad

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We’ve become the West’s leading producer of ‘foreign fighters’. Some day the chickens will come home to roost It is the now familiar nightmare image. A kneeling prisoner, and behind him a black-hooded man speaking to camera. The standing man denounces the West and claims that his form of Islam is under attack. He then saws off the head of ... Read More »

Theresa May considering banning orders to combat British extremism

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Home secretary to bring in new laws that may strip Britons fighting in Syria and Iraq of their citizenship The home secretary is poised to bring in laws to tackle British extremists in the wake of the killing of US journalist James Foley by a jihadist with an English accent. Theresa May said Britain must introduce all the legal powers necessary to win ... Read More »

Peace Through Friendship


WHEN two groups are in conflict, how can you improve relations between them? One strategy is to encourage positive personal contact among individuals from each group. If a Catholic and a Protestant in Northern Ireland would only sit down together to talk — learning about one another’s families, hearing about one another’s fears — the encounter, according to this approach, ... Read More »

Davutoğlu, the Kemalo-Islamist

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Ahmet Davutoğlu is not someone who was popular among his own party to be nominated as prime minister. According to several polls, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) voters did not favor him either. Yet, similar to the Ottoman traditions, it was not the society that chose him but the father (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) who was the decisive factor. This ... Read More »