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How Should Art Address Human Rights?

Artists who call attention to victims of conflict and violence must strike a balance between self-expression and respect for their subjects Jacoba Urist The Atlantic Last month marked six years since the start of the Syrian war, which has forced millions of people to flee their homes in one of the largest humanitarian crises in modern history. Perhaps the artist who has most visibly used his work to draw attention to the conflict is Ai Weiwei, whose political activism has earned him ... Read More »

Let’s do a Brexit deal with the Parthenon marbles

Britain has the perfect opportunity to return the artefacts to Greece. It’s the right thing to do – and could earn concessions in… Geoffrey Robertson The Guardian Not yet a week since the triggering of article 50, and already hope of cordial negotiations… At the weekend, amid early jostling over the post-Brexit fate of Gibraltar, former Tory leader Michael Howard implied that one way to resolve that situation could be a war with Spain. Let’s do a… Read More »

When a drug epidemic’s victims are white

How racial bias and segregation molded a gentler response to the opioid… German Lopez Vox When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discusses his compassionate approach to the ongoing opioid epidemic, he frequently brings up a close friend from law… He describes this friend as perfect — incredibly smart, with a… When a drug… Read More »

Sturgeon tells US audience that Scots are ready for independence

Nicola Sturgeon has told a US audience that Scotland is ready to take its place as an “equal partner” in the global family of nations by… Scott Macnab The Scotsman The First Minister stepped up the pressure on Theresa May to allow a second referendum to be staged during a keynote speech at… Ms Sturgeon argued in… Sturgeon tells US… Read More »

Evidence of ancient ‘geological Brexit’ revealed

The UK has now started the formal process of leaving the EU, but scientists say they have evidence of a much earlier… Rebecca Morelle BBC They have worked out how a thin strip of land that once connected ancient Britain to Europe was… The researchers believe a large lake overflowed 450,000 years ago, damaging the land link, then a later flood fully opened the… Evidence of ancient… Read More »

The Presidency debate: Social inclusion

After years of austerity, confidence in Europe’s capacity to care for the weakest and most disadvantaged has come under close… By Brian Maguire, Evan Lamos and Olivier Billot | The Maltese presidency pledges to lead by example advancing Europe social policy in close consultation with social partners, civil society and… The Presidency is a video series by EURACTIV, looking at the… The Presidency debate… Read More »

Syria conflict: Dozens dead, including children, in suspected chemical attack in Idlib

The deadliest chemical weapons attack in years in Syria killed dozens of people in northern Idlib province on Tuesday morning, including women and children, and sickened scores more, according… The Age New York Times, Reuters A few hours later, according to several witnesses, another airstrike hit one of the clinics treating victims, who had been farmed out to… Syria conflict: Dozens… Read More »

African Nations Turn Human Rights Scanner on ‘Racist and Xenophobic’ India

NEW DELHI: The African missions, after several days of discussions with each other and more importantly with officials in the… The Citizen Bureau In a statement issued by the office of the Dean of the African Group of… After a special meeting, the African missions said that they expected the strongest condemnation from the government of India at… African Nations Turn… Read More »

The Immunity Dance

What should we make of the ousted National Security Adviser’s… Philip Rotner, Contributor The Huffington Post Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s offer to testify in exchange for immunity is the first step in an intricate Immunity… What may appear to be a straightforward attempt by a witness to protect himself is likely to play out through a haze of mixed and hidden motives and… Let’s start with the principal dancer… The Immunity… Read More »

Details of Australia’s asylum seeker boat turnbacks released in FoI battle

Partially redacted papers include Morrison’s order to force turnback… Tribunal rejects Guardian journalist’s bid for full disclosure of… Previously classified documents about Australia’s asylum seeker turnback missions have been released during a landmark court… Christopher Knaus The Guardian The administrative appeals tribunal has ruled that many documents sought under freedom of information laws on boat turnbacks will remain secret in… Details of Australia’s… Read More »

Reclaim European democracy from an establishment that’s lost its way

The liberal establishment in London and around the continent is aghast at how populism is tearing Europe apart, writes Yanis Varoufakis Yanis Varoufakis Irish Examiner ON March 25, Europe’s leaders convened in the birthplace of the “European project” to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. But what exactly… Reclaim European democracy… Read More »

Egypt Is Trump Country

But is the American president’s embrace of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as radical as it… Shadi Hamid The Atlantic In one of his first acts in office, President Donald Trump phoned his Egyptian counterpart, Abdel Fattah al… The symbolism was telling: Sisi wasn’t just another Arab autocrat but one of the region’s most… The Trump-Sisi mutual appreciation society of two… Egypt Is Trump… Read More »

Japan’s Southwest Pivot: How Tokyo Can Expand Its Eyes and Ears in the Ocean

Beijing’s activity in the South China Sea could prompt Japan to look for creative ways to expand its maritime… Satoru NagaoKoh Swee Lean Collin The National Interest Amid uncertainty over the U.S. pivot to Asia under the current Trump administration, other key players in the Indo-Pacific continue about their own equivalent policies of… India’s “Act East” policy of… Japan’s Southwest Pivot… Read More »

Israel, European States advance plans for world’s longest underwater gas pipeline

The proposed 2,000 kilometer (subsea pipeline would connect gas fields offshore Israel and Cyprus with Greece and possibly… SHARON UDASIN TheJPost Aiming to transform the Eastern Mediterranean into a regional energy hub, Israeli and European officials signed a joint declaration on Monday to promote construction of the world’s longest subsea natural-gas… Israel, European States… Read More »

Australia’s government muddles its way through to hide details of boat turnbacks

Documents on turnbacks are the official record of one of the most important and divisive issues of our time, and they should be… Paul Farrell The Guardian It has been three years since the Australian government began turning back asylum seeker vessels at sea, and in that three years it… When the operations began in November 2013 under then immigration… Australia’s government muddles… Read More »