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Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran

Kjell Magne Bondevik 1a Andreas Rentz Getty

Kjell Magne Bondevik describes shock after being held and questioned at Dulles hub under new US entry controls Nadia Khomami The Guardian A former prime minister of Norway has spoken of his shock after he was held and questioned at Washington Dulles airport because of a… Former Norway PM… Read More »

Britain reveals Brexit plan in ‘white paper’

Brexit - Irish examiner

Negotiating aims will adhere to Theresa May’s 12 principles in securing a good EU exit deal, which would then be put before both houses of parliament, says Arj Singh. Arj Singh Irish Examiner The British government has set out its negotiating strategy for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Launching the keenly Britain reveals Brexit… Read More »

Why Middle Eastern nations support Trump’s immigration halt

Trump - Asia Times

The US president’s measure has had precisely the result he intended, giving succour to those engaged in an existential war against jihadist elements Spengler Asia Times Critics of President Trump’s temporary travel ban on seven Muslim nations should remember the Chinese proverb, “Kill the chicken and let the monkey watch.” The much-criticized measure… Why Middle Eastern nations… Read More »

‘Lost continent’ found under Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

New land - CNN

(CNN) – Found — one lost continent, hiding underneath a tropical holiday destination. Juliet Perry CNN It might sound implausible, but deep at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, a research team, led by South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand, has found pieces of an ancient continent. The lava-covered piece of… ‘Lost continent’ found… Read More »

The Egyptian roots of feminism

Egypt - Al Jazeera

The history of ancient Egyptian woman can teach the West that it is not the first region in the world to empower women. Khaled Diab Al Jazeera News Like our Greek cousins across the Mediterranean, Egyptians take outsized pride in their contributions to shaping human civilisation, partly as an antidote to our contemporary state of disarray. For their part… The Egyptian roots… Read More »

Hundreds likely killed in Myanmar’s Rohingya crackdown: UN

Pest 4d

Myanmar’s military crackdown on Rohingya Muslims has likely killed hundreds of people, with children slaughtered and women raped in a campaign that may amount to ethnic cleansing, the… Hurriyet A report from the United Nations Human Rights office, based on… Hundreds likely killed… Read More »

Prepare for the worst: this inequality rift will tear our society apart

Equality - The Guardian

The biggest rise in inequality since Thatcher is on its way, bringing economic instability, poverty, poor health, increased violence and fear among neighbours Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett The Guardian Homelessness and child poverty have risen, the NHS is in dire financial straits, understaffed prisons have record suicide rates, the elderly lack social care – yet the rich continue to get richer, and continue to avoid taxes. This is an expression… Prepare for the worst… Read More »

The legal minefield of 3D printed guns

Plastic guns - The Conversation

3D printed guns are back in the news after Queensland set a legal precedent for giving Kyle Wirth a six-month suspended sentence for fabricating a number of gun parts. Richard Matthews The Conversation As presiding Judge Katherine McGuinness acknowledged, Wirth didn’t produce an entire gun – it took police to add a few key parts in order for the gun to successfully fire a bullet – but he was “trying to make a gun”. As such, she said… The legal ... Read More »

Donations of differing political persuasions

The Examiner

Even at the best of times, the phrase “political donation” has a somewhat mendacious undertone to it. The Examiner Large companies or wealthy individuals donating large sums of money to a political party can often be perceived by the public as somewhat unsavoury. On the odd occasion… Donations of differing… Read More »

On refugees, Trump and Turnbull compete in a race to the bottom

Pce 1a

As the former Australian immigration minister said about Trump’s border plans: ‘Really, the rest of the world is catching up to… Oliver Laughland The Guardian The fallout between President Donald Trump and the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on the resettlement of refugees is not only an… On refugees, Trump… Read More »

The Australia government is playing Russian roulette with women’s lives

AUS - The Guardian

The case of a pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia on Nauru is sadly representative of a broader risk women face on the island Katie Robertson The Guardian While much focus this week has been on whether President Trump will honour the covert deal made by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Obama administration to accept some of the refugees held in Australia’s… The Australia government… Read More »

How corporate dark money is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic

Lobbying - The Guardian

A secretive network of business lobbyists has long held sway in US politics. George Monbiot The Guardian Now their allies in the UK government are planning a Brexit that plays into their hands It took corporate… How corporate dark… Read More »

Turnbull’s $1.75 million donation is bad news for Australian democracy

Turnbull - The Conversation

After some obfuscation, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally revealed that he made a A$1.75 million donation to the Liberal Party in the lead-up to the 2016 federal election. Turnbull said on the ABC’s 7.30 on Wednesday: Yee-Fui Ng The Conversation I’ve always been prepared to put my money where my mouth is. Now, here’s the difference: I put my money into ensuring that we didn’t have a Labor government. Labor has accused… Turnbull’s $1.75 million… Read More »

Ireland Is Set to Become the First Country to Completely Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

Aupa 1a

Goodbye, coal and oil. Ireland is close to becoming the first country in the world to completely divest from fossil fuels, thanks to a new bill recently passed by the… Josh Hrala ScienceAlert If set into law after review, the vote – which passed with 90 to 53 votes last Thursday – would halt public funding of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and… Ireland Is Set… Read More »

Get your money down for the Kim-Trump smackdown

Kim Trump - Asia Times

A classic matchup is brewing between the US President and North Korean leader with their stats proving surprisingly even Bradley K. Martin Asia Times As if we all were fans of pro-wrestling, commentators keep hyping the upcoming smackdown between Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un. The contest could… Get your money… Read More »

Lives turned upside down at the stroke of US President Donald Trump’s pen

Trump - Irish Examiner

The absurdity of the perceived threat posed by refugees and immigrants from ‘banned’ countries is about politics not US security, writes Tania Karas. Tania Karas Irish Examiner Farah Marcolla’s life has been upended by the stroke of US President Donald Trump’s pen. The United States government… Lives turned upside… Read More »