Former Archbishop Arrested for Child Porn Kept Massive Cache of Files on his Vatican Computer


A former archbishop placed under house arrest by the Vatican on Tuesday allegedly had 100,000 child pornography videos and images hidden on his work computer at the Holy See’s compound in the Dominican Republic, according to a report in Italy’s Il Corriere della Sera newspaper. The Vatican arrested Jozef Wesolowski on Tuesday under allegations of paying for sex with minors while serving papal ambassador in the ... Read More »

Will Afghanistan Rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan?


There is a movement to rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan, destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, in order to promote tourism in Afghanistan, reports Roads and Kingdoms. One local man, Mohammad Reza Ibrahim, is leading the efforts to entice foreigners back, and show them that his country has much to offer in areas removed from conflict. “Bamiyan has a great potential for tourism,” ... Read More »

First major exhibition devoted to Niki de Saint Phalle in twenty years opens in Paris


PARIS.- Niki de Saint Phalle (1930 – 2002) is one of the most renowned artists from the mid-twentieth century. Throughout her prolific career, Saint Phalle created a complex body of work in various media which was deeply embedded with socio-political issues. With themes ranging from joyful to profound to intellectual, the paradoxal nature of her work has yet to be ... Read More »

Some Final Words on New Zealand’s Crazy Election Campaign


The 2014 New Zealand election has been overrun by grubby scandals, mass surveillance accusations, hackers, bloggers, spies, political black ops, indigenous Maori radicals, and a larger-than-life German internet millionaire by the name of Kim Dotcom. New Zealand, with its population of just under 4.5 million, has never seen anything like it. Unsurprisingly these ructions are causing consternation among the political and media classes. The six year honeymoon ... Read More »

Judge has overcome just as many obstacles as Pistorius

Thoko 1a

Judge addressed as ‘my lady’ might once have been called merely ‘the girl’. Matthew Norman reports on how far she and her country have come Two trials ended in Johannesburg on Friday, and which was the more extraordinary is less obvious than it may seem. Not that there is any doubting which was the more thrilling and sensational. Whatever room for additional ... Read More »

Art judge declines to award Indigenous prize because quality ‘not good enough’


‘There was absolutely nothing fresh or original,’ said Perpetua Durack Clancy, defending her decision The cash winnings for an Aboriginal art prize which the judge declined to award because she didn’t think the quality of entrants was good enough will be rolled over to next year, doubling to $2,000. The Shinju Matsuri board made the announcement after the controversy caused ... Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood figures get life, death sentences over Istiqama mosque violence

Mohamed Badie 1a trial LLLL

Giza Criminal Court on Saturday sentenced six Muslim Brotherhood figures to life and gave other six fugitive suspects the death sentence pending approval of the mufti over involvement in the killing of 10 and injuring of 20 people during violence at the vicinity of Istiqama mosque. The suspects sentenced to life include Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, group figures Essam ... Read More »

China executes eight, including Tiananmen attackers

The Tiananmen crash killed five people and injured 38 others

China has executed eight people in the north-western region of Xinjiang, for what it calls “terrorist” attacks, reports the state news agency Xinhua. Three of those executed had been convicted of an attack in Tiananmen Square in Beijing last October, in which five people died, Xinhua said. The others were found guilty of crimes including bomb-making and arson. The government ... Read More »

Changes to Australian Security Laws Will Make Illegally Obtained Evidence Permissible In Court


Politicians are preparing to scrap decades worth of laws that protect citizens from wholesale spying and guarantee the right to a fair trial—and they haven’t even read the legislation they want passed. A public hearing was held yesterday (Monday 18 August) in a squirrely back room of Parliament on the raft of legislation being hurried through as part of the National ... Read More »