Iranian Mother Stops the Execution of Her Son’s Murderer, Choosing Forgiveness Instead

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Iranian Mother Stops the Execution of Her Son’s Murderer, Choosing Forgiveness Instead. Image credit: AP Imagine you had the ultimate chance for revenge, to inflict the worst pain you’ve ever felt in equal measure on the person who caused it. In Iran, this is part of the legal system: Qisas, the sharia law of retribution, can be applied literally in some cases. One ... Read More »

Turkey declares Ergenekon a ‘terrorist organization’

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ISTANBUL – An alleged conspiracy to topple Turkey’s government has been officially defined as an “armed terrorist organization” for the first time by a Turkish court. The so-called ‘Ergenekon’ network has also been accused of operating as a “deep state” within the Turkish Armed Forces. The Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court on Thursday finished a 16,000-page decision on the long-running ... Read More »

Dubai fraud case: Emails suggest Alexander Downer was asked to lobby on behalf of Marcus Lee


An email exchange obtained by the ABC has raised more questions about the involvement of former foreign minister Alexander Downer in the case of two Australian property executives jailed in Dubai. The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program revealed on Tuesday night that Mr Downer, while working as a consultant for hire, had written to the country’s Crown Prince in 2009 seeking ... Read More »

Torture victim says he will never trust humans again

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A hostage humiliated, degraded and tortured with a blow torch-heated fork pressed into his flesh while chained during a 24-hour ordeal in a suburban garage has spoken of never again trusting humans. The victim of what a Melbourne judge deemed protracted and virtual torture described how it ”kills me to know that humans are even capable of such activities”. The ... Read More »

Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Death in Killing of a Police Officer

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Relatives of the supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi reacted to news of the verdict outside the courthouse in Minya, Egypt, on Monday. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images MINYA, Egypt — A crowd of relatives who had gathered outside a courthouse in the town of Matay erupted in wailing and rage on Monday when a judge sentenced 529 ... Read More »

Golden Dawn: courage of two women stems the rise of Greece’s neo-Nazis

A middle-aged man raises his hand in a Nazi-style salute to a backdrop of Greek flags

Under armed guard, the judges investigating the far-right party’s criminal activities have brought it down: but it is far from out. Members of Golden Dawn at a rally in February. Many of the party’s leaders have been arrested. Photograph: Yannis Kolesidis/AP For half a year they have sat in their seventh-floor office, probing the murky depths of Europe‘s most violent political force. It ... Read More »

California may collect DNA in felony arrests, appeals court rules

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California’s program of collecting and storing DNA from anyone arrested in a felony case was upheld Thursday by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times) SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court Thursday upheld the constitutionality of California’s practice of taking and storing DNA profiles from anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. An ... Read More »

Vietnam jails prominent blogger for ‘anti-state activities’


Mr Dao, centre, who was arrested last year, said his posts did not impact badly on society A court in Vietnam has jailed a prominent blogger for 15 months for anti-state activities, the second sentencing of a blogger in recent days. Pham Viet Dao, 62, was found guilty of “abusing democratic freedoms to infringe the interests of the state”. Mr ... Read More »

Photographs of Oscar Pistorius in bloodied clothes shown at murder trial

Oscar Pistorius police photo

            One of the police photographs of Oscar Pistorius is shown in court in Pretoria. Photograph: AP Pictures taken shortly after athlete shot dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp show him bare-chested with blood on prosthetic legs Police photographs of a bare-chested Oscar Pistorius standing in his garage on blood-stained prosthetic legs and wearing shorts covered in blood, taken ... Read More »