The Netherlands Says the Murder of Dutch Citizens on MH17 Was a War Crime


The news: Dutch prosecutors are launching a new investigation into the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 — and are now calling the murder of all on board a war crime. The majority of the victims in the July 17 crash — 193 out of 298 total passengers — were Dutch citizens. To underline just how sobering that number is, Vox outlined that MH17 claimed a bigger share of the ... Read More »

Not All Jews Support Israel


To both Jews and non-Jews the idea of an anti-Zionist Jew can sound like a contradiction in terms—an abuse of Rabbi Hillel’s most famous ethical aphorism, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me.” But for Sam Weinstein, and for around 30 others, me included, tucked together in a small Jewish bloc at Saturday’s Gaza demo in ... Read More »

Dink’s murder ‘not probed efficiently’: Turkey’s top court

Hrant Dink demostration outside the court 1a LLLLLL

Turkey’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was not efficiently probed and the rights of his family were therefore violated. The unanimous verdict came after an individual application to the Court from Hrant Dink’s family, Anadolu Agency reported. The family had applied to the court on the grounds that they had not been adequately informed about the ... Read More »

Judge rules California death penalty is unconstitutional

EDJ 1a L

San Francisco: A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that California’s death penalty violates the United States Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. US District Judge Cormac Carney ruled on a petition by death row inmate Ernest Dewayne Jones, who was sentenced to die nearly two decades ago. The judge said the state’s death penalty has created long delays ... Read More »

Cyprus Problem: War Crime not just an Intercommunal Dispute

Ejevit & Ford 1a LLL

The recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision against Turkey vis a vis the 40 year long illegally occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus on the north and control by the Turkish military poses important questions regarding the credibility of democratic nations that proclaim adherence to international law and justice. The ECHR clearly and correctly identified the forced ... Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood leader, 36 others sentenced to life in Cairo

Mohammed Badie 1a LLLLLL

(CNN) – Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and 36 other supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy got life sentences Saturday in Cairo, state media reported. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Mohammed Badie sentenced to life in prison for inciting violence 36 other surpporters of ousted Egyptian president also face life behind bars Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was sentenced to death in ... Read More »

Australian man sentenced to death in Vietnam for heroin trafficking

Julie Bishop declined to disclose any diplomatic discussions. Photograph: Alan Porritt/AAP

A court in southern Vietnam on Friday sentenced Pham Trung Dung to death for possessing more than 4kg of the drug Australian diplomats are providing consular support to an Australian man after he was sentenced to death in Vietnam for heroin trafficking. Pham Trung Dung was arrested in May 2013 when customs officials reportedly found the heroin in his luggage ... Read More »

The soft-softly way to free journalist Peter Greste

Peter Greste 1a LLLL

The scenes from the Cairo courtroom were heart-wrenching: Australian newsman Peter Greste and his colleagues, caged like animals as they faced their judges, condemned to jail terms of seven and 10 years. For what? ”Journalism is not a crime,” Greste’s shattered father, Juris, pleaded in Brisbane on the morning after the verdict, echoing the shockwaves of disbelief that had rebounded ... Read More »