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Revoking citizenship should be based on conviction, not ministerial decision, former security law monitor Bret Walker says

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Leading barrister and former independent monitor of national security legislation Bret Walker SC has spoken out about the implications of the proposed move to strip dual citizens involved in terrorism of their Australian citizenship. ABC – Lateline – By Steve Cannane He told Lateline there must be a judicial system deciding on charges and convictions, not ministerial opinion based on confidential intelligence that ... Read More »

Polls close in Suriname general election

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BBC - People in the South American nation of Suriname have voted in a general election. All 51 seats in the National Assembly are being chosen. The new National Assembly will then choose the next president of Suriname’s half-a-million-strong population. Former military ruler Desi Bouterse, who has been convicted of drug trafficking in the Netherlands, said he was confident he ... Read More »

Colombia Peace Process: Lurching Backwards

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Bogotá/Brussels  |  ICG Colombia’s peace process faces its most serious crisis yet, after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) suspended a five month old unilateral ceasefire. Instead of more measures to de-escalate the conflict ahead of a final peace agreement, there are now new risks that the confrontation will escalate, causing fresh humanitarian damage, crippling trust between the parties and ... Read More »

QC Anthony Bellanto tells judge she’s too emotional about rape case

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The barrister of a man who tried to rape a young woman in a Sydney park has questioned a judge’s ability to be objective about the case, telling her she was getting “quite emotional”. The Australian – AAP Anthony Bellanto QC questioned Judge Sarah Huggett’s “objectivity” and said she was “getting quite emotional about this case” in a sentence hearing ... Read More »

Humanity, Police Violence, and Being Black on the Internet

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Awareness of violence against black bodies by the hands of the civil servants charged with our protection has reached critical mass on the internet. It feels like every few days another black man, woman, or child is replaced by a hashtag. And while it is draining to traverse from anger to sadness to resignation and back on a weekly basis, ... Read More »

Record fines for currency market fix

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BBC - Five of the world’s largest banks are to pay fines totalling $5.7bn (£3.6bn) for manipulating the foreign exchange market, US officials say. Four of the banks – JPMorgan, Citigroup, Barclays, RBS – have agreed to plead guilty to US criminal charges. The fifth, UBS, will plead guilty to rigging benchmark interest rates. Barclays was fined the most, $2.4bn, as ... Read More »

Royal commission into child sex abuse investigating Immigration Department

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The royal commission into child sex abuse has demanded immigration authorities hand over a series of documents in a move that could eventually widen to see Australia’s detention centres become a target of the inquiry. The Sydney Morning Herald - Sarah Whyte and Bevan Shields Documents obtained by Fairfax Media in response to questions about children in detention show the powerful commission has ... Read More »

Australian Crime Commission: organised criminals linked to money laundering through terrorist groups

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Organised criminals are using terrorist groups to launder money, the Australian Crime Commission has revealed. The Age - Nino Bucci, Crime reporter for The Age ACC chief executive officer Chris Dawson would not name the groups linked to money laundering, but said the threat was part of a growing trend towards more sophisticated methods of “cleaning” cash earned through organised crime. This ... Read More »

Tech giants don’t want Obama to give police access to encrypted phone data

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Tech behemoths including Apple and Google and leading cryptologists are urging President Obama to reject any government proposal that alters the security of smartphones and other communications devices so that law enforcement can view decrypted data. The Washington Post - By Ellen Nakashima * In a letter to be sent Tuesday and obtained by The Washington Post, a coalition of tech firms, ... Read More »