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CCLs Presidents Statement calling on the Australian Parliament to abandon the radical and misguided Australian Citizenship Bill

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Submitted To: Australian Parliament The Presidents of the NSW, Victorian, Queensland and South Australian Councils for Civil Liberties and the Australian Council for Civil Liberties have put together a statement calling on the Australian Parliament to abandon the radical and misguided Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015. In the aftermath of the recent tragic and brutal acts of terrorism in Paris, Lebanon and other places, the desire to take even more action to protect our community is strong ... Read More »

Judge criticises ‘inaccurate’ reporting of road traffic statistics

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District Court president’s comments prompted by reports on drink-driving convictions The Irish Times – Peter Murtagh The president of the District Court has criticised the media for what she termed inaccurate and unbalanced reporting of statistics relating to road traffic cases. The system of justice was undermined by this, asserted Judge Rosemary Horgan. Speaking in Dublin at a retirement sitting for her colleague, District Court judge William Early, she said such reporting was “very concerning”. “The media can influence what the ... Read More »

Catherine Birnie parole hearing: ‘Some people do not deserve a second chance’

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Revenge’ should not keep Catherine Birnie in prison Some crimes are so horrific that nobody in their right mind would ever want to see the criminal who committed those crimes back on our streets. The Canberra Times – Karalee Katsambanis, WAtoday columnist The sickening murderous crime spree by David and Catherine Birnie shocked Perth in 1986 and continues to shock anyone who finds out about their evil deeds 30 years on. Yet early next year we will all be confronted ... Read More »

Bangladesh executes two opposition leaders for 1971 war crimes

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Bangladesh executed two opposition leaders on Nov. 22 for war crimes committed during the 1971 war to break away from Pakistan, a senior police official said, in a move likely to draw an angry reaction from supporters. Hurriyet DHAKA  – ReutersIslamist opposition leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, a former legislator from former premier Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), were hanged shortly after President Abdul Hamid rejected their appeals late on Nov. 21 for clemency. “Both ... Read More »

Pollard, spy for Israel, released from prison after 30 years

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Jonathan Pollard, a former U.S. Navy analyst turned spy for Israel, walked out of a North Carolina prison before dawn Friday, ending one of the thorniest points of friction between the United States and its close ally. The Washington Post – Carol Morello and Ruth Eglash Pollard, 61, was freed on parole, almost to the day 30 years after he was arrested when he was turned out from the Israeli Embassy, where he and his wife, Anne, had sought asylum ... Read More »

Islamophobia should not be included in the Racial Discrimination Act

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Opinion It’s true that the bigoted fringe of Australia’s media and society is exacerbating the fault lines in our community. That’s a terrible shame, but shutting it down by force of law is not the answer. We need more freedom of speech, not less, writes Michael Bradley. ABC – TheDRUM – By Michael Bradley “France is at war.” French President Francois Hollande has been very clear about this since the terrorist attacks on Paris. The question is, with whom, or ... Read More »

Paris attacks: France and the world should answer terror with liberty

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Opinion In bombing IS in Syria and suspending rights at home, France is testing the boundaries of international law. More human rights, not fewer, was the world’s answer to the greatest atrocities the world has ever witnessed in World War II. We need to hold our nerve, writes Ben Saul. ABC – By Ben Saul  The terrorist attack on Paris raises some hard legal questions. Is it an international crime? Is it an armed attack giving France a right of ... Read More »

GQ publisher in contempt of court with phone-hacking article

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Condé Nast published magazine article that risked prejudice to trial of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, judges rule The Guardian – Josh Halliday The publisher of GQ magazine has been found guilty of contempt of court over a “very seriously prejudicial” article about the phone-hacking trial of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Condé Nast, the US publisher behind the magazine, was accused of publishing an article last year that could have “seriously impeded or prejudiced” the Old Bailey trial. The ... Read More »

Is the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection guilty of contempt of court by purposely refusing to extend the bridging visa of a person the Minister knows is facing criminal charges?

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The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Peter Dutton on a number of occasions, has refused to extend the bridging visa of a lawful non-citizen long enough for the visa-holder to defend himself on criminal charges. These charges are due to be heard in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 13 April 2016. Media Breif Esser Legal, Barrister and Solicitor The Minister’s refusal is made with knowledge that the visa-holder is pleading not guilty to all charges. The person ... Read More »

Hate crime against Christians under-reported, says Vatican representative

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Hate crime against Christians in Europe is under-reported, a Vatican representative yesterday told a security group yesterday. Christian Today – Harry Farley Junior Staff Writer The Holy See delegation to the OSCE (organisation for security and co-operation in Europe) made a statement on hate crimes, highlighting the “poor attention given to hate crimes committed against majority communities.” This, plus “the fact that hate crimes motivated by religious bias or prejudice are under-reported and under-recorded …imply that the hate crimes against ... Read More »

Kafka in Turkey: Will Tariq Ali and Onur Erem be Prosecuted for Calling Erdogan a “Tinpot Dictator”?

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Tariq, I wanted to inform you that the interview we made with you after the Ankara massacre is under prosecution here in Turkey. The prosecutors office started an investigation claiming that “tin-pot dictator” is an insult against President Erdogan. They’re calling me for my defense within seven days. For now only I am under investigation but in the future they may start an investigation against you, as well. CounterPunch – by Tariq Ali From my experience, I can tell that the ... Read More »

Talking Point: Magna Carta still underpins our civil rights

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THE Magna Carta (Latin for “great charter”) was a defining legal document consisting of a preamble and 63 clauses, which came about as a result of King John — who, in the early 13th century, was deeply unpopular throughout his kingdom — losing power as his barons were unhappy with his tyrannical rule. JADE FLETCHER From: Mercury  In a bid to maintain the throne, the king met his barons and signed an agreement that would allow him to keep his ... Read More »

Australia’s Legal Justification For Bombing ISIS In Syria Is Still Missing In Action

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James O’Neill provides a simple guide to why our actions in the Middle East, once again, are illegal under international law. New Matilda In August of this year the then Abbott government made a number of statements indicating that they were planning to use Australian war planes to bomb ISIS targets in Syria. The government has since confirmed bombing has commenced. The legal basis upon which this policy rested is unclear. Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister then as now, said ... Read More »

Public transport systems ‘trapping’ commuters into paying more

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Lobbyists call on governments to improve public transport ticket systems. State transport departments are “bullying” commuters into paying fines in a “standover racket” within ticketing systems designed to “trap people” into paying more, transport lobbyists say. Kaitlin Thals News Reporter Victorian human rights lawyer Julian Burnside QC told The New Daily that the Victorian government was raking in millions of dollars in revenue from the public transport myki card system, which he said was designed to “trap” innocent and unaware commuters. ... Read More »

Disgraced SA MP Finnigan quits parliament

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Two days after being found guilty of accessing child pornography, South Australian upper house MP Bernard Finnigan has quit state parliament. SBS – Source: AAP Disgraced South Australian independent MP Bernard Finnigan has quit state parliament, heading off moves to expel him from the upper house. Finnigan tendered his resignation from the Legislative Council on Thursday, two days after being found guilty of accessing child pornography and a day after Premier Jay Weatherill called on him to go. “It is ... Read More »

Reining in the NT’s paperless arrests is progress towards Indigenous liberty

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The high court did not invalidate the ‘catch and release’ paperless arrest laws on Wednesday, but it did limit their operation – a step in the right direction The Guardian – Jonathon Hunyor and Ruth Barson Kumanjayi Langdon’s funeral will be held next week at Yuendemu in the Northern Territory. He was a much loved and respected Warlpiri elder. He died in May, alone in a Darwin police cell, after being locked up under the Northern Territory’s controversial “paperless arrest” ... Read More »