Law & Order

Australia passes security law, raising fears for press freedom


SYDNEY (Reuters) – The first of a series of security powers requested by Australia’s government to combat Islamist militants passed through parliament on Wednesday, despite criticism that they could land journalists in jail for reporting on national security. Australia is increasingly concerned over the number of its citizens heading to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside radical Islamists, and police ... Read More »

One Controversial Art Exhibit — And Its Cancellation — Sends an Unsettling Message About Race


On its fall calendar, London’s Barbican performing arts center had slated a controversial production called “Exhibit B – The Human Zoo.” The performance featured black actors shackled, bound and gagged, chained and caged in 12 tableaux vivants all to make a point about the history of colonial powers in Africa. The performance’s ambition was to reflect upon, raise awareness about and ultimately skewer the racist model villages (or human ... Read More »

Former Archbishop Arrested for Child Porn Kept Massive Cache of Files on his Vatican Computer


A former archbishop placed under house arrest by the Vatican on Tuesday allegedly had 100,000 child pornography videos and images hidden on his work computer at the Holy See’s compound in the Dominican Republic, according to a report in Italy’s Il Corriere della Sera newspaper. The Vatican arrested Jozef Wesolowski on Tuesday under allegations of paying for sex with minors while serving papal ambassador in the ... Read More »

Will Afghanistan Rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan?


There is a movement to rebuild the Buddhas of Bamiyan, destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, in order to promote tourism in Afghanistan, reports Roads and Kingdoms. One local man, Mohammad Reza Ibrahim, is leading the efforts to entice foreigners back, and show them that his country has much to offer in areas removed from conflict. “Bamiyan has a great potential for tourism,” ... Read More »

The Pentagon Will Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Join the US Military


The Pentagon made a surprise announcement on Thursday to let undocumented immigrants serve in the United States military — but few of them are likely to get into the armed forces under the new policy, experts told VICE News. As a result, everyone from immigration advocates to Republican congressmen are pissed off. “I don’t think it’s going to satisfy anybody,” ... Read More »

Ai Weiwei explores human rights and freedom of expression in exhibition at Alcatraz


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Featuring seven new sculpture, sound, and mixed-media works by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz explores human rights and freedom of expression in the context of this iconic historic site. Installed across four locations on Alcatraz and on view from September 27, 2014, through April 26, 2015, the exhibition is inspired by the island’s ... Read More »

Human rights groups describe Cambodia asylum seeker deal as shameful


Human rights groups have described a deal to send asylum seekers from Australia’s offshore detention centres to Cambodia as shameful. Cambodia’s foreign affairs ministry said it would sign a memorandum of understanding with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to take asylum seekers from Nauru. The minister has not confirmed the deal but is travelling to Phnom Penh on Friday. The president ... Read More »

Pacific Islanders Threatened by Climate Change Face a Legal Black Hole


For Ursula Rakova, climate change isn’t a theory—it’s a tangible threat that has been encroaching upon her ancestral home on the Carterets Islands for decades now. Global warming has forced the 2700 members of her community off the coast of Papua New Guinea to forge new lives on higher ground. Indigenous communities make up five percent of the world’s population, ... Read More »