Literary Magazines for Socialists Funded by the CIA, Ranked

Partisan Review 1a LLLLLLL

In May of 1967, a former CIA officer named Tom Braden published a confession in the Saturday Evening Post under the headline, “I’m glad the CIA is ‘immoral.’” Braden confirmed what journalists had begun to uncover over the previous year or so: The CIA had been responsible for secretly financing a large number of “civil society” groups, such as the ... Read More »

Hamas Catches Dolphin ‘Spying for Israel’

Dolphin 1a LLL

First sharks, then ducks – now dolphins? Dastardly Zionists apparently recruiting dolphins to spy on Hamas in Gaza. Arutz Sheva – By Ari Soffer Hamas authorities in Gaza claim to have captured an Israeli “spy dolphin” off the coast of Gaza Wednesday. Yes, a spy dolphin. Sources in Gaza say the dolphin in question was wearing cameras and other equipment, ... Read More »

US launches secret bid to stop release of hunger-striking Guantánamo detainee

Camp Delta 1 1a LLLL

Objection to freeing Tariq Ba Odah, who is 56% of his ideal body weight, comes as Obama administration fights to stop detainees seeking freedom in federal courts The Guardian – Spencer Ackerman in New York @attackerman In an extremely rare legal manoeuvre, the Obama administration has challenged a legal request to free a hunger-striking Guantánamo Bay detainee entirely in secret. ... Read More »

Islamic State confirmed to have used mustard gas against Kurds in Syria

Ekr 2b

American analysts confirm that Islamic State used chemical weapons on a Kurdish militia The Telegraph - By Nabih Bulos, Istanbul The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) used mustard agent in its fight against a Kurdish militia in Syria, testing has confirmed. Unnamed US government officials involved in investigating alleged chemical weapon use by Isil in the northeastern ... Read More »

Sarah Hanson-Young ‘spied on in hotel room’

Suru 1a

Sarah Hanson-Young was allegedly filmed by security guards in her hotel room during a covert operation to monitor the Greens senator during a tour of immigration detention facilities on Nauru. The Australian – Jared Owens, Reporter, Canberra Greens leader Richard Di Natale has urged the Australian Federal Police to investigate the scope of the December 2013 spying plot, which was dismissed ... Read More »

Former Nauru guards speak out against Wilson Security over spying on Sarah Hanson-Young, cover-ups and abuse

Sarah Hanson Young 1a LLLLL AAP Mick Tsikas

A number of former guards from the Nauru detention centre have spoken out against Wilson Security, accusing the Australian company of providing misleading evidence to Parliament. ABC – By National Reporting Team’s Lisa Main The ABC’s 7.30 program has obtained footage shot on cameras worn by Wilson Security staff showing guards at the centre preparing to confront detainees during the ... Read More »

How El Salvador’s Supreme Court Is Undermining Democracy—With Washington’s Help

Melu 1a

WikiLeaks has exposed US government collusion with the chamber’s destabilization strategy. The Nation – By Hilary Goodfriend On July 20, 2015, the government of El Salvador issued an official warning that right-wing forces are orchestrating “a movement for a coup d’état,” against the “government of the people, a legal government, a legitimate government that fights every day for the interests ... Read More »

Wikileaks says case of Canberra Defence leaker is ‘cautionary tale’ for whistleblowers

WikiLeaks 2b LLLLL

WikiLeaks says the prosecution of a junior Canberra bureaucrat alleged to have posted secret information online should serve as a cautionary tale to potential whistleblowers. The Age – Michael Inman, Courts reporter for The Canberra Times. The organisation – which specialises in protecting those who wish to leak government secrets – urged would-be whistleblowers to seek expert help to disclose sensitive information. ... Read More »

How to build a nuclear bomb: We’ve demonized books, but are we any safer?

Acm 1a

Can we stop explosives guides from landing in violent hands? And if so, at what cost to free expression? Salon – Ann Larabee Excerpted from “The Wrong Hands: Popular Weapons and Their Historic Challenges to a Democratic Society” After the 9/11 attacks, the FBI was given expanded powers to pursue terrorists in the United States. Its counterterrorism force grew exponentially. ... Read More »