We need to resist censorship of cyberspace

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I’m among the liberal US journalists and professors whom Google warned were targeted by government-backed attackers. Al Jazeera By Kara Alaimo The hacking effort – aimed at prominent thinkers including New York Times Pulitzer laureate Paul Krugman , Stanford professor and… We need to… Read More »

Can Democracy Endure Where the Cyber Things Are?

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During a national crisis, executive action to reconfigure U.S. network data flows to the global Internet may be lawful. The National Interest Jessica Smith Imagine if a U.S. president determined that an insurrection or a… Can Democracy Endure… Read More »

Merkel warns of ramped up Russia cyber attacks ahead of vote

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Cyber attacks from Russia are now so common that Germany must learn to cope with them as part of daily life, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Nov. 29, after Europe’s top economy suffered its biggest hacking assault. Hurriyet BERLIN – Agence France-Presse Almost one million Deutsche Telekom clients were knocked offline from Nov. 27, with Germany’s online security chief describing it as “a… Merkel warns of… Read More »

Edward Snowden’s Ossietsky award lawsuit rejected by Norway

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Edward Snowden’s bid to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US if he visited Norway has been rejected by the Norwegian supreme court. The former spy contractor filed the lawsuit in April, attempting to secure safe passage to Norway to pick up a… Edward Snowden’s Ossietsky… Read More »

The Guardian view on President-elect Donald Trump: a dark day for the world

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This is a political and cultural cataclysm that few believed would really happen. Editorial It’s a bleak day for America, and for the pluralism and diversity the country has come to stand for Donald Trump wins the US election – live Become a Guardian supporter or make a contribution The Guardian view on… Read More »

Russia ships ‘chase away’ Dutch submarine in Mediterranean

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Russia’s defence ministry has said two of its navy destroyers have forced away a Dutch submarine to stop it spying on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The sub was 20km (12 miles) away from the Admiral Kuznetsov at the time of the incident, the military said. Russia sent a… Russia ships ‘chase… Read More »

‘Increasingly aggressive’ Russia a growing threat to UK, says MI5 head

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Exclusive: In first newspaper interview given by a serving spy chief, Andrew Parker talks of terror, espionage and balance between secrecy and privacy Ewen MacAskill and Paul Johnson Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK and is using all the sophisticated tools at its disposal to achieve its aims, the director general of MI5 has told the Guardian. In the first newspaper interview given by an… ‘Increasingly aggressive’ Russia a… Read More »

US and Ecuador deny conspiring to take Julian Assange offline

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US says claims John Kerry asked Ecuador to block internet access to prevent WikiLeaks impacting election are ‘simply untrue’ Esther Addley The governments of the US and Ecuador have denied that they conspired to silence Julian Assange, after the… US and Ecuador… Read More »

Assange interrogation postponed: Ecuador prosecutors

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The interrogation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on a Swedish rape accusation has been postponed by a month at his request, Ecuadoran prosecutors said Oct. 12. QUITO – Agence France-Presse The questioning, initially scheduled for Oct. 17, will now take place on Nov. 14 at 10:00 a.m. at Ecuador’s embassy in London, where… Assange interrogation postponed… Read More »

North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to Frozen Frontier

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PANMUNJOM, North Korea — Most roads in rural North Korea are little more than dirt tracks, unpaved and constantly maintained by workers shoveling earth to fill ruts and holes. by BILL NEELY Not this one. Just south of Pyongyang, the paved highway suddenly grows to the… North Korea’s DMZ: NBC News Gets Rare Access to… Read More »

Data Retention Bill: Government departments ask AFP to access metadata after legislation enacted

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Federal Government departments — that are not currently permitted to access the metadata of Australians — have attempted to work around the restrictions established in last year’s Data Retention Bill by requesting the Australian Federal Police (AFP) do the searches for them. By the National Reporting Team’s Benjamin Sveen The departments include the… Data Retention Bill: Government departments ask AFP to access metadata after legislation enacted… Read More »

‘Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home’

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Bernie Sanders, Daniel Ellsberg, former members of the NSA and more weigh in on whether Obama should grant clemency to the divisive whistleblower Ed Pilkington Bernie Sanders leads a chorus of prominent public figures calling for clemency, a plea agreement or, in several cases, a full pardon for the National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden… Source: ‘Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home’ | US news | The Guardian Read More »

ASIO push to ‘streamline’ judicial safeguards criticised by legal groups

A push by domestic intelligence agency ASIO to reduce the level of judicial safeguards in terrorism investigations has been criticised by a peak legal group. By political reporter Francis Keany Special warrants currently allow ASIO to question and detain people for up to a week without charge. Under the proposal only the Attorney-General, and… Source: ASIO push to ‘streamline’ judicial safeguards criticised by legal groups – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Read More »

George Soros and His Minions Target the Middle East Forum

PHILADELPHIA – Aug. 16, 2016 – An anonymous website ( released over 2,500 confidential files from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) on August 13, shedding light on the hedge fund billionaire’s funding of anti-Israel and pro-Islamist organizations. The leaked files include an internal memo from 2011 titled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civic Discourse.” It discusses a… Source: George Soros and His Minions Target the Middle East Forum :: Middle East Forum Read More »

Wikileaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS

Although Hillary Clinton has repeatedly denied that she sold weapons to the Islamic Stats while serving as Secretary of State, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims he has proof to the contrary. reported: In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… Source: Wikileaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS | Read More »

The secrecy surrounding Australia’s border security regime has gone too far

Jordina Rust and George Georgiou With doctors working in immigration detention now challenging the Border Force Act in the High Court, serious questions should be asked by the Australian public about the inability of doctors to speak out about what happens to the asylum seekers and refugees that they treat in offshore detention centres… Source: The secrecy surrounding Australia’s border security regime has gone too far Read More »