Women’s Rights

Gretchen Carlson: My Fight Against Sexual Harassment

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I’ve never been a good sleeper, but now more than ever, after having lost my job as a news anchor this past summer, I find myself lying awake at night thinking about my daughter — and your daughters, too. By GRETCHEN CARLSON I’ve been asking myself this simple question: Will our girls finally be the… Gretchen Carlson: My… Read More »

If we’re serious about gender equality, we need more women in leadership roles

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Women still believe there are greater benefits to being male, according to new research, despite significant improvements in gender equality. Melissa Wheeler Victor Sojo This finding may come as something of a surprise, because it many ways women are doing better than… If we’re serious… Read More »

Argentina: hundreds of thousands of women set to protest against violence

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Organizers urge women to stop work and other activities for an hour in Wednesday ‘women’s strike’ following rape and torture of a 16-year-old girl Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires Hundreds of thousands of women in Argentina are expected to join a… Argentina: hundreds of… Read More »

Single women can’t afford to live in the city and men can. Is that fair?

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Two alarming reports that have surfaced expose the economic bedrock on which the material disadvantage of Australian women is perpetuated Van Badham and Gabrielle Jackson It’s not often Margaret Thatcher is quoted in support of structural feminist arguments for fairness. She wasn’t actually talking about women when she Single women can’t… Read More »

Polish parliament rejects near-total abortion ban after protests

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Following protests by tens of thousands of women, Polish lawmakers on Oct. 6 rejected plans for a near-total ban on abortion, in a hastily arranged vote that marks the first major domestic setback for the conservative government. WARSAW – Reuters The ruling Law and Justice party (PIS) unexpectedly withdrew its support for draft… Polish parliament rejects near-total… Read More »

Can Women Be Trusted on Abortion? Two Men Weigh In

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Well, that was painful. What with the cross talk, interruptions, insults, sneers and overly rehearsed zingers, the vice-presidential debate on Tuesday surely bewildered more voters than it enlightened. By KATHA POLLITT There was one area, though, in which both Senator Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence were crystal-clear and decidedly different: abortion… Can Women Be Trusted on… Read More »

I’ve fought my whole life for secularism – I know that banning the burkini makes no sense

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The great French scholar of secularism Jean Baubérot said that a secular state does not discriminate against people on the grounds of their religion or non-religious worldview.. Andrew Copson Independent Today judges in France will rule on the legality of the burkini ban which has been enforced across 26 towns on the grounds that the… I’ve fought my… Read More »

Bulgaria parliament bans full-face veils in public


Under the law, the garment will be banned in public institutions, schools, areas of administrative and public services. Bulgaria’s parliament has approved a nationwide law banning the wearing of face-covering veils from most public places. Source: Bulgaria parliament bans full-face veils in public – News from Al Jazeera Read More »

Abortion on demand the legal outcome of repeal of Eighth Amendment


Simply removing protection for the unborn opens the way to unlimited abortion Gerry White Just as one cannot step into the same river twice, a simple repeal of the Eighth Amendment will not take us back to the constitutional position… Source: Abortion on demand the legal outcome of repeal of Eighth Amendment Read More »

5 tips for dealing with workplace sexual harassment

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Hayley Boswell is one of those “good people” who started law because she genuinely wanted to help others. By Hayley Pearson She’s always been a champion for the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in Adelaide. Before she became “legally brunette” in her legal career, Hayley was a… 5 tips for… Read More »

‘Legislative slut-shaming’: How the German ‘Cuckoo Kids’ Law’ punishes women

Opinion By Jo Fox Relationships can be messy. Messy going in and messy going out. Sometimes children get caught up in the mess, but generally policy makers and the courts try to shield them from any fallout in relationship breakdown by putting their interests first. This inevitably means moving away from the courts. However, in legislative slut-shaming not seen since Hester Prynne was… Source: ‘Legislative slut-shaming’: How the German ‘Cuckoo Kids’ Law’ punishes women – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Read More »

Two decisions to address family violence

By Arouba Al-Muneef THE growing number of family violence cases, especially the attack on women, shows the increasing awareness among women to protect their rights and their confidence in authorities. Studies show that one out of five women is subject to physical torture. About 53 percent of men who participated in the survey said they… Source: Two decisions to address family violence – Saudi Gazette Read More »

The king with 100 wives

(CNN)Abumbi II, the 11th fon, or king, of Bafut, Cameroon, has close to 100 wives. They weren’t all his to start. According to local tradition, when a fon dies, his successor inherits all his wives and then marries his own queens. “The queens have a great role to play in the fondom,” notes Prince Nickson, also of Bafut, noting that it is up to these women behind the man to shape him in his kingly role. “Behind every successful man ... Read More »

Peace, Sex and Violence in Mindanao

Strong women’s participation in the Mindanao peace process in the Philippines has been hailed as an international success story. However, lasting peace requires a greater focus on sexual and reproductive health to overcome the post-conflict marginalisation of vulnerable women and girls. According to a UN Women study, between 1990 and 2011 across 31 peace processes that the UN was involved in, women represented just 2 per cent of chief mediators, 4 per cent of witnesses and signatories, and 9 per ... Read More »

Turkey president Erdogan: Women are not equal to men

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says women cannot be treated as equal to men, and accuses feminists of rejecting motherhood.. “You cannot put women and men on an equal footing,” he told a meeting in Istanbul. “It is against nature.” Source: Turkey president Erdogan: Women are not equal to men – BBC News Read More »

The man hired to have sex with children

In some remote southern regions of Malawi, it’s traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a paid sex worker known as a “hyena” once they reach puberty. The act is not seen by village elders as rape, but as a form of ritual “cleansing”. However, as Ed Butler reports, it has the potential to be the opposite of cleansing – a way of spreading disease… Source: The man hired to have sex with children – BBC News Read More »