Human Rights

Canadian Museum for Human Rights Nears Opening After Difficult Decade


After years of planning and controversy, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is officially opening on September 20 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a $351 million design of glass and bending lines by Antoine Predock, crowned by a 23-story “Tower of Hope,” its 47,000 square feet of gallery space are the elaborate setting for an ambitious mission. It’s been quite a decade of a journey for the ... Read More »

I received an antisemitic leaflet in my letterbox – and yet I cherish free speech

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I’m Jewish, and that’s all that matters to the neo-Nazis. Not that I’m an atheist, not that I disagree with the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza, or that I enjoy pub trivia  Jump to comments Last week a flyer came through my letterbox harbouring the message “wake up white Australia”. It’s argument read something like this: Jews have been displaced ... Read More »

West Papuan Independence Leader Found Floating In Sack At Sea

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The Indonesian security forces have been accused of the murder of another pro-independence West Papuan leader. Amy McQuire reports. A West Papuan pro-independence activist has been found dead less than a week after he went missing in the lead-up to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s visit to the region. The body of Martinus Yohame was found in a sack floating ... Read More »

Everyone should have the same right to appeal ASIO assessments

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Proposed amendments to the ASIO Act introduced into Federal Parliament today would ensure that refugees indefinitely detained on the basis of ASIO security assessments would have the same right to appeal those assessments as everyone else. The HRLC strongly supports the proposed changes, introduced by Andrew Wilkie MP, and a number of other groups including security chiefs, libertarians and the UN Human ... Read More »

Abbott should face court, says prominent lawyer

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Human rights advocate and lawyer Julian Burnside has told protesters in Melbourne they can look forward to seeing Tony Abbott in the dock in an international court. Today’s protest against the federal government’s policies and budget drew around 10,000 people, although organisers put the figure closer to 20,000. Mr Burnside criticised the government’s policy on refugees. “The way they are ... Read More »

Turning blind eye to sex abuse of children is not a rare flaw

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Most of us – if asked – would agree that the sexual abuse of children is about as bad as human behaviour gets. Most of us would like to think that we would do anything within our power to avert it, if given the opportunity. But in the real world, people’s reasons for looking the other way are many and ... Read More »

Australian immigration protesters march in silence for 300km

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Changing the Tide group highlights treatment of asylum seekers by staging nine-day Sydney to Canberra walk For over a week now, a group of people including former immigration detention workers, refugees and others have been slowly walking in silence from the Villawood detention centre in Sydney to Canberra, protesting against the treatment of asylum seekers across Australia’s detention network. The ... Read More »

In Ukraine, human rights abuses and 36 killed every day

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The conflict raging in eastern Ukraine has killed nearly 2,600 people, according to the United Nations. The UN says it is concerned atrocities are being committed by armed groups and there is increasing involvement of foreign fighters. A UN human rights report said the surging toll was caused by the fighting moving into densely populated areas of the country.   The ... Read More »

Horror Is a Constant, as Artists Depict War


LENS, France — The nightmare images come one after another: Three women, half-clothed, one with her legs spread open, lie on the floor, apparently raped; the naked body of a decapitated man hangs from a tree branch, his severed head stuck on a shorter branch; a man hauls a dead woman by her legs, her dress flipped up, exposing her ... Read More »