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NGOs urge legal definition of ‘temporary resident status’ for Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees in Istanbul 1a AFP LLLLL

A group of NGOs has called for legislation formally defining the status of temporary residents, expressing concern about the latest attacks targeting Syrian refugees in several Turkish cities. Stressing that Syrians are only able to enjoy limited rights and cannot officially apply for asylum in Turkey due to geographic restrictions, the NGOs said their rights should be clearly determined by ... Read More »

Tamil asylum-seeker court case may see UN intervene

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Refugee advocates are challenging the legality of the month-long detention of 157 asylum seekers on a customs vessel in June  Jump to comments The United Nations may become involved in the case of the Tamil asylum seekers who were detained on an Australian customs boat, with a court hearing to take place in Canberra in October. A brief high court ... Read More »

Fact file: What legal rights do the growing number of children born to surrogate mothers overseas have in Australia?

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The recent baby Gammy case has exposed the pitfalls of the international commercial surrogacy trade. Gammy, a baby with Down syndrome, was left with his Thai surrogate mother while his healthy twin sister returned to Western Australia to live with her biological father and his wife. Since then, two Australian couples have been temporarily stopped from leaving Thailand with their ... Read More »

Indian court orders release of woman on hunger strike for 14 years

Irom Sharmila began her protest after seeing the army kill 10 people at a bus stop near her home in Manipur. Photograph: Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images

“Irom Sharmila has been force-fed in prison hospital since beginning hunger strike in protest at human rights abuses An Indian judge has ordered the release of human rights campaigner Irom Sharmila Chanu, who has been on hunger strike for nearly 14 years in protest at a law granting sweeping powers to security forces in the country’s troubled north-east. Sharmila, 42, ... Read More »

‘Darfur: The Genocide the World Got Tired of’

Darful mother & child walking 1a Anatolu agency LLLLLL

On August 5, 2014 the displaced persons of El Salam camp in South Darfur were brutally assaulted by military and security forces of the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum. Tens of thousands of civilians, mainly women and children, were terrorized during this ferocious operation; a great many were beaten, humiliated, and robbed. Dozens were arrested, only to ... Read More »

A letter from Lisa Collyer to Scott Morrison MP

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Dear Minister I can only assume that you have never been to Cambodia independently nor have been briefed on the nation’s recent history and current issues. I’d like to begin with Prime Minister Hun Sen whom you are currently negotiating with to send 1000 refugees to Cambodia. Here are some facts quoted from the text ‘Cambodia: Report From a Stricken ... Read More »

Mexican border reflections on Australian asylum seeker policy

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I have been here in the USA for the last month. I am presently spending the week down on the Mexican border at the Kino Border Initiative, which is a Jesuit sponsored cross border project at Nogales. The Jesuit community members sleep on the Arizona side of the border and walk across the border to Sonora each day for work.  At ... Read More »

While Their Own Country Is Torn Apart By War, Syrians Are Giving Aid To Yazidis

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Fleeing approaching Islamic State militants, tens of thousands of members of the Yazidi community in Iraq have found refuge in an unlikely place — war-torn Syria. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said Thursday that at least 15,000 Yazidi refugees are sheltering in Syria’s Kurdish north, after fleeing from Iraq in early August when the Islamic State captured Yazidi towns. Wounded, weak ... Read More »