Human Rights

Scott Morrison, the minister of truth

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Scott Morrison’s abuse of language ties the asylum-seeker debate in Orwellian knots. In 1988, the British journalist Christopher Hitchens went to Prague. He had one aim: to be the first visiting writer not to mention Franz Kafka. Then he was arrested. When he asked why he was being detained, he was told he didn’t need to know. His story ended ... Read More »

The Real Agendas of Israel: More Death, More Destruction

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Israel’s real agenda in Gaza is not to find peace, but to further impoverish and oppress the Palestinian people, writes Samah Sabawi. What drives Israel’s war on Gaza? It is not the need to weaken Hamas nor to stop the rockets. Both goals were almost achieved back in April. On the 23rd of April, Hamas was in its worst strategic ... Read More »

Mass surveillance ‘dangerous habit’, says UN rights body

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Too many governments are “rubber-stamping” mass surveillance programmes, the UN human rights watchdog warns. In a report, the UN body said more needed to be done to ensure that surveillance was balanced against its harm to personal privacy. It added that mass retention of data to aid surveillance was “neither necessary nor proportionate”. The report comes as the UK passes ... Read More »

Dink’s murder ‘not probed efficiently’: Turkey’s top court

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Turkey’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was not efficiently probed and the rights of his family were therefore violated. The unanimous verdict came after an individual application to the Court from Hrant Dink’s family, Anadolu Agency reported. The family had applied to the court on the grounds that they had not been adequately informed about the ... Read More »

Tamil asylum seekers being held at sea in windowless locked rooms

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High court documents lodged by lawyers acting for 86 of the asylum seekers reveal group has had no opportunity to deliver protection claims and have not been provided translators  Jump to comments More than 150 Tamil asylum seekers on board an Australian border protection vessel are being detained in windowless locked rooms with men kept apart from their families against ... Read More »

Push for ‘more humane policy’ on asylum seekers

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The views of at least 1300 Canberra people who want urgent changes to asylum seeker policy will be put to federal MPs at Parliament House on Thursday. The recent packed meeting at Llewellyn Hall at ANU approved the statement, calling for a more humane and tolerant policy to be adopted. Organisers of the Refugee Action Committee say at least two ... Read More »

Senate backs refugee children over Abbott cruelty

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The Senate has voted in support of a Greens’ motion calling on the Immigration Minister to act in the interests of a group of refugee children who have gone into hiding in South Australia. “The Senate has said that it won’t accept the government’s cruelty and Tony Abbott needs to take notice,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Hanson-Young said. “It’s ... Read More »

Wealthy Somalis Flout Kenyan Law to Have Daughters Circumcised

Qali Hassan began her practice three decades ago and says her fees are now so high she only serves Somali clients from abroad. Local girls can no longer afford her services./Photographer: Abjata Khalif/Bloomberg

Halima Abdi charges foreign visitors at least $1,000 for a tour of remote northeastern Kenyan villages that most people wouldn’t dream of making. Her clients are young girls sent by their parents to undergo traditional circumcision. Most of her customers are ethnic Somalis who arrive from countries such as the U.K., Sweden and the Netherlands, Abdi explained in an interview at her ... Read More »