Human Rights

Senate backs refugee children over Abbott cruelty

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The Senate has voted in support of a Greens’ motion calling on the Immigration Minister to act in the interests of a group of refugee children who have gone into hiding in South Australia. “The Senate has said that it won’t accept the government’s cruelty and Tony Abbott needs to take notice,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Hanson-Young said. “It’s ... Read More »

Wealthy Somalis Flout Kenyan Law to Have Daughters Circumcised

Qali Hassan began her practice three decades ago and says her fees are now so high she only serves Somali clients from abroad. Local girls can no longer afford her services./Photographer: Abjata Khalif/Bloomberg

Halima Abdi charges foreign visitors at least $1,000 for a tour of remote northeastern Kenyan villages that most people wouldn’t dream of making. Her clients are young girls sent by their parents to undergo traditional circumcision. Most of her customers are ethnic Somalis who arrive from countries such as the U.K., Sweden and the Netherlands, Abdi explained in an interview at her ... Read More »

Cyprus Problem: War Crime not just an Intercommunal Dispute

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The recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision against Turkey vis a vis the 40 year long illegally occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus on the north and control by the Turkish military poses important questions regarding the credibility of democratic nations that proclaim adherence to international law and justice. The ECHR clearly and correctly identified the forced ... Read More »

Flood of lawsuits to follow wave of illegal immigrants?

June 25, 2014: A group of immigrants from Honduras and El Salvador, who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, are stopped in Granjeno, Texas. Just since October, the Border Patrols Rio Grande Valley sector has made more than 194,000 arrests, nearly triple that of any other sector. (AP/Eric Gay)

Illegal immigrants pouring across the border could trigger a wave of lawsuits flooding the U.S. court system for years and costing taxpayers millions, according to legal experts. The American Civil Liberties Union has already sued the federal government to ensure that each of the 60,000-plus unaccompanied children who have come across the border since November gets taxpayer-funded representation at deportation ... Read More »

Julian Burnside says government may be guilty of piracy over asylum seekers

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Leading human rights lawyer says holding 153 Sri Lankan asylum seekers at sea ‘looks for all the world like piracy’  Jump to comments Leading human rights lawyer and advocate Julian Burnside QC has told the ABC that the Australian government’s holding of 153 asylum seekers on a customs boat at sea may amount to piracy. On Monday the high court granted ... Read More »

The Fight For Land Rights Starts With Little Things

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The fight for land rights in Australia goes on, despite the appropriation of the icons associated with the struggle, writes Amy McQuire. For a new generation of Australians, the iconic song ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ may signal little more than an annoying jingle on a superannuation ad. Stripped of its meaning, of the strength of its verses and ... Read More »

Voluntary euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke under investigation by doctors’ regulator AHPRA

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Voluntary euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is being investigated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, which supervises the registration of doctors qualified to practice. The ABC understands AHPRA has launched the action as a result of an ABC 7.30 investigation. Dr Nitschke admits he supported Perth man Nigel Brayley in his decision to commit suicide, despite knowing he was not ... Read More »