Human Rights

Petro Georgiou returns to Parliament with a message for the Abbott government

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Australians will ultimately reject the policies that have consigned more than 1500 asylum seekers to life in limbo on Nauru and Manus Island, according to the Liberal MP who forced the Howard government to soften its treatment of asylum seekers in 2005. Michael Gordon, Political editor, The Age Returning to Parliament House for the first time since he retired from ... Read More »

Europe migrant crisis: Surge in numbers at EU borders

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BBC – The number of migrants at the EU’s borders reached a record high of 107,500 in July, officials say, as a sharp surge in expected asylum requests was reported in Germany. Germany has seen a wave of migration from Syria and the Balkans, and now says it could receive as many as 750,000 asylum seekers this year. The EU ... Read More »

Former state ward alleges staff took turns raping him

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A victim of alleged child sexual abuse at a now-closed centre for state wards has spoken out about how staff “tag-teamed” in raping him, despite his pleas for them to stop. The Age – Alana Schetzer Norman Latham, 69, appeared at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Monday, where a friend read out his statement of ... Read More »

Amazon: Devastating expose accuses internet retailer of oppressive and callous attitude to staff

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Working four days in a row without sleep; a woman with breast cancer being put on “performance-improvement plans” together with another who had just had a stillborn child; staff routinely bursting into tears; continual monitoring; workers encouraged to turn on each other to keep their jobs. The Independent – Ian Johnston   Life at Amazon sounds bleak, according to a devastating, ... Read More »

US launches secret bid to stop release of hunger-striking Guantánamo detainee

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Objection to freeing Tariq Ba Odah, who is 56% of his ideal body weight, comes as Obama administration fights to stop detainees seeking freedom in federal courts The Guardian – Spencer Ackerman in New York @attackerman In an extremely rare legal manoeuvre, the Obama administration has challenged a legal request to free a hunger-striking Guantánamo Bay detainee entirely in secret. ... Read More »

Azerbaijan: Outrage at ‘politically motivated’ prison sentences for rights activists

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Long jail sentences given to an Azerbaijani couple who fought for human rights in their country have been greeted with outrage by campaigners. Mark Woods –  Christian Today Contributing Editor Leyla and Arif Yunus were sentenced yesterday to eight-and-a-half and seven years in prison respectively on charges of tax evasion, illegal business activity, fraud and forgery. Supporters say that the ... Read More »

Mauritania anti-slavery law welcomed by campaigners

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BBC - Campaigners have welcomed Mauritania’s new anti-slavery law which makes the offence a “crime against humanity”. It has also doubled the prison term for offenders to 20 years. Activists hope the law will encourage more slaves to take legal action to secure their freedom and will encourage the courts to punish slave owners. Mauritania abolished slavery in 1981, but ... Read More »

Refugees forced to choose between PNG resettlement or ‘custody in new prison’

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Developments at the Manus Island regional processing centre appear to be moving to a disturbing new phase, Guardian Australia has learned The Guardian – Richard Ackland Refugees being held in Australia’s processing centre on Manus Island are being forced to choose between being resettled in Papua New Guinea or moved to custody in a new and more challenging prison, insiders ... Read More »