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Gunmen Kill Arts Advocate in Pakistan After Human Rights Event

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KARACHI, Pakistan — Gunmen killed the director of a popular arts center in Pakistan’s largest city on Friday, shortly after she had hosted a contentious event on human rights abuses in western Baluchistan Province. The New York Times - By SABA IMTIAZ The gunmen opened fire on the center’s director, Sabeen Mahmud, as she drove through the upscale neighborhood of Defence ... Read More »

Countdown to death: Bali pair given final notice

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Jakarta: Bali nine organisers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran may have just three days left to live after they were officially given 72 hours notification of their executions on Saturday. Brisbane Times - Jewel Topsfield, Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax The condemned men are bracing to be killed on Tuesday night however Attorney-General spokesman Tony Spontana said no date had been set and they may have longer. Their Australian lawyer ... Read More »

Religious belief cost a baby its life. What a waste. What an idiot

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Today the child would have been in Year 1. A happy six-year-old, covered in a constant smile because of school holidays. Maybe they would have gone to the Easter Show, or camping for the soggy long weekend. No doubt they would have consumed far too much chocolate on Sunday, like many excited youngsters around the world did, and had the ... Read More »

Women, Violence and Conflict in Pakistan

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Islamabad/Brussels – Asia Report N°265 – ICG EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Eight years into its democratic transition, violence against women is still endemic in Pakistan, amid a climate of impunity and state inaction. Discriminatory legislation and a dysfunctional criminal justice system have put women at grave risk. Targeted by violent extremists with an overt agenda of gender repression, women’s security is ... Read More »

Tory Shepherd: Should we help paedophiles? What choice do we have?

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IF people are born straight, or gay, is it possible that paedophiles can’t help being what they are? Virtuous paedophiles: Support group to stop them acting on their urges Tony Shepherd The Advertiser Evidence shows that it might be true; paedophiles are born that way. Recent research suggests some faulty wiring in the brain. Things about children that are meant ... Read More »

How we’ve failed as a nation on arbitrary detention

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The United Nations is not lecturing us, but doing its job, responding to complaints and defending human rights. The Sydney Morning Herald – Olivia Ball * The Abbott government has submitted a tardy and disappointing response to the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s ruling that 46 refugees subject to secret ASIO assessments are being arbitrarily detained. The refugees’ lawyer, Professor Ben ... Read More »

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One morning last week, as Washiqur Rahman, a shy, boyish-looking twenty-six-year-old Bangladeshi, left his house in Dhaka and started walking to the travel agency where he worked, three men set upon him with machetes and hacked him to death. The New Yorker – George Packer * The blows rendered his face unrecognizable. Two of the killers were captured by a ... Read More »

When a mother’s rights clash with the needs of her unborn child

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Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness’ decision to refuse treatment ‘harrowing’ for hospital staff after mother and baby die The recent report of case of a pregnant woman who refused life-saving cancer treatment while heavily pregnant has once again ignited debate within the community about how we should resolve conflicts between a mother’s rights and those of her unborn child. The Canberra Times ... Read More »

Egypt: Halt Executions of Six Men

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Convicted in Military Court After Unfair Trial Human Rights Watch (New York) – Six men face execution in Egypt after being convicted by a military court, despite evidence that some were in detention at the time of the crimes. Egyptian authorities should stay the executions and send the men’s case for retrial before a civilian court, Human Rights Watch said. The ... Read More »

Journalist receives jail sentence for ‘liking Erdoğan insult’

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A journalist from a local daily in southeastern Turkey has received a suspended prison sentence for “liking” a remark criticising President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Facebook, which the court deemed as an “insult.” GAZİANTEP – Doğan News Agency – Hurriyet The 19th Criminal Court of First Instance in the Gaziantep province convicted Yaşar Elma on charges of “insulting a public servant” ... Read More »