Human Rights

Real care, love and compassion – the alternative to euthanasia

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Euthanasia is dangerous, which is one of the key reasons the Catholic Church has long opposed it. The Canberra Times - Christopher Prowse * In a column in The Canberra Times on Monday (“Let the dying taste freedom”, Times, May 25, p1), Ross Fitzgerald accused the Catholic Church of all sorts of things, but his main concern was our opposition to ... Read More »

Court dismisses claim of German complicity in Yemeni drone killings

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Judge says German government not obliged to prohibit US from using Ramstein airbase for relaying drone control signalling but allows campaigners to appeal The Guardian - Kate Connolly in Cologne A court in Cologne has dismissed a claim brought by three Yemenis accusing the German government of complicity in the deaths of civilians for allowing the US to relay drone data ... Read More »

Give asylum seekers proper assessments

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Since September 2013, the Abbott government has pursued a policy of turning back boats laden with people who either want to seek asylum or are opportunistic migrants. The Age - Editorial  In that time, 18 boats have been prevented from reaching our shores. We know that much, and not much more because details of the government’s gung-ho Operation Sovereign Borders, ... Read More »

Revoking citizenship should be based on conviction, not ministerial decision, former security law monitor Bret Walker says

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Leading barrister and former independent monitor of national security legislation Bret Walker SC has spoken out about the implications of the proposed move to strip dual citizens involved in terrorism of their Australian citizenship. ABC – Lateline – By Steve Cannane He told Lateline there must be a judicial system deciding on charges and convictions, not ministerial opinion based on confidential intelligence that ... Read More »

If You Thought Sorry Was The Hardest Word, Try Mentioning Compensation

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Today is National Sorry Day. And as we continue to dodge justice and repeat the mistakes of our past, we still have plenty to be sorry for, writes Amy McQuire. New Matilda – By Amy McQuire It’s been 18 long years since the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in Parliament. To commemorate this, Aboriginal communities and organisations across the country ... Read More »

The right to discriminate is just a cover for prejudice


The most significant thing to come so far from George Brandis’ inquiry into freedoms is a reminder that the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) still exists. The Age - Tim Dick *, Columnist Almost a century on from the revolution, after the fall of the Soviet Union and conversion of China to one-party capitalism, its central committee reminded the inquiry that true freedom ... Read More »

Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage, both sides say

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Irish voters have resoundingly backed amending the constitution to legalize gay marriage, leaders on both sides of the Irish referendum have declared. DUBLIN – The Associated Press – Hurriyet Irish voters have resoundingly backed amending the constitution to legalize gay marriage, leaders on both sides of the Irish referendum declared on May 23 after the world’s first national vote on ... Read More »

Tony Abbott getting it wrong on the Roingya

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Something is very rotten in the state of Myanmar. By any measure and any definition, a tiny ethnic minority of Myanmar is the subject of genocide. This is not something recent, even if it has been largely ignored by Western governments and media. It has been going on for more than a decade. The Canberra Times - Irfan Yusuf Something is also ... Read More »

Humanity, Police Violence, and Being Black on the Internet

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Awareness of violence against black bodies by the hands of the civil servants charged with our protection has reached critical mass on the internet. It feels like every few days another black man, woman, or child is replaced by a hashtag. And while it is draining to traverse from anger to sadness to resignation and back on a weekly basis, ... Read More »