Environment and Climate Change

Gender equality: A game changer for nature

Women - Al Jazeer

As increasing numbers of women are empowered through conservation projects that mainstream gender equality. Aban Marker Kabraji Al Jazeera News In Fiyoaree, the Maldives, Leena wakes up every day just a little before sunrise for her morning prayer. She prepares breakfast… Gender equality: A… Read More »

Volcanoes could erupt much more, thanks to climate change

Volcano - BBC

On the face of it, climate change and volcanic eruptions are completely unrelated. Vivien Cumming, Dan John and Adam Proctor BBC News But in fact our warming world could trigger extra volcanic eruptions   In the frozen… Volcanoes could erupt… Read More »

Is there a way to tackle air pollution?

Laug 2b

The search for solutions to the threat of polluted air is generating ideas that range from the modest to the radical to the… David Shukman BBC A London primary school may issue face-masks to its pupils. The council in Cornwall may take the extreme step of moving people out of houses beside the… Four major citie… Is there a… Read More »

To improve our political climate, change the questions we ask

Eurek Alert

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Our fractured political climate in the United States might be made worse by how we approach difficult problems, researchers say in the journal Science. Ohio State University Eurek Alert A team of political scientists suggests rather than asking citizens “What do you want,” questions should be asked in a deliberative frame: “What should we do?” “Even this small… To improve our… Read More »

Breakdown of China’s plan to tackle pollution

Pollution - Asia Times

Steel and aluminum producers in 28 cities are told to slash output in winter and government begins moves to ban truck transport for coal Reuters Asia Times China has ordered steel and aluminum producers in 28 cities to slash output during winter and required coal transport by rail instead of truck in Tianjin and Hebei province, in Beijing’s latest effort to crack down on pollution. A 26-page document… Breakdown of China’s… Read More »

As global food demand rises, climate change is hitting our staple crops

Climate change - ABC

While increases in population and wealth will lift global demand for food by up to 70 per cent by 2050, agriculture is already feeling the effects of climate change. Andrew Borrell ABC This is expected to continue in coming decades. Scientists and farmers… As global food… Read More »

Protein Challenge 2040: How can we feed 9 billion people?

Food - CNN

(CNN) – How can we feed nine billion people enough protein in a way which is affordable, healthy and good for the environment? Mark Driscoll CNN That’s a tough question and the answers are not simple, but a unique coalition of businesses, academics, civil society organizations and government bodies have come together to try to find them through the Protein Challenge 2040… Protein Challenge 2040… Read More »

The Economy Is The Real Endangered Species

Economy - The DC

In just eight years, the Obama Administration issued some 22,700 new regulations – many between election day and President Trump’s inauguration. Paul Driessen The Daily Caller Among those last-minute rules was the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s January 11 designation of the Rusty Patched Bumblebee (RPB) as “endangered,” under the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA). With Congress poised… The Economy Is… Read More »

Time For A Balanced Approach To The “Climate Change” Hype

Climate - The DC

Democrats, the self-proclaimed “party for the middle class,” raise the middle-class cost of living by raising energy prices with their regulatory meddling. Ron Hart The Daily Caller Regulations cost consumers $1.8 trillion per year, which means higher bills for utilities, gas and transportation for the average person. Another example of… Time For A… Read More »

With Climate Change, California Is Likely To See More Extreme Flooding

Climate change - NPR

Californians are in shock that after five years of too little water, the problem now is too much. npr All eyes in California have been on Oroville Dam, where a broken spillway forced major evacuations. But the damage… With Climate Change… Read More »

Environmentalists who exposed logging have charges thrown out

Pesu 1a

Two environmentalists who entered an East Gippsland logging coupe to document the destruction of rainforest have had charges against them… Bianca Hall The Age The court decision is the final chapter on what has been a two-year saga for Ed Hill and Joe Henderson, whose actions led to the state government conceding it… Environmentalists who exposed… Read More »

EU workers’ green revolt over Brussels pollution

Raut 1a

High proportion of diesel cars means the EU capital is no poster child for tackling poor air… SIMON MARKS, JOSHUA POSANER AND MARION SOLLETTY  Politico The EU is trying to clean up the air across the Continent, though it has done little about pollution in its own back… On a crisp morning earlier this month, Karmenu Vella, the EU’s top environmental… EU workers’ green… Read More »

Most wood energy schemes are a ‘disaster’ for climate change

Wood - BBC

Using wood pellets to generate low-carbon electricity is a flawed policy that is speeding up not slowing down climate warming. Matt McGrath BBC News That’s according to a new study which says wood is not carbon neutral and emissions from pellets are higher than coal. Subsidies for biomass… Most wood energy… Read More »

How to fight climate change without Washington

Climate - Boston Globe

MASSACHUSETTS WAS ALREADY planning for a Trump presidency way back in 2008. It just didn’t know it yet. Boston Globe That year, the Commonwealth and neighboring states began readying a new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks, which form a growing share of the state’s overall contribution to global climate… How to fight… Read More »

We may still have enough time to save the world’s oceans

Oceans - Irish Examiner

THE ocean is changing — and not for the better. José Maria Figueres, Pascal Lamy and John D Podesta. Irish Examiner Well-established scientific evidence shows that it is becoming emptier, warmer, and more acidic, putting marine life under serious pressure. But there is… We may still… Read More »

Red Alert for China’s pollution protesters

China - Al Jazeera

China wants people to care for the environment, one person at a time. Salvatore Babones Al Jazeera News It’s winter in Beijing, and that means two things: cold and smog. Beijing has had freezing winter temperatures for thousands of years, but the smog is something new. China first started… Red Alert for… Read More »