Environment and Climate Change

Is cycling really cheaper than public transport?

Trafalgar Square, London England.

For city-dwellers, it makes sense that cycling is always cheaper than driving or taking public transport. BBC News Nick Busca But is that actually the case? On the first day I commuted to work by… Is cycling really cheaper than… Read More »

Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025

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The leaders of four major global cities say they will stop the use of all diesel-powered cars and trucks by the middle of the next decade. BBC By Matt McGrath The mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens say they are implementing the… Four major cities… Read More »

Fires and drought cook Tennessee – a state represented by climate deniers

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Climate change intensified the extreme weather in Tennessee, but its legislators deny the science The Guardian John Abraham With my new hope that deniers of climate change will take ownership of the… Fires and drought… Read More »

This is the most dangerous time for our planet

Planet - The Guardian

We can’t go on ignoring inequality, because we have the means to destroy our world but not to escape it The Guardian Stephen Hawking As a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge, I have lived my life in an extraordinarily privileged bubble. Cambridge is an unusual town, centred around… This is the most dangerous time for… Read More »

EU in ‘Mexican standoff’ over independent checks on car emissions

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Leaked documents reveal EU pledge to carry out tests deleted from draft as governments come under pressure from carmakers The Guardian Arthur Neslen Plans for independent checks of how much pollution new cars emit are being killed off by EU member states, according to leaked documents seen by the… EU in ‘Mexican… Read More »

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’

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Nasa’s Earth science division is set to be stripped of funding as the president-elect seeks to shift focus away from home in favor of deep space exploration Oliver Milman in New York Donald Trump is poised to eliminate all climate change research conducted by Nasa as part of a… Trump to scrap… Read More »

The War On The Law: Who’s Afraid Of Green Lawfare?

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Government and media are trying to have their environmental vandal cake, and eat it too. By Nicola Silbert  Nicola Silbert explains. As the canon of court cases regarding the Adani Coalmine continue to expand, the… The War On The… Read More »

Climate vulnerable nations aim for 100 per cent renewable energy at talks in Marrakech

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More than 45 countries, among the most vulnerable to climate change, have said they will switch entirely to renewable energy as soon as possible. The announcement was made at climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco, where negotiators have been hammering out the details of an… Climate vulnerable nations… Read More »

Trump fears push nations at Morocco talks to call climate action an ‘urgent duty’

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Fears that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will pull out of the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming pushed almost 200 nations at climate talks in Morocco on Nov. 17 to declare action an “urgent duty.” MARRAKESH, Morocco – Reuters Trump has called man-made global warming a hoax and has said he… Trump fears push… Read More »

Fishing study reveals who catches what in UK waters

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Danish, Dutch, Irish and French fishing vessels caught more than half the total catch netted by foreign boats in UK coastal waters between 2012 and 2014, a new report says. by KEITH FINDLAY The latest study by the NAFC Marine Centre in Shetland provides further detail on research findings published in October, when it… Fishing study reveals… Read More »

Tehran’s air pollution fuels political quarreling

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Authorities in the Iranian capital of Tehran shut down all schools on Nov. 16 due to alarming air pollution levels, while political factions accuse one another of irresponsibility on the issue. Changiz M. Varzi Primary schools and kindergartens have been closed in the city since Nov. 14, as a thick layer of smog has covered the… Tehran’s air pollution… Read More »

In The Mountains Of Timor-Leste, A Small Success On Climate Change

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As the aftermath of the U.S. election fixes our attention internationally, and will continue to do so as we wait to see what happens next, the issue of climate change is only accelerating in urgency. José Ramos-Horta  We must not allow ourselves to lose focus, particularly on the climate talks currently underway in Marrakech (COP22). In The Mountains Of… Read More »

Time to Protect Our Common Home

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Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) reached a historical landmark agreement in Paris on 12 December 2015, charting a fundamentally new course for global climate efforts. José Ramos-Horta * The Paris Agreement (PA) came into force on 4 November 2016, creating a history in multilateral diplomacy, as no other convention came into force so… Time to Protect… Read More »

World’s largest marine protected area declared in Antarctica

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Delegates from 24 countries and the European Union have agreed that the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world’s largest marine protected area (MPA). Some 1.57m sq km (600,000 sq miles) of the Southern Ocean will gain protection from commercial fishing for 35 years. Environmentalists have welcomed the… World’s largest marine… Read More »

Taiwan Should Be a Partner in Addressing Climate Change

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Taiwan, as the fifth-largest economy in Asia and the 22nd largest in the world, should have a place at the table when it comes to this critical issue. Stanley Kao The Paris Climate Agreement, negotiated within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with the… Taiwan Should Be a… Read More »

Oil drilling underway beneath Ecuador’s Yasuní national park

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Government claims oil extraction is causing minimal disturbance to the Unesco biosphere reserve in the Amazon John Vidal Ecuador has confirmed that oil drilling has begun under the country’s Yasuní national park, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. But the government claims that there has been only minimal disturbance to the… Oil drilling underway… Read More »