Environment and Climate Change

Green power success stories take the wind out of Tony Abbott

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Comment The Sydney Morning Herald - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald political and international editor There was so much, in fact, that the price of electricity actually fell to zero. And the price kept falling. It went negative. There were times on April 17 when wholesale electricity in Germany was selling for minus 14.91 euros for a megawatt hour. So it wasn’t ... Read More »

Commonwealth Bank Targeted Over Support For Coal Projects

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Environmental activists say they are willing to be arrested as they continue a direct action campaign against the bank. Max Chalmers reports. New Matilda – By Max Chalmers * The Commonwealth Bank has been targeted by climate campaigners for the second day in a row, as anger over its support for the fossil fuels industry grows and protesters start to move ... Read More »

From Kansas to Copenhagen: clean energy beacons around the world

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From small islands to towns and cities, here are the climate trail blazers showing the way to an energy future that does not run on coal, oil and gas The Guardian – Karl Mathiesen With global demand for energy continuing to rise and fossil fuel production buoyed by $5.3tn (£3.4tn) in tax-payer subsidies annually, it is easy to lose hope that ... Read More »

Boiling ourselves to death: Temperatures on Earth hit another record high, here’s the projected effect on humans

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Five reasons why we need to keep it cool The Independent - DAN SUNG The last 12-month period has seen the highest global temperatures on the planet, according to figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and, even though we’re barely halfway through, it’s clear that 2015 is set to be record breaking year. Not since the 1970s have ... Read More »

Vietnam opposes Chinese fishing ban in disputed sea

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HANOI: Vietnam said it resolutely opposes a temporary Chinese ban on fishing in the Gulf of Tonkin, the latest in a series of sovereignty disputes in and around the South China Sea. Arab News – Agencies China’s ban came as the neighbors seek to patch up ties since a row in May last year when China deployed a $1-billion oil rig ... Read More »

Chinese investor eyes $3 billion Sydney Fish Market redevelopment

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A Chinese fishing and real estate conglomerate will make a $3 billion bid to redevelop Blackwattle Bay under the Baird government’s Bays Precinct transformation. The Sydney Morning Herald - Kirsty Needham, State Politics Editor, The Sun-Herald Dahua already has a 25 per cent stake in the Sydney Fish Markets and owns the Bidvest site in Pyrmont, and will bring in a local investor to overcome community ... Read More »

Backed by green advocates, some U.S. conservatives push for solar

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LOS, ANGELES/BOSTON – When Debbie Dooley, a tea party firebrand from Woodstock, Georgia, makes the case for solar power, she doesn’t rely on the usual environmental talking points. She speaks of property rights, national security and competition in the free market. The Japan Times – Reuters Former Republican Rep. Barry Goldwater Jr. casts his support for solar energy as a ... Read More »

Government determined to close down commercial netting in bays

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THE century-old commercial fishing industry in Victoria’s Port Phillip and Corio Bays will be shut down in less than a decade. The Weekly Times – CHRIS MCLENNAN The Victorian Government has funded its plan to phase out netting in the bays over the next eight years. Supporters of the 42 fishing families affected by the closure insist there is no scientific ... Read More »

El Niño on its way to Australia, says Bureau of Meteorology

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‘Substantial’ event will be the first in five years, and is expected to bring widespread drought and warmer temperatures The Guardian – Oliver Milman @olliemilman Australia will be hit by a “substantial” El Niño event for the first time in five years, heightening the chances of widespread drought and warmer temperatures, the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed. The BoM said the El ... Read More »

Australian budget hands emissions reduction fund another year of funding

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Climate Change Authority wins a two-year reprieve after deal struck with Palmer United party to ensure passage of Direct Action climate package The Guardian – Lenore Taylor Political editor @lenoretaylor The Abbott government has provided another year’s funding for its major greenhouse gas reduction policy – the emissions reduction fund. The fund, which pays for reverse auctions to buy abatement directly from ... Read More »