Environment and Climate Change

No, the sun isn’t driving global warming

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Over the weekend, Greenpeace and the Climate Investigations Center published a set of documents — reported on bymultiple media outlets, including the Post – showing apparent ties between longtime climate doubting researcher Wei-Hock (“Willie”) Soon and several energy industry funders. The Washington Post – By Chris Mooney Soon, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, did not respond to requests for comment for this article, or to several calls from the Post’s Terrence McCoy. According ... Read More »

Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry

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A prominent academic and climate change denier’s work was funded almost entirely by the energy industry, receiving more than $1.2m from companies, lobby groups and oil billionaires over more than a decade, newly released documents show. Willie Soon is researcher at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Documents: Koch brothers foundation among groups that gave total of $1.25m The Guardian - Suzanne Goldenberg, ... Read More »

Nuclear Energy Is Dirty, Unsafe And Uneconomic: Environmental Scientist

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NUCLEAR DEBATE – The announcement of a Royal Commission in South Australia into nuclear energy is a waste of time and money, says Dr Mark Diesendorf*. New Matilda - By Mark Diesendorf Should the nuclear industry be expanded? A surprising development in the intermittent nuclear debate has been the announcement by the South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, that the state will hold a Royal ... Read More »

Dolphins Colonized Mediterranean Sea 18,000 Years Ago, Says New Study

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Sci-News.com – According to a new study reported in the journal Evolutionary Biology, bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) only colonized the Mediterranean after the last Ice Age, approximately 18,000 years ago. The study is the most detailed ever conducted into the genetic structure of the bottlenose dolphin population in the Mediterranean to date. Its authors, including Dr Andre Moura of the University of ... Read More »

Japan Looks to Ocean for Renewable Energy

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As an island nation, Japan controls large swaths of ocean territory, about the sixth-greatest expanse of any country in the world, according to government data. That is stark contrast to its relatively meagre land area, which ranks near the middle of list, in 60th place. So it makes sense for Japan to look to the seas for renewable energy — ... Read More »

Life on Earth may have flourished a billion years earlier than thought

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More than 3 billion years ago, Earth was a hostile, volatile place, its air oxygen-less and its climate unpredictable. The Age - Sarah Kaplan And yet, life thrived. That’s according to a study published in the journal Nature, which analysed 52 ancient rock samples and found that organisms capable of pulling nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it into a usable form first appeared around 3.2 billion years ago ... Read More »

Climate of cherry-picking

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THE Australian Academy of Science has released a new document, The Science of Climate Change, aimed at the man and woman in the street. It was prepared on behalf of the academy by leading lights of the global warming establishment. Some day the academy may come to regret the arrangement. The Australian – Garth Paltridge * The problem is that, after ... Read More »

The Last of New Zealand’s Beached Whales Died Last Night


The ordeal of 198 pilot whales stranded in New Zealand’s upper North Island came to an end last night when all remaining whales were confirmed dead. 67 whales were saved in total, which left a final death toll at the popular tourist destination standing at 131. Tim Jesudason Vice The stranding began last Friday when 30 whales beached themselves at ... Read More »

Urban pollinators get the job done

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Summary: Native bees in San Francisco provide adequate pollination to crop plants such as tomato plants, new research shows. Plants left open to the air produced more and larger tomatoes than those that self-pollinated only, and even matched the production of artificially pollinated plants. The research also found that the density of flowers in a garden — and not the garden’s ... Read More »

Climate science denialists in tailspin over hottest years

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Tony Abbott’s top business advisor Maurice Newman wrongly claimed a UK charity had blamed the deaths of elderly people on renewable energy policies The Guardian – Graham Readfearn All the recent declarations that 2014 was the hottest year on record seems to have prompted a spate of panic denial among climate change contrarians, denialists and ideologues. We’ve had a declaration of ... Read More »