Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025

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The leaders of four major global cities say they will stop the use of all diesel-powered cars and trucks by the middle of the next decade. BBC By Matt McGrath The mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens say they are implementing the… Four major cities… Read More »

The colossal African solar farm that could power Europe

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We visit a vast power plant at the door to the Moroccan desert that is helping to define the energy future of the world. BBC By Sandrine Ceurstemont The minibus crosses the vast plateau on a newly paved road. Cracked fields stretch away towards the Moroccan desert to the… The colossal African… Read More »

EU in ‘Mexican standoff’ over independent checks on car emissions

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Leaked documents reveal EU pledge to carry out tests deleted from draft as governments come under pressure from carmakers The Guardian Arthur Neslen Plans for independent checks of how much pollution new cars emit are being killed off by EU member states, according to leaked documents seen by the… EU in ‘Mexican… Read More »

Happy Birthday Timor! Our Gift To You Is To Steal Your Oil, And Your Future

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As one of our closest – and poorest – neighbours marks 14 years of independence, Australia is still stealing their natural resources. New Matilda Ella Fabry Ella Fabry explains. Tomorrow, November 28, one of the world’s newest nations… Happy Birthday Timor! Our Gift To You Is… Read More »

Lofty ambitions confront reality in Turkish Stream pipeline

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Russia and Turkey signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline early this month, provoking worry that the Turkish Stream pipeline could render Ukraine obsolete as a gas conduit to Europe. By Josh Kovensky Ankara appears to have ambitions to become a gas transit hub connecting Central Asia, the Black Sea region and the… Lofty ambitions confront… Read More »

Unwanted: $10B gas deal with Israel that Jordan needs

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For one hour every Sunday, Alaa Wishah and his family sit at home in the dark. The pharmacist in Jordan’s capital of Amman isn’t trying to save money. Wishah, his wife and their three children are joining the protest against a $10 billion energy import agreement with Israel that has revived old animosities in this part of the… Unwanted: $10B gas… Read More »

Nobel laureate calls on Australia to show ‘fair go’ over $40b Timor Sea oil

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East Timor’s former prime minister and president Dr Jose Ramos-Horta has appealed to Australia’s sense of a “fair go”, asking for a sea boundary to be changed to share $40 billion in oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea. Dr Ramos-Horta made the comments while in Brisbane for his keynote address to the two-day Age of Insecurities conference, organised by Griffith University to… Nobel laureate calls… Read More »

Oil drilling underway beneath Ecuador’s Yasuní national park

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Government claims oil extraction is causing minimal disturbance to the Unesco biosphere reserve in the Amazon John Vidal Ecuador has confirmed that oil drilling has begun under the country’s Yasuní national park, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. But the government claims that there has been only minimal disturbance to the… Oil drilling underway… Read More »

Review: Sonic Sea at the Environmental Film Festival

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The sounds of the sea are associated with tranquillity and relaxation. Gary Truong  Tracey Rogers People go to the beach to enjoy the soothing crash of ocean waves. But beneath the surface of the ocean, there is no peace and quiet for whales and dolphins. The increasing use of the… Review: Sonic Sea at… Read More »

US energy shakeup continues as solar capacity set to triple

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Solar expected to almost triple in less than three years by 2017 as coal continues to fall, solidifying gas as country’s chief electricity source, reports Climate Central Bobby Magill for Climate Central, part of the Guardian Environment Network Solar power capacity in the US will have nearly tripled in size in less than three years by 2017 amid an energy shakeup that has seen natural gas solidify its position as the… US energy shakeup… Read More »

Documentary film-makers face decades in prison for taping oil pipeline protests

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Deia Schlosberg and Lindsey Grayzel face felony charges that first amendment advocates say are part of a growing number of attacks on freedom of the press Sam Levin in San Francisco Two documentary film-makers are facing decades in prison for recording US oil pipeline protests, with serious felony charges that… Documentary film-makers… Read More »

A Nuclear Conspiracy: Jim Green Responds To Geoff Russell

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As part of an ongoing debate over the capacity of nuclear energy to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth’s Jim Green responds to New Matilda’s recent coverage. By Jim Green New Matilda editor Chris Graham writes in an October 13 editorial that those responding to Geoff Russell’s pro-nuclear articles “never seek to punch holes in a… A Nuclear Conspiracy… Read More »

Amy Goodman showed us the perils of standing up to the fossil fuel industry

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The rights of activists and journalists are under threat wherever communities challenge Big Oil – in North Dakota and beyond May Boeve For far too long, the world had been ignoring the North Dakota anti-pipelines protests. Then the… Amy Goodman showed… Read More »

British doctors and health professionals call for rapid coal phase-out

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Group of health bodies says tackling climate change and air pollution linked to coal would improve health and reduce NHS costs John Vidal Groups representing Britain’s 600,000 doctors and health professionals say it is “imperative” to phase out coal rapidly to improve health and reduce NHS costs. The doctors and… Read More »

Climate change: global deal reached to limit use of hydrofluorocarbons

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Global deal on HFCs – greenhouse gases far more powerful than carbon dioxide – seen as ‘largest temperature reduction ever achieved by single agreement’ Associated Press, in Rwanda A worldwide deal has been reached to limit the use of greenhouse gases far more powerful than carbon dioxide in a major effort to… Climate change: global… Read More »

Russia’s Gazprom, India’s GAIL Could Correct LNG Contract in 6 Months – CEO

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Gazprom’s CEO Alexey Miller said that Russia’s energy giant hopes to agree with India’s state-owned oil and gas company on amendments to the contract on deliveries of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in the next six months. GOA (Sputnik) – Russia’s energy giant Gazprom hopes to agree with India’s state-owned oil and gas company on amendments to the contract on deliveries of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in the… Russia’s Gazprom, India’s… Read More »