The Retreat Hotel, Rebetika And The Perpetual Foreigner

Kalam 1a

In “From Foreigner to Citizen: Greek Migrants and Social Change in White Australia 1897-2000” one of the most important critiques of Australian multiculturalism I have ever read, LaTrobe University Philosophy Lecturer George Vassilacopoulos and Toula Nikolakopoulou postulate that despite the veneer of formal equality characterizing race relations in this country, there lurks within the substratum, a fundamental concept of the ... Read More »

Special Issue : Greek Citizenship

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INTERVIEW: Alternate Minister of Migration Policy Tasia Christodoulopoulou on New Citizenship Bill GNA – Alternate Minister for Migration Policy, Tasia Christodoulopoulou, was interviewed by Greek News Agenda on the subject of proposed citizenship legislation, which was uploaded for public consultation atOpenGov.gr yesterday (May 15). The Bill regulates the granting of citizenship to second generation immigrants, amending Law 3838/2010. 1) Could ... Read More »

The Byzantines Of Cornwall

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In the common consciousness of the Greeks, Byzantium and its last ruling dynasty, the Palaeologus family came to an end on 29 May 1453, when the last Emperor, Constantine Palaeologus, fell in battle, fighting Mehmet the Conqueror and his marauding hordes. Dean Kalimniou Constantine’s body was never found giving rise to the popular legend that an angel had taken him ... Read More »

Spoken word artist Luka Lesson is owning his language

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Luke Lesson is a man of many hats. As well as being an internationally acclaimed spoken word poet and published author – his debut collection of poetry The Future Ancients was released back in 2013 — the Australian is also an adept MC. Lesson’s recent second album, Exit, blends all his literal and music flair together. He talks about the ... Read More »


Gr pupils in Melb 1a LLLLL

Every year while attending the Greek Community’s annual 1821 Revolution Commemoration at the Shrine of Remembrance, I am reminded of the verses of Epirote poet Panagiotis Noutsos’ brilliant poem ‘National Magma,’ (Έθνους Μάγμα). Noutsos writes: «Δεν είναι εδώ το Σούλι, εδώ ναι το μαγιασούλι! Σούλι, καψούλι, μαξούλι, μαγιασούλι, ζητωζητωζητωκραυγάζουν ούλοι!» In his own unique way, by employing wordplay in an ... Read More »

Turkey, Armenia and beyond

There was and there was not 1a LLLLLLL

In 2003-04, the late Turkish Armenian journalist Hrant Dink wrote a series of articles on the psychology of the Armenian diaspora. Hurriyet – William Armstrong – william.armstrong@hdn.com.tr The series, titled “On Armenian Identity,” caused a stir by suggesting that diaspora Armenians were blinded by such hatred that it had become like “poison in their blood.” Rather than waiting for Turkey to change, ... Read More »

Speaking Greek In March, In Olbia

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Kαι τώρα πώς εξέπεσαν, πώς έγιναν, να ζουν και να ομιλούν βαρβαρικά, βγαλμένοι -ω συμφορά!- απ’ τον ελληνισμό.»  Cavafy. Dean Kalimniou If Cavafy’s poem «Ποσειδωνιάται»  is anything to go by, the phenomenon of diasporan Greeks feeling concerned about losing their mother tongue in their adopted countries is neither a product of the post-colonial, globalised capitalist world or a product of ... Read More »

Food For Thought: Greek-Australian Women And Education

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Is it possible in this day and age to articulate or identify a particularly Greek-Australian attitude to girls and education? Agora Dialogue - Dean Kalimniou This was the question I asked myself as I listened to a distinguished group of panelists and guests, comprising, State Minister for Families and Children and Minister for Youth Affairs, Jenny Mikakos, Dr Vivianne Nikou, ... Read More »

Journalist chronicled contribution of Greeks to building the nation

Kostas Nikolopoulos 2b LLLLL

Kosta Nikolopoulos Journalist, Greek community activist 16-11-1947 – 16-1-2015 Political journalist Kostas Nikolopoulos, who has died in Melbourne aged 67, was one of the most influential and respected voices of Melbourne’s Greek community, and an elder statesman of ethnic media in Australia. He was a tireless community activist whose contribution to public life transcended the pages of the Greek-language newspaper ... Read More »

Speak Greek In March

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Not a few things made a profound impression upon me at the launch of the Speak Greek in March campaign, which took place last Sunday at the new improved Greek Orthodox Community HQ. Dean Kalimniou The first was the blessing of the whole endeavor by the articulate and functionally grecophonic second generation priest, Father Eumenios. In perfect Greek, tinged with ... Read More »