‘Palikari,’ a Greek migrant’s story destined to echo in eternity


The documentary was filmed in a number of locations, including Oakland, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. The filmmakers also visited a number of sites in Colorado, where the Ludlow Massacre took place. These included Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs It could have been a scene from Orthodox Easter anywhere in Greece: Relatives, friends and co-workers gathering ... Read More »

UK peers reject govt citizenship powers

Stateless dark skin people 1a LLL

BRITAIN’S peers have thrown out government plans to allow terror suspects to be stripped of their British citizenship even if they will be left stateless. The cross-party amendment to the Immigration Bill was backed by 242 votes to 180, as members of the upper house hit out at a policy “used by tyrants and dictators”. The defeat was the second ... Read More »


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Kitsch is one of my favourite modern Greek words. Rendered as «κιτς» for Athenians who struggle to pronounce the requisite voiceless postalveolar fricative consonant, the word can take on a multiplicity of manifestations, such as «κιτσάτο» in its adjectival form. Such is the flexibility of the modern Greek language, that a particularly acute case of kitsch can be rendered as ... Read More »

Iranian Americans unite, share culture for New Year celebration

Iranian dancing in US 1a LLLL

Dancers dressed in traditional Persian garments are surrounded by celebrants during an Iranian New Year celebration at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (Christina House, For The Times / March 23, 2014) Iranian New Year, Nowruz, celebrates spring and nature’s rebirth, bringing L.A.’s Persian community together to share its tradition. Wearing a dark blue traditional Iranian garment, Roxanna Ameri ... Read More »

Key stroke of genius! Teenager finds way for government to save $400MILLION a year just by changing their font

US to save 400 million 2b ink LLL

A 14-year-old student from Pennsylvania could help the government save nearly $400 million a year thanks to his ingenious science fair project. Suvir Mirchandani measured ink used in typefaces and found Garamond was most cost-effective Teenager came up with the idea for his school science project Discovery: Suvir Mirchandani has found a way to save the government millions of dollars ... Read More »

35, and counting

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It’s been 35 years since the school community of St John’s made its first timid foray into the educational world in Victoria. And the history of this school is undeniably intertwined with the history of the Greek community of Melbourne. It embodies, in a sense, all the positive achievements, but also the difficult path that occasionally sowed discord within our ... Read More »

Santo Costanzo Inaugural Annual Memorial Oration

Julian Burnside &street & cars 1a LLL Oct 2013

“Forever Excelling” – Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence! Santo Costanzo Inaugural Annual Memorial Oration to be delivered by Julian Burnside AO QC: “Human Rights in Australia: Is this really who we are?” The Late Santo Costanzo was a legendary educator who was pivotal in helping shape the lives and futures of many thousands of Greek-Australian students that graduated from St ... Read More »

Η Στέλλα Αξαρλή σκηνοθετεί όπερα

Otello A4 Flyer

Η Διεθνούς φήμης ομογενής σοπράνο Στέλλα Αξαρλή, επιστρέφει στην όπερα, από μια άλλη θέση. Σκηνοθετεί αυτή την φορά τον «Οθέλο» του Σαίξπηρ, σε μουσική του Βέρντι, για τέσσερις μόνο παραστάσεις στην Μελβούρνη. Η Στέλλα Αξαρλή μίλησε στο Ελληνικό πρόγραμμά της ραδιοφωνίας SBS και την Εμμα Παπαεμμανουήλ για την νέα της δραστηριότητα αλλά και την τελειομανία που οδηγεί την φύση της. ... Read More »