Vale Kostas Nikolopoulos

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“Institutions and organizations are not eternal. People are.” Agora Dialogue – Dean Kalimniou It was with these words that the late and much lamented journalist Kostas Nikolopoulos accosted at me at the Greek Film Festival last year, Kostas’ propensity to apparate seemingly out of the ether, flash a smile as enigmatic as that of a Cheshire cat, pose a contentious ... Read More »

Los Conquistadores Griegos

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“We came to serve God and to get rich, as all men wish to do.” – Bernal Diaz del Castillo When asked by a priest as to his motivation for conquering the Inca Empire, and when he intended to begin the work of converting his vanquished subjects to Roman Catholicism, the infamous Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro is said to have ... Read More »

The Year of Speaking Greek Dangerously

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Καλή Χρονιά. Owing to the indifference of my educators, up until the age of ten, I labored under the misapprehension that the term «Οράιτ» (alright), optionally suffixed with «ρε μάιτ» was acceptable Greek. Similarly, it took a visit from my grandmother in Greece when I was thirteen to disabuse me of my deeply held conviction that μαρκέτα, was not the ... Read More »

Tales of Cyprus

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Con Emannuelle’s art is a record of a way of life which no longer exists and the memory of which remains to only a very few. Tales of Cyprus – Dr Jennifer M. Webb* In collecting these wonderful photographs, in painstakingly and so beautifully drawing these iconic scenes and creating these posters, he is paying tribute, with love and gratitude, to ... Read More »

Robber’s Rights

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It was the Goatboy, an incisive former contributor to the august pages of this publication, who, commenting on the state of Greece a few years ago, observed: “Boyfriend, Hellenism is a superseded discourse.” While we in the diaspora have the luxury of proving our dedication to the fold by demanding the return of the Parthenon Marbles from Britain, our Helladic cousins ... Read More »

Giving, Devising, Bequeathing

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The first thing that aged Greek clients ask me when they attend my office for the purposes of making their wills is whether their assets are protected when a concatenation of circumstances causes the surviving partner, usually the male, to become ‘mixed up,’ (μπλεγμένος), with a younger and the inference is, rapacious new companion. For some reason, that companion is ... Read More »

Arab Americans Getting Ready for 2016

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Next week, Arab American leaders and activists from a dozen key electoral states will convene in Washington to map out a political strategy for 2016. Despite the very real challenges facing the leaders who will gather, this generation of Arab Americans can approach the future with some confidence given the progress that has been made the last three decades. Thirty ... Read More »

Erdoğan says America was discovered by Muslims, not Columbus

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America was discovered by Muslims, not by Christopher Columbus, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has claimed, vowing to build a mosque “on that hill” in Cuba if the authorities of the Caribbean nation grant the permit. Speaking at the closing ceremony of the first LatinAmerican Muslim leaders summit in Istanbul on Nov. 15, Erdoğan slammed colonialism before referring to a ... Read More »