Exodus: Why Europe’s Jews Are Fleeing Once Again


The mob howled for vengeance, the missiles raining down on the synagogue walls as the worshippers huddled inside. It was a scene from Europe in the 1930s – except this was eastern Paris on the evening of July 13th, 2014. Thousands had gathered to demonstrate against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. But the protest soon turned violent – and against ... Read More »

Not All Jews Support Israel


To both Jews and non-Jews the idea of an anti-Zionist Jew can sound like a contradiction in terms—an abuse of Rabbi Hillel’s most famous ethical aphorism, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me.” But for Sam Weinstein, and for around 30 others, me included, tucked together in a small Jewish bloc at Saturday’s Gaza demo in ... Read More »

Cultural Cooperation

Dorian Branea 1a LLL

As the guns were finally silent, Romanian diplomat and President of EUNIC in London Mr Dorian Branea tells Venetia van Kuffeler how he knew it was time for cooperation, and his calling for public service 1. How long have you been President of EUNIC in London? Can you give me a brief rundown of your career and how you got ... Read More »

How much “loving kindness” can we show to Asylum Seekers?

Asylum seekers behind ttelia 1a LLLL

Leadership, compassion and integrity are impressive words commonly heard in politicians’ speeches or read in the newspapers. While they are key qualities expected of our leaders, and key indicators of their ability to deliver on promises, it appears they are too often just a means to say one thing but do another. For instance, during question time in Federal Parliament on ... Read More »

Greek Photographers Exhibition in Toronto

Canada Greek artist's exhibition 1a LLL

The exhibition, entitled Identity, is organized by the Greek America Foundation during Greek Film & Foto Week (GFFW) in Toronto, Canada. The event is part of Scotiabank Festival, the largest photography festival in the world which takes place from May 2 to May 7. The exhibition includes the work of various Greek photographers and filmmakers from Greece and North America ... Read More »

‘Palikari,’ a Greek migrant’s story destined to echo in eternity


The documentary was filmed in a number of locations, including Oakland, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. The filmmakers also visited a number of sites in Colorado, where the Ludlow Massacre took place. These included Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs It could have been a scene from Orthodox Easter anywhere in Greece: Relatives, friends and co-workers gathering ... Read More »

UK peers reject govt citizenship powers

Stateless dark skin people 1a LLL

BRITAIN’S peers have thrown out government plans to allow terror suspects to be stripped of their British citizenship even if they will be left stateless. The cross-party amendment to the Immigration Bill was backed by 242 votes to 180, as members of the upper house hit out at a policy “used by tyrants and dictators”. The defeat was the second ... Read More »