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NATO mulls ways to substitute Dutch contribution

Patriot missiles in Turkey 2b LLLL

Although the Netherlands has decided to end its contribution to NATO’s deployment of Patriot anti-ballistic missile systems in Turkey at the end of January, the alliance’s deployments will continue, a Turkish diplomat has told Hürriyet Daily News. The official noted the U.S. and Germany plan to extend the mission for one more year. The Dutch House of Representatives announced on ... Read More »

No more Cuban-style policies?

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IN MANY respects, the new French government, which was unveiled today, looks a lot like the old one. The reformist Manuel Valls is still prime minister. Laurent Fabius stays on as foreign minister; Michel Sapin continues as finance minister; Jean-Yves Le Drian keeps his job at defence; Ségolène Royal remains in charge of the environment and energy; Bernard Cazeneuve stays ... Read More »

Former judge says rape conviction rates will not improve until ‘women stop getting so drunk’

Retired judge Mary Jane Mowat said it is an inevitable fact of being 'one person’s word against another' during rape trials

A former judge has claimed rape conviction statistics will not improve until women “stop getting so drunk”. Retired judge Mary Jane Mowat said it is an inevitable fact of being “one person’s word against another” during rape trials, of which the national conviction rate currently sits at 60 per cent. She told the Oxford Mail conviction rates will not improve unless women ... Read More »

How Australia Perfected Solar Power And Then Went Back To Coal


There was a time in the 1980s when Australia lead the world in solar technology. To begin with, Australia receives more solar radiation per square foot than anywhere on the planet, and that presents an obvious advantage. But the true catalyst was geography: two thirds of the country consists of uninhabited desert. This posed problems for engineers tasked with constructing a national ... Read More »

Global Warming: Discovery of 500 Methane Vents On Atlantic Ocean Floor Has Major Implications

Carti Sugdub island in Panama is among those places where inhabitants brace themselves for rising sea levels and waves gushing into their tiny mud-floor huts. With more of methane emissions from the ocean floor being discovered, scientists are beginning to be concerned about their implications in exacerbating global warming. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

Methane is bubbling up from unexpected places on the ocean floor, raising concerns on its implications for global warming. Researchers have detected more than 500 methane vents on the Atlantic Ocean floor off the US east coast, reports NBS News. The gas could contribute to global warming, say scientists, pointing out that some of the detected emissions originate from depths where ... Read More »

Let’s hope porn connoisseurs can stop anti-terror laws — as Muslims leaders won’t

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Australian conservatives thrive on hysteria. During the 1980s, the paranoia was about Iranian revolutionary Shiism and Soviet communism. The Iranians were kept under control by our buddy Saddam Hussein and his chemical weapons. But the Soviet influence was threatening our moderate democratic Sunni Muslim friends, like dictator General Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan. I doubt too many Australian conservatives would have supported ... Read More »

George Pell’s logic on child sex abuse is flawed

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In his video appearance before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on August 21, the former Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, insisted that the Catholic Church should be treated like every other organisation in society. It should not be held responsible for the crimes of its priests in the same way as the “ownership or ... Read More »