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Senators give medical marijuana the green light

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Health Department warns move could conflict with Australian law and an international convention. The Sydney Morning Herald – Adam Gartrell, National Political Correspondent Medical marijuana poised to become boom local industry Bipartisan political support for medicinal cannabis no guarantee for patients Legalising medical marijuana does not increase teen use: study Senators from across the political divide will endorse a bill to ... Read More »

Westminster paedophile scandal casts shadows over British establishment

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London: In October 2012, Labour MP Tom Watson stood up in the British House of Commons and lobbed a grenade – metaphorically speaking. Brisbane Times - Nick Miller, Europe Correspondent Tapping a sheaf of paper in his hands, he told the Prime Minister that police had – or used to have – a file of evidence containing “clear intelligence suggesting a ... Read More »

Plibersek ‘proud’ of Labor boat policy

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TANYA Plibersek has sought to show solidarity with Labor’s new position on asylum seeker boat turnbacks, saying the party has struck a “terrific position”. Herald Sun – By Colin Brinsden From: AAP THE deputy Labor leader, from the NSW Left, avoided personally voting on the proposal to allow a future Labor government to adopt the policy at the ALP national ... Read More »

Revealed: How China and Russia Could Destroy America’s F-35 in Battle


After the leaking of a report about the recent failure of an F-35 to win in a dogfight against an F-16D, debate has intensified about the future nature of air to air combat. In a recent Strategist post, Andrew Davies identifies the importance of combining long-range air-to-air engagement using ‘Beyond-Visual Range Air to Air Missiles’ (BVRAAMs), with the advantage bestowed by ... Read More »

Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds

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It appears as if the Turkish government is using ISIS as a pretext to attack the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). Turkey just announced that its air base at Incirlik will soon be open to coalition forces, presumably to fight ISIS. But the moment Turkey started bombing, it targeted Kurdish positions in Iraq, in addition to targeting ISIS positions in Syria. ... Read More »

Boat turnbacks: Bill Shorten says he will not shirk hard decisions on asylum

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Labor asylum seeker policy would double humanitarian places, establish an independent child’s advocate and restore the refugee review tribunal The Guardian – Gabrielle Chan @gabriellechan Bill Shorten declared he would not shirk hard decisions as he argued for Labor to use boat turnbacks in an asylum seeker policy which would double humanitarian places, establish an independent child’s advocate and restore the ... Read More »

Barzani Calls on Turkey to Stop Attacks on PKK

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KRG President calls Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu Basnews  |  Herman Khalid ERBIL – Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani is calling for an immediate end to Turkish airstrikes on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bases in the Iraqi Kurdistan mountains. A source from the Kurdistan Presidency Office, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told BasNews on Saturday that President Barzani has called Turkish ... Read More »

Child in detention for 1113 days, only 25 Rohingya refugees accepted

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A child has been held in immigration detention for at least 1113 days and the Abbott government has accepted just 25 Rohingya refugees despite thousands fleeing persecution, official figures show, raising fresh criticism of Australia’s hardline asylum-seeker stance. WAtoday – Nicole Hasham, Environment and immigration correspondent The revelations follow alarming evidence to a Senate inquiry this week that revealed a child asylum seeker at the Nauru ... Read More »

Greece’s Syriza makes military deal with Israel that only US has made

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Greece’s ruling ostensibly left-wing Syriza party signed a “status of forces” accord with Israel on July 19. The Jerusalem Post explains that the agreement “offers legal defense to both militaries while training in the other’s country.” Mondoweiss - Ben Norton * That is to say, it is a pact in which Greece agrees to help the Israeli military—which has illegally ... Read More »

IMF: Japanese debt to increase threefold

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The International Monetary Fund has warned Japan of its debt increasing threefold by 2030. In its annual assessment, the IMF experts noted that the third biggest economy of the world may face stagflation and turmoil in financial markets. They also called on the government to cut spending and limit extra budgets. The Japanese public debt may reach 250% of GDP ... Read More »