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Banning smoking in Australian prisons has become a nationwide issue

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Just over a year ago an opinion piece of mine was published in this journal under the title “Banning smoking in Australia’s jails is a tough call, but worth a try”. In that piece I outlined in some detail the work that had been done in New Zealand to successfully launch a total ban on smoking by inmates and staff ... Read More »

Ukraine Has Reached a Debt Deal. Now What?

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The deal has worrying implications for the IMF’s treatment of Russia. The Nation - By James Carden Yesterday, with the announcement that the Ukrainian government had reached an agreement on restructuring its private debt with a consortium of bond holders led by Franklin Templeton, there was much rejoicing. In Kiev, the American-born former State Department official turned Ukrainian finance minister, ... Read More »

Economic deadlock through bizonal vetoes

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No serious government can accept to be run on multiple vetoes and of an ethnic origin to boot. Someone wisely described the vetoes as “a curse the short-sighted and naïve put on their country to make sure it never prospers”. InCyprus - By Dr Aris Petasis The vetoes are designed to paralyse and incapacitate the central Cyprus government with the ... Read More »

World’s biggest coal port joins fossil fuel divestment push

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Newcastle is the seventh council in Australia to announce it will shun fossil fuels, reports the Sydney Morning Herald The Guardian - Amanda Saunders for Sydney Morning Herald, part of the Climate Publishers Network Newcastle city council in Australia has voted to exit holdings in the big four banks if they continue to fund fossil fuel projects. About 80% of ... Read More »

“Turkey has never given a fig for the Turkish Cypriots”!

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I read the article “Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions” of 23 August 2015 by Mrs Erato Kozakou-Marcoulli, posted on and for a moment I wondered whether there had been a mistake. Whether the article was written by the Refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” and wrongly attributed to Mrs. Marcoulli. Agora Dialogue - Fanoulla Argyrou * Mrs. E.K-Marcoulli refers to the ... Read More »

Thailand destroys ivory stockpile amid junta crackdown

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Thailand destroyed more than two tons of ivory on Aug. 26 – a victory for animal rights groups fighting against the trade in a country renowned for being a hub for illegal tusks. Hurriyet - BANGKOK – Agence France-Presse The ceremony, in which 2,155 kilograms of raw tusks and carved trinkets were fed into an industrial rock crusher before being ... Read More »

No Exit? Gaza & Israel Between Wars

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Gaza City/Jerusalem/Ramallah/Brussels – ICG – Middle East Report N°162 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the year since the 2014 Gaza war, little has been done to alter the conditions that precipitated it. The so-called Palestinian government of national consensus, formed in June 2o14 and seated in the West Bank, has been reconstituted without Hamas’s consent. Viewing Gaza as a trap, it refuses ... Read More »

Papua New Guinea’s supreme court halts asylum seeker deportations

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Exclusive: immigration department will defy highest court in the land if it continues forcing men held on Manus to return to their countries of origin The Guardian – Ben Doherty, @bendohertycorro Papua New Guinea’s supreme court has stepped in to halt all deportations of asylum seekers back to their home countries, ordering an interim injunction late on Tuesday to stop ... Read More »