Belgian politicians drop opposition to EU-Canada trade deal

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EU leaders hope deal will be signed as Belgian PM says leaders of five regional parliaments have reached an agreement Jennifer Rankin in Brussels European Union leaders have expressed hope of signing a trade deal with Canada after Belgian politicians overcame differences that had been blocking the treaty. The Belgian… Belgian politicians drop… Read More »

Pierre Moscovici, trying to make Italian duvet fit EU suitcase

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The economics commissioner on the challenge of keeping budget rules squishy enough. By PIERRE BRIANÇON PARIS — Pierre Moscovici has an expression to show the direction he’d like his high-stakes negotiations with Italy to take: “We have to fit the duvet into the… Pierre Moscovici, trying… Read More »

The Goldman Sachs tape shows May is not leading on Brexit, but following

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In private comments pre-referendum the prime minister warned companies would relocate if the UK left the EU. So why is she pursuing hard Brexit? Anne Perkins The road on which Theresa May currently finds herself is well travelled. Most successful politicians rely on a… The Goldman Sachs… Read More »

Why the rich can’t be trusted with money

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The members of the investor class are programmed to destroy. by Larry Beinhart Every time the rich get too much money – as marked by a sharp rise in income inequality – the same things always happen. A bubble! A grand, exuberant, investing, spending, paper profits spree. It… Why the rich… Read More »

Last-ditch talks aim to save EU-Canada trade deal

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BRUSSELS: The head of the European parliament and Canada’s trade minister held last-ditch talks Saturday aimed at salvaging a trade deal threatened by a Belgian region’s refusal to sign on Agence France Presse EU assembly chief Martin Schulz also planned an 11th-hour huddle with Paul… Last-ditch talks… Read More »

Towards NAFTA-EU Economic Integration?

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 “Back-Door” Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) Sets the Stage… The TTIP is Alive? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky The ratification of the CETA agreement is imminent, with far-reaching economic and social implications. France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls is… Towards NAFTA-EU… Read More »

Will China’s economy slow as Beijing squeezes property sales?

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With the government cracking down on property speculation, questions raised on what drives fourth-quarter growth By STEVE WANG, LIN WANXIA and POO YEE KAI China’s economy is on track to meet Beijing’s growth target of 6.5% to 7.0% for 2016 following the release of third quarter numbers in… Will China’s economy… Read More »

Belgium split over EU-Canada trade deal Ceta

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Belgium’s Foreign Minister Didier Reynders says EU leaders may agree on a landmark EU-Canada trade deal this week – but only if objections from his country’s Wallonia region can be met. EU trade ministers are discussing the Ceta deal in Luxembourg, and Wallonia’s concerns cannot be ignored. Belgium’s national government backs the… Belgium split over… Read More »

Russia’s Gazprom, India’s GAIL Could Correct LNG Contract in 6 Months – CEO

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Gazprom’s CEO Alexey Miller said that Russia’s energy giant hopes to agree with India’s state-owned oil and gas company on amendments to the contract on deliveries of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in the next six months. GOA (Sputnik) – Russia’s energy giant Gazprom hopes to agree with India’s state-owned oil and gas company on amendments to the contract on deliveries of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in the… Russia’s Gazprom, India’s… Read More »

China’s onshore Renminbi rate at six-year low

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Analysts predict further devaluation pressure in the short-term By LIN WANXIA and POO YEE KAI The onshore Renminbi has fallen further against the US dollar, dropping down to the 6.70 key defensive line on Monday… China’s onshore Renminbi… Read More »

Why is globalisation under attack?

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Free trade and globalisation seem to be under siege from a broad and loud range of opponents. By Mark Broad, Economics reporter, BBC News For decades there has been a strong consensus that globalisation brought more jobs, higher wages and lower prices – not just for richer countries but also for developing and… Why is globalisation under… Read More »

Pound falls after Brexit Article 50 date announced

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Sterling took another knock on Monday after Theresa May’s announcement that the Government will trigger Article 50 by March 2017. The pound fell 0.5% against the US dollar in morning trading to stand at 1.28 dollars. Against the euro, sterling was also… Pound falls after Brexit Article 50 date announced… Read More »

China’s yuan joins elite club of IMF reserve currencies

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REUTERS, AP, AFP-JIJI BEIJING/WASHINGTON – China’s yuan is joining the International Monetary Fund’s basket of reserve currencies as of Saturday, a milestone for the government’s campaign for recognition as a global economic power. The yuan joins the dollar, euro, yen and pound in the IMF’s special drawing rights (SDR) basket, which… China’s yuan joins elite club of IMF reserve currencies… Read More »

India tax evasion amnesty uncovers hidden billions

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A tax evasion amnesty in India has prompted tens of thousands of people to declare more than $9.5bn (£7.3bn) in undeclared income and assets. Finance minister Arun Jaitley said the four-month window that ended on Friday brought in 64,275 declarations. All were offered immunity from prosecution in return for paying tax, a… India tax evasion amnesty uncovers hidden billions… Read More »

Can I Ever Get Pregnant? And Other Questions About Zika Virus

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Zika has hit Florida and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its recommendations on pregnancy, sex and the risk of Zika virus. by MAGGIE FOX Zika’s steady spread across Latin America and Pacific island nations — and its inevitable arrival in parts of the continental U.S. — has many people worried. Here are… Can I Ever Get Pregnant? And Other Questions About Zika Virus… Read More »

The War on Hank Greenberg

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Greenberg is fighting back not simply for himself but for anyone who believes that we should stand for justice, not prosecutorial tyranny. Lawrence A. Cunningham The downtown New York courtroom where 91-year old Maurice R. (“Hank”) Greenberg began testifying this week has all the… The War on Hank Greenberg… Read More »