What’s triggering gunfire at Indian weddings?

Weddings - Asia times

Dozens of celebrations have ended in tragedy this year, but the strangely feudalistic practice of ‘happy fire’ shows no sign of abating in North India Asia Times Anusha Venkat Earlier this month, Kamal Chauhan took his own life with the same revolver that had snuffed out that of young Rishabh Gupta two days earlier. Chauhan couldn’t bear to live after he accidentally killed the 20-year-old Amity… What’s triggering gunfire… Read More »

Myanmar’s tattooed Chin women

Tattoo - BBC

In Myanmar’s mountainous and hard-to-reach Chin State, the ethnic minority women are renowned for their remarkable face tattoos. BBC News Dave Stamboulis The stuff of legends Chin legend has it that when a Myanmar’s tattooed Chin… Read More »

We’re thinking about happiness all wrong

Happiness - Al Jazeera

Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman explains the problem. Al Jazeera News “We’ve been brought up by marketing, by advertising … to think about happiness as an uninterrupted row of better and better pleasures.” Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman breaks We’re thinking about… Read More »

Mobile phones, wifi and power lines

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What is non-ionising radiation? Non-ionising radiation is a specific type of radiation. Cancer Research UK Most non-ionising radiation has less energy than ionising radiation, this means it doesn’t have enough energy to change our cells in the same way as ionising radiation. Non-ionising radiation is used in a wide range of communications, electronic and other devices, including mobile phones, radio and TV. Different types of non-ionising radiation – such as microwaves, radio frequency waves and electromagnetic fields – are linked with ... Read More »

Rise of far-right “idiots” may hit aid and refugees, say laureates, leaders

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“These idiots like Farage, Marine Le Pen propose simplistic solutions to deep-seated problems,” said Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta By Nita Bhalla Thomson Reuters Foundation NEW DELHI, Dec 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The rise of far-right politics across the… Rise of far… Read More »

The country full of contradictions

Cuba - BBC

“Cuba is without question the most complex, contradictory, confounding place I’ve ever visited, a riddle that only grows deeper the more I look at it.” BBC News Alexander Bisley Pico Iyer, one of the world’s most nuanced travel writers, has been covering Cuba since the 1980s, in all its vividness and variety. Both in his essays and his… The country full of… Read More »

Lech Wałęsa: Throw Poland out of the EU

TOPSHOT - Lech Walesa, former president of Poland, wearing a pin of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa on his lapel,  reacts on January 04, 2016, during an interview in his office in Gdañsk, Poland.  Lech Wa??sa, born 29 September 1943,  is a Polish politician, trade union organizer, philanthropist and human rights activist. A charismatic leader, he co-founded Solidarity (Solidarno??), the Soviet bloc's first independent trade union, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, and served as President of Poland from 1990 to 1995. Behind Walesa, a mirror image of Gdansk'shipyards.  / AFP / PIOTR WITTMAN        (Photo credit should read PIOTR WITTMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Poland’s independence hero has one fight left: upending the country’s right-wing government. Politico Jan Cienski GDAŃSK, Poland — Lech Wałęsa sits at his desk, peering at his computer screen and poking at the keyboard, before getting up heavily to settle in a worn armchair, his stomach straining at his shirt. The signature walrus mustache that… Lech Wałęsa: Throw Poland… Read More »

101-year-old paedophile jailed for 13 years

Pedophile - The Guardian

Ralph Clarke, who committed offences in 1970s and 80s, is believed to be oldest person ever convicted by jury in UK The Guardian A 101-year-old paedophile has been jailed for 13 years for committing a string of sex offences against young children in the 1970s and 1980s. Retired haulier Ralph Clarke had… 101-year-old paedophile jailed… Read More »

Why Japan celebrates Christmas with KFC


How a fast-food marketing campaign turned into a widespread Yuletide tradition for millions. BBC News Mark Peters Every Christmas, Ryohei Ando gathers his family together for a holiday tradition. Just like their father did as… Why Japan celebrates Christmas… Read More »

Tis the season for animal rights

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(USA Today) At this time of year, we often see animals subjected to cruel holiday stunts or treated as living props in our confusing pageantry. By Ben Williamson RNS Domino’s Japan recently announced it was canceling its ill-conceived plan to train reindeer to deliver pizza, following a… Tis the season… Read More »

One of the biggest VC’s in Silicon Valley explains how basic income could fail in America

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Sam Altman is putting a lot of faith in the idea that giving people free money will make them happier and healthier, but that doesn’t mean he’s betting it all. Business Insider Chris Weller Altman is the president of Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s largest startup accelerator. Beginning in 2017, he and… One of the… Read More »

Shock theory reveals Anne Frank might have been found by chance – and not BETRAYED

Anne Frank - Express

DIARIST Anne Frank could have been discovered in a raid on ration fraudsters instead of being snatched by Nazi’s hunting for Jews, a shocking new study has revealed. Express Vickiie Oliphant The wartime writer was thought to have been removed from her home at 263 Prinsengracht after an anonymous call tipped her and her family off to the Nazis. The Franks, van Pelses and… Shock theory reveals Anne Frank might… Read More »

Wonder and Worry, as a Syrian Child Transforms

Bayan 1a LLLL

Canada welcomes Syrian refugees like no other country. The New York Times By CATRIN EINHORN and JODI KANTOR  But for one 10-year-old’s parents, is she leaving too much behind? TORONTO — As soon as Bayan Mohammad, a… Wonder and Worry… Read More »

Turkey takes another step toward despotism

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SINCE ASSUMING the nominally ceremonial position of president in 2014, Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan has aspired to endow it with far-reaching powers, replacing the country’s parliamentary system with something more like what Vladi­mir Putin has established in Russia. The Washington Post By Editorial Board His… Turkey takes another… Read More »

Orkney is named second best place in UK for quality of life

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Orkney has been named the second best place to live in the UK, behind Winchester, in a quality of life survey. The Scotsman By Vicky Shaw Orkney, along with 18th placed Shetland, are the only places in Scotland to make the list which is published today. Wychavon in Worcestershire, the… Orkney is named… Read More »

Noel Whelan: We must resist SF’s efforts to whitewash over its bloodstained past

Gerry Adams 1a by Eric Luke LLLL

Adams got caught out while trying to manage the fallout of Austin Stack’s fight for answers The Irish Times Noel Whelan When writing last week about the controversy between Austin Stack and Gerry Adams, I reached to the bookshelf for my… Noel Whelan: We… Read More »