What does this image tell us about Britain?

As the new Prime Minister Theresa May is photographed kneeling before the Queen, Kelly Grovier looks at a 16th-Century artwork that reveals as much as it hides.. After days of political tumult in Westminster, a single image of calm suddenly emerged on Wednesday evening from the inner sanctum of royal authority: The Queen granting private audience to a genuflecting Theresa May, who has succeeded David Cameron as prime minister of the United Kingdom. Easily dismissed as nothing more than a ... Read More »

How to find the centre of Canada

When we discovered our nation’s geographic middle was not where everyone thought it was, we had to go there. The spirit of Canada guided every step.. By Meagan Campbell I’m standing on Arctic tundra at the exact centre of Canada, wearing a stranger’s jacket, bearing a pebble from Parliament and whooping with glee with a helicopter pilot, a videographer, two Inuit guides and a dog named Diesel. Amid a metropolis of mosquitoes, I dig a Canadian flag into the moss ... Read More »

Racism is not human nature. A work of fiction can help us understand that

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Pauline Hanson’s racist vitriol is legitimised by commentators who urge us to listen to her. My new book When Michael Met Mina looks at other ways to dismantle racism.. The sheer weight of racist legacy and entrenched Islamophobic narratives was made clear to me all too often while researching Islamophobia, racism and multiculturalism in Australia… Source: Racism is not human nature. A work of fiction can help us understand that | Randa Abdel-Fattah | Opinion | The Guardian Read More »

New studies explore why ordinary people turn terrorist

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Research in the Iraqi war zone point to key characteristics among ISIS soldiers and their opponents Bruce Bower ScienceNews Fierce combat erupted in February 2016 at the northern Iraqi village of Kudilah. A Western-backed coalition of Arab Sunni tribesmen, Kurds in the Iraqi army and Kurdish government forces advanced on… New studies explore… Read More »

A rational nation ruled by science would be a terrible idea

Neil deGrasse Tyson imagines a country called Rationalia, a society where policy is based on the weight of evidence. That’s a bad idea, says Jeffrey Guhin.. By Jeffrey Guhin Imagine a future society in which everything is perfectly logical. What could go wrong? “Scientism” is the belief that all we need to solve the world’s problems is – you guessed it – science. People sometimes use the phrase “rational thinking”, but it amounts to the same thing. If only people ... Read More »

Dear volunteers in Africa: please don’t come help until you’ve asked yourself these four questions

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Recently, research has suggested that voluntourism can often do more harm than good. Sian Ferguson Voluntourism has been linked to damaging local economies and commodifying vulnerable children. It also can perpetuate harmful stereotypes about the so-called “third world”, while also promoting neo-colonialistic attitudes. I don’t recommend… Dear volunteers in… Read More »

Dick Ahlstro: the genetically modified human – has its time come? 

It should be possible to improve our immunity against viruses and cancer.. Learning how to read DNA, the blueprint for life, has revolutionised science and medicine. It gave us new ways to intervene in disease, a deeper understanding of evolution and relatedness and the potential to introduce modifications in humans, animals and plants. Now a group of US scientists argue it is time to move on from just reading an existing genome, to writing the genetic code… Source: Dick Ahlstrom: ... Read More »

Why Are American Jews Abandoning Israel?

The price of assimilation has been Jewish identity.. Dov Waxman, Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict over Israel(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016) 328 pp., $29.95. ON APRIL 19, three days before this year’s start of Passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating the Israelites’ exodus from bondage in ancient Egypt, six protestors were arrested at the Boston office of AIPAC, “America’s pro-Israel lobby.” They had chained themselves to a mock Seder table. Their group, IfNotNow, claims to “seek an American ... Read More »

Amazon is quietly eliminating list prices

Amazon is quietly changing how it entices people to buy… Source: Amazon is quietly eliminating list prices Read More »

Obama hails Elie Wiesel as ‘conscience of the world’ amid leaders’ tributes

Elie Wiesel 1a LLLL

The Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate, who died on Saturday, is praised by world leaders past and present, including the Clintons and Netanyahu.. Barack Obama led tributes to the Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, who died on Saturday at the age of 87, saying the author had been “a living memorial” and a clear voice against injustice in the world… Source: Obama hails Elie Wiesel as ‘conscience of the world’ amid leaders’ tributes | US news | The ... Read More »

Zika vaccine: Congressional inaction could cause ‘tragedies that can last a lifetime’

Barack Obama says a vaccine for the Zika virus could be developed in “fairly short order” if Congress acts quickly… Source: Zika vaccine: Congressional inaction could cause ‘tragedies that can last a lifetime’ Read More »

The Murdochian candidates

On the Brexit mess and the Trump campaign are the fingerprints of the man who would own the world by buying its media.. Chaos reigns, both in London and Gotham. In the shadows, the puppet-maker now works around the clock, enticed by events unfolding beyond even his great powers. Undaunted by what might have been an earth-shaking, career-defining scandal… Source: The Murdochian candidates – POLITICO Read More »

Where people get dirty for science

Explore Great Basin National Park with a lifelong caving enthusiast who is “fascinated with the unknown” – and perhaps get bitten by the same caving bug that she did.. Every year, about 30,000 visitors tour the Lehman Caves beneath Great Basin National Park, near the border of Nevada and Utah… Source: BBC – Travel – Where people get dirty for science Read More »

How Obama went from reluctant warrior to drone champion

When it comes to questions of war and peace, it often seems as if there are two Barack Obamas. There’s the president who has anguished, often publicly, over the morality of killing and the costs of combat. “No matter how justified, war promises human tragedy,” Obama said just days after his 2009 decision to send 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Then there’s the president who, over the last seven years, has… Source: How Obama went from reluctant warrior to drone ... Read More »

Hole in ozone layer over Antarctica is shrinking

Scientists predict the hole could close permanently by the middle of the century.. The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica appears to be healing, say scientists. Recovery of the hole has varied from year to year, partly because of the effects of volcanic eruptions… Source: Hole in ozone layer over Antarctica is shrinking Read More »

Evelyn Tadros

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Evelyn Tadros is a barrister practicing predominantly in commercial and public law. She also lectures in administrative law with Spencer Zifcak at Australian Catholic University as well as teaches regularly at Leo Cussen Institute, including in administrative law and advocacy. Prior to coming to the bar, Evelyn was Senior Associate to the Honourable Justice Almond at the Supreme Court. She also practised for four years as a litigation lawyer at one of Australia’s top law firms, Clayton Utz during which ... Read More »