A New Washington Naval Conference Could Prevent a Deadly South China Sea Showdown

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A blueprint for how Washington can reduce tension in the South China… Thomas G. Mitchell The National Interest Since the turn of the century political scientists and historians have been warning us about a new Thuycidean trap in which a rising power confronts a declining… In this scenario, China would play the role of Wilhelmine Germany during the… A New Washington… Read More »

How Europe boosts Russia-Turkey ties

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The Russian-Turkish tandem has re-emerged with the two countries’ reconciliation, after seven months of glacial relations following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet on its… Maria Dubovikova Arab News  That is not to say Ankara and Moscow see eye to eye on everything, but they realize that they need each… Turkey has to… How Europe boosts… Read More »

Unquiet American

epa03700797 US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul leaves the Russian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow, Russia 15 May 2013. McFaul was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry over the detention of Ryan Christopher Fogle, a CIA operative who Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said was trying to recruit a Russian special services agent.   The Russian Foreign Ministry said the suspected spy would be expelled and that US Ambassador Michael McFaul would be summoned to the ministry.  EPA/YURI KOCHETKOV

Putin is unlikely to be brought in from the cold, says former US envoy to Moscow Michael McFaul. Tunku Varadarajan Politico STANFORD, California — “I wish him well,” tweeted Michael McFaul, on the day Jon Huntsman was offered the delicate job of ambassador to Russia from the United States. It’s the job… Unquiet American… Read More »

The 1930s were humanity’s darkest, bloodiest hour. Are you paying attention?

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The 1930s revisited A decade haunted by mass poverty, violent extremism and world war gives us one crucial advantage: the chance to learn the era’s lessons and avoid its… Jonathan Freedland The Guardian Even to mention the 1930s is to evoke the period when human civilisation entered its darkest, bloodiest… The 1930s were… Read More »

Turkey referendum: Dutch are Nazi remnants – Erdogan

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has described the Dutch as “Nazi remnants and fascists”, as a diplomatic row grows over a… BBC The Turkish foreign minister was due to speak in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Saturday in support of a referendum to give Mr… But the rally was banned for security reasons, and the… Turkey referendum: Dutch… Read More »

World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945, says UN official

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Twenty million people face starvation without an immediate injection of funds in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, warns… Associated Press The Guardian The world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the second world war with more than 20 million people in four countries facing starvation and… World faces worst… Read More »

Muting prayers is muting the Palestinian struggle

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While Israel pursues to silence the sound of prayer, the global community suppressed the Palestinian call for justice. Mariam Barghouti Al Jazeera News Driving the streets of the West Bank, you see Israeli-issued street signs reading, in Arabic, “Urshalaym”, the Hebrew word for Jerusalem instead of the Arabic namesake “Al-Quds”. Like most Palestinians… Muting prayers is… Read More »

Rex Tillerson Might Be the Weakest Secretary of State Ever

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There are five avenues to power at Foggy Bottom, and they’re all blocked to the current man in charge. Robert Jervis Foreign Policy While much of America’s political class is transfixed by the debate about connections between Russia and the White House, a quieter but perhaps more consequential drama is playing out at… Argument  Rex Tillerson… Read More »

Multispeed Europe: the EU’s ‘Loch Ness monster’

epa05840875 French President Francois Hollande leaves at the end of the second day of the European spring summit in Brussels, Belgium, 10 March 2017. European leaders mainly focused on Brexit during the two-day summit after the European Council re-elected Donald Tusk as its president for a second term on 09 March 2017.  EPA/STEPHANIE LECOCQ

Much talked about but often described differently, the old idea is back in vogue. Maia De la Baume Politico Just about every leader in the EU seems to have a different name for it. But it’s the… Multispeed Europe: the… Read More »

New Libyan Militia’s Oil Strike Risks Wider Conflagration

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Libyan factions are once again fighting for control of key oil installations in the Gulf of Sirte’s “oil crescent”. Claudia Gazzini ICG The latest offensive risks reducing Libya’s oil production and is undermining efforts to broker a peace deal. In this Q&A Claudia Gazzini, Senior Analyst for Libya, assesses the fallout. New Libyan Militia’s… Read More »

U.N. Accuses Turkey of Killing Hundreds of Kurds

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GENEVA — Turkey’s military and police forces have killed hundreds of people during operations against Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey, the United Nations said on Friday in a report that listed summary killings, torture, rape and… NICK CUMMING-BRUCE The New York Times The report, by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, details how… U.N. Accuses Turkey… Read More »

‘Crimes against humanity’ in Myanmar – UN rapporteur

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A top UN official says “crimes against humanity” are being committed by the military and police against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority. Jonah Fisher BBC News The UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, was speaking as part of a joint BBC Newsnight-BBC Our World investigation. Aung San Suu Kyi… ‘Crimes against humanity’… Read More »

The West’s impasse and quests for a new union

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The question of whether the U.S. Federal Reserve’s (Fed) interest rate hike on March 15 will have a negative impact on emerging economies like Turkey is being debated at the moment. Celim Ertem Daily Sabah Such debates should be left behind now. The markets have… The West’s impasse… Read More »

Turkey-PKK conflict: UN report tells of ‘2,000 dead’ since truce collapse

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When a man in the Turkish town of Cizre was told his sister had been killed, his family was invited to pick up her remains from the… BBC But all they received were three small pieces of charred flesh – and no information on how she… His February 2016 account is included in a new UN report on… Turkey-PKK conflict: UN… Read More »

Brexit may offer opportunities for Australia as Britain shifts focus to former colonies

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There are few institutions quite as peculiar as the Commonwealth. James Glenday ABC A coalition of some of the world’s “largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries”. Its exact purpose… Brexit may offer… Read More »

Hope for justice in Syria from an unlikely source

UN - Al Jazeera

An independent mechanism established by the UNGA is working towards abolishing the rein of criminal impunity in Syria. David Tolbert Al Jazeera News Six years into the carnage in Syria, atrocious crimes run rampant, with savage abuses committed against all groups in the devastated country, and the murderous regime, abetted by powerful allies, is still in power. The United Nations… Hope for justice… Read More »