How Dr. Strangelove Learned to Love Trump

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PARIS – At first glance, former United States National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and President-elect Donald Trump would seem to have nothing in common. Dominique Moisi Project Syndicate In one corner stands the… How Dr. Strangelove… Read More »

Year in review: 2016 in the European Union

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The European Union seems to have spent 2016 in a state of constant crisis – or “polycrisis,” as European Commission president Juncker calls it. Our Brussels correspondent Bernd Riegert looks back over the past year. Deutsche Welle Following the… Year in review… Read More »

Bryza: Russia Will Use Definition of Terrorism to Advance Political Interests

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We spoke to former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Ambassador Matthew Bryza. Georgia Today Nana Sajaia,  Voice of America Georgian Service What next for Turkey-Russia relations after the assassination of the Russian diplomat Andrey Karlov in Ankara? I actually… Bryza: Russia Will… Read More »

How Donald Trump Should Transform America’s Middle East Policy

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Disentanglement will require both farsightedness and political courage. Paul R. Pillar The National Interest THE OBAMA administration’s intended “pivot” to Asia was a valid statement not only about the importance of developments in… How Donald Trump… Read More »

Pope urges end to Syria fighting in Christmas message

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“It is time for weapons to be still forever and actively seek negotiated solution,” Francis says in Vatican address. Al Jazeera Pope Francis has urged an end to the fighting in Syria as he gave his Christmas address at the Vatican, saying “far too… Pope urges end… Read More »

China aircraft carrier to lead Pacific drills for first time

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China’s navy sent its sole aircraft carrier into the Pacific for the first time, state media reported – a move likely to ratchet up regional tensions. BEIJING – Hurriyet The duration of the drill and the route of the flotilla were not known. But the… China aircraft carrier… Read More »

Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump

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America’s pre-eminent ex-diplomat gets back in the mix. By Nahal Toosi and Isaac Arnsdorf Politico Could he help broker a deal with Russia? Kissinger, a longtime… Read More »

Eight possible Trump responses to the UN Israel vote


President Obama — whose antipathy toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Middle East’s oldest democracy appears to have predated his accession to the White House — fired one final shot at the Jewish state by abstaining on a United Nations Security Council resolution that reversed decades of United States policy, reversed assurances given in the Oslo Accords, and declared the Old City of Jerusalem “occupied Palestinian land.” AEI Michael Rubin In effect, Obama rewarded Palestinian intransigence. After all, Israel ... Read More »

An Aleppo-like Landscape in a Kurdish Redoubt of Turkey

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DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — It was the end of the day in an underground tavern with no name. By ROD NORDLAND  The New York Times Beneath a domed Ottoman ceiling, with the lights down low and the music muted, patrons could just hear a distant rumbling through the… An Aleppo-like… Read More »

Stop recruiting child soldiers in Iraq

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Child recruitment is losing hearts and minds, and it is costing boys and girls dearly. Al Jazeera News Zama Coursen-Neff “Daoud” said he wanted to fight “for revenge” after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) swept into Iraq’s Sinjar district in August 2014, killing thousands of adherents of the Yazidi religious minority and taking thousands… Stop recruiting child… Read More »

Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will re-assess its ties with the United Nations. BBC The move comes after the Security Council adopted a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building on occupied land… Israel settlements: Netanyahu… Read More »

Mediterranean crossings death toll ‘highest ever,’ says UN

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UN Refugee Agency calls death toll a ‘devastating milestone.’ By ESTHER KING Politico The number of migrants who have died crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 is the highest ever recorded, the United Nations Refugee Agency said in a statement Friday. Mediterranean crossings death… Read More »

Egypt: Trump convinced Sisi to withdraw UN resolution

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Egypt confirms Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement activity was withdrawn after Trump called Sisi. Al Jazeera News Egypt agreed to postpone a vote on a UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements after US president-elect Donald Trump called President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian president’s office said. Egypt had circulated the… Egypt: Trump convinced… Read More »

Turkey shows why a free press matters

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Should it matter to U.S. national security when other countries restrict press freedom? ΑΕΙ Michael Rubin Many diplomats and politicians say no—it’s not America’s business and the United States should stop interfering in other… Turkey shows why… Read More »

US, Russia in exchange of words over nuclear

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U.S. President-elect Donald Trump called for an expansion of the United States’ nuclear capabilities on Dec. 22, to which Russian President Vladimir Putin said there was “nothing unusual” in these statements. Hurriyet In his Twitter post, Trump said Dec. 22, “The United States must greatly strengthen and… US, Russia in… Read More »

Opinion: The link between the Turkish economy and the ongoing talks in Cyprus.

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Unfortunately, Turkey has immersed itself into authoritarianism, instability and economic impasses. Written by Costas Mavrides MEP &  (S&D & DIKO), Economist. Eyes on Europe & Middle East These conditions are substantiated  by Turkish academics / analysts living abroad and others. For instance, a… Opinion:The link… Read More »