Transcript: Donald Trump on NATO, Turkey’s Coup Attempt and the World

The Republican presidential nominee discussed his views on foreign policy with David E. Sanger and Maggie Haberman of The New York Times… Source: Transcript: Donald Trump on NATO, Turkey’s Coup Attempt and the World – The New York Times Read More »

Merkel accepts Britain’s decision to delay triggering Brexit

Germany and Britain agreed on July 20 that Prime Minister Theresa May needed time to prepare for talks to leave the EU, after London took the first step towards Brexit by giving up its presidency of the European Union.. On her first foreign trip since taking office in the wake of Britain’s seismic referendum, May told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that her government would not ask to leave the European Union before the end of 2016 in order to plan ... Read More »

The Eurasian Economic Union: Power, Politics and Trade

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Since its creation in 2015, the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) has kept only a few of its promises. Its limited economic success cannot mask the many tensions between Russia and its neighbours. Much of the EEU’s future success will depend on its members’ will to shift away from geopolitics and focus on international cooperation, governance, social welfare and migration… Source: The Eurasian Economic Union: Power, Politics and Trade – International Crisis Group Read More »

My Name is Kevin And I’m Here to Save the World

Kevin Rudd has asked the Australian government to nominate him for United Nations Secretary-General. The former Labor leader’s nomination is fraught with difficulties as those already in the race, including former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, former UN climate chief Christina Figueres and several candidates from Eastern Europe, make his prospects slim. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed on Monday that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has asked to be nominated as a candidate to be the next United Nations Secretary-General. Some ... Read More »

How India and China view Brexit

While Indian businessmen think Brexit could harm their investment in Britain, China expects solid manufacturing opportunities in the long run under its global Belt and Road connectivity program. Brexit also provides geostrategic benefits to China. Since the mood in Europe is turning inward after the historic vote, France may drop its demand to send EU patrols to defend ‘freedom of navigation’ in the South China Sea. Brexit was a seismic event that evoked divergent responses in India and China… Source: How ... Read More »

UN Debate

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Who will be the next Secretary General of the UN?.. What is the UN? Founded in 1945 after the Second World War ended, the UN is guided by the principles in its Charter – primarily maintaining international peace and security. The organisation has six official languages including Chinese and Russian, and is funded by its 193 member states. As well as striving to maintain peace, the UN promotes sustainable development, protects human rights, upholds international law and delivers humanitarian aid… ... Read More »

The Case for Kurdish Statehood

Why has the West been so supportive of Palestinian nationalism, yet so reluctant to support the Kurds, the largest nation in the world without a state? BY NOAH BECK , OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR The Kurds have been… Source: The Case for Kurdish Statehood Read More »

The U.S. tried to kill Erdogan, says editor in chief of Turkish daily

“The U.S. is the one who planned and applied this coup attempt.”… Source: The U.S. tried to kill Erdogan, says editor in chief of Turkish daily – The Washington Post Read More »

Turkey: The sick man of Europe, once again — Spengler

The outcome of tonight’s apparent coup attempt in Turkey remains unclear, but the motivation for regime change in Turkey has been building under the surface for years. Turkey faces a perfect storm of economic, political and foreign policy problems. First, Turkey’s much-heralded economic growth spurt of the 2000’s has come to a grinding stop. The Erdogan boom, which inspired predictions that Turkey might emerge as another China, resembled the Asian experience less than it did the Latin American credidt bubbles ... Read More »

NATO says no ‘meeting of minds’ with Russia

NATO and Russia failed to overcome deep differences over Ukraine on July 13 in their first talks since the alliance approved a troop boost in Eastern Europe, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said. Russia proposed steps to improve air safety over the Baltics after a series of military near misses but Stoltenberg admitted there was “not a meeting of minds” on theUkraine conflict… Source: NATO says no ‘meeting of minds’ with Russia – INTERNATIONAL Read More »

Lessons from History to Defeat ISIS and al-Qaeda

Current counter-terrorism strategic communications efforts can take a much-needed morale boost from history. Long-term commitment to these efforts in support of both national security and broader foreign policy interests will be essential to foster the organisational stability and learning required to meet current and future challenges. There is still reason for optimism in the battle against extremist propaganda. One of the most pressing national security issues facing many Western governments is how to improve counter-terrorism strategic… Source: Lessons from History to ... Read More »

Unicef urges Coalition to resettle asylum seeker children from Nauru by end of year

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Nicole Breeze says Australia’s offshore processing system is ‘in crisis’ and Coalition should appoint minister for children.. The UN’s children’s agency has called on the Turnbull government to commit to a timetable that would see all asylum seeker and refugee children off Nauru by the end of the year… Source: Unicef urges Coalition to resettle asylum seeker children from Nauru by end of year | Australia news | The Guardian Read More »

Kenya’s Coast: Devolution Disappointed

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Six new coastal counties created by Kenya’s 2010 constitution have replicated the closely-held patronage politics of the former Coast province, adding to inefficiencies, costs and mutual suspicions. To maximise the potential of devolution – and prevent militants like Al-Shabaab exploiting popular disappointment – Nairobi and the new counties need to become more cooperative, open to dialogue, and inclusive, especially toward marginalised youth… Source: Kenya’s Coast: Devolution Disappointed – International Crisis Group Read More »

Scotland must be part of Brexit talks

The two leading figures in the Scottish Conservatives have called for Scotland to be given a central role in Brexit negotiations to preserve the key aspects of European Union membership.. Ruth Davidson said Scotland “cannot be a bolt-on” in UK government negotiations with Europe, warning that the unity of the UK was being tested by the outcome of the EU referendum… Source: Scotland must be part of Brexit talks – Ruth Davidson – The Scotsman Read More »

Landmark South China Sea Ruling Could Revive Negotiations

An international tribunal has issued a sweeping ruling against China in a landmark case brought by the Philippines over disputed claims in the South China Sea. Beijing rejected the ruling, but the judgment’s legal clarity could ultimately provide the basis of a better, durable, negotiated outcome for the many parties involved… Source: Landmark South China Sea Ruling Could Revive Negotiations | Crisis Group Read More »

SPENCER ZIFCAK. Chilcot: The War and the Law

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As is now well known, the Chilcot Report on the British Government’s planning, execution and aftermath of the Iraq war provided a scathing critique of almost every aspect of the Prime Minister’s and government’s conduct. There is one facet of this deplorable episode that has not yet received any adequate consideration in the Australian media. This concerns the politicisation of the process that led to the UK Government’s conclusion that the war was lawful… Source: SPENCER ZIFCAK. Chilcot: The War ... Read More »