Israel to release tax funds to Palestinians: PM’s office

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Israel will release to the Palestinian Authority tax funds it collects on its behalf and withheld as punishment for its move to join the International Criminal Court, the premier’s office said March 26. JERUSALEM – Agence France-Presse / Hurriyet “Tax revenues that have been accumulated through February will be transferred, after payments for services to the Palestinian population have been ... Read More »

Turkish defense minister rejects Greek territorial claims on Aegean islands

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Turkey‘s defense minister has rejected Greek territorial claims over a number of contested islands close to the Turkish coast in the Aegean Sea as invalid, and called the archipelago of islets Turkish islands, injecting a fresh element of friction to the intractable Aegean dispute. Today’sZaman – ABDULLAH AYASUN / ISTANBUL Turkish Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz on Wednesday challenged the international status ... Read More »

Defeating the Iraqi State, One Victory at a Time

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Beirut/Brussels  | ICG | What progress is being made against jihadi insurgents occupying large swathes of north-western Iraq is simultaneously undermining what is left of a state whose frailty and malfunctions created the environment in which jihadism was able to surge in the first place. This is particularly apparent in the battle for Tikrit, where much of the fighting is by Shiite militias ... Read More »

US invites Brazil president to visit after spying row

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Brasília (AFP) – The United States has again invited Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to visit the United States, seeking to restore ties rattled by revelations of American spying against her and her country. The West Australian – AFP – US Vice President Joe Biden extended the invitation by telephone last week, said a spokesman for the Brazilian presidency on Tuesday. ... Read More »

Lithuania backs the shirtfront on Russia

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Melbourne: Tiny Lithuania, with a population 1 million fewer than Melbourne’s, is muscling up to the mighty Russian superpower over the war in Ukraine and is happy for Australia’s support in the “shirtfront”. The Age - Daniel Flitton, Senior Correspondent “We in Lithuania, being a small country, will never make a difference in this conflict and it will not be decisive what ... Read More »

Obama agrees to slow U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

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President Obama on Tuesday met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and agreed to keep about 9,800 troops in the country through the end of this year, slowing the planned American drawdown. The Washington Post – By David Nakamura and Greg Jaffe * But Obama said that he would stick to the current plan to close the remaining U.S. bases and consolidate U.S. ... Read More »

Why the U.S. wants to destroy Russia

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This is a history lesson you should have learned at school, but didn’t. Australian National Review – In 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder, the first Principal of University Extension College and Director of the London School of Economics, separated the world into a few regions: the “world island,” which included Europe, Asia and Africa [he also called it “heartland” and referred to ... Read More »

Henry A. Kissinger: The world will miss Lee Kuan Yew

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Lee Kuan Yew was a great man. And he was a close personal friend, a fact that I consider one of the great blessings of my life. A world needing to distill order from incipient chaos will miss his leadership. The Washington Post - By Henry A. Kissinger * * Henry A. Kissinger was secretary of state from 1973 to 1977. ... Read More »

Alevis see no solution before the elections

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu met with representatives of the Alevi communities in Istanbul late March 21, after which many of the representatives stated they did not expect concrete solutions to their problems before the upcoming elections in June. Hurriyet - ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency The Alevi communities voiced their concerns and discussed potential solutions in a dinner with Davutoğlu at ... Read More »