How Turkey Plays the War on Terror

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America’s reluctant ally finally offers token assistance against ISIS only as cover for a campaign against the Kurds. The American Conservative – By Philip Giraldi • The United States’s engagement in the Middle East since 2001 would be a comedy of errors but for the fact that it is not funny. It all began with the exploitation of a befuddled ... Read More »

Refugee crisis: Millions of people fleeing war and poverty

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How many more lives must be lost before nations everywhere, including Australia, recognise their universal duty to assist in what has become the greatest crisis of refugees and mass migration since World War II? The Age – Editorial Many hundreds of thousands of people have crossed into Europe this year, most carrying nothing more than their children. This huge wave ... Read More »

Iraq: Conflict Alert

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A wave of protests has brought Iraq to the edge of yet more serious conflict. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has introduced sweeping reforms to halt the deterioration but in a manner that may make things worse. An important course correction is needed if he is to survive politically and Iraq is to avoid what could become in effect a military ... Read More »

‘Death to England': British embassy bears mark of Iran’s past anger

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The reopened compound gives cause for optimism, but graffiti inside offers Philip Hammond a reminder of Britain and Iran’s precarious history The Guardian – Julian Borger in Tehran The anger that has run like a dark thread through Britain’s relationship with Iran has left its enduring mark on the wall of the UK’s embassy in Tehran. Four years after a ... Read More »

Russian PM visits disputed Kuril islands, triggering Japan protest

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev landed Aug. 22 in the Kuril islands, prompting a swift rebuke from Tokyo, which claims sovereignty over the northwest Pacific archipelago in a long-running dispute. Hurriyet – MOSCOW – AFP Medvedev visited Iturup, one of four islands in the chain that lies off Russia’s far eastern coast and just north of Japan, Russian media reports ... Read More »

India-Pakistan talks cancelled amid recriminations

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Planned high-level talks between India and Pakistan have been cancelled hours before they were due to start on Sunday, amid mutual recriminations. BBC – Pakistan said that it could not accept India’s “preconditions” for the talks, while India denied that it was to blame. Delhi said that it was only willing to discuss “terrorism-related issues” at the talks and nothing ... Read More »

N. Korea’s Kim puts troops on war footing with South

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered his frontline troops onto a war footing Aug. 21 to back up an ultimatum for South Korea to halt high-decibel propaganda broadcasts across the border or face concerted military action. Hurriyet - SEOUL – Agence France-Presse The move came as military tensions on the divided Korean peninsula soared following a rare exchange of artillery ... Read More »

Turkey condemns BBC story on PKK

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UK broadcaster’s piece on Kurdistan Workers’ Party militants is ‘clear support to terrorism’, says Turkish Foreign Ministry. Anadolu Agency - ANKARA Turkey has condemned the BBC for publishing an article Ankara describes as “clear support to terrorism”. The criticism from Turkey’s Foreign Ministry comes after an Aug. 20 piece released by the U.K. broadcaster which featured interviews with members of ... Read More »

Pope holds Falklands sign urging Argentine-UK talks

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BBC – Pope Francis has been photographed in the Vatican holding a sign calling for Argentine-UK talks about the Falkland Islands, called Malvinas in Argentina. The pontiff is from Argentina. He received the sign from Gustavo Hoyo, leader of a campaign for dialogue on the islands, during a papal audience. A senior Vatican official told the BBC that Pope Francis ... Read More »

 Iran Is Not the Greatest Threat to World Peace

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There’s a clear way to ensure a nuclear-free Middle East, but Washington is not interested. The Nation – By Noam Chomsky Throughout the world there is great relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and the P5+1 nations, the five veto-holding members of the UN Security Council and Germany. Most of the world apparently shares the ... Read More »