How The Right Can Bridge The Journalism Gap Now That Clinton’s Loss Changed The Culture Wars

Media - The Federalist

Hillary Clinton’s loss changed the media and culture wars. Leslie Loftis The Federalist Conservatives need to realize this, stop being defensive and clickbaity, and get back into real journalism. The culture wars have fundamentally How The Right Can Bridge The… Read More »

The mysterious masked women of Iran

Iran - BBC

The face mask worn by many Bandari women is probably the most striking of all their unusual attire. Rodolfo Contreras BBC News A jumble of cultures The people in Hormozagan… The mysterious masked… Read More »

How Istanbul nightclub attack was linked to Turkey’s culture war

People wave Turkish flags and hold a black banner during a gathering in front of the Reina nightclub, which was attacked by a gunman, in Istanbul, Turkey January 3, 2017. The banner reads: "We will not give up! For our future". REUTERS/Murad Sezer - RTX2XC6K

On New Year’s Eve, many Turks, including myself, were hoping to begin a less bloody and less depressing year than 2016. Mustafa Akyol Al Monitor It took only one hour and 15 minutes, however, for 2017 to present its first carnage. A lone gunman, later… How Istanbul nightclub attack… Read More »

Bankers and mash: How to power lunch in London

Bankers - Politico

The unwritten rules to ensure your London luncheon does the business. Franscesco Guerrera  Politico “Lunch is for wimps,” Gordon Gekko famously said in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street.   Not in London… Bankers and mash… Read More »

Everybody’s in a bubble. Anyway, it’s just urban vs rural

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I’ve gotten a lot of Twitter feedback on the list of the 100 zip codes with the thickest bubbles posted last week. Charles Murray AEI Before turning to the unbubbliest zip codes in the next post, let me respond to the most common objections using three actual tweets as takeoff points. “Why are large… Everybody’s in a… Read More »

War on elephant poachers is front line to halt extinction

Elephants - Asia Times

It is no coincidence that the demand for ivory has soared along with the rising wealth of Asia, particularly in China Asia Times Nicolas Delaunay It was one of the most momentous events in the battle against poaching: 11 giant pyres of elephant tusks going up in flames in Kenya as the world looked on. The largest destruction of… War on elephant poachers is… Read More »

The return of the Bubble Quiz: The 100 zip codes with the thickest bubbles

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We come to the end of a year during which it became obvious to just about everyone that America really does have a new elite that that is isolated from and often ignorant about white mainstream America. AEI Charles Murray It seems like an appropriate time to present some final results from the NewsHour’s database of scores on the Bubble Quiz. I posted preliminary… The return of the… Read More »

From sizzling south to frozen north

Sydney - Asia Times

At Asia Times our focus typically tracks the sun from the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East, but our universe covers a vast range when viewed from top to bottom Asia Times The annual Sydney-Hobart yacht race is a spectacular sporting event that is generally regarded as among the world’s most challenging races. The Boxing Day start in… From sizzling south… Read More »

What’s triggering gunfire at Indian weddings?

Weddings - Asia times

Dozens of celebrations have ended in tragedy this year, but the strangely feudalistic practice of ‘happy fire’ shows no sign of abating in North India Asia Times Anusha Venkat Earlier this month, Kamal Chauhan took his own life with the same revolver that had snuffed out that of young Rishabh Gupta two days earlier. Chauhan couldn’t bear to live after he accidentally killed the 20-year-old Amity… What’s triggering gunfire… Read More »

Myanmar’s tattooed Chin women

Tattoo - BBC

In Myanmar’s mountainous and hard-to-reach Chin State, the ethnic minority women are renowned for their remarkable face tattoos. BBC News Dave Stamboulis The stuff of legends Chin legend has it that when a Myanmar’s tattooed Chin… Read More »

Winter solstice: Why do people go to Stonehenge on the shortest day of the year?

Stonehenge - Express

THE Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the start of astronomical winter, but why do people go to Stonehenge to celebrate? Express Reiss Smith When is the winter solstice 2016? This year’s solstice falls… Winter solstice: Why do people go… Read More »

Why is “qwerty” on our keyboards?

Qwerty - BBC

We use the keyboards we use simply because they’re the ones we’ve always used. Is this the most efficient layout of letters? Hephzibah Anderson takes a look. BBC News Hephzibah Anderson They may not be quite as superstitious as athletes, but authors regularly admit to having favourite writing spots and props that keep the words flowing. Agatha Christie plotted in a large… Why is “qwerty” on our… Read More »

Historic papers found in a skip to be donated to the State

Historic papers - The Irish Times

Royal seals of four monarchs among the ‘extraordinary’ discovery in Dublin The Irish Times Tim O’Brien A chance discovery in a Dublin skip and a curious coincidence 40 years later have resulted in a significant historical find including grants of land bearing the royal seals of Elizabeth I, kings George I, James I and Charles I . The collection of maps, grants, seals and royal letters of… Historic papers found in a skip to be donated to… Read More »

Thousands of protesters in Jakarta amid fury over Christian governor

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Tens of thousands of Muslims poured into central Jakarta on Dec. 2, to protest against the city’s governor, a Christian accused of insulting the Koran, fuelling tension that has alarmed Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Hurriyet JAKARTA – Reuters Widodo has blamed “political actors” for exploiting the… Thousands of protesters… Read More »

Iranian women demand inclusion in Rouhani’s cabinet

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The resignations of three cabinet ministers in October had raised hope among many women’s rights activists in Iran that President Hassan Rouhani would nominate at least one woman to one of the vacant positions. Al-Monitor Zahra Alipour While Rouhani pledged to incorporate more women into his government during his… Iranian women demand… Read More »

Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for human rights

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Ms Dhu was a 22-year-old Yamatji woman who died in custody in the South Hedland Police Station in August 2014. The Conversation Arrested for unpaid fines, she was already suffering from pneumonia and septicaemia caused by a broken rib, inflicted by her partner some months earlier. She became very ill overnight… Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for… Read More »