Thousands of protesters in Jakarta amid fury over Christian governor

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Tens of thousands of Muslims poured into central Jakarta on Dec. 2, to protest against the city’s governor, a Christian accused of insulting the Koran, fuelling tension that has alarmed Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Hurriyet JAKARTA – Reuters Widodo has blamed “political actors” for exploiting the… Thousands of protesters… Read More »

Iranian women demand inclusion in Rouhani’s cabinet

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The resignations of three cabinet ministers in October had raised hope among many women’s rights activists in Iran that President Hassan Rouhani would nominate at least one woman to one of the vacant positions. Al-Monitor Zahra Alipour While Rouhani pledged to incorporate more women into his government during his… Iranian women demand… Read More »

Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for human rights

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Ms Dhu was a 22-year-old Yamatji woman who died in custody in the South Hedland Police Station in August 2014. The Conversation Arrested for unpaid fines, she was already suffering from pneumonia and septicaemia caused by a broken rib, inflicted by her partner some months earlier. She became very ill overnight… Seeing Ms Dhu: how photographs argue for… Read More »

Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is over, deal with it

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Sadly, ignorance of non-Anglo cultures is the name of the game in both mainstream media and politics in Australia. Crikey Irfan Yusuf I’ve been writing commentary and pious punditry since 2005. Before then, I was a helpless consumer of news. When caught in Sydney traffic driving to work in the morning in the… Dear Caroline Overington, the White Australia Policy is… Read More »

In post-coup Turkey, Jews plan their future abroad

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Of the 4,500 Sephardic Jews who have applied recently for Spanish citizenship, at least 2,600 are Turks. ISTANBUL — At a chic café overlooking the Bosphorus, two Turkish Jewish women are discussing their plans to emigrate when the call to Friday prayers blasts from the loudspeakers of a nearby mosque. Unable to talk over the… In post-coup… Read More »

Populist anger is ‘a gift wrapped in barbed wire’

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Belgian author attempts to make sense of voters’ mounting sense of frustration. By ESTHER KING The Flemish author and poet David Van Reybrouck has spent his career writing about those whose voices are only rarely heard. His books include a… Populist anger is ‘a… Read More »

Shoring Up the Status Quo at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

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Defusing conflict over Jerusalem’s holiest site Even the name of Jerusalem’s holiest site causes fundamental disagreement. For Jews, it is the Temple Mount, for Muslims, the Noble Sanctuary or the Al-Aqsa Mosque. So when the Holy Esplanade looked set to become an… Shoring Up the… Read More »

Parents protest refugee children starting school in Greece

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Police in a northern Greek village escorted refugee children to school, as local parents protested the launch of a national programme to educate migrant youngsters. Source: AFP Around 100 police formed a corridor to enable some 40 puzzled-looking children from Syria and Afghanistan to enter the… Parents protest refugee… Read More »

Trump, the media, and the populist politics of the pogrom

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The coming of the internet, and the global spread of social media, has triggered a period of intensifying cultural chaos. The global consequences are profound. Brian McNair Short term, the digital communications revolution has allowed a cheap con man like Donald Trump to connect directly with… Trump, the media, and the populist politics of the pogrom… Read More »

Indigenous Australians most ancient civilisation on Earth, DNA study confirms

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Clues left in genes of modern populations in Australian and Papua New Guinea enable scientists to trace remarkable journey made by first human explorers Hannah Devlin Science correspondent Claims that Indigenous Australians are the most ancient continuous civilisation on Earth have been backed by the first extensive study of their… Source: Indigenous Australians most ancient civilisation on Earth, DNA study confirms | Australia news | The Guardian Read More »

Turkey Has Made it Legal to Have Sex With CHILDREN After Lowering Age of Consent to 12

The Constitutional Court has ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse,” stirring outrage from academics and women’s rights activists who warn that the decision will lead to cases of child abuse going unpunished. The Constitutional Court discussed the issue upon an application from a district court, which complained that the current law does not discriminate between age groups in… Source: Turkey Has Made it Legal to Have ... Read More »

The king with 100 wives

(CNN)Abumbi II, the 11th fon, or king, of Bafut, Cameroon, has close to 100 wives. They weren’t all his to start. According to local tradition, when a fon dies, his successor inherits all his wives and then marries his own queens. “The queens have a great role to play in the fondom,” notes Prince Nickson, also of Bafut, noting that it is up to these women behind the man to shape him in his kingly role. “Behind every successful man ... Read More »

Homeland truths unspoken

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Jacinta Yangapi Nampijinpa Price is a singer from Alice Springs. This is an extract from the Centre for Independent Studies’ Helen Hughes Lecture for Emerging Thinkers. Photo credit: Image courtesy of Malle District Aboriginal Services’ anti-violence campaign My name is Jacinta Yangapi Nampijinpa Price. I was born in the tropical town of… Source: Homeland truths unspoken – The West Australian Read More »

Exploring the real Iran, with social media as your guide

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Travelling independently, our writer relies on the advice and generosity of the young Iranians who are using social media to show foreign visitors the warm, fun and defiant reality of everyday life in their country.. Βeing completely disconnected on holiday isn’t as romantic as some purist travellers may suggest. It might be fine if you plan to stay on a beach or… Source: Exploring the real Iran, with social media as your guide | Travel | The Guardian Read More »

Politicians and clergy are out of step on euthanasia

Between 70 and 80 per cent of people believe voluntary-assisted dying should be made legal. Former prime minister Bob Hawke has recently come out in favour of the proposal, but other politicians and the clergy are holding back progress… Source: Politicians and clergy are out of step on euthanasia Read More »