The man who couldn’t stop giving

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What a Brazilian man’s pathological generosity says about the biological roots of philanthropy. SBS – By Sam Kean / Source: The Atlantic In the early 1990s, a quiet man named João quit his job running the human-resources department of an insurance company in Rio de Janeiro and began selling french fries from a street cart. The fries quickly proved popular, in part because they ... Read More »

Cyprus Editorial: Taner Akcam – “I am a normal Turk”

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Historian and sociologist Taner Akcam, a holocaust and genocide lecturer and researcher at Clark University presented a highly informative, illuminating even, lecture on Monday night on “A hundred years after: new aspects of the Armenian Genocide”. Financial Mirror – It is not so much the information that was revealed at the packed University of Cyprus lecture hall, some for the first time ... Read More »

Ten things you should know about volunteering’s immeasurable value

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So, what is the most important event this coming week? No, not the federal budget. Rather, I believe it’s National Volunteer Week (11-17 May), which celebrates the contributions of one in four Australians. There are 10 core features of volunteering that should be considered to understand this integral, yet generally overlooked, part of our society. The Conversation – Melanie Oppenheimer * ... Read More »

The long term impact of corporal punishment

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Currently in Australia, Common Law allows corporal punishment of children as “reasonable chastisement” in all its states and territories. The Sydney Morning Herald – Angelika Poulsen * This means that parents in Australia can physically chastise their children using any method they find to be reasonable (even using an implement such as a belt), as often as they see fit, for anything ... Read More »

Iran bans jagged ‘devil-worshipping’ haircuts, tattoos and male eyebrow plucking

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ABC - Hairstyles of a spiky and unorthodox nature have reportedly been banned in Iran because they are “devil worshipping”, while tattoos and other male bodily adornments are also being outlawed. Jagged haircuts have become fashionable for Iranian youths in recent years but have divided opinion, and authorities have deemed them western and un-Islamic. “Devil-worshipping hairstyles are now forbidden,” Iran’s ... Read More »

The Hunt For The Good Life: A Black Perspective

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Aboriginal aspirations rarely accord with government policy, and that’s particularly the case with the Kuninjku, writes Professor Jon Altman. New Matilda – By Jon Altman In February I went to Maningrida to investigate the perspectives of the Kuninjku people with whom I have worked for a long time about what constitutes ‘the good life’, whether they have it in today’s precarious ... Read More »

Turkey’s massive presidential palace further expands into the Atatürk Forest

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Hurriyet – Additional land, measuring 8,406 square meters, of the Atatürk Forest Farm (AOÇ) has been allocated to the new presidential palace, Ak Saray, strongly criticized due to its cost and size. In official documents, the area has been allocated to the prime ministry, because Ak Saray was originally intended to be a new building for the prime minister, but ... Read More »

Senator Nick Xenophon asks regulator to consider revoking Church of Scientology’s registration as a charity

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Travolta breaks silence on Scientology exposé Going Clear PETER JEAN POLITICAL REPORTER THE ADVERTISER A FEDERAL regulator has been asked to consider revoking the Church of Scientology’s registration as a charity in the wake of a damning documentary about the religion. Prominent Scientologist and Hollywood actor John Travolta on Wednesday rejected claims in the American documentary Going Clear: Scientology and ... Read More »

Mute Button

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One morning last week, as Washiqur Rahman, a shy, boyish-looking twenty-six-year-old Bangladeshi, left his house in Dhaka and started walking to the travel agency where he worked, three men set upon him with machetes and hacked him to death. The New Yorker – George Packer * The blows rendered his face unrecognizable. Two of the killers were captured by a ... Read More »