Entwining Tales of Time, Memory and Love


The Magus of magical realism, Gabriel García Márquez — who died on Thursday at his home in Mexico City, at the age of 87 — used his fecund imagination and exuberant sleight of hand to conjure the miraculous in his fiction: plagues of insomnia and forgetfulness, a cluster of magical grapes containing the secret of death, an all-night rain of yellow ... Read More »

‘Palikari,’ a Greek migrant’s story destined to echo in eternity


The documentary was filmed in a number of locations, including Oakland, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chicago, Illinois. The filmmakers also visited a number of sites in Colorado, where the Ludlow Massacre took place. These included Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs It could have been a scene from Orthodox Easter anywhere in Greece: Relatives, friends and co-workers gathering ... Read More »

Lunar Eclipse Myths From Around the World


The Inca feared that a lunar eclipse was caused by a jaguar attacking the moon. They’d try to drive it away by making noise, including beating their dogs to make them howl and bark. Many cultures view the disappearance of the moon as a time of danger and chaos. Marauding demons, murderous pets, and ravenous jaguars are just some of ... Read More »

Raising a Moral Child


What does it take to be a good parent? We know some of the tricks for teaching kids to become high achievers. For example, research suggests that when parents praise effort rather than ability, children develop a stronger work ethic and become more motivated. Yet although some parents live vicariously through their children’s accomplishments, success is not the No. 1 priority for most ... Read More »

Ocean discovered on Enceladus may be best place to look for alien life

Artist's impression of the underground ocean on Enceladus

An artist’s impression of the interior of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, based on data from the Cassini space probe suggesting the moon contains a water ocean beneath its south pole. Illustration: Nasa/JPL-Caltech Interactive: the discovery explained Evidence from Cassini spacecraft suggests a large body of liquid water beneath the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus Researchers have discovered a deep saltwater ocean on ... Read More »

Debunking the Anzac myth starts with the stories we tell our children


An illustrated book about the battlefield’s real legacy encourages young Australians to contemplate the futility of war John Schumann has turned his anti-war anthem I Was Only Nineteen into an illustrated children’s book. Video: Allen & Unwin As the centenary of the first world war approaches, our children will hear an awful lot of stories about glorious Australian battlefield victories, ... Read More »

Key stroke of genius! Teenager finds way for government to save $400MILLION a year just by changing their font

US to save 400 million 2b ink LLL

A 14-year-old student from Pennsylvania could help the government save nearly $400 million a year thanks to his ingenious science fair project. Suvir Mirchandani measured ink used in typefaces and found Garamond was most cost-effective Teenager came up with the idea for his school science project Discovery: Suvir Mirchandani has found a way to save the government millions of dollars ... Read More »

Unique solutions for special students

Llywela & Kate 1a LLL

They scurry across the classroom, tidying pencils, straightening chair bags and picking up stray hats and drink bottles. They comfort carpet burn, bumps and bruises. All part of a day’s work as a teacher. But it is their special charges that set these teachers apart from their peers. Some have physical disabilities; some have intellectual impairments or learning disorders. All ... Read More »