Archaeologists digging in search of common people

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In Angkor Wat research, the focus has long been on temples and high society. A new project there is taking a different approach, laying the foundation for a new understanding of the iconic empire. The Phnom Penh Post – Brent Crane A team excavating a dirt mound at Angkor Wat is hoping to shed light on one of the enduring ... Read More »

Buddhists and Catholics travel to the Vatican to talk about the ‘mystery of life’

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Representatives from the Buddhist and Catholic communities in the US are holding an interreligious dialogue this week near Rome and will meet with Pope Francis today. The five-day meeting, which began on Tuesday is on the subject of ‘Suffering, Liberation and Fraternity’. Christian Today - Lucinda Borkett-Jones The 46 American representatives have gathered at the headquarters of the Focolare movement ... Read More »

Millions across India, world take part in Yoga Day exercises

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Millions of yoga enthusiasts bent and twisted their bodies in complex postures across India and much of the world on June 21 to mark the first International Yoga Day. NEW DELHI – The Associated Press – Hurriyet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had lobbied the U.N. to declare June 21 as the global Yoga Day, spread his mat among ... Read More »

Classics for the people – why we should all learn from the ancient Greeks

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The dazzling thought-world of the Greeks gave us our ideas of democracy and happiness. Yet learning classics tends to be restricted to the privileged few. It’s time for ‘elitist dinosaurs’ to embrace a citizens’ classics for all The Guardian - Edith Hall Just how special were the ancient Greeks? Was there really a Greek “miracle”? The question has become painfully ... Read More »

The Confederate Flag Is a Racist Symbol of a Failed Rebellion. It’s Not a Debate.

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There are white Southerners who venerate their Confederate ancestors as heroes, even patriots. One of mine was a deserter. I wish he hadn’t fought at all. The Huffington Post – Ben Hallman , Senior Editor for Projects & Investigations My great-great grandfather was conscripted into the Confederate Navy and assigned to a ship guarding Mobile Bay, in Alabama. In August 1864, ... Read More »

800 Years Later, We Owe Magna Carta Vigilance

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The values outlined in the historic document will always come under threat. It’s only a vigilant and engaged citizenry that can defend them, writes President of the Law Society of Western Australia Matthew Keogh. New Matilda – By Matthew Keogh Magna Carta: many reference the 800 year old document, but few understand it. It may seem strange that an agreement between a ... Read More »

Limba armãneascã

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“No language is rude that can boast polite writers.” Audrey Beardsley Dean Kalimniou To no small degree, I owe my existence to my late grandmother’s knowledge of the Vlach tongue and in particular, its southern, Pindean dialect. Once she acquired this facility, it exposed her to a concatenation of circumstances that led ultimately, I would argue, to my corporeal manifestation ... Read More »

How to guard your career against rapid technological change

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Disruptive technologies are nothing new. From the development of steam power in the early 1800s to today’s digitally-enriched world, the impact of technology on the employment landscape has been substantial. The Conversation – Rob Livingstone * What is new is the speed, extent and unpredictability of modern digital technology-induced disruption, and that this rate of change is dramatically increasing. More importantly, ... Read More »

Against all odds: archaic Greek in a modern world

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University of Cambridge - An endangered Greek dialect spoken in Turkey has been identified by Dr Ioanna Sitaridou as a “linguistic goldmine” because of its closeness to a language spoken 2,000 years ago. Archaic Greek in a modern world Although Romeyka can hardly be described as anything but a Modern Greek dialect, it preserves an impressive number of grammatical traits that ... Read More »